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Crimson Bound

Over the years, I’ve found myself disappointed by many YA fairy tale retellings. I’m always drawn to them, and yet most of them don’t provide the satisfaction I’m looking for.

Rosamund Hodge’s gorgeous books, however, are the few exceptions–both of them take inspiration from fairy tales, but have their own unique twist on the stories we’re so familiar with. I find myself utterly captivated when I’m immersed in these books, swept away by the romance, the lush prose, and the interplay of darkness and lightness in the unforgettable characters.

In Cruel Beauty, the author reimagined the stories of Beauty and the Beast, Bluebeard, and Cupid and Psyche. In her latest book Crimson Bound, she draws her influence from two other very different fairy tales. As part of the blog tour we’re hosting for the book, Rosamund is with us today to tell us more about her dark, dark influences. They may surprise you.

vine-divider-finalFairy Tale Inspirations
by Rosamund Hodge

When you write novels based on fairy tales, inevitably someone is going to ask, “But why did you choose to retell that story?”

Crimson Bound is inspired by two fairy tales–“Little Red Riding Hood” and “The Girl With No Hands.” So that’s two questions. And if you ask me why I picked “Little Red Riding Hood,” the answer is really simple.


Because technically, Crimson Bound isn’t based on Little Red Riding Hood–or at least, not the Grimm and Perrault versions that most of us are familiar with.  I used, instead, an old French version of the story called The Grandmother’s Tale.


This story starts the way you remember–the girl goes into the woods to bring some food to her grandmother. But the wolf that she meets is actually a werewolf, and when he gets to the house ahead of the girl, he doesn’t swallow the grandmother whole. He chops her up, and puts a plate of her flesh and a bottle of her blood in the pantry. When the girl arrives, the wolf tricks her into eating the “meat” and drinking the “wine.” Then he tells her to get undressed and join him in the bed; as she removes each item of clothing, she asks where to put it, and he says, “Throw it into the fire. You won’t need it anymore.”

When the girl gets into the bed, finally there’s the familiar exchange–“Grandmother, how hairy you are!”–and finally the girl realizes that there is something really creepy and strange about this situation.  So she tells the wolf that she has to go to the bathroom, and when he can’t persuade her to do it in the bed, the wolf ties a thread to her ankle and lets her go outside. The girl ties the thread to a tree–so that when he tugs on it to check, he thinks she’s still there–and then she runs away free. Hooray, happy ending!

When I first read this story, I found it both fascinating and terrifying. Because in the usual story, the wolf only wants to eat Little Red Riding Hood. In this story, he wants to make her like him. He wants to make her complicit in the death of her grandmother.

And he succeeds. Even though the girl escapes, she’s already eaten her grandmother’s flesh. She will never be the same.

Then there’s the thread that the wolf ties to her ankle.  I have spent the last thirteen years of my life mainlining anime and manga, and in the process I learned about the East Asian legend of the “red string of fate“–an invisible red string that connects two people fated to marry or fall in love. You can, for just about any two anime/manga characters, find fanart of them tangled up in the red string. So when I read about the wolf tying a string to the girl’s ankle, my immediate thought was: FATE.

Maybe they’re connected now. Maybe the girl doesn’t really escape at all.

In Crimson Bound, there are no wolves–exactly. But there is a magical race called the forestborn. If they catch you, they can put their mark on you, and then in three days you will die–unless you kill somebody else. But if you kill, you will start to share in their power, until you turn into one of them.

My heroine, Rachelle, was looking for a way to fight the forestborn. She had dreamed all her life of protecting people from them. But when a forestborn marks her . . . in the end, she kills. She is doomed to become one of the creatures that she hates.

And she has to find a way to live with that guilt, and that fate.

And what about the other question–why did I also base this novel on “The Girl With No Hands?” Well, because I feel like they’re the same story, only with a different ending.


“The Girl With No Hands” is pretty obscure, so you might not have heard about it. Basically, a poor miller meets the devil, who offers to make him rich if he only promises that in three years he can have “what is standing behind your mill.” The miller, who apparently has never read any myths or fairy tales ever, thinks that this just means the apple tree planted in back of the mill. But actually it’s his daughter.

When the devil turns up to collect, the miller doesn’t try to save his daughter. It’s the devil, so what can you do? But the girl draws a circle of chalk around herself, and the devil can’t cross the line. So he tells the miller to take away all water from the girl, so that she can’t wash her hands, and somehow that will give him power over her. (Cleanliness is next to godliness, I guess.) The miller doesn’t want to offend the devil, so he takes away all water from his daughter. But she weeps on her hands so much they are washed clean, and when the devil turns up the next day, he still can’t take her. So the devil orders the miller to cut off her hands.

It’s the devil. What can you do? So the miller chops off his daughter’s hands.  But when the devil comes back, she’s wept on the stumps until they are clean. And three tries are all the devil gets: he has to go away, and while the miller offers to support his newly-handless daughter with his devil-riches, the girl says  that she will go wandering instead.

There’s a second half to the story, where the girl marries a king and the devil forges letters in attempt to get her killed, but I didn’t use that part in Crimson Bound. Because what captivated me about the story was the beginning: a lone girl, betrayed by her own father, utterly helpless to the point where her own body is not her own.

And yet utterly strong. Because when everything else is taken away from her, the girl doesn’t break. She doesn’t lose herself. It’s like The Grandmother’s Tale–there’s a malevolent supernatural force that wants to make an innocent girl his–but this time the girl wins.

So when I read that story, I thought, “Wow, if Little Red Riding Hood ever met the Girl With No Hands, she would hate her so much.”

And that’s how I came up the love interest for Crimson Bound: Armand, the bastard son of the King. He–reputedly–was marked by a forestborn, and refused to kill, and yet survived. In retaliation, the forestborn cut off his hands. Now the entire country reveres him as a living saint, but Rachelle is sure that he’s actually a fraud. Because there is absolutely no way for anyone to escape the kill-or-die choice of the forestborn.

Then she’s forced to become his bodyguard.

They have a lot to say to each other.

crimson bound


Crimson Bound Synopsis:

When Rachelle was fifteen she was good—apprenticed to her aunt and in training to protect her village from dark magic. But she was also reckless— straying from the forest path in search of a way to free her world from the threat of eternal darkness. After an illicit meeting goes dreadfully wrong, Rachelle is forced to make a terrible choice that binds her to the very evil she had hoped to defeat.

Three years later, Rachelle has given her life to serving the realm, fighting deadly creatures in an effort to atone. When the king orders her to guard his son Armand—the man she hates most—Rachelle forces Armand to help her find the legendary sword that might save their world. As the two become unexpected allies, they uncover far-reaching conspiracies, hidden magic, and a love that may be their undoing. In a palace built on unbelievable wealth and dangerous secrets, can Rachelle discover the truth and stop the fall of endless night?

Inspired by the classic fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood, Crimson Bound is an exhilarating tale of darkness, love, and redemption.

(This is a standalone novel, not part of the Cruel Beauty Universe.)

Crimson Bound will be available in stores and online on May 5, 2015 in hardback, as well as on audiobook. Add it to your GoodReads shelf here!

Rosamund Hodge

About the Author:

Rosamund Hodge loves mythology, Hello Kitty, and T. S. Eliot. She writes YA fantasy that draws on two of those things. In her wild youth, she studied Medieval English at Oxford; she now lives in Seattle and writes wildly.

Visit her on the web at or follow her on Twitter: @rosamundhodge.


Win Crimson Bound and Cruel Beauty

Thanks to our friends at Balzer + Bray, we’re giving away two prizes!

— a bundle of Rosamund Hodge books, including hardback copies of both Crimson Bound and Cruel Beauty
— a copy of the fantastic audiobook narrated by Elizabeth Knowelden.

These books are the perfect thing to curl up with on a dark, rainy night…or perhaps as you lie on the grass in the cool shade of spring.

To enter, just fill out the Rafflecopter form and leave a thoughtful comment below telling us why you’re excited about Crimson Bound! Let us know in the comments which of the two prizes you’d prefer as well, or if you’re open to either one.

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Visit the rest of the Crimson Bound tour, where you’ll find other deliciously dark insights into the book, as well as opportunities to earn more points for the giveaways! You know that if we’re hosting a tour for a book, we think it’s well worth your time.

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Many thanks to the lovely bloggers who participated in the tour!

Photographs were provided by the author (sources: 1, 2). Review and giveaway copies were provided by the publisher.

Quote graphic by The Midnight Garden. Feel free to download and share, with link/credit back to us!


Are you excited for Crimson Bound? Did you guess the stories that inspired this particular book? I can’t wait to see what fairy tales the author will explore in her books next!

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128 Responses to “Crimson Bound: guest post + giveaway”

  1. Meredith Miller

    Sounds like a great retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. Love that cover!

  2. Anastasia Wilson

    I love reading different versions of classic stories, each one puts different spins on the tale that makes me feel like I’m reading the original story for the first time all over again. I loved reading Cruel Beauty and I’m really looking forward to reading Crimson Bound and any of the author’s other books in the future!

  3. nrlymrtl

    I love retelling of fairy tales, especially ones that place women in more realistic roles and integral to the plot. I have heard so many good things about this book. I would be interested in the audiobook. I listen to several audios a week as I have a job that lets me listen as I work. I have an Audible USA account. Thanks for hosting a fun giveaway!
    nrlymrtl recently posted…Black Sam: Prince of Pirates by James Lewis

  4. Angie H

    Fairy tale retellings are always a joy to read. This retelling of Little Red Riding Hood really seems to stand out compared to the rest out there. I love the idea of a girl forcing the prince to join her on a quest.

  5. Joycedale

    I loved Cruel Beauty so I’m curious to see how she does Crimson Bound.

    If I won I would want the hardbacks since I don’t use/like audiobooks

  6. Cyn @ Book Munchies

    I just reviewed this book! I really liked that it has the elements of the two fairy tales weaved throughout the story, but it has a really cool dark and creepy twist!

    I definitely wouldn’t mind having a hardcopy! The cover is super gorgeous!
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Cyn @ Book Munchies recently posted…Review: Crimson Bound by Rosamund Hodge

  7. vero

    Cruel beauty was amazing, it is not the typical retelling, love the dark side, and i know Crimson Bound will be amazing too.
    I love the dark side of fairytales, and most people always think they are cute, but not, they are pretty pretty creepy. The Girl With No Hands scary me the first time i read it, and Little Red Riding Hood is one of my favorites, with the dark variations and everthing
    other fairtytale a little darker that i love is the red shoes, i read it and re read it when i was a kid

  8. Claudia

    I’m entering this giveaway in hopes that if I win I can gift it to my daughter who loves to read fantasy books. She like handbook cover books :)

  9. Grace

    I love dark retellings of fairy tales and I especially love it when an author is inspired by an obscure fairy tale because it will make me want to search it up and expand my knowledge.
    Also, I liked Crimson Beauty and LOVED Gilded Ashes by Rosamund Hodge so I really want to read more from her!
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

    • Grace

      I mean Cruel Beauty! Mind totally blanked for a second there!

  10. Erica D

    I absolutely love books about fairytales or fairytale retellings! I don’t know what it is about something lurking in the woods that keeps me stuck on a book until I finish it. I especially love when an author can genuinely surprise me with an unaccepted twist. I can’t wait to read Crimson Bound.

  11. Christine H.

    I am BEYOND excited to read Crimson Bound. Based on Rosamund Hodge’s description, there is so much depth into this retelling, especially the “string of fate” and the story of the werewolf. I am so interested to see how this dark storyline plays out.

  12. Layla

    I am a big fan of the retelling of fairy tales and fables. I very much enjoyed Hodge’s Cruel Beauty, and I am excited to see what this novel brings.
    Layla recently posted…Miss Mayhem

  13. Annie Chen

    I am literally swooning over this book. That gorgeous cover that will match my copy of Cruel Beauty is beyond beautiful and the story is so intriguing, I’ll die if I don’t get my hands on it.
    I loved Cruel Beauty and this one is going to be just as great. Any of those giveaways sound amazing!

  14. Kathryn St. John-Shin

    I was looking for agents to submit my own ms to when I stumbled across Cruel Beauty. I got it that same day from the library and LOVED it! Such an original take on Beauty and the Beast (my fav fairy tale). When I heard that Hodge was bringing out another book, Crimson Bound, I was so excited! I was really curious to see how she’d connect such two different fairy tales. I didn’t think Girl With No Hands was enough known to entice readers. I’m glad I came here and read her post on how she’s doing it. I didn’t know about the other Little Red Riding Hood. Now I’m even more excited to read it!
    Kathryn St. John-Shin recently posted…Difficult Scenes

  15. Brittani

    I absolutely LOVE retellings, and I fell completely in love with Hodge’s Cruel Beauty (I’m about to reread it… again). So I would love to win the hardback copies! :) Thank you for putting on this giveaway!

  16. Candice

    I’m so excited to read Crimson Bound because I love the way that Rosamund Hodge builds characters and worlds.

    If I won, I would like the hardbacks.

    fingers crossed!

  17. Jessica Noreault

    I LOVE retellings. Especially well written ones, and I’ve heard quite a bit about Cruel Beauty.

    I would prefer the books over the audiobooks, as I just never can focus when listening to an audiobook.

    Thank you for the chance!

  18. Hanna

    I love fairy tale retelling, and this is the best beauty and the beast retelling I’ve ever read.

  19. Emily Crowell

    I thought Cruel Beauty was just a stunning book… so different from everything I had been reading! Well written, complex, filled with unconventional (yet suchhhh appealing ;D) characters… I am so excited for a chance to read more of Ms. Hodge’s writing!!

  20. Beth W

    I want to read this one SO badly. Cruel Beauty blew me away and gave me such a wonderful heroine who felt utterly real and flawed and was the first time I felt a heroine was allowed to be angry. Crimson Bound sounds like it will have wonderfully complex characters, as well. And the fact that both titles are C.B. has me wondering if there’s a connection there, or something beneath them both…
    Beth W recently posted…Book Review: Daughter of Troy

  21. Sarah J.

    I didn’t even realize that this was a retelling of Red Riding Hood, for some reason I thought it was Rapunzel. I’m so behind on the times. I love retellings. This just makes me excited because Red Riding Hood is one of my favorite childhood stories.
    Sarah J. recently posted…The Best Bookish Surprise

  22. Alisha Sienkiel

    I absolutely love fairy tale retellings and it is an awesome that you used the creepy & obscure The Girl With No Hands tale!! I would love to win the hardbacks because I have yet to read Cruel Beauty. Thanks for the chance!!!

  23. Mary Loki

    Honestly I would love either or! I do drive around a lot so audiobooks are great for that! But I will always be fond of physical copies. I just ordered the first book and I cant wait to start this series everyone has been talking about. :D

  24. Rabiah

    CRUEL BEAUTY was one of the best books I read last year– I’m really looking forward to reading CRIMSON BOUND! The story of The Grandmother’s Tale was super interesting (and extremely terrifying) so it’ll be cool to see how Hodge retells bits of it in this novel. Thanks for the great giveaway!
    Rabiah recently posted…Waiting on Wednesday – Week 140

  25. Jennifer Tang

    OMG, what??? This is such an interesting premise for a story. After reading your post about inspiration, I’m slightly creeped out and yet intrigued. :D

  26. Catherine Siborutorop

    I haven’t got the chance to read either books in the series, but I’ve been wanting to since last year! I’ve always love fairy tales and their retellings, I’ve heard nothing but wonderful reviews about Cruel Beauty and Crimson Bound! Beauty and The Beast is, by far, my most favorite fairy tale :D Thank you for the giveaway!
    Catherine Siborutorop recently posted…Seven Deadly Sins Tag

  27. Chelsea B.

    WOW! I had never heard of those. That is really intriguing and creepy and interesting. Your series sounds so fascinating!

  28. Amber Hsu

    I’m really looking forward to Crimson Bound because I really enjoyed Cruel Beauty! I’ve never actually heard of “the Girl with no Hands”, but it seems like a story that could be build upon into so many different directions. I’m really looking forward to the book and the beautiful cover only persuades me even more :)

  29. Erin Brady

    Super excited for this book! Would love two hardcovers over the audio so that I could read with a friend =)

  30. Susan T.

    The original fairy tales were so dark and terrifying! I’ve actually never heard of The Girl with No Hands. It could give nightmares! I am super excited to see how these creepy stories are translated in Crimson Bound.

  31. Morgyn Star (@MorgynStar)

    As a writer who completely believes in strong female characters, I am totally on board with your premise. Looking forward to reading!


  32. Rebecca

    I loved CRUEL BEAUTY, so I’m really excited for CRIMSON BOUND! And I really liked reading about the inspiration for CRIMSON BOUND. I’m always really interested in seeing where authors pull their ideas from. (Also, I’d pick the hardcovers of the books. Thanks for the giveaway!)

  33. Elin

    I loved Cruel Beauty so I can’t wait to read this! I would love to win hardcopies of the books :D

  34. Diamond Nazaneen (Dee's Reads)

    ooh great tour stop! I really can’t wait to read this book :D Especially because I LOVED Cruel Beauty — it was so weird and creepy and I love that the MC was off and not like “good” . all in all, i am so glad i preordered the book, even though I could have just read my earc i am actually reveling in the suspense.
    weird, i know lol.
    Diamond Nazaneen (Dee’s Reads) recently posted…Book Review: Dead of Winter (Arcana Chronicles #3) by Kresley Cole

  35. Perla

    Thanks for the giveaway. I’ve been meaning to read her book because I have read so many positive reviews. I would love the hardbacks if I won!

  36. Kaniesha @ Deux Lectrices

    *SCREAMS* I’m so excited. I love Rosamund Hodge so much. Everything is perfect! I love Cruel Beauty and I know I’ll love Crimson Bound so I’m just fskdfskljka all over the place. Great post and thanks for the giveaway :D Creepy tales summarized really make me happy! (I never want to read the actual stories.. how scary.. I’m a wimp).
    Kaniesha @ Deux Lectrices recently posted…Kaniesha Reviews: Fake ID by Lamar Giles

  37. Danielle D.

    I’ve wanted to read this series for so long! I can’t wait to see the other tour stops either! Thanks for the giveaway. If I won I’d choose the two hardbacks =)

  38. Deanna

    I’m excited to read Crimson Bound because I LOVED Cruel Beauty!

  39. Alicia

    Ummm, damn. As if I wasn’t already extremely excited to read Crimson Bound, her guest post and the quote from the book made my need even bigger.

  40. Kai W.

    I love the re-telling of Beauty and the Beast in Cruel Beauty. If the second fairy tale is anything like Cruel Beauty being retold, I can’t wait to read it.

  41. J. Oh

    Normally, I avoid all hints of books before I’ve read them… but I was so excited about TMG hosting this blog tour that I caved and read this post. So fascinating! I’m really looking forward to reading this. :))

  42. ashley

    I have heard of these books, but never read them. I hope to soon though. I’m a purist, so hardbacks all the way!

  43. Rashika

    Those are some scary fairy-tales but having read Cruel Beauty, I am not at all surprised that the fairy tales Hodge decided to use are a lot darker in nature than one might have thought so. Also having a general idea about the fairy tales that the book will be a re-telling of will make it funner to look for connections to make!

    I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of fate as well so I am curious how that will find it’s way into the story (maybe in terms of the romance).

    Thanks for sharing this awesome post, you guys! :)
    Rashika recently posted…ARC Review: Cold Burn of Magic by Jennifer Estep

  44. sarah

    I haven’t heard of the fairy tale The Girl with No Hands before nor the version of Red Riding Hood (The Grandmother’s Tale). This sounds like such an interesting retelling of the two fairy tales, I’m really looking forward to reading it.

  45. Sydney Anderson

    I have not read any books by Rosamund Hodge before, but I noticed on Goodreads that one of my friends had read some. I looked into them and they look fantastic, so I added them to my “to read” list. Excited to read them. :D

  46. Cali W.

    Thanks for the giveaway! I am a big beauty and the beast retelling fan, so I really want to read this series in hardback. :)

  47. Cindy

    I love that cover!!! <3

    I'm excited to win the hardcover. There's no feeling more satisfying than the feeling of turning pages to find out what comes next in a book! :)

  48. Jennifer

    This looks awesome! I love fairy tales and have always been particularly interested in Little Red Riding Hood. I’m an English teacher and sometimes I bring in different versions of this story to show how the theme and perspective changes depending on the version. Students often remember the more obvious lessons of Little Red Riding Hood from childhood, like don’t talk to strangers and follow directions. However, they are usually surprised by how dark and sexual the nature of the story is. I haven’t read this particular version or The Girl with No Hands, and I will have to look them up. I’d love to read Crimson Bound, and should I win I would prefer the hardback copies but would take either option!
    Jennifer recently posted…IN WHICH The Girl Buys a Pronoun

  49. Carolsue

    I love romantic fantasies and this one looks captivating! It’s so cool they are based on good old fashioned fairy tales. That really intrigues me! I would love to read these books.
    I would prefer the hard backs if I won.

  50. Melody

    I am so much more excited to read this knowing that “The Girl with No Hands” is part of the inspiration. While I loved the voice in Cruel Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood is not one of my favorite tales. So while I’ve been excited for the book, it’s not based on a favorite. This changes the game.

    In an undergraduate seminar on fairy tales, we had really intense discussions about versions of “The Girl With No Hands,” and what it meant in terms of representation for those with physical disabilities. I am really excited to see how Hodge spins this!

  51. Anissa

    I really loved Cruel Beauty and I’m soooo looking forward to Crimson Bound. I’m usually let down by a lot of fairytale retelling novels because I’m more into the darker aspects of the original folktales and stories, so Rosamund Hodge really pleasantly surprised me! I love how she explores some of the more twisted themes and how she merged many different stories/myths into Cruel Beauty while also making it her own. Hearing that Crimson Bound was going to be based of Little Red Riding Hood really excited me, and hearing about The Girl With No Hands being an influence makes it sound even better!

  52. Carina Olsen

    Ahh, such a gooorgeous blog tour post Wendy. <3 So much love! The guest post is amazing too :) I did love Cruel Beauty a whole lot. And I am getting a hardcover of this book.. but I have also decided that I shall never ever ever ever never read it. Have heard about how fucked up the romance is. The goddamn love triangle. The sex. And UGH. I am staying far far far away from this book :( And it is making me SO DAMN SAD. Because I wanted to read and love it so badly. But I can never like it now. That thing about the romance.. what I hate THE MOST in books. Not reading it, sadly. Sigh. Sad face. Anyway. This post is amazing, hih. <3 Thank you for sharing sweetie :)
    Carina Olsen recently posted…Cress Tuesday #78

  53. Grace Radford/Anna Pett

    She had me at Cannibalism! Also, that quote is fantastic!

  54. Laura Lesko

    I love the twist on the fairy tale especially how it relates to the male/ female paradigm. Typically in Fairy tales, it is the female who is told t stay home, be safe, do as you are told, she is the one who is bound or made to suffer in some way if she “strays from the path”. But here, in Ms Hodge’s retelling, she is the warrior/ the protector the one who not only wants to stray but right injustices for all- usually the domain of the male hero. I’d love to read it!

  55. Stephanie Mudd Carrico

    Love to read this as I adored Crimson Beauty.

  56. Sally

    I’m excited for Crimson Bound because I’ve always loved fairytale retellings! I like seeing all the unique ways authors retell some of my favorite fairytales. I absolutely loved Cruel Beauty and I’m excited to read this one. Also, the covers are so pretty!
    I’d prefer to win the hardcovers, but the audiobook is okay with me too :)
    Sally recently posted…Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon | April 2015 TBR

  57. Jessica

    I really loved Cruel Beauty and am so excited to read Crimson Bound! I think I’ll marathon both :) Also, Rosamund mashing two fairytales up is genius and I think will make for a more engaging story. Sign me up for the Hardcover ;) They are so beautiful that I couldn’t possibly pass that opportunity up!

  58. Jessica @ Rabid Reads

    WOW, that is some quote. And geez, I’d thought I was familiar with all of the darkest versions of fairy tales, but it appears that I was mistaken. If I hadn’t already decided that I would definitely be reading this book, I would be now. Excellent post. I, too, and fascinated and . . . well, horrified, rather than terrified, but close enough ;)
    Jessica @ Rabid Reads recently posted…Fiction Police: New Covers from Faith Hunter, Melissa Landers, Erin Lindsey, and more!

  59. tsukari

    After Cruel Beauty, I can’t wait to read more from Rosamund Hodge! I’ve read nearly all of her short stories she posts on here/tumblr, and I love that she takes dark twists on everything she does– in a sort of Tim Burton style. It’s all very romantic and wonderful and yet it looks nothing like that. I hope to love Crimson Bound just as much as Cruel Beauty!

  60. Jenelle Riane

    I just read the entire post, and I’m so fascinated and intrigued and excited. I loved Cruel Beauty, but Crimson Bounds sounds like it’s going to be even more epic. Those old fairy tales are super creepy but I love the spin she’s put to them!

  61. Annie

    My, these books sound wonderful! Would love to read them. :)

  62. Jane

    I’m so excited to read Crimson Bound! I love that Rosamund always takes such an unique spin on classic tales, and that she incorporates lesser known stories…I’d likely never encounter The Girl With No Hands without reading Rosamund’s explanation. Very intrigued by the potential dynamic between Rachelle and Armand!

    I would love to win the two physical copies, but would be ecstatic to win either. Thanks so much for this generous giveaway!
    Jane recently posted…ARC Review & GIVEAWAY! City Love

  63. Nica

    This story sounds amazing!!! I love fairytales and folklore. Retellings are my favorite books to find! I have never heard either of these fairytale versions, so I am excited to dig into something new. I also am going to look for those origional tales! I am behind on my trb list but these two books have jumped to the top. I haven’t picked up a book in 2 days, now I know why :)
    I am obsessed with Beauty and the Beast.

    My question is. Why have I waited so long to read the first book!? Oh right.. the 128 other books on my list ;)

  64. Racheal Kinney

    I loved Cruel Beauty, and the novella was excellent I cannot wait to read this one.
    Brendan and Cat have talked highly of it. So so looking forward to this one I will be buying it as soon as it comes out if I don’t win it.
    Thanks Rosamond for all your hard work.


  65. Cristina @ Girl in the Pages

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