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I’m so excited to be kicking off a brand new feature here at The Midnight Garden! Introducing: The Love Letter Series! In which we wax lyrical to our favorite authors. The ones that inspire us. The ones that keep us reading way past midnight. The ones that give us all the feeeeeeelings. Without further adieu, I suppose I will kick us off with a love letter to (C’mon, guys, it’s me. Who else would it be to?) Sarah J. Maas!


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Dearest Sarah J. Maas,

It’s no secret how much I adore you. I hope by now I am well known for relentlessly pushing your books and for my inability to disengage the caps lock whenever your series are mentioned. I am really quite passionate about your writing. I shall elaborate!

I love how you create such intricately fantastical worlds with seeming effortless ease. It’s so easy to escape into your lush writing. The thought and care you put into your worlds are evident in the details. When there’s a Sarah J. Maas book in my hands I know I’m in store for breathless, gut wrenching, and yet often joyous adventure.

sarah j maas polaroidYou create badass ladies of all varieties. Your female characters are ruthless yet vulnerable, swaggering but insecure, thorny but with a great capacity for love. In short, they are people. Well rounded, complex, flawed and intricate people. Not merely the ubiquitous “strong female character.”  And I always and forever love how Celaena is an assassin, but also unashamedly girlish. You can kick ass and take names and love to shop. These things aren’t mutually exclusive. So thank you for that, Sarah.

And in general all of your characters are so fully realized and articulated. They’re all flawed and imperfect but immensely lovable. There are very few authors who can make me actively worry about their characters as if they were real people. Yours top my list.

I can think of certain scenes months and months after reading the given book and my heart will still clench with joy or sadness. Even after all that time. It is so evident that you pour your heart and soul into your writing. The text vibrates with emotion. I can, and have, spent hours discussing your books at length with my friends and fellow readers. We have many theories! :) Yours are the only books where I have elaborate scenes plotted out in my head that have not happened(….yet ;) ). Your worlds and characters are just that real to me.

Oh, and you’ve also created my favorite bookish couple of all time. That’s a minor thing to mention, I guess. Celaena with her sassy swagger and Chaol with all that stolid seriousness. The teasing! The banter! The wit! The faltering resistance to falling for each other! I love that they are on opposite sides when it comes to national loyalties but still fall in love. Mostly, I love the moments when they’re able to put all differences aside, swagger, stoicism, and all, and really connect with each other. There are scenes in Crown of Midnight between these two that contain the most magic in the book (and there’s a lot of actual magic in that book). I’m still so heartbroken and yet simultaneously happy sighing over them. View Spoiler »

I also love the tremendous emphasis you put on the importance of friendship. I mean, the entirety of Heir of Fire is basically an ode to the power of friendship and how the love of a friend can be a salvation. But above all, it’s not romantic love, or even the love of friendship, that is shown to be most important. Your books show that the love and acceptance of self are paramount.

5k runI’ve had the privilege to meet you a few times. Each time you have been gracious, cool, funny, and so delightfully weird (extra points for delightfully weird!) Even when you’ve had hundreds of books to sign you were so friendly and personable. It means so much to readers.

Thank you for your books. They’ve enriched my life immensely. I’m rather fond of saying that to love books is to love life. And when I read yours I get to experience the richness and breadth of human experience. Sorrows and joys, darkest days and greatest triumphs. They inspire me and remind me to not be afraid and to keep on fighting. Thank you. A hundred times over.

With utmost affection,




P.S. A Court of Thorns and Roses is the actual sexiest YA novel I’ve ever read. My goodness, lady! More please and thank you!  *fans self*


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acotar giveawayWin an ARC of A Court of Thorns and Roses!

Thanks for our friends at Bloomsbury, one of our readers will win a much coveted advance copy of this May 2015 release! This is the first in a brand new series from Sarah featuring fae, a darkly glittering new world, romance, and more than a hint of a Beauty and the Beast influence. Layla, Wendy, and I can attest that A Court of Thorn and Roses is going to make you swoon. Look for my review closer to release.

All you need to do is fill out the Rafflecopter form and leave a thoughtful comment below telling us why you’re specifically excited about reading this book.

Open internationally to those aged 18 and older, or 13 and older with parental permission. Good luck!





a Rafflecopter giveaway

An advance copy was provided by the publisher for this giveaway. Photographs are by Kim and courtesy of the author.

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Are you a Sarah fan like I am? Or will this be your first foray into the wonderful world of SJM? Either way I’m sure you’ll be swooning over this darkly magical read just like I have!


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221 Responses to “A Love Letter to Sarah J. Maas + Giveaway”

  1. Grace P

    I am specifically excited to read this book because I have been a long time fan of SJ Maas way-back-when during the FP days. Following her journey has been amazing, and I remember the excitement of learning that Throne of Glass (formerly known as Queen of Glass) was finally getting published. That excitement has been matched in the past 24 hours since she announced her Australian/NZ tour! I’m excited about ACOTAR because I’ve been intrigued by this story ever since it was mentioned in her blog all those years ago (alas, I did not get to read her early drafts of the story online because I was so engrossed in QoG/ToG). One early draft online teaser eons ago and then the first four chapter previews makes me want to read this novel even more.

  2. Beth W

    This may sound horrible, but I didn’t realize Sarah J. Maas was so young! I’ve heard excellent things about this book, and given the writer’s talent and how many books she has under her belt, I fully expected her to be much older. Throne of Glass has been on my wish list for ages, and this one is on it now, too (it was before reading this, but after your praise it DEFINITELY sounds like something I’d love). :)
    Beth W recently posted…Nail Files: Gumdrops

  3. Katie @ Bookish Illuminations

    Wow–there are a lot of comments here!

    Of course, I’m most interested in this book because I am hooked on the TOG series already, and so am interested in anything Sarah J. Maas will write. Also, I’m a huge fan of stories that have fairy tales as their jumping off points, and it seems that this one does. I’m generally interested in fae stories as well, so I suppose there are numerous reasons I’m hoping for this signed copy!

    Excited about this new series Sarah has started!
    Katie @ Bookish Illuminations recently posted…Falling in Love With…Meant to Be by Lauren Morrill (Morgan from Gone with the Words)

  4. Sarah

    Sarah J Maas got me hooked on High Fantasy. Her Throne of Glass series is one of my favorites and have devoured all of them. She’s such a huge inspiration to me and when I saw that she had a new series coming out I freaked. Beauty and the Beast was one of my favorite Disney movies growing up and then she throws in Fae and I’m so intrigued to see what the world she has built is like and to meet all these new characters from the magical SJMaas!

    Thank you so much for the giveaway!
    Sarah recently posted…Stacking the Shelves (51)

  5. Tess

    I love Sarah J. Maas. I got far too excited when I saw this giveaway, so of course I had to enter. You’d be insane not to.

  6. Amanda Aung

    Sarah’s Throne of Glass series has been a favourite of mine since the first book itself and any negative review I see on goodreads makes me die a little inside to be honest and I know this series will be the same because she is an amazing author!

  7. Kelly

    I love Sarah. Seriously, she inspired me to start writing again. I owe so much of my life and happiness to her already, but I’m pretty sure telling her that would be WEIRDDDD!!

  8. thissi

    Omfg, i love sarah j maas, she’s one of my fav authors!! Thanks for the opportunity, hoping luck is in my favor… really hoping to win! Even if i don’t, i look forward to reading it!

  9. Kelsey

    Oh man!!!! I seriously love Sarah so much she’s my favourite author in the world and your ‘love letter’ is so perfect, I agree 100%. ACOTAR sounds so good I’m so excited for it, fae are my favourite!!

  10. Naomi

    I love fae stories & have never read a Sarah J. Maas book, so this would be the perfect one to start with!

  11. Dina

    I read the preview for the book and it is so good! I would love to win it! :)

  12. Hayley

    I can’t wait for this book I am such a fan of Sarah J Maas I was lucky enough to get the throne of glass series for Christmas and its one of my favourites I cannot wait to read this one

  13. Jacklin Updegraft

    I haven’t read any Sarah J. Maas books but when I heard about this book I just knew I had to read it! My sister was always telling me how good Sarah’s books are and maybe now I will give them a try!

    • Jennifer

      Thanks for the giveaway! :) I love the TOG series, and ACOTAR sounds like an amazing book. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it, and as I adore Sarah’s books, I’m sure I’ll love it just as much as I loved Heir of Fire!

  14. Rikke Borgaard

    I LOVE Sarah J. Maas’ books and just can’t get enough of them :-) I never win anything, so if I won this it would be amazing :-)

  15. Georgeana

    I am a HUGE fan of Sarah J. Maas’s TOG series! I love her characters, especially Celaena. I love how she’s strong, yet she’s also been lost and broken since her parent’s death. Sarah J. Maas has such a talent in creating emotional stories and characters that you can’t help but care about them. I’ve been putting of reading Heir of Fire because I am always left with so man FEELS that I can’t wait for the next one!

    Thanks so much for the giveaway! I am so excited for ACOTAR. I’ve heard only good things about it, and since it’s from Sarah J. Maas I know I’ll love it!

  16. Zsófia Vörös

    I’m also a fan of Sarah J. Maas, and I definitely want to read this book. All the fan-descriptions seem to be very interesting.

  17. Paige

    I’m a massive fan of Sarah’s work so far, so I can’t wait to get my hands on ACOTAR! Her books keep improving with every one she releases, so I’m sure ACOTAR will be amaaazing.

    Your letter also resonated so much with me! SJM is the best. I got to meet her last year and was a total spaz. Like I AM NOT WORTHY OF BEING IN THIS GODDESS’ PRESENCE, hahaha. And I’m not usually the fangirl type! Anyway, thanks for hosting such a lovely giveaway. :)

  18. Cassie

    I’ve read fae stories in the past and loved them, so I’m 99.9% sure Maas’ fae world will be awesome too.

  19. Melpii

    My friend has been praising this author for months. I haven’t read any of her books, so far… My friend is prone to hyperbole. I would like to read this book, but I am a bit hesitant. I have been reading excerpts from her Starkillers Cycle and I can’t say I am a huge fan of the abundant amount of profanity.

  20. kayla keefer

    Everyone is always raving about Sarah J Mass and her books and Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite fairy tales so when I heard ACOTAR is a beauty and beast retelling mixed in with the magical world she’s created I knew I wanted to read it!

  21. Zulfa B

    I know for a fact that Sarah J Maas’s book will convert me into a fae fan. The book is partially based on Beauty and the Beast so I cannot wait :D Sarah J Maas’s book and writing style is something I love so argghhh I am super excited!

  22. Rocio Bazan

    Thanks for the opportunity! I am a big fan of Sarah’s books and really hope to get lucky! Kisses

  23. Erin

    HUGE fan of Sarah J. Maas!! I CANNOT wait for this book to come out!!! Fae stories are the best!!!

  24. Jessica

    Thank you so much for this opportunity! I’m a huge fan of Sarah’s books and just today discovered my school library has now got them after my recommendation. Whoop!
    I’m fascinated by the Fae. I really want to know about the mating rituals as I think it will also help me understand more about ToG. Mostly I want to know how mating works, how it feels when it happens, if it’s possible to mate again etc. All the ins and outs!

  25. Elizabeth Feira

    I cannot wait for this book, I have been dying to read it since the day I heard about it. I love Sarah as a writer, and I love how each of her books gets better. XDDD

  26. Heather

    Thank you for doing this giveaway!
    LOVE Sarah J. Maas and the Throne of Glass series. Read the sample of ACORTR and CANNOT WAIT! Just that little bit was sooooo good!

  27. Léna

    I am waiting the beginning of every years just for those giveaway of ARC. Well, what can I say ? I have a really small chance to win but if you don’t try, you will never get what you want right ?
    Now let’s talk about How much I want ACOTAR :
    -kickass heroine who can take care of herself ? Check
    -Hots fads with a hot love interest AND a hot vilain? Check
    -Amazing world fully created by Sarah J Maas’s imagination ? Check
    -Five first chapters wonderfully amazing ? Check
    -a new series of Sarah J Maas to wait for Queen of shadow AND which is worth it ? Double check
    -People who get ARC everywhere and are killing me with their update about ACOTAR ? Triple check
    All those elements leads to my favorite kind of stories and it describe how I’m literally dying to get my hands on this book.
    Good luck to everyone :)

  28. Kat

    I’m pretty new to book blogging but what a great author profile! I’ve only just started the Throne of Glass series and I can’t wait to read more. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!
    Kat recently posted…The Giver

  29. Sunshine Martinez

    I am so excited for Sarah’s book! I have the other books in the series and am awaiting this one. Any book with assassins and female lead is a favorite for me!

  30. Kat

    I’m excited to read this book!!! I read that it started as a Beauty & the Beast retelling which made me super interested. I’d love to win this one!
    Kat recently posted…Magnolia

  31. Carol

    I haven’t read anything by Sarah, but I constantly hear people raving about her, and I got curious! I really wanna give it a try, even if fantasy is not my thing, but I’m trying to be open about new genres for my 2015 reading challenge!

  32. Lis Carcamo

    I’m dying to read this book! Sarah is one of my fave writers out there! Can’t wait to read it!

  33. Cass

    I’m a HUGE fan of Sarah J. Maas and I cannot wait for the fourth book in the Throne of Glass series and this first book in her new series! I’M SO EXCITED. I could talk about Throne of Glass and it’s amazingness ALL DAY LONG.
    Cass recently posted…The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski

  34. Lori

    I am a HUGE fan of anything Sarah J. Maas! I am so excited for her new series! I also am excited for this one, because it’s a Beauty and the Beast retelling, which sounds promising. ;)

  35. Carla

    I really enjoyed Throne of Glass so I’m sure I will enjoy this book as well. I can’t wait to read it!

  36. Mara

    I believe in Sarah J. Maas and so I already believe in this book. dyyyying until May… and that cover….

  37. Melinda Christensen

    This sounds like a exciting read! I love stories with a kick butt girl and a little romance in it. I would love to win this. Thanks so much for giving us this opportunity to win this book.

  38. Stacy

    Okay, super ready to start this series, even though I’ve never been huge on fantasy. SJM is probably the only person who can change my mind. And gosh darn it, how often does one come across a fae book!!
    This book cannot come out soon enough

  39. Karlee Bradbury

    I am a SJM fan, but I found her through The Starkillers Cycle that she writes online with Susan Dennard. It’s made me want to read her published books and Wendy was just raving to me about ACOTAR. From everything I’ve heard I’m already swooning. I want it soooo bad. :)

  40. raph

    Are you a fan of fae stories already?yep.i have been for a long long time
    Or will the magic of Sarah convert you?she certainly adds to the beauty of the genre
    Tell us why you’re specifically interested in reading this book!—>it sounds really interesting.

  41. Evelin Odoom

    I know that I will love this book since it’s written by Ms.Maas.

  42. Kelsey

    Sarah is an absolute icon! Heir of Fire is honestly the best book I have ever read and I’m super excited for ACOTAR, fantasy is my most favoured genre ;)

  43. Kristy

    Always trying to expand my reading horizons and this will be my first fae book.

  44. Regina

    I’m specifically interested in reading this book because I’ve never read a Sarah J. Maas book before, and I was told this would be a great one to start with. I’m also very interested in how SJM takes this into NA territory. I’ve never been a fan of Fae Fiction, but I’m hoping SJM can win me over. Thanks for the giveaway!
    Regina recently posted…Historical Fiction Reading Challenge 2015

  45. Elizabeth Hamor

    I love Sarah, so reading this book seems like a logical choice. I love love love the Throne of Glass series. I cant wait for Queen of Shadows to hit shelves in Sept. Fae stories aren’t something i seek out but the few that I have read are some of my favorites.
    Elizabeth Hamor recently posted…The Assassins Curse & The Pirates Wish

  46. Elizabeth Hamor

    I love Sarah. I love the Throne of Glass series, so reading this seems like the logical next step. I don’t read every Fae story out there but the ones I’ve read have been some of my favorites.

  47. Diamond Nazaneen (Dee's Reads)

    ooh I am very much looking forward to this book! I LOVE books about Fae and Faeries! I guess my favorite series that deals with fae is by Julie Kagawa <3 because I just love the whole world she created…but I need more series with Fae in my life! Definitely adding this one to it. Oh and I'm like crazy bc I haven't read Throne of Glass yet *hides* lol.
    Wonderful Love Letter doll! :D
    Diamond Nazaneen (Dee’s Reads) recently posted…My 2 Year Blogoversary + Birthday Post!! (3 Giveaways! INT & US)

  48. Rhoda K

    I cannot wait for this book to be published! I adore Sarah J Maas’ work.She is one hugely talented lady and without doubt my favourite female author. Loved your love letter!

  49. Malka

    I love Sarah J. Mass, so even though fae itself isn’t my thing…… I WANT THIS BOOK!

  50. Jess @ Such A Novel Idea

    Not only is the Throne of Glass series my new favorite of YA (seriously, Heir of Fire!) but SJM is amazing. Getting to meet her was so great, but watching her interact with the fans and with other authors was really awesome. She’s such a fangirl nerd just like we are and that was the best part of seeing her ‘in person’.

    I cannot wait to start this new series and fall even more in love!
    Jess @ Such A Novel Idea recently posted…Shutter by Courtney Alameda — A Book Review

  51. Denishidoll

    Wow this is really great. I love the gieaway because I’m also a fan of Sarah. Thank you for the giveaway!

  52. Stacy

    I have actually not read any of her books (what is wrong with me??) but I love strong female characters and I know that Sarah J Maas writes some of the best. I always love to read a new series, so I am excited about starting this one.

  53. Emily Louise Smith

    Last year I absolutely fell in love with the throne of glass series and Sarah’s writing! After reading the chapter sample that was released I can’t wait for this book!

  54. Amanda Griffiths

    I love a good beauty and the beast style book plus the added bonus of faerie lore thrown in!

  55. Summer

    I haven’t read any books involving fae, and actually, to my shame, I’ve yet to try anything by Sarah J. Maas. Your letter to her makes me think I absolutely need to get on that, I love strong heroines, and the idea of a fantasy setting that’s detailed, yet easy to get into, really appeals to me. Thanks for the giveaway!

  56. Toks W

    I adore Sarah J Maas—I think she’s definitely becoming a must-read for me and I thought sometimes a touch of something older from her would be great. Waiting on ACOTAR either way.

  57. Sandra Selvas

    I was in a fantasy limbo for months until I found the Throne of Glass series. Crown of midnight was just published when I stumbled upon those beautiful covers. I craved a good fantasy for almost a year, leaving books unfinished and then BOOM! I read ToG and CoM in three days. Then I wanted more and when HoF came out, I devoured it in two days. And when I found out that Sara J. Maas, my newfound fantasy heroine and savior was gonna publish a new series with FAE and that it was gonna be a Beauty and a Beast retelling I died of excitement. So, I am dying to read this book because I’m in love with SJM’s worlds, characters and writing <3

  58. Karin

    yes! I love fae stories! I am interested in reading this book because I love her throne of glass series

  59. Aliza B.

    I’m not really a fan of stories with faries in them, but I am a HUGE fan of Sarah J. Maas so I might as well try it out. Afterall, I need something to keep me occupied until I get myself a copy of Heir of Fire.

  60. Ruth Elizabeth G.

    I love fae stories so much and I loved Throne of Glass so I can’t wait to read this one!

  61. Chenise J.

    Sarah’s writing is so beautiful and her stories are so creative. The fact that she’s releasing TWO books this year is so freaking fantastic. I can’t wait for the latest installment of Throne of Glass and I’m dying to get my hands on her sexy new series!

  62. Elizabeth

    I’m on a serious Sarah J. Maas high right now, since I’ve just seen the title reveal for ToG book 4!!! GOD I LOVE HER BOOKS. And could she sell me even more on her new series? I mean come on. My FAVOURITE fairy tale (…ok that’s a lie. I can’t possibly choose a favourite fairy tale. But if I HAD to, this would definitely be in my top 5) + my undying love for retellings + hotties + the crazy swoons I know Sarah J. Maas will put in + fae = I’M DYING WAITING FOR THIS BOOK.
    Elizabeth recently posted…Top 5 Most Influential Books

  63. Precious Balguna

    Heard so many good reviews about this book alreadyeven if it’s not yet out. Gosh i wanna read this :)

  64. Mary G Loki

    I have read and own all of her other books! :D I just got done with Heir of Fire so I’ll be needing my Maas fix soon!

  65. Izabella

    I have to admit that I haven’t read any of Sarah’s books yet *hides under the chair*, but Throne of Glass is waiting on my shelf and I’m definitely going to pick it up soon! I heard a lot of good things about it but your letter makes it sound ten times better and I’m extra excited to read it now :D

    That said, I’m a huge fan of fantasy books and recently I’ve been very much into retellings or books inspired by fairytales. There’s something fascinating when an author can take a well known story and twist it in their own way, make it completely fresh and unique. And Court of Thorns and Roses sounds even more amazing, since it’s a mix of a fairytale inspiration and fae lore. So now I have two of her series to look forward to :)
    Izabella recently posted…I love the original cover of The Sea of Tranquility but the…

  66. Alexa S.

    Kim, you’ve basically articulated precisely how I feel about Sarah and her books! We could engage in a mutual lovefest over her words, stories, worlds, characters forever and ever (and probably will) (I mean, we already do it on Twitter so…). But seriously, Sarah is one of the most talented writers I’ve ever read a novel from, and one of the kindest, most beautiful (inside and out) people I’ve had the fortune to meet and talk to. SJM fans forever and ever, yo <3
    Alexa S. recently posted…We Can Work It Out – Elizabeth Eulberg

  67. Thomas

    Love this love letter concept! It really allows the members of TMG to display their author appreciation in a fun and new format, as opposed to just reviews. I would like to win A Court of Thones and Roses because Goodreads describes it as Beauty and the Beast blended with faerie lore, but I also want to win it because you describe Maas’s complex female characters so well. (:
    Thomas recently posted…Personal Update: Abortion, Missing Reviews, Goodreads, New Semester

  68. fishgirl182 @ nite lite

    I am behind on my Maas books but I loved Throne of Glass and Court of Throne and Roses looks sooo good! Plus, that cover. I can’t believe you went on a color run with Sarah. That’s amazing.
    fishgirl182 @ nite lite recently posted…Stacked (137)

  69. Lourdes

    I haven’t read any fae stories as of yet but I’m super excited for ACOTAR. I loved ToG so I’m sure I’m going to love Sarah J. Maas’s latest story. I’m mainly excited for more badass charactersL

  70. Hannah Pittman

    I’ve loved Sarah J. Maas since the beginning. I stumbled upon Throne of Glass right after it came out, before it was popular and on everyone’s radar. I have just continued to fall in love with her work. She is truly my favorite author of all time, and I think ToG is probably the best book I’ve ever had the privilege to read. One of the main things I love about these books is the world building, and after reading the 4 chapter excerpt of ACOTAR I know I’m going to love this book, probably as much as I love ToG. I was SO happy when I heard about ACOTAR. Thankfully I can get my Maas fix before September when ToG #4 comes out, but it is killing me to wait until MAY for this book. I know a lot of people want to read this book, but it would mean so much to me to win. I have never obsessed over an author before, not like I have with Maas. You are so lucky to have gotten the chance to read it early. Thank you for sharing the Maas love!

  71. Nic

    So ACOTAR is basically Beauty and the Beast with a bit of stockholm syndrome. YES! I’m not normally a huge fan of fairies in YA but I am so unbelievably excited for this!! Thank you so much for doing a giveaway, and good luck for everyone entering!
    Nic recently posted…REVIEW: The Mime Order by Samantha Shannon

  72. Esther forkash

    Omg!!! I love her books!! I wish ido win this one!!! I want it soo badly! Im a huge fan of her!! Thanks sooo much for the giveaway!

  73. Sarah L.

    I am so excited for this book! Everything I have heard about it sounds awesome. Beauty and the Beast! Kick-ass heroine. And by Sarah J. Maas. I love, love, love the Throne of Glass series and I can’t wait to start this one.

  74. Kristen

    I’m not a fan of fae stories, but I love Sarah’s writing, so I’m definitely going to try to get into it! She writes the most complex, interesting characters.

  75. J. Oh

    It took me a while to ease into Sarah J. Maas’s books, but once I did, the urge to keep going was undeniable. I agree most with what you said about the characters feeling real, and how easy it is to be emotionally invested in them. And I loved the strong core of friendship through Heir of Fire.

    I love Beauty and the Beast, and I’m really excited to see what Maas can pull off outside of the Throne of Glass series I’m so familiar with. :)

    • J. Oh

      Oh! And I just realized. That first picture on this post, is it a book scarf from storiarts at Etsy? I have a scarf from there that I got four years ago, and I LOVE IT. Always get compliments on it, too :)

  76. Cassie

    This letter is everything I wish to say to Sarah J Maas. I’ve had the fortune of meeting her twice, and she is amazing and sweet! Her books are equally AMAZING, and she’s grown so much as a writer since her fiction press days. I was one of the fortunate ones that read Queen of Glass in it’s original form. Even so, Sarah managed to surprise me with each installment. I love the Throne of Glass series, and I know I will love A Court of Thorns and Roses!

  77. Holly J

    I haven’t read her books yet, but I want to! However, I’m more excited about ACoTaR because of the Beauty and Beast aspect of it. I adore retellings; I can’t get enough of them. :)
    Holly J recently posted…Fire Is Catching

  78. Chrissie

    I haven’t read any of her books yet, but I am so intrigued by ACOTAR that I want it to be my starting point. But the release date is so far off and I want to read it already so crossing my fingers that an ARC may come my way.

  79. Emma Adams

    Thanks for the giveaway! :) I love the TOG series, and ACOTAR sounds like an amazing book. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it, and as I adore Sarah’s books, I’m sure I’ll love it just as much as I loved Heir of Fire!

  80. Katie

    I used to not be a big fan of fae, but after reading SJM’s books, I’ve totally been turned around on them. I think it’s that she brings in a new quality to them, makes them far more different than the fae that used to be published.

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  81. Nina

    I could definitely use more reading material from Sarah and I am looking so much forward to eventually reading ACOTAR, too. While awaiting the next book in the Throne of glass series. (and the next chapter in her co-written swoon-worthy series on tumbler)

    One can never get too many books or chapters to read from this lady!

  82. Mithila

    I’ve never been a fan of fae stories but that’s because I haven’t read stories that focus mainly on them, so that’s why I’m super excited about this book! Of course since it’s Sarah J. Maas, it was already guaranteed I would read this ASAP. I just really want it because it’s a Beauty and the Beast retelling (which is my favourite classical fairy tale) and I’ve never read one of those retellings before.

  83. Lupe M.

    Waiting for her new books is psychological torture. Her books leave me with a giant book hangover. May cannot come soon enough!

  84. Rizka Artuti

    Thank you for the giveaway! I haven’t really got deep into the fae world. The only book about faeries that I’ve read is Knife by R.J. Anderson. It was alright. Oh and a few books of the Wicked Lovely series by Melissa Marr. It was kind of meh, to be honest. I think it will take a lot of convincing to get me really intrigued in the faerie world. Maybe this book will be THE ONE?

    I am actually in the middle of reading Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas right now. So far so good!
    Rizka Artuti recently posted…Bout of Books 12.0 | Wrap Up

  85. sarah k

    I have loved the Thrones of Glass series so far, and have loved different fae books. So putting those two together I know I’m going to love ACOTAR:)

  86. Katie Mazur

    I was fortunate enough to meet Sarah J. Maas at a book signing last year. She was really nice and has an awesome personality.

  87. Andria Buchanan

    Love Sarah Maas’s books so I’m right there with you on the love letter. Especially because I can hand my oldest (12) one of her books and not worry she’s going to come away thinking that she needs a boy to save her because that’s what happened in the book.

  88. Nicola

    What a great giveaway!

    I am really looking forward to this book. You hit the nail on the head when you described Sarah’s female characters as *people*, not “strong female characters”. Celaena, I think, really embodies what that phrase means: a well-rounded, painfully human character who is also female (the fact that she can kill you before you even realise she’s there is unrelated). And because I love Celaena – and Nehemia, Sorscha, Manon and even Kaltain in an I-hate-this-person-but-she’s-such-an-interesting-character way – I am so, so excited to meet Feyre, because I’m sure I’ll love her, too.

    Sarah’s male characters are pretty awesome, too (Chaol!).

  89. Ula @ Blog of Erised

    Fantastic giveaway, thank you!
    I have been Sarah’s fan since ToG came out and I read all her current books. I am super stoked for ToG 4 and I need ACOTAR in my life as well! I don’t read much fae stories because they are often badly down, but I have no doubt SJM’s will be so much better! \o/

  90. Mel@thedailyprophecy

    I kept nodding, because I agree with EVERYTHING you said. There is something magical about her books. Even characters you normally would hate, become characters you admire and want to be friends with. I was already lucky enough to be able to read this book, but I seriously can’t wait for A court of thorns and roses to publish so I can have a pretty finished copy. This is a book I see myself re-reading over and over again alongside Throne of glass. I love the kick-ass girls and FAIRYTALES <3
    Mel@thedailyprophecy recently posted…Fairytale News 45. Originality.

  91. Carina Olsen

    Eeeek! I adore this post Kim. <3 You are the most awesome. And I am so so so happy that you adore Sarah this much :D I haven't read any books by her yet, but I own those released, and I'm so excited about reading them someday. <3 Hoping I will love them all just as much as you do. And aaaaack. A Court of Thorns and Roses! I WANTS IT SO BADLY. Gosh. I just need it. I need need need it. You loved it so much. And sexy? Yes please! I have heard so many amazing things about this book already :) I would die to get a copy, sigh. <3 Thank you so much for sharing one with us :) You are the bestest. Crossing my fingers. <3 Thank you for sharing this amazing post as well, Kim :) I adore you. <3
    Carina Olsen recently posted…The Winner’s Crime Blog Tour: My Winner’s Curse + Giveaway

  92. Adriana M.

    I love Sarah J. Maas stories.
    I think that Fae are very interesting and I really wanna read this book!
    Thanks for the giveaway!:)

  93. Nicole Layug

    A Court of Thorn and Roses is one of my most anticipated book of the year! I am super excited because I love Sarah’s writing and story telling and I know I am going to love this book! I didn’t have a particular opinion on Fae’s before I read her books but she definitely won me over. I can’t wait for this book!
    Nicole Layug recently posted…Book Haul: End of 2014

  94. Brandi

    Awww, what a nice post! I’m looking forward to more love letters, it’s a cute addition.

    Oh, and ACOTAR?! So ready! I remember reading Throne of Glass, feeling all alone after reading the “ehh….it’s okay” reviews, like am I the only who loves this book?! Then Crown of Midnight and Heir of Fire…So glad there are others who love Celaena and crew as much as I do!

  95. Jenn

    I’ll admit it, Kim – you persuaded me to drink the SJM Kool-Aid and now I’m in deep. I don’t know that any other first book in a series has caused such a Kindle book-buying binge as much as TOG. And didn’t you tweet something about 2015 being the Year of the Chaolena? Let’s do it. Print the t-shirts now.

    So I definitely need to get my hands on this book just so I can smirk to all my friends about how awesome it is – before they can buy it!

  96. Cristina

    I would absolutely LOVE to win a copy! I am a DIEHARD Sarah J. Maas Fan! I’ve read all her books and loved them! I first had the opportunity to read Throne of Glas s when I received it at BEA. It was the best book I received at the conference that year. Her books continue to be the best books I receive at BEA, EVERY YEAR. I tell everybody to read them. I also run a blog called As Dreams Are Made in which I did two featured posts on her. One a 5 star review of Heir of Fire (http://asdreamsaremade.com/…/book-tuesday-release-day…/ ) and another about fangirling at a signing she did at Books of Wonder (http://asdreamsaremade.com/…/heir-of-fire-lauch-party…/). I also own two pieces from the Throne of Glass Jewelry line (Chaol’s ring and the Amulet of Orynth). I absolutely LOVE fairytale retellings and this looks right up my alley! Really hope I get to win a copy! Thank you for the opportunity!

  97. marzena

    Hi! First of all it’s a great post about Mrs Maas! I can’t even put into words how talented she is and how much she enriched my life with her books, but you summed it up so nicely I can feel myself in your words. :)

    I happened to read a sampler of ACOTAR and it left me nearly hyperventilating with excitment- I’m pretty sure there’ll be many different emotions once I get to read the full book. Truth is I can’t wait for it to be out, so I’m def taking part in the giveaway, haha. :)

  98. Elle

    I can’t wait for this book to come out it sounds so good! I don’t usually like books about fae, but I love all of Sarah’s other books so I’m really excited to read this one. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  99. Aimee Nelson

    Thank you so much for the chance to win this book! I needed it like yesterday! lol I’ve been hunting the internet for Arc reviews just to hear how awesome this book is because I know it will be! Sarah is such an amazing writer and has an amazing way of sucking you into the story, making you feel like this is your life your reading about! Oh, and a retelling of Beauty and the Beast! Yes please, especially retold by Sarah! Thanks!

  100. Hershey

    What an amazing post!

    I’m really excited for a Court of Thorns and Roses! Fairy tale retellings with lots of twists and turns are always the best kind of reads! Plus that cover is just utterly gorgeous!

  101. Lisa (Fic Talk)

    I don’t think I’ve seen another blogger be so vocal about their Sarah J. Maas love such as Kim. Because of her I have decided to dive into them in 2015. Even more so now after this love letter ;)

    As for why I want to read ACOTAR, well, it’s because Wendy has said that this book could help change the face of new adult fiction, and I’m excited for that. Also I am a fan of the fae. Thanks to Maggie Stiefvater.

  102. Melissa Burt

    I really enjoy Maas’ novels. I just finished Heir of Fire and thought it was marvelous. Each novel in that series has been better than the one before. I don’t necessarily love most fae books, but I loved Heir of Fire. I really enjoy fairytale retellings, so this new book sounds perfect. I’m looking forward to reading it.

  103. Jehphg

    You couldn’t have sang better all the praises that SJM deserves. I often wake up after dreaming about the world she created. It’s that lived in, and rich. I can’t wait to be able to immerse myself in the world she created for acotar.

  104. Catarina

    I’m dying to read ACOTAR simply because it’s Sarah. I know whatever she writes will slay me in the best possible way. Besides, a fae somewhat-retelling of Beauty and the Beast? One would only had to mention Beauty and the Beast to get my attention. :)

  105. Ashley

    Fae stories are not a genre that I usually seek out, but when an author I really like writes one, I will always end up reading them. I am really interested in this series. I didn’t love Throne of Glass, but I listened to everyone raving about the subsequent books and I find that each book in the series gets better. Either I fall more in love with her the more I read her, she gets better with each book she writes, or a combination of the two! Whatever the reason may actually be, I am really excited to read A Court of Thorns and Roses.

  106. Larissa

    AWWWWW. Okay, so this feature is officially the cutest thing ever. I could truly just feel your excitement and love for Sarah and her books through the letter, it was totally infectious (: If I hadn’t read (and LOVED!!!) Sarah’s books before, it would have most definitely convinced me to give her books a shot. I really do agree with what you said though, Sarah definitely has an extreme talent for injecting life into her characters and making me care for them, alongside great worldbuilding. It’s why I’m so excited for her new release, A Court of Thrones and Roses. I’m a sucker for fairytale like worlds and the fact it’s by Maas!? Guaranteed win really.
    Larissa recently posted…Discussing Through Midnight (49): Internalized Misogyny

  107. Barbara @ My Bibliophile Mind

    I only recently discovered the joy and blessing that is Sarah J. Maas. So many years spent in ignorance! I read an excerpt of this book, and it just sounds like the kind of book that makes you disrespect any plans you have the next day and stay up all night just sucked into the world. High fantasy, fae: how can you go wrong?

    You can’t.

    – Barbara @ My Bibliophile Mind
    Barbara @ My Bibliophile Mind recently posted…A Year in Books – Scarlet (January)

  108. Ari

    I am new to this author, but I keep hearing great things about her and this new book seems to be on everyone’s list. Everyone is talking about it, raving about it, wanting it badly. There must be something amazing about it and I want that kind of awesomeness.
    Ari recently posted…Come to the dark side…

  109. Pili

    AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! This is such a fantastic and heartfelt post and I so agree with you on all the flails about anything and everything that Sarah has written or will write!! I NEED the Starkillers Cycle in book form as soon as possible, because getting a chapter each month is amazing BUT I NEED MOOOOORE!!

    ACOTAR!!! I have it preordered but I’m totally and absolutely DYING to get my hands on it as soon as possible because I’ve heard such great things!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!
    Pili recently posted…Xpresso Book Tours Blog Tour for The Body Electric by Beth Revis!!

  110. La Coccinelle @ The Ladybug Reads...

    Throne of Glass didn’t wow me, actually, but I might have a look at the next book in the series in the future (I’ve been told it’s better than the first book). And since I will be reading more fairytale retellings in 2015, I will probably have to try A Court of Thorns and Roses. I’m always up for another “Beauty and the Beast” retelling.
    La Coccinelle @ The Ladybug Reads… recently posted…Review – Throne of Glass

  111. Eileen

    I don’t know anyone who isn’t waiting for this book! I’m super excited for some NA material coming from Sarah J. Maas! I love her Throne of Glass series~ I have yet to read Heir of Fire because I’m waiting until it’s closer to the release of the fourth book so I don’t have to wait too long hehe. Thanks so much for the giveaway and for making it International!! :D
    Eileen recently posted…Cover Reveal: Desolate Mantle (Street Games #2) by L.K. Hill

  112. Michelle Tucker

    I LOVE the Throne of Glass series and ACOTAR has been on my TBR on goodreads since before it had a title. So excited for this book!

  113. Inga

    I am a new fan of Throne of Glass series. I started 2015 by reading the first 2 books in the series. I then had to buy the audiobooks and listen to them. Now debating on reading the third book or waiting , b’cos the next one only comes out in September!!! Too far away!

  114. Sophie

    Sarah’s writing is just exquisite and I can’t wait to read ACOTAR once it’s released. Thanks for the giveaway :)

  115. Tess @ TessellatedTales

    For full disclosure, I haven’t had the chance to read Maas yet, even though I’ve recently bought “Throne of Glass”. I know, I know, it’s a crime by now, and one that I want to correct asap. That’s one of the reasons why I’d love to read ACOTAR. The other is rather simple too: I’ve heard so many good things about it so far, I need to know what the hype is all about.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Tess @ TessellatedTales recently posted…2015 Reading Challenges

  116. julie@m5monkeys

    That’s such a beautiful love letter and I agree her books are amazing :) She has become an auto read author for me now and I loved seeing the pictures of her and her friends.
    julie@m5monkeys recently posted…Perfect Couple

  117. Amy R

    This is a gorgeous letter! I agree 100% with all of the things you said. I love the Throne of Glass series and am highly anticipating (read: freaking OUT) over A Court of Thorns and Roses.

    PS – How does she get such spellbinding covers?!?!?!?!?!?!

  118. Michelle V.B.

    Yes to all your points, Kim! Such a great letter to a definite badass author.

    Thank you Bloomsbury and MG for the ACOTAR giveaway! I don’t know what to be excited for the most: the awesome cover (with cool fonts and art and and and!) or the potential swoon and special times with the new male lead. I have heard things about ACOTAR and they are all good!

  119. _Sandra_

    I’m a big, big fan of Sarah J. Maas, her Throne of Glass series is absolutely amazing and that’s one of the main reasons why I really want to read this one. Also, hearing all the raving reviews of the people that have already read it are just bonus.
    Thanks for a chance to win it! :)

  120. Amanda

    I love the Throne of Glass series so far. I haven’t read HoF yet because honestly I’m not emotionally ready. I love Celaena as she’s such a bad ass and can still be utterly female. She’s amazing. The reviews from her next series are killing me with anticipation!
    Amanda recently posted…Review: As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust

    • Kim

      Omg, Lauren. YES. You have to read them this year!!! Join ussssssss. The water is warm and the kool aid is delicious. You won’t even mind the slight triangle-ness in TOG I promise you. It’s so insignificant. I promise you will be blown away by the epicness of the story and the characters and the romance and the friendship and well-everything! Wendy and I are going to stare you down until you read them!
      Kim recently posted…A Love Letter to Sarah J. Maas + Giveaway

    • Kim

      It did start out as a retelling but evolved more into its own original story. But there are still plenty of recognizable aspects of its Beauty and the Beast origins! I actually think it’s a stronger story for having its own original elements spun off of a BatB groundwork. And you are so welcome! Good luck!
      Kim recently posted…A Love Letter to Sarah J. Maas + Giveaway

  121. Morgan @ Gone with the Words

    Besides the fact that Sarah is starting a new series and I will buy anything she writes, I’m excited to read a super sexy swoony YA book! I love getting butterflies when I read. I’m also interested to see how she makes this fae world different from the one in Throne of Glass, and whether there are any similarities. I can’t wait to meet new characters to fall in love with and fret over!

    • Kim

      Oh you are in for such a treat, Morgan! There will be butterflies for you galore in ACOTAR. And such steamy moments too. Really you will be fanning yourself-no joke!

      She does such a great job making them two distinct series. They both have their own separate feeling but at the same time are so totally Sarah. Lots of surprises and swooning and shocking things in store! You won’t be disappointed.
      Kim recently posted…A Love Letter to Sarah J. Maas + Giveaway

  122. Hannah

    Oh, where to start? Your post encapsulated so many of the things that make Sarah’s books so absolutely wonderful.

    For me, it’s a combination of the utterly magical worldbuilding, the interesting backstories, the compelling characters and the combination of heartbreak, romance, violence, action and adventure. The author strikes the perfect balance between all these elements – not too much telling, but more showing, just enough detail to supplement the plot action, initial hints that make sense the more you read – in short, I think Sarah is truly one of the strongest YA fantasy writers out there at the moment. And I can only wish for more in what is sure to be a fantastic new series.
    Hannah recently posted…Review: This Shattered World (Starbound #2) – Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner

    • Kim

      Oh you put everything so perfectly, Hannah! And it’s so true about those initial hints! I did a complete re-read from TAB through HOF in latter end of 2014 and I was surprised how much groundwork was laid in TAB and TOG that really paid off in the other books. I just adore when books reward a re-read. I can’t wait to be able to see what clues she left for us that will make sense after we’ve read 4 and 5 and 6.

      I agree with you so wholeheartedly! Sarah is near to without peer in YA fantasy!
      Kim recently posted…A Love Letter to Sarah J. Maas + Giveaway

  123. Eva

    I love the Throne of Glass series and I seriously can’t wait to read Sarah J. Maas new book, I love her writing style!

  124. Chloey

    I am so excited for Sarah’s new book! I love the Throne of Glass series, and I have no doubt her new book will be fantastic! Plus, it’s a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, and I LOVE that fairytale!

    • Kim

      Yes, B&tB is a great fairytale :) But ACOTAR is more like TOG now in that it started out as retelling (like TOG was originally a Cinderella retelling) but became more its own original story. But there are some tantalizing threads and enough of the hints of the retelling to satisfy you I am sure!
      Kim recently posted…A Love Letter to Sarah J. Maas + Giveaway

  125. Chelsey O.

    This giveaway is amazing! I adore Sarah’s writing and the world she created within the Throne of Glass. I cannot wait to enter her new world in ACOTAR, especially with everyone raving about it! I know it’s going to be an exceptional read and would love to win this copy! :D

    • Kim

      *Mr. Burns hands* Yessssssss, Hilary. Very good. It is very good that you are getting into TOG. I am always here to support those in need. Those who are suffering emotional damage at the hands of Ms. Maas! I’m so excited for you to go on this journey!!!
      Kim recently posted…A Love Letter to Sarah J. Maas + Giveaway

  126. Lais

    I am a brazilian Sarah’s fan for almost two years and Throne Of Glass just blew me away! I spent almost 4 months just thinking about Rowan and Aelin relationship and how their friendship was the best thing that I read in 2014. So,I’m really excited for her new series and hoping to read it soon to be amazed by her all over again!

    • Kim

      Her books really do have that effect! At any given moment I am ready to be drawn into an extensive discussion on TOG theory and what on earth could happen? And *sigh* wouldn’t it be great if we all had a friend like Rowan? Someone to push us relentlessly to be the best but always there when we fall? Yes, yes it would.
      Kim recently posted…A Love Letter to Sarah J. Maas + Giveaway

  127. Brittany T

    HUGE FAN! duh we met at her Heir of fire signing! I have ACOTAR i was blessed to have won a copy but cant bring myself to read let alone even handle it.Its like a priceless object to me now. I will read and love it im sure since i would enjoy a shopping list if Sarah wrote it!! Hope to see u soon at the philly meet up!
    Brittany T recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday – I meant to read you! I swear it!!

    • Kim

      Hee! Yaaaaasssss. I am quite confident of your Huge Fan credentials, Brittany! Awwww. I totally understand. I was less intimidated by ACOTAR but I *know* when I finally have TOG4 in my hands I’m probably just going to lie there for a while clutching it and being too overwhelmed to discover what joys? horrors? Hopefully joys! are waiting between those pages. Ahhh the tension! It’s too much. It’s so wonderful to have an author who so reliably churns out the awesome. Hahaha. You know, I would enjoy an SJM shopping list too. :p

      And yeah totally! I will see you soon! :D
      Kim recently posted…A Love Letter to Sarah J. Maas + Giveaway

  128. FJ Seegler

    I can truly say that your letter to Sarah reflected all the feelings and thoughts I have towards her and her writing and stories. I have never met or read anything from someone so special, kind, and interesting like Sarah. She is my idol and top five favorite people on this planet. :)
    I have been trying to get my hands on an early ACOTAR copy for some time now. I think I couldn’t stand waiting for May to read it. I’ve heard that ACOTAR is a little more mature than the ToG series, and honestly, I want to read about all the sexy, hot faerie men I hear so much about. Feyre also seems so much kick-ass, beautiful, and intelligent, she and Celaena are inspiring me every day to do what I want, not what other people want me to do.

    • Kim

      Awww. I’m so glad this letter is bringing all of us massive Sarah fans together! And, yeah, I’d say the maturity comment is spot on. Feyre is 19 at the start of ACOTAR whereas Celaena is 16 in the start of TAB so obviously that’s a huge difference. Feyre also has had adult responsibilities for years. And then there’s the big difference in the, ahem, sexual content. My goodness. So steamy! You’re going to love it, no doubt.
      Kim recently posted…A Love Letter to Sarah J. Maas + Giveaway

    • Kim

      Yes, Laura, you are correct! I will take all of the Sarah writings-ALL of them!!! Heh. I’m so selfish and like “But what we will she be releasing after TOG and ACOTAR?” Calm down, Kim! All in due time. And you’re right about the convincing. I don’t like fae stories at all but if anyone could make me like them it’s Sarah–and she did!
      Kim recently posted…A Love Letter to Sarah J. Maas + Giveaway

  129. Debby (Snuggly Oranges)

    Whoaaaa, international giveaway? Don’t mind if I enter! :D Well you should know that I’m all sorts of excited for ACOTAR because well I’m one of your Throne of Glass fairy godmothers ;) But aside from that, Sarah’s one of my fave authors too. She just has a way with words, characters, world building, swoons, and ACOTAR being in part based on Beauty and the Beast – one of my favorite fairy tales ever?? I NEED it in my life.

    Love your love letter ;) never change!
    Debby (Snuggly Oranges) recently posted…Announcing #ReadTheDUFF!

    • Kim

      DEBBY!!!! Yes, YOU ARE one of my TOG fairy godmothers!!! I can so distinctly remember reading your COM review and thinking, “Wow, I really need to read this series!” I was especially sold by the Anastasia gif. :) I’m so glad we got to meet at BEA and have long discussions about our Sarah love. Oh, she is so good at those swoons. And in ACOTAR there is actual *heat*. I don’t think you or I would mind at all if some of that could be transferred to TOG. :) Oh and there were a lot of specific references to Disney’s Beauty and the Beast in ACOTAR. Certain scenes were direct parallels and it’s aweeesome. Can’t wait for you to read! <3
      Kim recently posted…A Love Letter to Sarah J. Maas + Giveaway

    • Kim

      Oh I’m so, so glad you gave the sequels a chance after not being a fan of TOG. Anytime I hear someone thought TOG was just okay my ears perk up and I want to tell them about how much they’re going to freak looove the sequels just trust me! So I’m glad you’re a fan. :D
      Kim recently posted…A Love Letter to Sarah J. Maas + Giveaway

  130. Nadia

    Beautiful post Kim!

    Don’t even get me started on Celaena/Chaol oh god.

    I was on the fence about reading this one. The summary didn’t convince me to check it out, but Wendy’s review did. The minute she mentioned CRUEL BEAUTY and Darkling vibes I was like I’M SO THERE, SO THERE.

    • Kim

      I know, I know. I really should be more careful about bringing up Celaena/Chaol. It hurrrrrts, man. It just hurts. We have all but tender hearts and such mentions should be made sparingly! But you totally shouldn’t be on the fence about ACOTAR! Can confirm it is very, very good! That Wendy sure can be convincing can’t she? :) I would have to say she’s spot on about the CRUEL BEAUTY and Darkling vibes. You’ll love it!
      Kim recently posted…A Love Letter to Sarah J. Maas + Giveaway

    • Kim

      Bonnie! I’m so glad you have finally joined our cult—er, club! It’s so much fun to get to watch a friend fall under the spell. From COM on everything is just so “What? Omg? Holy fuck! Ahhh I’m dying!” Which, you know, makes for the best reading experiences! If you ever feel like you need to have extensive theory discussions on what will happen I am always available!!
      Kim recently posted…A Love Letter to Sarah J. Maas + Giveaway

    • Kim

      Yes, we all need the magic of Sarah in our lives. I almost feel bad telling you you should read THRONE OF GLASS first because then you’ll know exactly how awesome she is and the want for ACOTAR will be that much more. But…you should definitely read TOG asap!!!
      Kim recently posted…A Love Letter to Sarah J. Maas + Giveaway

  131. Kay @ It's a Book Life

    First off, I love this feature! Second, I LOVE Sarah J. Maas as well. I wasn’t even a big fantasy reader until my friend practically forced me to read Throne of Glass. Now I will never go back. I am so in love with the characters and her ability to create a world so real it is like I am living there myself when I’m reading. Not to mention that I SHIP Chaol and Celaena more than every other couple ever in the world. No joke. I can’t even begin to explain how much I can’t wait to read the next Throne of Glass book. With that being said, I am almost equally as excited to read A Court of Thorns and Roses. I’m sure it will be epic and wonderful and that cover alone as me swooning over it. Just the author’s name, before even reading the synopsis, has me wanting this book. Sarah J. Maas is definitely an auto-buy author for me now.
    Kay @ It’s a Book Life recently posted…Series Review: His Fair Assassin by Robin LaFevers

    • Kim

      Why, thank you, Kay! I hope we can do more of them and soon! And it sounds like you have a wise and excellent friend who makes great life choices! Like foisting TOG upon her friends. There aren’t any books that have stayed with me in the past few years like the way Sarah’s books do. And your ship is a very wise ship. HAVE FAITH, MY DEAR. All will be well. It will be. Do you also follow the Pinterest boards already? They’re chock full of images guaranteed to both sate the thirst a little bit and also make it agonizing. Why must we wait for books? Whhyyyy??

      Kim recently posted…A Love Letter to Sarah J. Maas + Giveaway

  132. Jasprit

    I love the idea of this new feature Kim, I have to agree with you on all the points you’ve made, Maas just keeps getting better and better with the new characters that she decides to bring into the mix and her writing is absolutely flawless. I was lucky to meet Sarah a few years ago, like you said there was a queue of readers to get their books signed, but she made time for everyone of us. I look forward to reading more of your posts with this feature ladies! :)
    Jasprit recently posted…Mini Review: One Mad Night by Julia London

    • Kim

      Eee! Thanks, Jasprit! :) And isn’t it so exciting?! She does just get better and better. I was saying to Layla the other day that she’s just 28–think of all the SJM goodness we have to come our way for years and years to come! And you got to meet her!! :D Isn’t she like a real life Disney princess? It’s ridiculous! When I saw her at the 5K event last summer she remembered me from BEA even though we had only spoken rather briefly. She’s just wonderful!

      So glad you liked the feature. I hope we’ll have more soon!
      Kim recently posted…A Love Letter to Sarah J. Maas + Giveaway

  133. Danielle Nguyen

    So I will admit that I liked Throne of Glass, but didn’t love it. But then by the end of Crown of Midnight I was all asdfghjkl THIS SERIES IS AMAZING AND I NEED IT ALL NOW. And Heir of Fire. OMG IT WAS SO GOOD. Ah hem. Sorry. I’m so excited for A Court of Thorns and Roses. I can’t even.

    • Kim

      Oh yeah that’s common reception for sure for TOG. I really do like TOG quite a lot but agree that it’s the weakest installment in the series. COM destroyed me. Absolutely destroyed me, Danielle! The same sort of thing happens with Harry Potter. The first two books are good and all but by the end of Book 3 it’s like “OMG NEXT BOOK NOW! NOW!!!” I think that ACOTAR has a stronger start to the series than TOG did so I’m so, so excited to what heights Sarah can take it to!
      Kim recently posted…A Love Letter to Sarah J. Maas + Giveaway

  134. Brenda

    What a nice way of giving some love to authors, and a very nice beginning at that! What a wonderful letter, your passion for books makes it almost impossible not to go and search them out.
    Brenda recently posted…Looking Ahead 2015

  135. Stephanie

    I have purchased the first two books of the Thrones of Glass series, but have not started them yet. They are currently at the top of my TBR pile. I have followed all of the comments about this series on various blogs and everyone gushes, so I have to see for myself. Can’t wait to get hooked!

    • Kim

      Ohhhhh, Stephanie. Stephanie, Stephanie. You are but a sweet summer child. Did you purchase THE ASSASSIN’S BLADE? OR TOG and COM? Read TAB first. Best to start with that one. I can’t wait for you get hooked as well! Then come back to me and sing the praises! Also, you can come back for hugs if necessary.*

      *They’re necessary.
      Kim recently posted…A Love Letter to Sarah J. Maas + Giveaway

      • Stephanie

        Thanks for the advice. I will try TAB first. Oh, brother! My credit card is smoking from overuse.

    • Kim

      Yes! That’s what I’ve been telling everyone who’s said that fae stories aren’t usually their thing (they aren’t mine). But this book is done so well (I mean, obviously!) She’ll make a fae believer of you I’m sure of it!
      Kim recently posted…A Love Letter to Sarah J. Maas + Giveaway

  136. Lia

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Generally I dislike fairies and such, but I LOVE Sarah J Maas’s ToG series (I mean HEIR of FIRE was phenomenal!) so she may just convert me into a lover of all things Fae.

  137. Sandra

    I just love the way you detail authors and books! You make it almost impossible not to want to read the books you live! I’m looking up Sarah as we speak to order and get started on her books! Thank you for your wonderful post and giveaway!

  138. Anna F

    I was utterly blown away by Heir of Fire. Like, delayed reading too fast since I didn’t want it to end. As such am so excited to see what the author will do with slightly more adult characters and situations. Can’t wait!

    • Kim

      Ah yes. That old feeling. I’m doing that right now with A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC. I don’t want it to enddddd. I love these magical and badass writers who bring such talent and feeling into our lives! Can confirm Sarah did a wonderful job with ACOTAR. Especially the *cough* adult aspects. ;) You’re in for a treat!
      Kim recently posted…A Love Letter to Sarah J. Maas + Giveaway

    • Kim

      I don’t even like fae stories *At all* but if anyone could make me adore a fae book it would be Sarah. And she did! So I would say I’m sure you’ll be falling right into the ACOTAR spell in no time! You’re right. She really is that fabulous! :)
      Kim recently posted…A Love Letter to Sarah J. Maas + Giveaway

  139. Ellie

    I soooo can’t wait for ACOTAR! It seems like everyone and their mom are raving about it, and I want in on the action! lol. I’ve been up to date with the Throne of Glass series, and if it’s anything like it, Plus ADULT, then I know I’m already in love :)
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Ellie recently posted…Year End Finale 2014 and Goals of 2015

    • Kim

      Yes there’s much the same of what you’ve come to love with TOG in ACOTAR. It’s really interesting to see how different her universes are-especially when they both have fae! She’s so talented :) And it actually has been technically categorized as young adult. But there is some, ahem, adult-ish content that will certainly have you feeling the heat! It’s so worth it.
      Kim recently posted…A Love Letter to Sarah J. Maas + Giveaway

  140. Christina

    Thanks for the great giveaway! I just read Throne of Glass last week and I completely fell in love with the writing style, the characters, and of course, the heroine! I absolutely loved it and can’t wait to finish the series as well as checking out Sarah’s new book.
    Christina recently posted…Book Review: First Frost by Sarah Addison Allen

    • Kim

      Oh you are but a newling to the cause? *smiles benevolently upon you* Welcome to the club!! I’m so excited for you! You have so much adventure and heartbreak still ahead for you! If you need support when you finish books 2 and 3 I am here for you!!!! Have tissues and/or cookies handy.
      Kim recently posted…A Love Letter to Sarah J. Maas + Giveaway

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