Throne of Glass x Litographs: Giveaway (International)

May 22, 2015 2015, giveaway, Kim, Sarah J. Maas 89

throne of glass tee shirtSo I think it’s pretty well known that I am massive, massive fan of Sarah J. Maas and her brilliant fantasy series, Throne of Glass. You love Sarah, I love Sarah, we all love her. You also love bookish merchandise and shouting your love for all things literary to the world.

The wonderful team at Litographs has just launched their ToG line featuring a poster, tee shirt, and a tote bag. The design is so lovely featuring Celaena in triumph with the stag of Terrasen, the Lord of the North. And the landscape is designed with actual text from Throne of GlassYou’ve always wanted to wear these characters on your body, right? Don’t look at me. I’m a normal person, I swear! Anyway…


If you are just dying to get your hands on some of these beautiful Throne of Glass items (and why wouldn’t you be!), I have a discount code for $5 off any ToG purchase. Use discount code MIDNIGHTGARDEN at checkout, but be advised that it expires on Sunday evening.


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Win a Litographs Throne of Glass T-shirt!

Thanks to the lovely team at Litographs, we have the chance for you to win a Throne of Glass tee shirt! All you have to do is fill out the Rafflecopter form and leave a thoughtful comment below telling us why you’re excited to win this shirt or what your favorite item of bookish interest is.

The giveaway is open internationally to those 18 years and older, or 13 years  and older with parental permission. See entry form for complete details. Good luck!

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89 Responses to “Throne of Glass x Litographs: Giveaway (International)”

  1. Claudia B.

    Lovely design, I’d die for a t-shirt like that :)

  2. Jimena Olivares

    I’m a huge fan of the series for starters and I’ve seen many shirts based on it but none like these. They are truly amazing and I’d love to get one. Thanks for the chance!

  3. thia

    i’m a big fan of throne of glass… to win a throne of glass t-shirt would be amazing!

  4. Ola

    I’d love to win the t-shirt as it looks fantastic…. knowing me the first thing I’d do is try to read it xD.
    Thanks for the opportunity and good luck to everyone participating x

  5. Samantha Tedesco

    I wanna win because this shirt is very very original!

  6. Silver De

    Thanks for the chance
    the shirt is so beautiful ♥

  7. alessandra lalla

    I would win because I love this series , but in Italy you do not find anything in the series

  8. Jc Loh

    Because I would be the envy of the entire neighbourhood, yay!

  9. Cody-Leigh Duffy

    Thanks so much for this giveaway, it’s awesome! Sarah J. Maas is my favourite author and I am so excited for Queen of Shadows! xo.

  10. Sam

    I would love to win this shirt because I’ve never seen a brand which has a concept like Litographs, where they use the actual content of a book as a design for a shirt and I love ToG so I just loved Litographs even more so now I just really want this shirt

  11. Emma

    The whole store is just beautiful! *googly eyes*

    I’d love to win the shirt because Throne of Glass is my all time favourite series, and I absolutely love the design! I’m dying to get my hands on something from the Throne of Glass collection (I have no idea what though), but if I get the shirt I’ll probably end up reading it in public like a complete weirdo. But I don’t care because it’s awesome.
    Emma recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’d Love to See As Movies/TV Shows

  12. Nia Carnelio

    WOW. This is actually the very first time I’m hearing about Litographs and I have to admit, they’re amazing. This is quite the coolest thing! And Sarah J Maas’s novels on a T-shirt? That is beyond awesome. Thank you for the giveaway, especially for making it international! :D
    Nia Carnelio recently posted…How To Identify A Book Blogger

  13. Mehr Alam

    Such a great design! Subtle enough to wear but with a strong reference to the books, and it depicts a strong female character, love it!

  14. rotem

    the artwork is incredible, and i love the tog series

  15. ashley

    This is a cool idea for a t-shirt. I wonder if you can actually read it though? Anyways, this is awesome.

  16. Cerys

    Throne of Glass quickly became one of my favourite reads when I read it earlier in the year. I can’t wait for Queen of Shadows and this t-shirt will make the waiting all the sweeter!

  17. Charlie Castro

    LONG TIME FAN. I wanna share this cute shirt with my friends (who are also fans!!!)

  18. Hannah

    Bookish merch is the coolest!!! The shirt is so cute too!! Thanks for the giveaway<3

  19. karin

    I am excited about this shirt because i really love “throne of glass” I haven’t read all the books yet but I love the ones I have read in this series,it’d be awesome to own some swag,and book inspired clothes(like this beautiful shirt) to express my love for this series

  20. Jillian J

    It’s the perfect accessory for an English major! :)

  21. Carina Olsen

    YAY :D Gorgeous post Kim. <3 I'm so thrilled that you are such a huge fan of Sarah :) I adore her on twitter. Though her books might not be for me, sigh :( Haven't read them yet, hih, but trying them soon, I think :D Anyway. I would really, really love to win this t-shirt. <3 It is GORGEOUS :D Oh my gosh. I love it. I would love to wear it :D Thank you for the chance sweet girl. <3
    Carina Olsen recently posted…Waiting on Wednesday #189

  22. Shannon

    I love the t-shirt its something subtle to show my love of the series plus finding others who like the series when wearing it :D. I think the red works wonderfully with the series

  23. Viki

    I love Throne of Glass and the T-shirt is really cool!

  24. Meghan

    I would love to win this shirt because it encompasses everything that Celelaena and the Throne of Glass series is: beauty and strength. An it’s an awesome shirt.

  25. Jamie Coudeville

    This is probably one of the most awesome tshirts I’ve ever seen. If anyone ever asks what my favorite book is, I could just show them =) I hope this means the site will do more YA books soon.

  26. Alise Quynh

    I absolutely love these shirts, but can never afford them so I reeeeally want this one! I love this series, I have all of them in hardback!

  27. Talia

    I’d love to win the tee shirt because it’s just simply stunning and being able to walk around and channel how badass Celaena is would be perfect <3

  28. Megan S.

    I am so excited because this T-shirt is BEAUTIFUL! Plus, I think I just discovered a great new website to get bookish clothes :-)

  29. Jenna O

    The shirt would be amazing for summer time! I love the print on it.

  30. Esthefania

    So, I’m exited to win this t-shirt because I love Throne of Glass, the way the characters actually think for themselves, the way you don’t have any option but to turn the pages, and the way Sarah makes me feel as if I actually was in Adarlan. I really hope Litographs makes the same for the rest of her books.

  31. Sally

    A Throne of Glass T-shirt? I can’t believe this is a thing! ToG is one of my all time favorite series and I can’t wait until Queen of Shadows comes out. The shirt is so cool! Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  32. Bailee

    I would love to win this shirt so that I could actually have a reason to bring Throne of Glass up in conversations. As of now I’m just being the really annoying, super geeky friend that compares everything to ToG with no warning. At least if I won this shirt I could justify my almost constant fangirling.

    • Kim

      Excelllllllent, Bailee, excellllllent. I am…pretty much kind of that friend too. Now it’s wonderful to have this conversation starter! “Excuse me, but what literary work is your magnificent shirt referencing? Please pull up a chair and tell me all about it. Including ships and headcanons. Thanks!” :p
      Kim recently posted…Throne of Glass x Litographs: Giveaway (International)

  33. Elizabeth

    AHHHH!!! This is so exciting!!! I keep wanting ToG to just take off across the world because there aren’t as many ToG items on Etsy as I’d like (I want them ALL though!) so I’m super extra excited about this! …I think I may be buying myself a birthday present this weekend…my birthday IS in a few weeks after all…
    Elizabeth recently posted…A Day in the Life #35 + April Wrap Up

  34. Stephanie

    I would love to have this t-shirt because I would feel like a badass wearing it. Maybe I can commune with my inner Celaena. Hand my a sword!

  35. Markella

    I love the shirt/ tote design and that it’s pink yet still shows this strong triumphant scene. Girly and strong is exactly how I would describe Celaene.

  36. Daniel S

    Oh these lithograph items are absolutely stunning! It’s about time they introduced some Young Adult instead of just all of the classics! I can’t wait to see what else they come up with!

    • Kim

      Aren’t they just? And I am so, so, soooo happy that out of all the YA items they could’ve gone with, they chose to give us TOG first. A very wise decision if I do say so. And we’re in the same boat. They’ve started from such a solid place I’m excited to see what will come next!
      Kim recently posted…Throne of Glass x Litographs: Giveaway (International)

      • Daniel S

        Definitely! It’s so refreshing to see! I agree, they’re definitely in a very strong position to expand this to a larger audience!

  37. Pili @ In Love With Handmade

    First of all: HOLY CREAM CHEESE ICING!! I was looking longingly at that tee when I saw Sarah link to it, but I’m so broke after my apartment purchase, I’m saving all my pennies to be able to eat while at BEA! AND NOW YOU LADIES HAVE AN INTERNATIONAL (!!!!!) GIVEAWAY FOR ONE!!!!! *flails*

    The only thing about this one is that I fear that I will be spending more time reading the tee than wearing it!! I love everything bookish to wear and for my house! I am hoping that at some point the ADSOM quote about not dying until you’ve seen everything pops up on Society 6 so I can buy a duvet with it for my bed!! I already plan to have a decal in my kitchen with all the meal times according to the hobbits! ;) I’m still trying to decide where to put a “Mischief Managed” and a “Speak Friend and Enter” decals! ;)
    Pili @ In Love With Handmade recently posted…Gabriel (The Styclar Saga #2) by Nikki Kelly Blizt!!

    • Kim

      Haha I always think of you, Pili, whenever we have something international going on. Though, I mean, as lovely as this shirt is, I think your pennies are better spent on all that BEA fun. The giveaway is just a bonus now I guess. :D

      You have so many fun bookish item plans! I pretty much only have mugs! I would love to get some Mischief Managed item of clothing (along with other young, fun bookish things to wear) as a way to help me Speak to the Youths at my job. We’ll see! Anyway, we get to meet so soon! Less than 5 days!!
      Kim recently posted…Throne of Glass x Litographs: Giveaway (International)

  38. Courtney

    Thank you so much for making this international! I mayhaps have to buy the poster for myself if I don’t win; it’s so gorgeous!!

  39. Sarah

    Litographs are the best – I have been coveting them for many years, and I think they will figure prominently in my Christmas gifts this year.

    I’m just excited to have an item of clothing I could read in a pinch!

  40. Maggi

    Throne of Glass is my favourite series ever! I can’t wait for Queen of Shadows. + the shirt is so pretty!