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jonathan stroud

Fall is in the air, and we’re celebrating by hosting a Halloween Thrills and Chills event! Some of our favorite blog friends will present fantastic guest posts and interviews by three Disney Hyperion authors with books releasing this year, including Mary: The Summoning‘s Hillary Monahan, Welcome to the Dark House‘s Laurie Faria Stolarz, and The Whispering Skull‘s Jonathan Stroud. Check out the full tour schedule below, and be sure to enter the giveaway at the very end for a box of horror books that will be delivered to you in time for Halloween reading!

We’re kicking off the event tour with Jonathan Stroud, author of the The Bartimaeus Sequence and many other novels. His second book in his Lockwood and Co. series just came out, and if you like the idea of coolly competent young British ghosthunters with a Sherlock-type vibe, you’ll certainly enjoy this series. I love how the books feel both modern and classic, how the narrative is both elegant and humorous, and how genuinely shivery some of the scenes are. This is writing that trusts the intelligence of its audience, so it’s a series that comfortably appeals to middle grade, young adult, and adult readers alike.

Jonathan’s posts for this tour event are also some of the ones I’ve enjoyed reading most out of all the submissions I’ve received over the years. I think we appreciate many of the same things about mysteries and thrillers, and after seeing some of my favorite horror films on his list, I went right out and purchased/watched several of his other suggestions! The films and his books have put me in a deliciously Halloweeny mood, and if you appreciate horror that is more finely crafted, you’ll certainly feel the same way.

We peppered Jonathan with a few questions so that you can get a feel for his books and his personality. Enjoy!


5 Questions with Jonathan Stroud (Okay, 6)

1. You write thrilling, chilling stories, so we want to pick your brains. (Not literally.) What are some of your favorite horror books?

I’ve got a shelf of great ghost and horror fiction close by my desk to give me inspiration while I work on Lockwood & Co. Among other eerie delights, it contains: The Great God Pan, by Arthur Machen, In a Glass Darkly by Sheridan Le Fanu, the Complete Ghost Stories of M R James, and Tales of the Uncanny and Supernatural by Algernon Blackwood. These all stem from the late 19th and early 20th Centuries (the Golden Age of weird tales); to bring things colorfully up to date, why not throw in some volumes of Mike Mignola’s Hellboy? Beautiful art and great writing too.

2. Do you believe in the supernatural? Tell us about the strangest thing that’s ever happened to you.

I’m lamentably dull when it comes to personal supernatural experiences, I’m afraid, though the idea of them does scare me. Some odd things have happened to members of my family, though. My grandfather was a sailor; when he was young and away at sea, his mother was sitting at home one day when she suddenly sat bolt upright in shock and terror, convinced that he was in mortal peril. Nothing could be done, but she would not be comforted. Soon afterwards a telegram arrived, from half a world away, to say that he’d been helping unload a ship when he’d been injured – narrowly avoiding death – when a crate slipped from its ties and fell on him. A psychic connection of some kind between mother and child? I think quite probably so.

3. Say you’re locked in a haunted house and have to barricade yourself in a room with other wily survivors. Choose one person in each of the following categories to be in that room with you, and tell us why you chose them!

a. one character from one of your books      
Anthony Lockwood, because he deals with such things every night of the week. He’d be cool, calm and collected, and have a nice sharp iron rapier to deal with nearby ghouls.

b. one living author
Rick Riordan would have an encyclopedic knowledge of folklore and legend, and be able to suggest ways of warding off evil spirits. Plus I bet he’d be a dab hand at throwing a salt-bomb.

c. one dead person
Sir Richard Burton, fearless Victorian explorer, swordsman and polymath, would be a fine companion in any tight corner. He could speak 30 languages, so would be able to communicate with most varieties of the returning dead.

d. one relative, colleague, or friend
My grandfather, Captain Ralph Stephenson, was 6 foot 4 inches tall, of commanding presence, and very used to telling boat-loads of hairy sailors what to do. He’d look the ghosts right in the eyes, bark some orders, and put the fear of god into them.

4. Show us a couple of spooky places that inspired the setting in your story.


Many of Lockwood & Co.’s adventures take place in the streets of Central London. Even in the busiest areas, there are countless quiet little streets and back alleys which seem fine by day… But at night, when the light begins to fade, you can imagine supernatural presences stirring there… This is a street in the Marylebone district, near where Lockwood has his house. The ghost-lamps are just coming on…

Berkhamsted Castle

England is full of old ruins and historic spots where you can feel time’s weight pulling at you. I like to visit them to taste the atmosphere. This is Berkhamsted Castle near me. Yes, it’s nice and pretty on a sunny summer’s day – but who knows what horrors took place in the dungeons here? By night these crumbling walls will have a very different feel…

5. What’s the best part about writing horror for teenagers/children? The most challenging?

The word ‘horror’ covers a multitude of different styles and approaches. Personally I’ve never been too keen on either books or movies that are overtly unpleasant. Subtler stuff – involving balancing suspense and atmosphere with out-and-out shocks – is much more effective, and stays with you for longer. I think it’s also harder to do. When you’re writing for a younger audience you need to keep things exciting, and definitely include a good quantity of horrid scares – but you also can’t go over the top with the nastiness. Getting the balance right is a challenge – but it also helps steer the writer towards creating something in which character, plot and atmosphere work together to build up and maintain suspense. I find this exhilarating. You end up more in Hitchcock territory than in Poe’s.

Bonus Question (because we’re nosy): What are you working on next? Are there more scary things in store for your readers?

There certainly are! I’m hard at work on the third Lockwood book right now, and just pondering what horrid surprises might be concealed within… Tune in this time next year to discover the result!

Our thanks to Jonathan for being such a gracious guest!

thrills & chills


Check out the rest of the tour for more interviews,quizzes, and other fun shenanigans! You may also earn additional points for the giveaway by visiting each blog stop.

Thrills and Chills: Halloween Event Tour with Jonathan Stroud, Hillary Monahan, and Laurie Stolarz

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Wednesday, October 15   Books with Bite              Top 10 Items to Survive The Dark House Amusement Park
Thursday, October 16      The Social Potato           A Tour of Jonathan Stroud’s Writing Space

My thanks to the wonderful bloggers and authors participating in this tour!

batsWin a Box of YA Horror!

Thanks to our friends at Disney Hyperion, we have a box of YA horror to give away! This set of four books includes recent shivery releases from the authors featured in this event:

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Mary: The Summoning
Welcome to the Dark House
The Screaming Staircase
The Whispering Skull

Isn’t that an awesome line-up of books? This box will be delivered in time for spooky Halloween reading. Um, sorry, the skull and candle are not included.

All you have to do is fill out the Rafflecopter form and leave a thoughtful comment below about Jonathan’s interview. Open to US residents aged 18 and older, or 13 and older with parental permission. See entry form for complete details. Good luck!

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Photographs were provided by the author. (Though the Halloween-ing of the author photo is by me!) Review and and giveaway copies were provided by the publisher. Be sure to check out The Screaming Staircase and The Whispering Skull, both available in stores and online everywhere books are sold.


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79 Responses to “Halloween Thrills & Chills: box of horror giveaway + Jonathan Stroud interview”

  1. Kristy Petree

    I thought the interview was interesting, with inspiration from the Golden age of weird tales and the spooky places he has visited. I just saw this giveaway with about 12 minutes to go, so I’m probably posting at the wrong place and wrong day. Thanks for the chance, though. These all look/sound great!

  2. Alena Saukova

    I would really love to check out Jonathan’s books! I’m fascinated by horror stories but I just can’t watch scary movies, because those images stay with me and my imagination goes too far and terrifies me. I still can’t get some images out from really scary Japanese movies, and it’s been 10 years since I’ve seen them.

    So recently I decided to try and read horror books but I can’t find anything that would really hook me. I hope these books will really creep me out.

  3. Erin

    Aaaah! So excited to hear there will be a third book in the series. Rick Riordan would probably be very useful in that situation, I’m sure he’d probably know all different talismans against evil and spirits they used in other cultures and folklore.

  4. BookAttict

    Thanks for the fantastic interview. I think the Lockwood and Co. series sounds like something I’m going to LOVE!

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  5. Phyllis Lamken

    Great interview. I like horror but I don’t like overly unpleasant stories. Look forward to reading The Screaming Staircase and The Whispering Skull for the titles alone. Reminds me of my favorite gothic novels.

  6. Deirdre

    I LOVED The Screaming Staircase!!!!! I can’t wait to read the next book. My favorite part of the interview was the pictures of some locations that inspired locations in the book. I really want to win this box of horrors because I really loved The Screaming Staircase and Welcome to the Dark House. I can’t wait to read The Whispering Skull. I haven’t heard of Mary: The Summoning, but since it’s apart of this giveaway, I’ll definitely read it. I’m not the biggest fan of horror movies, but I love horror/supernatural/ghosty books.

  7. Ashley

    I kept seeing all these amazing reviews for The Screaming Staircase and I was skeptical. I was convinced it would be really juvenile and cheesy. Basically, I was really judgmental and horrible. Then I gave up and read it and I am totally in love. I can’t wait to read The Whispering Skull because I was so charmed by Lockwood and his entire crew in the first one. Lesson learned, I guess!

  8. Erin P

    His grandfather sounds like my grandfather and my father! These books for the giveaway have been sitting on my Goodreads TBR shelf for quite some time. They sounds utterly fascinating and I can’t wait to dive into them! Thanks for the awesome chance on this giveaway!

  9. Rachel Spring

    First of all, to Jonathan Stroud – you rock my world, man!! I randomly requested The Screaming Staircase last year and I LOVED IT! I have read the book and listened to the audio, and I couldn’t tell you which I liked better! I own audible copies of The Screaming Staircase and The Whispering Skull – I’m currently listening to The Whispering Skull now, in fact, and loving it. I love the perfect balance between creepy and hilarious. Seriously, everyone needs to read this series. I need to get the Bartimaeus series too. I plan to read those while I’m eagerly awaiting book 3!

    I’ve just recently gotten into scary books so this event is awesome!! In fact, I have Welcome to the Dark House right now from the library but I have to return it in a few days and I’m only about 25% in! I would LOVE to get my hands on this prize pack!

    Thank you Wendy for organizing such an amazing event!

    Oh yeah, and that picture with the view down the street is exactly how I picture scenes from the Lockwood & Co series!!

  10. meghann m

    The story Jonathan tells about his grandfather and his great grandmother… creepy! I can totally scare myself so the fact that he writes horror is amazing in and of itself. I also love seeing the England inspiration because I’m sure that castle has its fair share of haunts *cowers in corner*
    meghann m recently posted…[Review] Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick

  11. bn100

    Interesting info about the different types of horror someone can write. Horror books are good for reading around Halloween

  12. Brittany T

    Jonathan’s interview was so fun. I love his use of surrounding areas for inspiration! Those ghost lights downtown make everything look so creepy. I can’t stop picturing Penny Dreadful! I have been eyeing the Lockwood & co books for some time as well as the Dark House. I’m a huge fan of Stolarz “Touch” series. I want those books because they all seem amazing and who doesn’t want to be spooked out just in time for Halloween!?
    Thanks as always ladies for some awesome content and an even more awesome giveaway!
    Brittany T recently posted…Review: Exquisite Captive by Heather Demetrios

  13. Mia

    I haven’t read any of of Jonathan Shroud’s books yet, but I certainly will now that I’ve read this awesome interview. I think if I could pick an author to be locked in a haunted house with, it’d definitely be Susanna Clarke. I feel like she’d be able to handle ghosts in a calm and rational manner while I was busy screaming and weeping in a corner. I’d love to win this giveaway because I’m only reading horror novels the entire month in celebration of my beloved Halloween (it’s the best holiday that ever was and ever will be, because it’s the only holiday where it’s socially acceptable to threaten strangers for candy and frighten children, and I really want to read some YA horror!

  14. BookLady

    What an interesting interview! I especially enjoyed seeing the spooky places that inspired the story. Since I love horror stories and have not yet read any of the books in the box, I would be thrilled to win this Halloween Contest. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  15. Miranda Lewis

    The interview was great, I’m not to sure what interests me in these horror novels maybe because the only horror I guess I’ve read is zombie so it would be interesting to branch out a bit and see what else there is :)

  16. Amber Terry

    I can’t believe I have yet to read any Stroud–these books look so GOOD :) I love this interview also, especially the parts about spooky locations.

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  17. Stephanie

    Reading the interview was really interesting! I especially liked his response about favorite horror books (which gave me some new ideas for what to read) and the pictures that inspired his stories.

  18. Tonja Drecker

    I completely agree with the less is more. I don’t know how many horror stories I’ve put down simply because the ‘terror’ gets to the point of being ridiculous. The story of his Grandma is chilling…and somehow sweet at the same time-hits the heart.
    I’d love to have the box set simply because a couple of those are on my TBR list. Then I could finally get them read ;)

  19. Michelle Buck

    The interview with Jonathan was wonderful! The interview was put together very well and I enjoyed reading it! Especially loved the pictures of London!

    I would love to win this giveaway because I love to read spooky stories, and I am in need of some good horror stories to read. Also, I would love to read these books and review them on my website and goodreads.

  20. Cindi Clubbs

    Although I enjoy both Hitchcock and Poe, I have to agree with Jonathan that less is more when creating a scary story, or even a movie. He worded it beautifully when he said that it’s a balance of suspense and atmosphere. I look at the ‘horror’ movies that kids watch today and wonder why there is such a necessity for in-your-face gore and blood. Are all the good screenwriters gone? Luckily, we have authors like Jonathan who have the finesse of Vincent Price and Bela Lugosi. (Yes, total old time movie buff here!)
    Cindi Clubbs recently posted…Embellished to Death by Christina Freeburn Review and Giveaway

    • Trysten Donnelly

      It sounds really cool and I like to read these types of books

  21. Maryssa T.

    I like anything Halloween or Horror. I thoroughly enjoy reading horror books in general so this would be an amazing addition to my collection!

  22. Natasha

    I loved the interview!
    Horror books are one of my favorite types of books to read especially this time of the year.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  23. Crystal

    I can never watch horror movies but the closest I can get to the genre is definitely through reading. There is something infinitely more chilling about reading a scary story and imagining a scene then viewing it though a screen since any person’s idea of horror varies from the next person’s. I am excited to get a change to begin reading the Lockwood Co. series!

  24. Layla

    I love that interview. I especially love Jonathan Stroud’s answers to the question about whom you’d want to be in a haunted house with. (Sir Richard Burton? YES!) So excellent. His answers to all of these are wonderful, and I am eagerly awaiting the post about horror films.

    Also, now I want to read The Bartimaeus Sequence. I missed out on so much good stuff from ~2001-2009, when I wasn’t reading YA!
    Layla recently posted…Love Is the Drug: Review

  25. Susan T.

    I love horror but it has to be smart horror, not just slasher types with gore. Jonathan Stroud is a great example of horror done right!

  26. Chelsea B.

    I enjoyed this creepy-themed interview! I’ve been wanting to read more horror lately, so definitely looking forward to reading your series!

  27. Janis Kay

    That interview was awesome!!!! I’ve been wanting to read The Screaming Staircase for the longest time, so having both that and the sequel would be a treat:) Thank you for this giveaway!

  28. Tammy V.

    Haven’t read any yet by this author but October is a perfect time to find a new horror writer. I love scary books especially ones with unusual themes or themes based on facts or well known stories.

  29. Mary DeBorde

    Jonathan’s taste in horror/spooky reads is right up my alley! I’ve always loved the masters of classic horror like Algernon Blackwood, Ambrose Bierce, Oliver Onions, and especially William Hope Hodgson … and so I just know Mr. Stroud’s writing is bound to be epic! Cannot wait to read Mary: The Summoning :D

  30. Samantha C

    This is amazing. I just started reading the Bartimaeus books last week after repeatedly hedging on it for the past decade. I don’t know why I waited so long. Jonathan Stroud has a way with words that make the uncanny positively enticing. It’s also nice to read an updated interview with the author himself.

    And those books up for grabs… I would be so ecstatic. They’re perfect for this month.
    Samantha C recently posted…Handwriting Meme

  31. Enbrethiliel


    What a fantastic interview! I normally don’t read interviews because most of them are so generic, and only started this one because of the promise of a giveaway at the end (which I’m not eligible to enter anyway, LOL!), but boy, does it go above and beyond the usual Q&A! The haunted house question is especially wonderful! =)

  32. soha molina

    The interview is very interesting. I like any kind of horror stories, even ones for teens. I wanna win this becasue I want the skull.

  33. Carina Olsen

    This interview is awesome :D Thank you all for sharing. <3 I haven't read these books, but they look awesome :D And YAY for Halloween blog posts, hih. <3 So excited for all the upcoming ones. This blog is awesome. And you are all awesome, hih :) (Also, the skull is creepy. I love it. <3)
    Carina Olsen recently posted…In My Mailbox #153

  34. Leandra Wallace

    I LOVED The Screaming Staircase, and I’m excited to get started on The Whispering Skull! I enjoyed getting to hear from Jonathan, plus seeing those pics- I could totally see that street being freaky at night. Never know what might come floating out at you! ;)
    Leandra Wallace recently posted…Guest Post: Vanessa Barger

  35. Emily

    I love the picture, it’s gorgeous! And I’m a sucker for horror books. Many an insomnia filled night has been spent reading horror books (gives me an excuse to not sleep when really my brain just wont shut off lol) I’d love to fill more nights with spooky stories and this is the perfect box to do so!

  36. Jillyn

    First, that picture alone is awesome. It matches my perpetually Gothic themed room :) I’m interested in this stack of books because 1) I read Mary: The Summoning and LOVED it and 2) I love Laurie Stolarz, but I haven’t read this book yet.

    I love that Jonathan included pictures in his interview- I love seeing inspiration for stories!

  37. Tia

    I love his pictures of places that inspire him. Those could certainly scare me!

  38. Courtney W

    I’ve always loved scary movies but I’m new to scary books. After seeing several “jumble your genre” reading challenges, I decided that I would make it a point to read some YA horror. I think I would like Stroud’s approach of writing horror–good balance without over the top nastiness!

  39. Molly Mortensen

    Props for throwing in Hellboy. That was a creepy connection between mother and child, glad he was okay in the end. haha I’m happy to see you pick Rick Riordan to help you out of the haunted house. (Not sure how useful he’d be… just kidding!) I think that’s what makes kids books great, and even scarier, the subtler things. Anyone can throw gore in, but to get the right atmosphere and creap factor is much harder. Nice interview! :) I can’t wait to read this now!
    Molly Mortensen recently posted…What Kind of Books Do I Like to Read?

  40. Maya

    I remember reading the Bartimaeus Sequence when I was tiny, and I was hooked ever since. In that respect, I really enjoyed The Screaming Staircase when it came out! I’ll be honest, most of the horror I’ve consumed before has been in podcast form, so reading the spoops is new experience for me. As you can see by this comment, I am itching to get my hands on that copy of The Whispering Skull. Yes hello there, copy of Whispering Skull, second novel in a sequence of which I do not yet own. Perhaps you would enjoy a nice space on my bookshelf, next to my exorbitantly overpriced college textbooks. You’d like it, they’re mostly anthropology related ones.

    Also, pleasantly surprised to see another fan of Hellboy.

  41. Beth Jones

    I adore Jonathon Stroud since I read the Bartimaeus Trilogy. His new series sounds creepily fantastic and something both my children would love along with me. The covers are fantastic too.

    Really appreciated the question about who would be on his team and how you amped it up by putting qualifications on it. Great set of individuals he’s compiled there.

  42. Priscilla

    “This is writing that trusts the intelligence of its audience, so it’s a series that comfortably appeals to middle grade, young adult, and adult readers alike.”

    This is pretty rare! To be perfectly honest, I’m a coward when it comes to horror, haha! But they all look so good! Maybe I’ll read them during daytime. :D
    Priscilla recently posted…Angel Killer: Tour Stop + Review

  43. Mary @ BookSwarm

    I *much* prefer the subtler horror/scary stuff. It’s the stuff that creeps up on you and gives you strange dreams and sticks with you. Very creepy story about his grandmother! My college campus was said to be haunted. The dorm I lived in my freshman year was built on the site of a children’s home that was destroyed by a tornado, killing a bunch of kids. Lots of cold spots (and we were in Arkansas so not many natural-type ones!). *shudder*
    Mary @ BookSwarm recently posted…Pre-Squee: Midnight’s Kiss by Thea Harrison

  44. Katie

    I really love subtle horror (Shirley Jackson comes to mind) so I was really interested in reading that Mr. Stroud does too. I would love to win a couple of reads for fall!

  45. Nikki

    Loving the shout-out to Hellboy! One of my faves :) Horror is my favorite genre so I was super excited to read this post! The pic of the London alleyway is totally creepy and honestly just makes me want to visit London even more.

  46. Pili

    I absolutely adored the Bartimaeus trilogy so I think I really really need to read the new series by Mr Stroud and even more after reading his interview! *goes to check her Kindle store*

    A really fantastic interview Wendy! And a great event! I love me some Halloween vibe, even if I am the biggest wuss ever!!
    Pili recently posted…Waiting On Wednesday #62!!

  47. Kristen@My Friends Are Fiction

    i loved The Screaming Staircase and just started The Whispering Skull–such great books. I have to admit I have quite the crush on Lockwood. Loved this interview and seeing which creepy books the author enjoys. I’m so excited to share the clothing of ghost hunters!
    Kristen@My Friends Are Fiction recently posted…The TBR Tag

    • Wendy Darling

      Yay! I’m glad you are enjoying the series, Kristen. I’m about halfway through the first book and having such a good time with it.

      I’m excited for your tour stop, too. Rapier-wielding ghost-hunting girl FTW!

  48. Kim

    What a lovely post and a lovely tour!

    I’m so looking forward to diving into a few seasonal reads this month and I feel like LOCKWOOD & CO is suddenly everywhere in my feeds! And from what I can see it sounds absolutely up my alley. LOVE those settings! Give me British castle ruins any day.

    I love this:

    “Subtler stuff – involving balancing suspense and atmosphere with out-and-out shocks – is much more effective, and stays with you for longer.”

    Can’t wait to get my grubby mitts on these books.

    • Wendy Darling

      Oh Kim, as a lover of all things British, you should give this a go sometime. There is plenty of tea-drinking and dry humor, it’s just marvelous.

      I love that quote, too. He’s one of those authors whose writing style and humor are quite capably displayed through his interviews and guest posts.

    • Wendy Darling

      I feel as though if you think you’ll like this series, you probably will, Caroline. ;) Hope you enjoy them when you get to them!

  49. Brenda

    Wonderful interview, I’ve enjoyed Jonathan Stroud’s Bartimaeus series immensely. The djinni Bartimaeus is so mischievous, wicked, and delightful to read. I also adored The Screaming Staircase for its world building and characters. He does a wonderful job of writing creepy with just the right balance of humor too. The other books you listed look even more creepy, certainly cover the thrills and chills of the season.

    • Wendy Darling

      I feel embarrassed, because until I read his biography, I had no idea the Bartimaeus series was so popular! And just as with THE SCREAMING STAIRCASE, they are exceptionally well-reviewed overall, which is something of a rarity. They sound like pretty epic fantasies for middle grade.

      I definitely want to check out the books he mentioned, too. And I’m serious, I have bought/rented 3 or 4 of the films he suggested, all in less than a week! I always love Halloween, but Mr. Darling has Mr. Stroud to thank for my extra zeal this year, hee hee.

    • Wendy Darling

      It was creepy, wasn’t it? Hillary has some crazy good posts and images for this tour. She’s such a good sport about all this, too!

      And yes, join me in Halloweening all over the place! Jonathan’s books are a great way to get you in the mood for the season.

  50. Andrea @ Bookish

    I adore horror novels and I’m always on the look out for new ones! If they wake me up in the middle of the night, afraid of “them,” I’m down!

    I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t read books from Lockwood & Co, but I’ll definitely be checking them out! I love his take on horror and that “balancing suspense and atmosphere with out-and-out shocks” is definitely the way to go! That’s what usually gets me – the suspense! Sometimes, I find it to be so much worse than the shock/jumpy parts.
    Andrea @ Bookish recently posted…Through the Woods by Emily Carroll (Review)

    • Wendy Darling

      Ohh, the books on this event tour are right up your alley then, Andrea! Just wait until you see some of the photos and stories, yeeeesh. I am grinning like a fool while saying that, by the way. :D

      Definitely give the Lockwood & Co. books a try sometime. I’d heard wonderful things about THE SCREAMING STAIRCASE and I was astonished to see how high the ratings are on GoodReads. I love the writing style–the books are a lovely blend of quiet humor and chills.

  51. Jessica Cooley

    Great interview but my favorite part is the picture of him at the beginning. That is an amazing photo! LOVE it. So creepy and wonderful. I’ve not been one for scary stories but the kids at the library love them so much I might have to give them a try. I think I’ll start with Stroud…in part because these look great and in part because he’s too cute.
    Jessica Cooley recently posted…I’ll Give You The Sun: Review

    • Wendy Darling

      I am utterly delighted to hear that, because that was my doing! I only changed the colors, added a spectral effect, and gave him a tiny skull and crossbones on his lapel, but it was fun to do. Definitely the most subtle of the Halloween portraits I did for the three authors, hah. Agreed on the handsomeness, though. ;)

      This is a lovely series to try if you don’t typically like horror. As the author says, the genre does encompass a wide variety of styles (as evidenced by tour as well), and his is definitely on the more subtle, quietly creepy side.