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August 18, 2014 2014, dystopian/post-apocalyptic, giveaway, patrick ness, sci fi or futuristic, Wendy 85

Patrick Ness giveawaySometimes you can read a single book by an author and it has such an impact that you know you’ll always check out the rest of his work, regardless of subject or style.

That’s how I felt after sobbing my way through the poignant book A Monster Calls, and after reading his weirdly dreamy scifi novel More Than This, that feeling has only intensified. The latter is a terrific blend of I Am Legend + Twilight Zone + The Matrix, but tinged with a thoughtful, still moodiness that I really liked. It’s a bit of a cautionary tale re: technology, and I loved the story structure, characters, and writing. Young Thomasz has particularly great speech patterns and dialogue, and the story never feels cliche or boring–no small feat when the first 30% consists almost entirely of Seth on his own. It asks more questions than it answers, but then again, that’s what the best mindfucks do.

vine-divider-finalWin a Patrick Ness bundle!

Our friends at Candlewick Press have generously offered up a copy of More Than This as well as all three books in his well-regarded dystopian Chaos Walking series, which are now available in brand new paperback editions. (The winner will receive all four of the pictured books.) We’re so pleased that our readers will have a chance to discover or revisit this wonderful author!


To enter, all you have to do is fill out the Rafflecopter form and leave a thoughtful comment below why you’re specifically interested in winning these books. This bundle includes paperback editions of More Than This and the Chaos Walking trilogy.

Open to U.S. and Canadian residents and 18 and up, or 13 and up with parental permission. See entry form for complete details. Good luck!

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Giveaway copies are provided by Candlewick Press.


Have you read Patrick Ness before? You must try him out if you haven’t!


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85 Responses to “Patrick Ness giveaway”

  1. HollyB

    I am a HUGE fan of Patrick Ness (I have A Monster Calls) and have desperately wanted to get my hands on the Chaos Walking trilogy AND More Than This, all books about which I’ve heard nothing but good stuff! I would be so incredibly thankful to win this bundle of awesomeness and I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed! I’m so glad I saw this contest today BEFORE it’s over — even if I don’t win, at least I had a shot and didn’t miss it completely ;-) THANK YOU!!

  2. Sierra

    I have heard nothing but fabulous things about this series and have been DYING to get my hands on it for a while now. I can’t wait to read it!

  3. Chardon

    Patrick Ness is one of my all time FAVORITE authors and the new covers for the Chaos Walking trilogy are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! :D

  4. Emily

    I’ve never read a Patrick ness book and I’ve hear nothing but amazing things about them!

  5. Emily

    I have never read a Patrick ness book and I’ve ever nothing but amazing things about them. I can’t wait to give them a try!

  6. Alycia

    I’ve heard nothing but good things about Patrick Ness. Can’t wait to give him a try!

  7. Sarah J.

    I’ve been dying to get my hands on more of Ness’s books. I love the sound of his books and where they seem to be going. I have A Monster Calls on my shelf and I’m scared to read it, but I also want to read it ASAP and binge read all his books. I’m just conflicted. Haha
    Sarah J. recently posted…August Book Haul!

  8. Colleen

    I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Patrick Ness, so I am definitely going to go check him out. (And look at those covers. GAH)!

  9. maat

    I haven’t read these books yet but I love, love, love dystopian fantasy. It’s my heroin.

  10. Jon @ Scott Reads It!

    I absolutely love all of Ness’s books, especially Chaos Walking and I’m obsessed with this redesign. I actually met Ness last year and he was such a kind man, it was such a honor to meet an author whose books really touched me. I’m extremely excited for the Monster Calls movie w/ Liam Neeson and for Ness’s next book!
    Jon @ Scott Reads It! recently posted…Movie Review: The Giver

  11. Victoria T

    I have been waiting for so long for another Patrick Ness book collection giveaway and I am so happy I found this one! I have heard such great things about The Chaos Walking trilogy and I was at my local used bookstore and saw a copy of More Than This but decided not to pick it up because I didn’t know anything about it. Then I was on YouTube and most all of my favorite booktubers raved about it. So now I want to win these books so I can marathon them and spread the word about Patrick Ness’ work :) I can’t wait to see if I win!

  12. A Canadian Girl

    One of my friends is a huge Patrick Ness fan and all her reviews for the Chaos Walking series made me put them on my wishlist. I just haven’t gotten around to getting my hands on a copy! I haven’t heard as much about More Than This yet but it sounds interesting.
    A Canadian Girl recently posted…Review: Illusions of Fate by Kiersten White

  13. Chante Marie

    I was so tempted to purchase the first book in the series while I was at the bookstore yesterday but I realized I didn’t have enough. I can’t began to explain how bummed out I was because I have heard such amazing things about this series. Regardless, if I win or not. I definitely will be picking up this series as soon as possible :)

  14. Michelle

    I am the biggest Patrick Ness fan ever! I’ve read all of his books (except for Crane Wife), but I don’t physically own any of them! I absolutely love the covers for the Chaos Walking series, and they’re my favorite books.
    Michelle recently posted…Jackaby by William Ritter

  15. Shilpa Rajagopal

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading both More Than This and A Monster Calls. Really looking forward to reading the Chaos Walking Trilogy!

  16. Audi

    I’ve just recently gotten back in to YA and actually finished “A Monster Calls” a few nights ago. After looking up Ness on GoodReads, I became intrigued with the Chaos Walking series and really want to give it a go!

  17. Summer

    I’ve seen so many readers so passionate about his books that I’m really interested in discovering that same joy for myself. Plus, I feel like I don’t read nearly enough male authors, so I’d really like to add another one to the mix. Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. Mara

    I recently was introduced to Patrick Ness, in fact because of these giveaway’s that tons of book blogs seem to be doing courtesy of Candlewick Press . They have definitely piqued my interest so I added them to my to-read shelf and would really love to read the series!

  19. Carina Olsen

    Damn your giveaway for being US only, lol :) I so want those new paperback editions of these books. <3 I adored them. Been forever since I read them, hah, but I did love them a lot :) And A Monster Calls. Sigh. I adored that one too. Have yet to read More Than This, but I do own it, just need to get started ;p Thank you for sharing this awesome post Wendy. <3 WAAAIT! You haven't read the trilogy yet? SHAME ON YOU :D Just kidding. <3 But hah. I read it aaaages ago. And it is different. And awesome. Though my view on that might have changed by now, hah (A) but back then I loved them :) And I hope you will too, if you read them. <3
    Carina Olsen recently posted…Waiting on Wednesday #149

  20. Jenn G

    I think I need to try More Than This again – I think I was in a sleep-deprived state and couldn’t handle the first 30 pages of what-the-heck-is-going-on-he’s-alone?!? I did LOVE the Chaos Walking trilogy – the distinct character voices and story were so awesome. I blew through those books in a matter of days. And then couldn’t talk in a normal speech pattern for the next week (anyone else have that problem? I was counting ceiling tiles and sidewalk cracks for days after reading Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time).

  21. Ashley

    So many of the Bloggers and Booktubers I follow are reading and shouting the praises of Patrick Ness. I have been wanting to add all four of these books to my collection and will do so regardless if I win this giveaway or not.

  22. Elizabeth Bevins

    I’ve read The Knife of Never Letting Go. What a great title! I loved the book. I would like to read the rest of the series. Thank you so much.

  23. Melissa

    I read A Monster Calls and The Knife of Never Letting Go, but I haven’t yet read the rest of the series OR More Than This DDD:
    Unfortunately, I haven’t had a lot of time lately to pick them up at the local library *sadface*

  24. Vivien

    I absolutely ADORE Patrick Ness. A Monster Calls such a beautifully written and illustrated book. I love what he did with that. I first got into The Knife series by audiobook and was instantly HOOKED!!! I really do recommend giving it a listen. A whole new perspective. That series is one of the more though provoking YA that I’ve read. It is one that I want EVERYONE to read. I would give out copies if I had extras. I need the new editions so badly!!! Those extra goodies are a must have :)

  25. Trina Ruck

    I would love to win because I haven’t actually read anything by Patrick Ness (yet), but all of these books are on my TBR!

  26. Andrea

    I haven’t yet read anything by Patrick Ness, but his books have been on my list for a while, since I’m particularly drawn to YA Scifi. Nothing like having the books in hand to actually make the leap :)

  27. Peyton

    I love Patrick Ness. The Chaos Walking trilogy is one of my favorite series and When A Monster Calls was just heartbreaking. Chaos Walking also shows off his skill with writing really interesting dialects, so I want to read More Than This too.
    Peyton recently posted…Patrick Ness giveaway

  28. Miranda Lewis

    I’ve heard a lot of good about the Chaos Walking trilogy, would love to read it and see what everyone’s been talking about :) And I know its kind of sad how far behind I get on all the popular ones, I just get so caught up in major indie series or I take a stroll and re-read oldies that I read in high school just to see if they’re as great as I remember.

  29. Rebecca

    I’ve wanted to read the Chaos Walking trilogy for a while now. I’ve heard so many good things about those books and also about A MONSTER CALLS, but just haven’t gotten around to reading them. Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. Thomas

    Totally know what you mean when you describe Patrick Ness’s writing. I read the Chaos Walking trilogy and was blown away by the writing style, characterization, voice, all of the issues he incorporated… everything. I’d like to win just so I can get my hands on the new paperback edition of the trilogy and because I haven’t read More Than This yet. Which is a travesty in and of itself.
    Thomas recently posted…Why Gender Roles Start in the Womb

  31. Erin

    A Monster Calls turned me into an emotional mess, and the Chaos Walking trilogy broke me out of a really bad reading slump last year. I flew through the first two books really quickly, and having to wait for my hold on the third to come in was torture — it was worth it though, since it was wonderful.

    I haven’t read More Than This yet, but I’ve heard SO many great things about it. (Then again, it’s Patrick Ness; of course it’s going to be amazing!)
    Erin recently posted…Top Ten Books I Need To Read Already

  32. Paula

    I really want to participate but I’m Spanish so… :( I loved A Monster Calls, and I’ve been told that the rest of his books are amazing, so I’ll give them a chance someday. Oh and what’s the mark for this book?

  33. Sarah C.

    I have never read anything by Patrick Ness, but I would love the opportunity to try something new! And The Chaos Walking trilogy sounds intriguing! Being able to hear a dog’s thoughts? I’m in!
    Sarah C. recently posted…Review: Cress

  34. Precy Larkins

    A Monster Calls totally broke me into pieces–I was a mess after reading that book. I’ve read books 1 & 2 of the Chaos Walking trilogy (and looooved them), but book 3 is a slippery one–I could never find it in my local library and the hold is way too long, I’m still waiting for my turn. I absolutely adore Patrick Ness and his work. More Than This sounds awesome!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  35. Christina R.

    Haven’t read anything by him, but I know that everyone loves him and his books because they’re so full of interesting connections to reality.

    thank you so very much :)

  36. Valerie

    Oh man those covers look so fantastically beautiful and asdfghj I just have no words for them. I’ve been wanting to read Patrick Ness for so long, but sadly I haven’t had the time to get my hands on them! I’ve heard the trilogy is especially awesome, but then More than This is also amazing. Just…hahahah I need these!
    Valerie recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday #22

  37. Shannon

    Oh, I adore Patrick Ness. He is one of my all-time favorite authors. And I would just love to have a copy of the Chaos Walking series! I read it on my Kindle years ago, but to have the books, and to reread them would be so amazing!
    Shannon recently posted…Top Ten Books Touted as “Must-Reads”

  38. Sara

    I listened to The Knife of Never Letting Go on the way back home from PEI to Alberta (a week-ish long trip by car) with my mom, and it was such a good book that me and her couldn’t talk about much else during meal stops. It’s one of many audiobooks that we’ve enjoyed together, since she drove me to school for three years during high school, and this was the first chance we had to listen to another one together in a long time. I’d love to see how the story continues!

  39. Erin

    The Chaos Walking series is what got me back into reading. I have the trilogy on my iPad and I have been dying to get them in actual book form so I can put them on my shelf and love them even more! I read A Monster Calls and sobbed my way through it as well, but I have yet to read More Than This though I really really want to!

  40. jackie

    I recently read a rave review of a monster calls, written by A a Dellaira. Because I really enjoyed Deallaira’s debut novel, Love Letters to the Dead, I would love to read some on Ness’ work. Thanks for the giveaway!

  41. Riley Redgate

    Well, to be honest, I would love to win these because I’ve read and reread my Chaos Walking books practically to tatters. And, uh, cried on them so enthusiastically that some of the pages are virtually illegible. Also, I ADORE these cover redesigns and wish so deeply to own these versions! Ack.

    ugh, entering this is so selfish, i should wish the gift of ness upon somebody who hasn’t already been fortunate enough to read him … but i just. i just.

    i want them.

  42. Lacey

    I’ve never heard of these books before but they sound like they’re right up my alley! Thanks!!

  43. Nikki Robinson

    I’ve never read any of Patrick Ness’ books or even heard of them, so I’d Loke to win them so I can form an opinion. I know my fiancé has heard of him, so this might make a good gift for him if I win.

  44. Amanda P.

    I’ve heard such great things about the Chaos Walking series. I absolutely loved A Monster Calls. It was so different from anything I had every read, and I’m eager to read more of his work. I’ve also heard good things about More Than This, but I’m kinda scared to try it. I don’t know why, I’m afraid I won’t like it. Since I loved A Monster Calls, I guess thinking that I might not like one of his other books kinda bums me out lol. :)

    Amanda @ Of Spectacles and Books
    Amanda P. recently posted…DNF Review: Midnight Thief by Livia Blackburne

  45. Brit M.

    Every time I go looking for a new distopian book, The Knife of Never Letting Go is always comes up. The whole Chaos Walking series sounds good and something I’d enjoy. I don’t know why I haven’t read them yet. Thank you for this giveaway, a chance to get this series in my hands, I won’t be able to resist reading the series.

  46. Tabitha (Not Yet Read)

    woot! Some books that I’ve been meaning to read and as of yet have never gotten around to and gasp amazingly enough don’t already own. How could that ever even happen?!

    I’m totally down for some dreamy sci-fi, ahh yes that sounds lovely and what a mash of different elements. Count me in.
    Tabitha (Not Yet Read) recently posted…Guest Review: The Black Prism by Brent Weeks

  47. Eileen @ BookCatPin

    I’ve really wanted to pick up The Chaos Walking trilogy for a long time now because I’ve only ever heard people raving about them! I watch Booktube from time to time for book recommendations and this series has popped up on numerous occasions. It’s the one series that has been consistently on people’s top favourite series! I was waiting for the new editions since I heard about them and I can’t wait to explore this world myself! Thank you for the opportunity :)
    Eileen @ BookCatPin recently posted…Book Blitz & Giveaway: Pandora Boxed Set by various authors

    • Wendy Darling

      It’s been on mine forever as well! I actually checked it out from the library ages ago, but had to give it back before I could get to it.

  48. Kristy Petree

    I’m a bit mixed up, are there two bundles? If so, then I guess I’d prefer the “Chaos Walking series”, because I’ve heard and read quite a few good things about it. I’ve also heard good things about Patrick Ness in general, although I haven’t read any of his books yet (mainly because I don’t have any). Thanks for the giveaway chance. :)

    • Wendy Darling

      Oh dear, I guess I’d better edit the description, because you’re the second person who asked about this! It is, in fact, ONE bundle full of Patrick Ness-ness that includes all four of the books pictured. :)

  49. Amanda

    I’d really love to have the series. I have heard quite a bit about it and have wanted to read it for awhile. We will see how this goes. :D

    • Wendy Darling

      Hah, you sound cautiously optimistic–is that regarding the giveaway or the actual reading experience? :P Glad you entered the giveaway!

  50. Ann

    The Chaos Walking series has always been intriguing. I would love to read this series.

  51. Mia

    I absolutely loved “The Knife of Never Letting Go”! I’ve heard really good things about “More Than This” but I couldn’t find it at my library.

    • Wendy Darling

      I hope you like MORE THAN THIS as well, Mia. It’s one of those weirdo books that you might have trouble with if you need every single thing answered, but if you can go with the flow, it’s a terrific read.

  52. Nikki

    I have wanted to read the Chaos Walking series for a while now. Perfect opportunity!

  53. Emily

    I would want More Than This, although I would love either. Mostly because I have wanted to read it since I started seeing a lot of people a goodreads raving about it.

  54. Layla

    Um, weird / good timing! I just picked up “The Knife of Never Letting Go” a few days ago; a friend was describing it to me at a party last week and I couldn’t understand why I hadn’t read it already. Ridiculous. Anyway, what you’ve written about his other books now makes me want to read everything else!
    Layla recently posted…Patrick Ness giveaway

    • Wendy Darling

      I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t read this trilogy yet, either! So many friends love it, though, that I have to do it at some point.

      And yessss, you must read MORE THAN THIS and A MONSTER CALLS. The first is unusual “not much happens” type scifi, and the second is a very emotional experience for all but the very hard-hearted.