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ALA giveaway 2015I’m back from the American Library Association Conference in San Francisco! Well, I’ve been back for almost a week, but was so wiped out (and still nursing minor injuries), so this post is just now going live.

But here I am with tidbits and goodies to share. I was bad at taking photos this year, but it was for good reason–I was having such a good time that I often forgot! Last year’s trip was great, but ALA 2015 surpassed my expectations, in ways I didn’t even imagine.

Stick around, since we’re also giving away TWO prizes–a box of 10 coveted ARCS to a U.S. reader, and an awesome tote “Reading is my Everything, Everything” bag filled with swag to an international reader.

vine-divider-finalThe Authors

marie lu patrick ness rae carson nova ren suma

There were so many great authors at ALA this year, and I trotted around like an obedient pony trying to find them all.

Marie Lu was her usual sweet self as she signed The Rose Society (wearing hot air balloons!); Patrick Ness said “Excellent choices” approvingly when I told him my favorite books of his were A Monster Calls and More Than This; Neal Shusterman and Eric Elfman bantered as they talked about Edison’s Alley; and Rae Carson signed her book Walk on Earth a Stranger with a gold sharpie whilst sporting sparkly gold nails–which is utterly delightful since the book is set during the Gold Rush. I also finally, finally got to meet the lovely Nova Ren Suma, whom I’ve been talking to online for years. I’m such a huge fan of her writing and her books (and also guested on her blog once), so it was wonderful to finally see her face to face.

In addition to the authors pictured above, I also had memorable encounters with Jodi Lynn Anderson–I held my hand to my heart when I told her how much I loved Tiger Lily (View Spoiler »);  the huggable Julie Murphy, who is as funny and personable as she is online; April Genevieve Tucholke, whom I think deserves big kudos for getting a stellar line-up of authors for the Slasher Boys and Monster Girls anthology, especially the ones who haven’t published horror before; and Daniel Kraus, whom I gleefully told, “Scowler scared the shit out of me.” Oh, and it was fun to surprise Leigh Bardugo with a hug as we waited for a copy of Six of Crows for Mr. Darling’s mother!

fayeI also loved meeting Elizabeth Fama, who graciously opened up her home near Stanford and cooked a delicious meal (salmon! chicken! veggies! brownies! champagne!) for a group of bloggers and authors. Monstrous Beauty is still one of my favorite YA books, and it was lovely to hear about the two YA projects she’s working on (I’ve been sworn to silence, but they sound SO COOL) and to spend time with her.

I’m still kicking myself that I was having such a good time that I forgot to take photos at that dinner, especially of the amazing artwork by her daughter Sally Fama Cochrane. I did very much enjoy meeting Katie Posey from Bookish Illuminations, and later Angie from Disquietus Reads as well. There were excitable librarians and bloggers everywhere I looked, it was great.

It was also fun to catch up with Faye from Simon & Schuster. Here she is holding up a copy of The Scorpion Rules, the title she’s most excited for you to read this season! Keep an eye on the blog, because I’ll be telling you more about it soon.

The Foooood!

collage food zuni breakfast cheese collage food sandwiches

You didn’t think you were going to escape without hearing about what I ate, did you? Some of my favorite foods this time included meals at Samovar Tea Lounge, on the rooftop of the convention center; a strawberry + brown sugar ice cream sandwich from CREAM (Cookies Rule Everything Around Me, heeeeee. I did not get the ice cream taco, but maybe next time); homemade jams and scones at the cozy bed and breakfast where we stayed; and crazily addictive macarons from Miette.

We also had a wonderful dinner at Zuni Cafe with my friend Renee from Alice Marvels and her husband. We had the one-hour roast chicken with bread salad, which was as amazing as I’d heard it would be, and it was so great to catch up with her on books and life in general.


San Francisco / Pride Weekend

I loved that ALA was in San Francisco this year. I’ve always enjoyed this city, but I’ve always been there on business or coming in and out very quickly, so this was the first time I was able to really zip around like a local. With Mr. Darling as my good-humored tote-carrier, and spending time with so many bookish friends, old and new, this was such a fun trip.

scott westerfeld collage san francisco

I’ll admit that when I found out ALA was taking place during Pride weekend, I was a little nervous about the crowds. But just before we left Los Angeles, we heard the monumental Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage, and everything changed. It was suddenly a joyous, crazily celebratory occasion, and echoing Scott Westerfeld’s sentiments, I was so happy and profoundly grateful we were able to be there in that historic city, where so many important events in the struggle to recognize LGBTQI rights have taken place. Being in the middle of the parade route and hearing the sound of cheers and celebration all over the city was an indescribable experience.

The change in this law is singularly the most overwhelmingly positive historical event I have ever witnessed and may ever witness in my lifetime, in terms of the amount of good it will do. Life has changed forever, for all of us.

june 26 2015 tweetsI rarely talk about politics or current events online with strangers, but this was such a landmark in our human history that it felt right to acknowledge it. We asked one of our best friends to read the above sonnet out loud in its entirety at our wedding 10 years ago, and I cannot adequately express how overjoyed I am that my friends who are gay and lesbian (and “none of the above?”) now have the basic legal rights that have been denied to them for so long. As I told Becky Albertalli on Twitter, I’m filled with overwhelming love and gratitude knowing that Simon, and other young teenagers like him, now have so many more options ahead of them.

All in all, this conference was a lot of fun–but beyond all that, it also became a weekend I’ll always remember.

vine-divider-finalU.S. Giveaway: 10 ALA galleys!

You know I never come back empty-handed from these things. We know many of our readers don’t have the opportunity to attend conferences and signings, so we’re always happy to share when we can. I have a box of ten–count ’em, ten!–amazing ARCS to give away to one of our U.S. readers. The titles are pictured in the first photo (I’ll try to post another later), and include:

The Rose Society by Marie Lu (autographed)
Soundless by Richelle Mead
Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys
The Summer of Chasing Mermaids by Sarah Ockler
The Weight of  Feathers by Anna-Marie McLemore
Stone Rider by David Hofmeyr
The Immortal Heights by Sherry Thomas
This is Where it Ends by Marieke Nijkamp
Autumn’s Kiss by Bella Thorne
Dangerous Lies by Becca Fitzpatrick

International Giveaway

swag prizes heir of fire

I also have a fantastic surprise bag of swag for one of our international readers! Most are from ALA, though one is a tee-shirt I squirreled away from one of this year’s best-selling books. I will tell you that I’m including:

— A Six of Crows zip pouch, like the ones sent to bloggers recently
— Special samplers for Heartless, Six of Crows, and The Rose Society
— Two Throne of Glass pins + a coveted Heir of Fire bookmark I had made last year
— An Everything, Everything tote bag

…and more surprises inside! I figured our friends overseas can usually get ahold of most books at some point, but these special items are much harder to come by.

All you have to do is fill out the Rafflecopter form and leave a thoughtful comment below telling us why you’re excited to win the giveaway! (Be sure to tell us whether you’re entering the US or international giveaway, too. It’s the same Rafflecopter form, we’ll pick two winners, one for each category.) Remember, you can also earn extra points by tweeting, reblogging, etc.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Photos by Wendy Darling. Giveaway copies and swag were provided by the publishers.


How did you spent June 26th weekend? Have you ever been to a conference like this? I’ll bet after our event recaps, you wish you had. ;)

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  1. Carol

    This is actually the first time I’m hearing about ALA! It must have been amazing, I’m so jealous of all of you who get to go to BEA and ALA and other book events, because I have anxiety and I can’t see myself going in crowded places in the foreseeable future! Anyway, thank you for the giveaway! So any amazing books! And thank you for including a great international giveaway! I’m lucky because now I live in the US, but when I lived in Europe I was always jealous of US residents who could win such amazing things, while I got stuck with e-ARCs! ;)

  2. Ileana A.

    I’m international! I would love to win this giveaway because I never have the chance to meet authors because they dont come to my country :( so I would LOVEEE to win the beautiful tote bag! Please pick me!

  3. Mafalda Valente

    This is such a cool giveaway! I’m outside the US and we rarely get book swag so I would love to win this!

  4. Robyn Almquist

    Thank you so much for the generous giveaway! I love the selection of books up for grabs as many are on my TBR list. I’m entering the US contest. It sounds like you had a fabulous time.

  5. Alexander

    Awesome post and awesome books! I’m entering this contest because I love reading books and those ones look like a lot of fun! I’m entering the international giveaway :)

  6. gamezd5

    Thanks so much for this giveaway. Please count me in for the US package! Thanks a million!


  7. Cheryl

    I am super excited! I hope that you will do a review on Soundless because that seems to captivate me the most.I can’t wait for it to be out, or if I’m lucky, I will be able to read it earlier. Thank you so much for everything, you looked like you had a fun time.

  8. Chloe

    I’m entering the international giveaway and am so excited! I’ve always wanted to go to an ALA conference and I’m really jealous that you can already read the Rose Society. I loved The Young Elites.

  9. Lara M.

    I’m entering the international giveaway. I’m super excited cause the swag bag sounds like it has rally awesome stuff in it!

  10. Annerooo

    I’m excited to win the tote bag because it’s been years since I got some bookish stuff!

  11. Gaby

    Thank you so much for this giveaway, it’s awesome and it look like you had a fantastic time at ALA!!
    It’s also very thoughtful of you to do a giveaway also thinking of us readers outside the US n__n

  12. Sara

    I am entering the international giveaway. It looks amazing

  13. Sabrina

    Omg it all looks like so much fun *_* One of my dreams is to attend the ALA and meet my favorite author. I can’t beleive you meet Marie Lu she is one of my favorite authors and the Heir of Fire book mark is sooo cute. Sarah J Maas is such a goddess (lets be honest). Almost everybook is in my tbr list wow. Thank you so much for this generous giveaway and I am a US entry :)
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    March Book Photo ChallengeDay 29:…

  14. Sabrina

    All these books are in my tbr list. I absolutely love all the authors especially Marie Lu. *_* Its always been a dream to attend the ALA conference but hopefully next year I’ll go. I’m glad you had a blast, it all looks so much fun. Thank you so much for this giveaway and I am a US entry. :)

  15. Sushma P

    Entering the international giveaway for the awesome swag

  16. Valery Portuguez

    that looks like so much fun!! wish i could travel to san francisco :)

  17. Valery Portuguez

    that looks like so much fun!! wish i could travel to san francisco

  18. Kaili

    I really want to win the international giveaway!!! here in singapore there is hardly any book merchandise available :”( this is really rare chance for me to win something i would really like!!

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    Wow…First of all, Loving your blog. So glad I found you through Instagram! Second, how cool to be at ALA at all, any year, but then this year with this, on top of it. So cool, and so awesome that you choose to share. I think I like you! ;-)
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  20. Tiffany

    Excited because the tote bag looks gorgeous (hoping for a chance at the international giveaway!). Praying for a chance to go to ALA next year because it looks like a ton of fun. ;;

  21. Tiffany

    Praying I get a chance to go to ALA next year. This looks like it was so much fun! ;;

  22. Alexia

    I didn’t even realize ALA was in San Fran. I live about two hours away from San Fran and I should have been there. If I had been planning ahead of time, I would have made it there. SF is my happy place.

    That food looks AMAZING! Drool-worthy.

    This giveaway is amazing! I’m entering the US one.
    Alexia recently posted…Review: Daughter of Deep Silence by Carrie Ryan

  23. Shanti

    I would love to go to one of these conferences. And the swag is amazing, thanks for making it international :). I’m so glad that you had a good time! Tiger Lily is such a good book (but I do like the original Wendy Darling, lol) thanks for the recap
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    Oh my god, the international gift! I need it! Especially the Throne of Glass goodies
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  29. Melissa

    Thank you so much for this post and for the giveaway. I love hearing about book conference experiences and what it was like~ I’ve only just started seriously following book blogs and yours seems great! To quote Ariel from the little mermaid, “I want to be where the people are…” at events such as this! XD So, reading about it is the next best thing! Thank you for sharing :) I’d like to enter the US giveaway – I just recently finish reading The Young Elites so I’m eagerly anticipating reading The Rose Society!!! I’m loving this series by Marie Lu – I’ll definitely have to check out some of her other works~ Thanks again! :)

  30. Diamond Nazaneen (Dee's Reads)

    This post is like .. book porn to the MAX. :D
    It looks like you had an EPIC time, Wendy! I love San Fran! It’s so magical… *sighs* Sadly I wasn’t able to make it but I loved how thorough your post was (and the pics! The food!) *drools*
    April G. Tucholke is one of those authors I really really like..she’s so unique in her writing style. I really want to read Slasher Girls and Monster Boys (I actually was reading your review on GR right now and thought, oh I haven’t visited Wendy in awhile—let me go see how she’s doing!) haha! and I am glad I did because..ALA! Do you know if it’ll be in SF next year too? Because if it is…I want to go for SURE! I’ll be in school for my MLIS by then .. I start in August..can you feel the nervous energy coming through the comment form??!?!?! lol :P

    Ah..I’m so offtrack, what was I supposed to say? Oh, probably about the books!! I am super excited for Soundless, to be honest. I haven’t yet read Young Elites (hides) but I saw Marie Lu speak at the OC kids book fest this year and wow..she’s amazing! I love all these dark books that are coming out and becoming more popular. *evil grin*

    Okay well thank you for sharing your time and I need to be better about catching up with you/things in general on the blog / twitter! :) I hope you are enjoying your summer! <3
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  31. Mithila

    I can’t say no to ARCs! So I’m entering the US one. Thank you so much for the giveaway! It looks like you had such a great time at ALA and oh my lord, the fooood. *-*

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    Hooray!! Glad you had a nice time! Wish I can be attending someday!

  34. Bube

    Eep!Great post!I enjoyed reading your journey at ALA :)
    I’m book addict :D,love,love reading and the prizes are awesome!
    Thank you for the amazing opportunity :))

  35. Mara

    Reading IS my everything, a favorite childhood, and present past time ;D

  36. Jimena Olivares

    First of all, cogratulations on your literary trip! One of the first things in my list to do if I ever get there is going to these amazing book events. I’m from Argentina, so I’d be entering the international giveaway. Thank you for this chance, everything looks awesome and I absolutely love anything to do with the Throne of Glass saga ;)

  37. looloolooweez

    I am positively green with envy about your trip to ALA! I might get to go next year, though. The authors, the food, and the non-con events… so much awesomeness all in one trip. I friend of mine went to ALA and took her partner with her specifically so they could get married (up until the SCOTUS ruling, our state wouldn’t allow them to marry). Also — thank you for hosting this giveaway! My entry is for the US giveaway. :)
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    It looks like you had a lot of fun!
    And I’m entering the International giveaway. Those swags look awesome! Thanks a lot for the giveaway!

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    Who doesn’t want that giveaways!! I’m new to your blog, but i’m loving it, I wish i was you, I never went to a conference like that, so i’m a little bit jealous, heheheh. looking forward for your other blog posts!!!

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    What a great post – I can’t wait for ALA to come to NOLA in 2018. As far as your giveaway, I’m especially excited about the Marie Lu, Sarah Ockler, and Richelle Mead books, but also the chance to try new-to-me authors. Thanks!

  45. Kelly Mather

    I’ve always wanted to go to a book event! It looks like it was a ton of fun! I’m a U.S. reader :)

  46. Jennina

    YOU ARE ALL KINDS OF FORTUNATE TO HAVE EMBARKED ON THIS JOURNEY AND GONE TO ALA!! Oh dear, the foooooood. *drools* And I am equal parts sad and jealous because my country is miles and miles away from San Francisco. So I am entering the international giveaway! MARIE LU AND MARISSA MEYER AND SWAG – WHAT MORE COULD I ASK FOR? ;) Thanks for the chance! (And sorry ((not sorry )) for the caps-locking and drooling. Can’t control my reactions at this perfection before me.)

  47. Miranda

    I was browsing twitter late last night and just happened upon your post. I clicked and couldn’t believe it, you are giving away a copy of Soundless by Richelle Mead! I am so excited to read it!!!
    I live in little ol Kentucky so I will be entering the U.S. giveaway. ;) Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway and it looks like you had tons of fun at ALA 2015!
    BTW, I love your blog title, I’m also an adult who reads YA.
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  48. J. Oh

    Looks like a lot of amazing authors and bloggers were there… and wow, that food looks amazing! I’m a US reader and that is one seriously amazing pack of ARCs. I recently finished Sepetys’s OUT OF THE EASY, so I’m super excited for her next book, but a lot of those are books that I’ve been wanting to read, too.

  49. p7

    I’m an international reader, and I always delight in reading these kinds of posts about book conferences and convention-types, so this was lovely to read. Thank you for the opportunity to win some swag, the Heir of Fire ones alone are making me drool! ^_^

  50. Deanna

    Hey! I’d like to enter into the US giveaway because all of those books sound like great reads! Thanks for the giveaway! :D

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    BTW, im joining the INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY..

  54. thia

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    Entering the international giveaway, because that tote bag is amazing! And the goodies, I can’t even. I’m dying to get my hands on The Rose Society, since I loved The Young Elites so much. And I love Marissa Meyer’s writing. And the Heir of Fire pins? Throne of Glass is my favourite series ever! Celaena is such a strong and badass character, I love her so much!

  56. Christina

    I wish I could go to such awesome events, and the tote bag looks amazing! I’m an international reader :)

  57. Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

    Ah, ALA sounds like it was AMAZING! I have always wanted to go to San Francisco, but it is a bit far from me here on the east coast sadly! And to be in San Francisco during Pride Week at the same time marriage was being legalized!? EPIC. I mean, it’s like being a part of history! So exciting :) ANd of course, THE BOOKISH THINGS! Obviously, that is a highlight no matter what’s going on outside ;) This is such a generous and amazing giveaway too- there are a LOT of books on my TBR on here (especially Summer of Chasing Mermaids and THE ROSE SOCIETY!!!), so thank you so, so much, and I’m glad you had such a fabulous time!!
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight recently posted…This Week At Midnight (69)

  58. Nur

    I love the picture of the totebag.. Also love the icecream sandwich, i wish i ‘ll found one too like that.. so yummy :)

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    This giveaway is wonderful! I’m entering the international giveaway and I’m super pumped because I’ve never gotten bookish swag before. Also, curiosity is getting the best of me. I need to know-and have-all the things that are inside that beautiful tote.
    Thank you so much for this chance! :)

  60. Luzbelle de Castro

    Glad to hear you had such a great time!!!
    This giveaway is wonderful! I’m entering the international giveaway and I’m excited because I’ve never gotten any bookish swag before. Also curiosity is getting the best of me. I wanna know-and have-what is in that beautiful tote.
    Thank you so much for is chance! :)

  61. Andrew

    What a wonderful experience! I wish i could’ve been there to experience everything you did because not only were you there for the bookish experience but you also got to live in this important historical impact, i mean like wow. Thank you for this giveaway! :D
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  66. Mary H

    I’m so glad you had a great time! Julie and Leigh are definitely two of my favorite people, and their books are amazing! Did you see Becky’s amazing tweet with the Simon/Blue email about oreo wedding cake? So adorable. I’m excited to win because I’m especially looking forward to reading The Summer of Chasing Mermaids and The Rose Society (the ENDING of Young Elites was insane!). I have gone to the Texas Library Association conference three times, and it’s always amazing, but I’m looking forward to going to ALA one of these days. I think it’s coming to Texas in a couple years so definitely then. Thanks for the giveaway, Wendy!
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  69. Grace Radford/Anna Pett

    This giveaway is so cool! I’m super jealous that unless these things are where I live I can’t go to them because money is tight. Le-sigh. The swag bag is super cool, but since I’m in the US I’ll leave that to people who are actually international. I’m CRAZY excited about THE ROSE SOCIETY. I really really loved The Young Elites, anti-heroes FTW! :D

  70. Eileen

    I think my reply keeps getting eaten so here’s a third try (hopefully it gets through)?

    It looks like you had a great time! I can’t imagine meeting any authors (I’ve only ever saw some from afar haha) so it must be super neat!

    I’d love to enter the international giveaway! Canada almost never holds any sort of bookish events (none in Vancouver) so I’d love for the chance to obtain some swag! I would so love to get some TMG bookmarks and pins that I saw on Twitter ;) Thank you for the awesome giveaway!!
    Eileen recently posted…WoW #53: The Boy Most Likely To (My Life Next Door #2) by Huntley Fitzpatrick

  71. Vivien

    This sounds and looks absolutely fantastic!!! I’ve always wanted to go to a book convention. I can imagine that at times you get overwhelmed with nervousness meeting certain authors that you love. Especially those that you’ve spoken with before just never met face to face. It has a completely different feel!! You really did get to meet some amazing authors, I’m slightly jealous. But really THE FOOD!!!! Oh man. That may be the best part ;) Especially that coloring sweet shop :) Glad you had a great time!

  72. Naban

    Sounds likes so much fun, I wish I could have gone. And thank you for the giveaway! ALSO the food pictures. *drool*

  73. Jenefer

    Looks like a fun time for sure! So many book, cool people, and the food! Holy cow…it all looks amazing! I would love to go one year. I went to BEA and it was terrific!

    I am entering the U.S. Giveaway.

  74. Sam T.

    As I can see, you absolutely loved your adventure and I do wish I get to do the same in the future, I’m excited to win because I have never hads anything like this and I’m entering the international giveaway, I love how you were in San Fran. for pride week! Congratulations on having a big leap for equality!

  75. Daisy

    Looks like you had a wonderful time at ALA! I wish we had something like this in Europe, I’d SO be there!
    And you are absolutely right, I can get my hands on the books, but the swag? That doesn’t come along all that often and I’m VERY curious about the t-shirt you’ve included! OMG the Throne of Glass pins and Heir of Fire bookmark!! I cannot begin to describe my love for that series!
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Daisy recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Hyped Books I Haven’t Read

  76. Elspeth

    Oh wow what an amazing giveaway! I’m a bit jealous of everyone in the US who gets to enter for those ARCs. The swag looks fantastic though.

  77. Britt T

    Thank you so much for this weeks me giveaway!! It looks like you had loads of fun and that food it to die for!! I’m am truly excited about this giveaway for Rose Society and a few other titles that look amazing but I haven’t heard to much about!! Thank you for being awesome as usual!
    Britt T recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday – I Ignored the Hype

  78. Kaylie @ When the Words End

    I have yet to have gone to any sort of conference like this before, but it sounds like it was a lot of fun! I don’t live too far from San Francisco, so I would love to go next year. Cream is amazing and those macaroons look delicious, by the way. And thanks so much for the giveaway, Wendy! I would love to enter the US one.
    Kaylie @ When the Words End recently posted…Bay Book Fest Haul

  79. Hilary

    I’m entering the international giveaway but gosh, I’d love to win a plane ticket so I can eat that delicious-looking food…back to books, I’d love to read Marie Lu’s new book and Soundless because those look amazing! And I heard Six of Crows was good so I can’t wait to read that.

    Thank you for the wonderful recap! It’s like I’m there :)
    Hilary recently posted…Top Ten Hyped Books That Everyone Has Read But I Haven’t

  80. Shannelle

    Marie Lu’s style is just so lovely. And that pouch! Although, seriously, how do I acquire one of those boxes? XD If the book was sold with the box, that would definitely have me emptying my wallet for sure.
    Shannelle recently posted…Jesse’s Girl by Miranda Kenneally

  81. Amanda

    I’m so glad you had another good time at ALA! I’m entering the US giveaway because I’m basically bouncing out of my seat with anticipation for Soundless! I cannot wait to read that one!
    Amanda recently posted…OMG The Invasion of the Tearling

  82. Raquel

    First: It looks and sounds like you had a freaking amazing time at ALA! I’m definitely interested in attending next year (as well as BEA!)! Also super excited for Soundless, because of course! It’s a new Richelle Mead book! And lastly, I’m entering the US giveaway :)
    Raquel recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday #19

  83. Emily Seals

    Hi there! I would like to enter the US giveaway because I LOVE BOOKS and I’ve never won one before! These all look really interesting and would be great additions to my shelf. =) I’m glad you had such a great time at the conference!
    Emily Seals recently posted…Ten Hyped Books That I’ve Never Read

  84. Samantha Wallace

    I am entering the US giveaway and I am entering the giveaway because I love books and I love getting new books to read that I haven’t read before. Thanks for the great giveaway!! :D

  85. Nicole Johnson

    I am entering the U.S. Giveaway.

    I have always wanted to go to ALA but I haven’t been able to! These books also look fantastic and I love some of the authors! Thank you so much for the wonderful prize pack!
    Nicole Johnson recently posted…TV Show Love

  86. Chelsea

    I’m excited to win the US giveaway because it’s so much fun getting ARCs!! I love getting new books to read! :D

  87. Jamie C

    I’m entering the US giveaway and I’m super excited because I’m a book addict and what book addict wouldn’t want to win a bunch of books?!?

  88. Ely

    I’m entering the US giveaway. :)

    I’m super excited because I’m poor broke college student book blogger whose TBR pile is waaaaaaaay too huge…and I’m still looking for new good books on a daily basis. Plus, Marie Lu. How can you go wrong there? :D
    Ely recently posted…little ball of feels

  89. Jennifer

    I’m entering the International Giveaway.

    I am curious to see IRL some swags since I don’t have any so far.

    I have never gone to any conference, living in a too much small place. I know it’s the event itself that should make me envious but these food pictures makes me hungry.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  90. Jen

    So, so jealous. I can’t wait to go to MidWinter in Boston.

  91. Kristen D

    I am super excited about the U.S. Giveaway for the arc!! There a a bunch of authors in that stack that I haven’t read before and would love to. Thanks for the chance to win some new books!!

  92. Jo

    Oooh, it looks like you had an amazing time! I’m really looking forward to Soundless when it comes out in the UK, and I so want to read The Summer of Chasing Rainbows!

    I love Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116 – and what a perfect poem to celebrate such an event! Brilliant!

    Thank you for the giveaway! The swag looks awesome! :)
    Jo recently posted…Review: 5 to 1 by Holly Bodger

    • Jo

      Ughh, I mean The Summer of Chasing Mermaids! I keep saying Rainbows, and I don’t know why!

  93. Denisa

    Wow it looks like it was so so so much fun. I hope to one day go to a book con! Thanks for hosting a giveaway! :)

  94. Jennifer Whitfield

    All these books are gorgeous and I’m anxiously looking forward to many of them. From Richelle Mead to Marie Lu to Becca Fitzpatrick.

    I’m entering the International Giveaway.

  95. Cindy

    I AM SO EXCITED!!! WORDS CANNOT EXPLAIN HOW EXCITED I AM FOR THIS GIVEAWAY. I saw The Rose Society and Soundless and thought, I’m in. Thank you so much for this giveaway!!! I need those books!!! :)

    I am entering the U.S. giveaway. <3

    P.S. That strawberry and brown sugar ice cream sandwich looks so good! It's a good thing I live close to San Francisco, because I need to get one of my own!!! ^-^

  96. Hayden Marie

    Gah, all of these books and recaps are fantastic! I’m stoked to be entered for the US giveaway, especially for SOUNDLESS, which has intrigued me for months. I’m a library assistant and I love getting ahold of new books to rec to my teens! Thank you for hosting it!

  97. Elaine

    I swear my dream is to attend ALA/BEA one of these days. But not being a blogger/anyone in the industry AND staying so far away from the US is making it really hard to make this dream come true XD So thank you (as usual) for an awesome event recap! I really really wish that Elizabeth Fama hadn’t sworn you to secrecy :P I’m dying to learn more about her new projects, still can’t get over the beautifully written Monstrous Beauty!

    I really hope they hold one of these book events at San Francisco again, because I think it might be my favourite city in the US <3 And thanks for the amazing giveaway, Wendy! Entering the international giveaway (it's killing me inside to say this, because I can't get over the ARCs in the US one).

  98. Margaret

    I’m really excited about Soundless, but all of those books look good! I’m in the U.S.

    Also The Rafflecopter is confusing. I had to click on the entry to see that it is for the U.S. as well.

  99. Marianne

    I’m excited about the giveaway because I love getting anything book-related:)

  100. Tulay

    Here in the Netherlands we don’t have book conventions and few author’s signings. Therefore I never can get my hands on book swag I really want. I would really be happy If I can win the super awesome tote with swag from my favorite books.

    PS: I’m entering the INTL giveaway

  101. Melissa Schweitzer

    ALA sounds amazing. Can’t wait to get to one in person! And the giveaway!! Rose Society is the cake and everything else is glorious icing.

  102. Autumn

    I am sooo jealous! I really wish to make it to an event like that. And all that swag is awesome! Any read by Marie Lu is great and I can’t wait to read her newest one. Thanks for the opportunity at this great prize (and I’m entering the US contest).

  103. Melissa B

    The conference, and weekend, look amazing! I wish I could have been there! I’m entering the US giveaway and am so excited to read all of the books. Thanks so much!

  104. Holly J

    I am entering because I didn’t get to go to ALA and some of these are HIGHLY ANTICIPATED books that I’m so excited about! Like Salt to the Sea and The Rose Society. :) Also, I am entering the US giveaway!
    Holly J recently posted…Book Bloggers and Books Tag

  105. Denise H

    I have not yet had the chance to go to an event like this and I would LOVE to have the chance to read these books and pass quite a few of them on. Two, Soundless and The Rose Society, I am dying to read and would likely add to my collection. Thank you for this giveaway!
    Denise H recently posted…Book Review → The Better Part of Darkness

  106. Hannah

    Why do I want to win? The simple answer: books. The longer answer: BOOOOKKKKSSSSSSS!!! :)

  107. Megan C.

    You got to meet so many amazing authors! This is such a great giveaway – thank you so much! I’m entering for the US giveaway. I’m especially excited for Soundless because I read the BEA chapter sampler and I’m dying to read the rest! :)

  108. Hailey Carrell

    I am excited for this US giveaway because it features some wonderful authors! Thank you for doing this giveaway!

  109. Brittani

    I’m entering the US giveaway, and I’m excited because some of my favorite authors are included in this giveaway, plus some that I’ve been wanting to check out recently. :) Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway!

  110. Madison

    I’m just so excited to read all of those books! I’m so jealous I didn’t get to go to the ALA convention! I’m definitely going to try to go next year!

  111. Erin

    I am excited because there are so many great books in this giveaway!! The Immortal Heights in on my Can’t Wait shelf and I am super excited to see how The Weight of Feathers is!!

    I am entering the US giveaway and THANK YOU!!!

  112. Bonnie

    I’m entering the U.S. giveaway, and I am so excited! I wish I could have gone to ALA, but it’s 9 hours from where I live. *tear*

  113. Harrison

    I’m entering from the US- the eastern US, where Richelle Mead apparently never ventures. That being said I’m super, super excited for Soundless. I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  114. Kari J

    All of these books sound amazing and I have been so amazingly looking forward to The Rose Society that I preordered it as soon as I was able to. I am entering the U.S giveaway for the books. Thanks for the opportunity!

  115. Nina

    WOW :) I really do wish i can meet authors so easily. Well I say that because in my country is so difficult and if you love an author that is dead.. well that is bad. I love to see the photos and the experiences many readers have with the books they love
    Nina recently posted…Booktag: El sacrificio de los libros

  116. Lia

    The only huge conference I ever went to was BookCon this year, which was fantastic! You met JULIE MURPHEY and LEIGH BARDUGO!?!???!!? Wow! Ironically, the book I’m most excited for from this stack is the book I didn’t even know existed AKA Ruta Sepetys’s book. I love that woman’s stories. Thank you so much :) I’m entering the U.S. giveaway.

  117. Erica

    First of all, thank you so much for the chance this is really awesome! Second, I’m a US entry.

    The thing that really got me and made me want to enter this giveaway is that Soundless is among the books being given away! Richelle Mead is one of my absolute favorite authors so it would be huge for me to be able to read and review an arc copy of her book! Of course, all of the other books look amazing and are also on my To-Read list but Soundless is definitely at the top!

    It looks like you had a lot of fun at ALA and I hope that someday I will be able to go to one of these events as well! Thank you again for the chance!
    Erica recently posted…Wicked Charms by Janet Evanovich

  118. starryeyedjen

    Wow, to have been in San Francisco during such a momentous time in history! =) I went to ALA Midwinter when it was here in Dallas a couple of years ago, and it was nice but I was still kind of new to blogging and networking and I’m painfully shy in person, so I didn’t have near as awesome time as it appears you did. So, I’m just going to continue to live vicariously through you. :D Thanks for the giveaway, too. I think I’m most excited for The Immortal Heights and The Rose Society.
    starryeyedjen recently posted…Review: Nevermore Series by Kelly Creagh

  119. Bailey Orr

    I got so excited as soon as I saw Soundless was on the list! I’m so excited for that book to come out! Also I’m entering from the U.S.!

  120. Nicole @ The Quiet Concert

    Love the recap and photos! I hope to go to ALA someday! Maybe next year when BEA moves away from NYC… Thank you so much for the AMAZING giveaway. I’d honestly love all of these books but The Rose Society and The Summer of Chasing Mermaids were the ones to especially catch my eye!
    Nicole @ The Quiet Concert recently posted…Silver in the Blood by Jessica Day George

  121. Kyrstin H

    I’m entering the US giveaway and I would love the opportunity to be able to win this. Sounds like ALA was a lot of fun! I’m glad you had a great time!

  122. Alejandra García

    Wow this is amazing! I’ll truly love to win that beautiful tote bag (I’m entering to the INT giveaway) because the beach and everybody needs to behold such preciousness. Also, the goodies never hurt anyone ;)

  123. Angela

    ALA sounds like it was a lot of fun! I would have loved to meet Marie Lu. There so many books I want to read but none of them are released yet -_- I’m especially excited for The Summer of Chasing Mermaids!

  124. Angela C

    ALA sounds like it was a lot of fun! I would have loved to meet Marie Lu! There so many books I want to read but none of them are released yet -_- I’m especially excited for The Summer of Chasing Mermaids!

  125. Jamie Welch

    I’m so excited to read Six of Crows! Leigh Bardugo’s world is so epic I’m just waiting to get back into that world! She many great books coming out this year!! Good bye monies!!

  126. Brittany

    I am entering the US giveaway! So many amazing books. At least half are currently on my TBR list!

  127. Natasha

    I get jealous every time I see conference posts because they look like so much fun! Glad you had a great time in San Fran.

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! US entry

  128. Bayy

    Oh gods that looks like so much fun! I wish I could’ve gone. And that Ice cream man

  129. Shannan

    I’m entering for Soundless and for the Everything Everything tote. I received an ARC of the latter and fell in love with the book and how powerful it was. Soundless seems to be an amazing book and it’s been on my TBR list for ages! The entire event seemed like it was amazing and I hope one day we get more of these in Chicago!!

  130. Kathy

    I’m entering the US giveaway. I live in Sacramento but was unable to attend ALA and it looks like it was a lot of fun. The food looks great. Hopefully I can attend ALA when it comes back to SF in a couple of years. Thanks for this giveaway!
    Kathy recently posted…Audiobook Review – Twice Tempted

  131. Lindsey wenum

    ALA would be my dream event to attend. Authors are my favorite people to talk to because they’re so creative and you can’t help but smile when your around them. That and The Rose Society is one of my most anticipated reads of the year next to The Immortal Heights.

  132. Kristen

    So glad you had an amazing time. I’m an avid reader and would love to win this. So many great authors in that pile!

  133. shannon

    I am entering the US giveaway, especially for Ruta’s book. She could write about paint drying and I would give it 5 stars and recommend it to everyone.

  134. Elin

    I’m entering the international giveaway.
    I always love a good surprise, and I really like the tote bag. So cute!

  135. Thomas

    So glad to hear that you had a fabulous time, Wendy! I have always appreciated your desire to promote diverse YA, and I still remember when I wrote my coming out post a few years ago how you were such a support for me. Just speaking out makes a difference; you never know who may stumble upon this blog, so just by posting about your reaction you perhaps already make LGBTQI visitors feel more welcome and loved. As for the giveaway, I would be privileged to receive the ARCs because they would be sent from this wonderful blog of yours, and it features a wide array of authors I already respect as well as new ones I have not read yet.
    Thomas recently posted…Car Accidents, Self-Compassion, and Other Summer Adventures

  136. Meedah

    Oh My God, your trip looks so awesome
    I so want to meet my favorite authors, ahhh you met Marie Lu i looooove her!
    I am so excited to read Soundless and The Rose Society, i basically covet all Marie Lu Books and Richelle Meads new book sounds amazing!

    Thanks for wanting to share your swag with us!
    Meedah recently posted…Real Book Challenge- June

  137. Hanan Zaid

    Entering for the international giveaway :) Would love to win the swag bag because ermm honestly who doesn’t want book swag? Plus that tote bag is oh so gorgeous ahh.

  138. Jaime

    I saw so many amazing pictures from ALA I’m sad I didn’t get to go!! It looks like you had a blast plus San Francisco!!!

    I’m dying to get my hands on a couple of these but THE ROSE SOCIETY!!! Love love love Marie Lu

    Thank you so much for a chance to win! You guys are amazing!


  139. Bex

    Wow. Wow.

    And MARIE LU! Also that ice cream sandwich looks amazing. It looks more like a delicious ball of paradise stuck between two waffles. That’s what I’m getting when I go up that way. How did it taste?

  140. Marina

    I’m glad you had a great time and got to meet all the great authors!

    I’m excited to win the tote bag because it contains books by some of my favorite authors!

  141. Nikki

    I’m entering the international giveaway. It would absolutely make my year to win this awesome bag of swag. There’s nothing better (except reading of course!) than some bookish gifts. There are no comparable events organized here in Belgium, so I have absolutely no opportunities to get these for myself. I would so appreciate these. :-)

  142. Joey Wolongevicz

    How awesome! I’m totally peanut butter and jealous of all the good times had at the conventions!

    I’d love to win the giveaways because reading is my everything everything! Soundless by Richelle Mead is one of my top books to read in 2015, and Marie Lu is just so sweet and nice that I can’t wait to read her series too!

    Thanks! -Joey

  143. Dani Saunders

    I’m excited for so many of these books, but I think Salt to the Sea is the one I’d read first. Entering the US giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win!

  144. Maryssa L.

    Ahhh it sounds like an awesome trip! I’m so jealous it seems like you had such a great time (: I’m excited for the giveaway because there are so many awesome books in this giveaway, even some I haven’t really heard much about! Thanks for the giveaway (:

    I’m entering the U.S. giveaway

  145. Roxanne

    I love me some swag so I’m super excited to enter the international one.I’ve never been to events like this but it is a dream that I will someday fulfill

  146. Rebecca

    That looks like it was a great time.

    I am so excited for Soundless from Richelle Mead it looks like a great premise. It is also a departure from your typical white male/female protagonist. This is a great giveaway.

  147. Lysette Rowley

    Wow that swag bag looks amazing, I’d be so excited to get my hands on even a sample of Heartless! I’ve seen so many post-BEA/ALA giveaways that are US only, so thank you for including something for those of us a bit further afield :D

  148. Alex U.

    Your ALA trip looked amazing! (that ice cream sandwich is intense) I’m really excited to win the US giveaway because The Immortal Heights arc is on that list and I have been dying to get my hands on it! Thank you so much for sharing!

  149. Ringo the Cat

    Being from overseas, I can safely say that you’re so lucky to have events and conferences like this. It sounds amazing!

  150. Sarah Crowley

    Love all these books in this giveaway!! All of them are sitting my Amazon Wishlist right now. Soundless seems amazing! I loved the Vampire Academy books, so I know this book will be awesome! Love Marie Lu!! Love Becca Fitzpatrick!! Book shivers!! :-)
    Sarah Crowley recently posted…Photo

  151. Megan Quinn

    It looks like it was such a lovely conference, and the good fortune of being in San Fransisco to top it off! Thank you for the chance to enter this incredibly generous giveaway. I’m putting in for the US giveaway.

  152. Michella

    What an amazing giveaway! I want to go to ALA SO BAD.

    I really, really want to read Salt to the Sea. Ruta is such an amazing writer. Out of the Easy is one of my favorites. I love how she breathed life into 1950s New Orleans, a time and place I’d never given much thought to. And I’ve heard such amazing things about This Is Where It Ends. I remember seeing pictures of Marieke’s signing line at BEA. The cover gives me chills and I feel like this book will break me. And what can I say about Soundless? A new Richelle book!

    It sounds like you had an awesome time. That picture of the ice cream cookie sanwich! ALA looks like such a great convention.

  153. Anne Booms

    What an amazing thing, this giveaway! Living in the tiny country of the Netherlands, I never really get to enter a contest, let alone win! So, as a booklover and writer, I entered, and with a little bit of hope and a little bit of luck I might just finally win something. Also, compliments to you all, for giving me this opportunity and for all of you who entered, good luck! :)

  154. Hanna Mathews

    (Sorry, I forgot to say I’m entering the US giveaway!)

  155. Hanna Mathews

    Sounds like a great event! I’m glad it was fun, and totally jealous! I hope I win the giveaway for the multiple great books in it, specifically Richelle Mead and Becca Fitzpatrick!! Thank you so much for hosting!

  156. Emmy Neal

    What a wonderful giveaway! And you took beautiful pictures. I’m so excited for SOUNDLESS to come out–I’m loving all the ethnic inspired fantasies that are coming down the pipeline! Yayyyy for diversity in YA!!

  157. Mia

    Sounds like you had so much fun! I’m always so jealous of people who get to go to events like these; there aren’t really any here in England :(
    I want to win the giveaway because all of that swag looks really cool, and obviously I didn’t have a chance to pick it up as I wasn’t at ALA!
    Mia recently posted…READING SLUMP BLUES

  158. Kayla (Michaela)

    I am so jealous of all of these book events! There are never any over here!

    I am excited to win this giveaway because of the tote mostly ;) and the samplers! I am dying for Six of Crows!

    I’m entering the international giveaway!
    Kayla (Michaela) recently posted…Authors are people too!

  159. TANYA


  160. Natalya

    Thank you for this generous giveaway! I’ve entered the U.S. giveaway and I’m excited to win because so many of these books are on my to-read list, with Marie Lu’s The Rose Society at the top.

  161. Rachel Gunter

    Thank you for such a great giveaway! And for making it international! The swag looks great! I’m from the UK :) I’m happy to hear you enjoyed San Francisco :)

  162. Sajda @ Across the Words

    I SO wanted to go to ALA — your pictures are amazing and it seems like you had a ton of fun. I would have loved to meet Marie Lu; I loved The Young Elites and I’m dying to read The Rose Society.

    Also, being there for Pride Week was perfect timing.

    Thanks for this amazing giveaway!
    Sajda @ Across the Words recently posted…Review: The Heart of Betrayal

  163. Nina

    I wish I could go to these kind of things! It looks very awesome and cozy :(

  164. Nikki

    You and ALA make me sooooo jealous! Most of the books in the giveaway, I haven’t heard of. But I’m really excited for Summer of Chasing Mermaids and the Immortal Heights (entering the US giveaway).

  165. Molly Mortensen

    I’m glad that you had a good time. I wish I could go to something like this one day. I can’t believe you’re sharing all of these awesome books! Thank you!

  166. janice

    I’ve been waiting for Marie Lu’s The Rose Society for forever. I can’t wait to read the 2nd book, I’m sure I’ll be biting at the chomp for the 3rd book after. Also, Sherry Thomas’ The Immortal Heights — this giveaway is the tits!! Can you tell I’m really excited about the US giveaway? :D
    janice recently posted…Mom, A Spatula + A Label

  167. Angela

    Oh, man, all of the envy – ALA + being anywhere near SF when the SCOTUS made their ruling. Absolutely amazing.

    And this bag of goodies looks amazing!

  168. Lacey

    I’m excited to read anything new! Sounds like you had a great time at the conference. I’m entering for the US giveaway.

  169. Zoey @ Uncreatively Zoey

    I think I probably would have been a sobbing mess if I was there during that week, haha. All the support and love and FINALLY, FINALLY we’ve made some progress. I’m so, so happy for everyone. I’m entering the US giveaway – cannot WAIT for The Weight of Feathers!!
    Zoey @ Uncreatively Zoey recently posted…Review: Cress

  170. Bethany

    I had no idea you went to ALA! Were the crowds more bearable?

    I also LOVE all the food you tried… It’s been years but I used to work near Moscone and tea’ed at Samovar and ate at Zuni with my husband when we were dating! Fun memories.
    Bethany recently posted…Kissing in America

  171. Daphne Trumps

    wow! great giveaway! last week was so fantastic. I really didn’t think we would see something like that (the SCOTUS ruling) in a long time–it’s a great time to be alive. :)

  172. Nicole

    Yes, I’m excited. I want to be in both. Can I be in both ? please. Everything that you offer is so beautiful and I want to read them all. And the tote bag is beautiful. Thank you for the giveaway

  173. Angie

    You’re so lucky to live near all these events! I live in Maine, and we don’t get a lot of author visits. Though I did get to meet Tiffany Reisz in NH last year, and that was pretty exciting! She’s one of my favorites.

    Good for you to taking the time to enjoy it! Sometimes I think we are so busy trying to document things with pictures that we don’t take the time to appreciate where we are or what we’re doing.

    I’m looking forward to reading the new Richelle Mead book!
    Angie recently posted…Early Review: Naked by Stacey Trombley

  174. Denise M

    I am trying to read more because I noticed that when I do, I am happier. Also, yay on the SCOTUS decision, i was on pins and needles waiting for it and then teared up when it was read. I am in the US

  175. Lizzie the Sarcastic Blonde

    I’m excited for this giveaway because I can’t wait to read Soundless and The Rose Society! I love both Richelle Mead and Marie Lu! It must have been amazing for Pride Week to be happening at the same time! I hope to one day go to ALA! Just need to save a lot more money! Ha ha! Thanks for the giveaway!
    Lizzie the Sarcastic Blonde recently posted…Stacking the Shelves #12

  176. Ann

    All the books are amazing! I really want to read The Summer of Chasing Mermaids. Also, the tote is beautiful~

  177. Amelia (The Authoress)


    *clears throat* Not that any of that rambling is relevant. I’m so glad you had a good time! I’ve never been to ALA but pictures and posts always look so amazing. I’m so jealous that you got to meet Rae Carson!!

    Thank you so much for the giveaway! Those books are so purdy! *grabby hands*

    Amelia | The Authoress
    Amelia (The Authoress) recently posted…3 Template Pet Peeves and How To Solve Them

  178. Jessica R

    It looks like you had a fantastic time – isn’t Patrick Ness wonderful? And I can only imagine the celebration happening after the SCOTUS announcement. Sounds pretty incredible! And Elizabeth Fama sounds lovely – I can’t wait to hear about what she’s working on!
    I think you know us well because those food pictures… YUM. Thanks for sharing and making me hungry again bright and early ;)

    Thank you so much for this! So kind of you, Wendy. That swag bag looks awesome – the Six of Crows pouch is so fun!
    Jessica R recently posted…Weekly Wrap: July 3rd, 2015

  179. Christina

    This sounds so incredible! I felt like everything was happening in San Francisco that weekend, so I had to stay off social media so I didn’t die from envy, hah.

  180. LizF

    Looks like you had a fabulous time, what fun! Thanks for sharing all that you did, all that met and most importantly, all that you ATE (always my favorite part!)

  181. Anna F

    Thanks for the great post! I’m a librarian and have been to ALA only once a few years ago. San Francisco looks like it would have been amazing for both the event and Pride. Also love that you are able to go up and talk to the authors. I am always too shy!

  182. Rabiah

    So glad you at fun at ALA! I went 2 years ago, to the one in Chicago–loved it so much :D I love being around bookish people. And wow! SO MANY BEAUTIFUL BOOKS AND AUTHORS!
    The swag looks so gorgeous–that tote and pouch looks AMAZING. Thanks for the awesome giveaway :D (entering the INT giveaway)
    Rabiah recently posted…The Girl in the Torch by Robert Sharenow

  183. Pili @ In Love With Handmade

    YAY for having a blast at ALA, in San Francisco!! San Francisco might very well be my favourite city in the US, and I cannot wait to go back! And when I do, I definitely need to visit CREAM!!
    Meeting authors is always wonderful, I’m still overwhelmed about my BEA experience this year!!

    Thank you SO MUCH for including an international giveaway too!!

    And being in San Francisco for Pride Week and being there during the SCOTUS announcement, must have been priceless!! So happy that finally that big step towards equality was finally ratified!!
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