Our Month on Instagram: October

November 4, 2015 2015, Instagram, Wendy 20

It’s been such a busy year for all three of us–as you’ve probably noticed, we haven’t been around as much lately, but I’m literally thinking about you guys every single day. I thought it’d be fun to start posting occasional photos that we put on Instagram, since it seems like a nice way to stay connected even when we’re absent.

harry potterI’ve been listening to the Harry Potter audiobooks, since they’re among the few things I seem to be able to concentrate on lately. Here’s the potions set from the Chamber of Secrets press junket from my old job, plus some Harry-inspired liquid lipsticks that both Layla and I love. View Spoiler »

These are also some of the books that arrived last month, plus a great mug I received as a present when I went to the GoodReads headquarters in San Francisco. I’ll be writing about that more in depth down the road, but one of the biggest highlights of my trip was finally meeting Steph Sinclair! If you felt an abundance of snark from the west coast that weekend, it’s because she and I were in the same place.

steph sinclair cuddlebuggery

Here she is wearing the sorting hat, full of mischief as usual. All the rooms at GoodReads are decorated in different book themes, which was very cool–so basically, we had meetings at Hogwarts that day. *buffs nails*

paris hotel RISE lantern festival

I also went to Nevada last month for the RiSE Lantern Festival, which took place in the middle of the Mojave Desert. The experience of watching thousands of dreams light up the sky was an impossibly moving and beautiful experience. We also ate our way around Vegas, of course! And I took a photo of A Thousand Nights in the desert at sunset, because how often is that going to happen.

eno state park

Layla‘s been working diligently on her thesis, but she does have a faithful helper in her adorable kitty Hopkins…and she went to Eno State Park one weekend as well. Look at all that lovely greenery!

NASA JPLKim is knee-deep in library school (where she’s doing so well! As if there was any doubt), but she did post this #tbt to the time to visited me here in LA and we went on a field trip to NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. There was much science-ing that day, you can see Kim is very pleased.

warm bodies

Let’s see, what else? I posted a couple of Instagram-only giveaways for Halloween, which I enjoyed doing because I picked winners purely on whim. It’s nice to be able to share books with appreciative readers, especially creeeeeepy ones.


As the weather cools down, I’ve also been drinking lots of coffee and tea. Bring me allllll the cozy drinks and food.

So what have you been up to lately? Have you had a busy fall as well?

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P.S. Let us know if you enjoy seeing what we’ve been up to outside of the blog!

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20 Responses to “Our Month on Instagram: October”

  1. J. Oh

    I love this! So fun. And wow, the RISE Festival looks beautiful. Reminds me of my favorite scene in Tangled! That’s going on the bucket list…

    • Wendy Darling

      Thanks, Pili! I had no idea those rings would cause such a stir when I posted the photo, hah. They’re from Top Shop from a couple of years ago, but they often carry similar styles if you are looking for something like that.

      The lanterns were amazing. Truly one of the most magical things we’ve ever done.

      And yes, I’m doing Stephen Fry this time around! (Back in the day, I listened to the first three books read by Jim Dale, which was also good.) I’m about 10 chapters into ORDER OF THE PHOENIX now, this is going more quickly than I thought.
      Wendy Darling recently posted…The Rest of Us Just Live Here: Review

  2. Bonnie @ For the Love of Words

    Goodreads headquarters?! Wow! I bet that was quite an experience. My photos of the Lantern Festival have me completely convinced that’s something that needs to go on my bucket list. Looks so amazing.
    Oh my gosh, Layla, Hopkins is the absolute cutest!
    Things have been entirely too busy lately and it’s only going to continue with the holidays being so close! I can’t believe it’s already November. Where did this year go?
    Bonnie @ For the Love of Words recently posted…Monthly Rundown: October 2015

    • Wendy Darling

      Yes, it was definitely an interesting experience–you might remember I tweeted vaguely awhile back asking whether anyone had gotten an email from them, hah. It was the invitation to this event. I actually went into it feeling a bit on guard because of all the history, but it ended up being such a positive experience.

      And omg, Bonnie–the festival is so close to you! Or at least it’s way closer to you than it is to me. It’s truly worth the trip, it’s an unforgettable, out-of-body experience. If you decide to go sometime, I have some tips for you, though.

      This year has passed by in a blur, and you’re right, the holidays are going to make everything go by even faster. How the hell did we get here, seriously.
      Wendy Darling recently posted…The Rest of Us Just Live Here: Review

        • Wendy Darling

          They really were interested in hearing what the reader experience was like–I was surprised by the degree of it, as well as how many people sat in on our sessions throughout the day. I think they know they’ve made missteps along the way, and putting human faces to the equation (on both sides) was a really good thing.

          Wow! I had no idea Vegas was that far from Reno, I feel like such a dolt. That’s about as far as Vegas is to me! Jeez. Well…still worth the drive. :)

          Hope you’re doing well, Bonnie! <3

    • Wendy Darling

      <3 I lost my mojo for a big part of this year, Joy, but I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. It helps that I just read a good book.

      You would've loved the GR headquarters, omg--there were bookcases of books and ARCs for the taking everywhere, Ms. Book Hoarder. I'll share pictures as soon as I'm able! Although I didn't take nearly as many as I should've.

    • Wendy Darling

      I can’t describe the experience of being at that festival–out in the middle of nowhere, in the dark, with thousands and thousands of people, with all these lights in the sky. It was crazy.

      And hah, I hope November is fun….but maybe a little less crazy. ;) Hope you’re having a good autumn, too!
      Wendy Darling recently posted…The Rest of Us Just Live Here: Review

  3. Madiha @ Paper Skies

    Wow, looks like you have had a TON of fun! Hahaha, Steph and you together, okay wow, I wish I could meet you guys as well! And that BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL lantern picture! I mean…woah. I am currently vacationing in the desert myself, and haha this has prompted me to go buy A Thousand Nights :) Have fun, and do get back to all of us with more bookish goods.

    PS Wendy your pictures are fabulous :)
    Madiha @ Paper Skies recently posted…Goodbye, Symphony of Words!

    • Wendy Darling

      Yesss, Steph and I had so much fun in San Francisco! There was much giggling and snarking. :D It was so great to hang out with her and a few of the other people I’ve been talking to for YEARS.

      I’m so glad you liked the lantern photos! It was definitely a surreal experience. And hah, I’m pleased to have nudged you into getting A THOUSAND NIGHTS as well. (If you don’t mind my being nosy–what desert are you vacationning in?! Palm Springs? EGYPT?)
      Wendy Darling recently posted…The Rest of Us Just Live Here: Review