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April 22, 2014 2014, discussion post, K. 50

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Have you ever been disappointed by a book or a series’ ending? Have you ever been left dumbfounded and flabbergasted by a book’s finale? Perhaps even angry, or grieving or upset? Of course, you have. We all have those endings that we like to pretend never happened. We all have those series that we pretend were standalones…or standalones we pretend were never written.

This month, we’ve chosen to discuss such books. Painful as it is, we will rehash all these disappointing endings and bitter feelings. Why? Because we are humans and we love to vent when overcome with intense emotions. So join us but at your own risk…there will, obviously, be major spoilers.

Here we go…


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K.’s Disappointing Endings

The Gemma Doyle trilogy by Libba Bray was one of my earliest introductions into Young Adult and I enjoyed it immensely…even to this day, it stands as one of my most favourite YA series of all time. I was floored. Except for the ending of The Sweet Far Thing…specifically with what happened to my dear, darling, sexy Kartik. You see, he turned into a tree. Or his soul became the essence of some magical tree in the magical realm. But really, W. T. F. ? Everything else was divine. The last few paragraphs of that final book was beautiful and inspiring and so heartfelt. But my heart was breaking for Kartik because all he wanted was to be of use and fulfill his destiny…and apparently, his destiny was to become a tree.

The Unearthly series by Cynthia Hand is another series that I was absolutely obsessed with. It had depth, it had logic, and it had entertainment. And technically, I got what I wanted in the end — a happy ending and Clara ending up with Tucker. But it’s always about the journey not the destination, right? I felt that Boundless was rushed, less detailed, and a cop out in comparison to its predecessors. I don’t think it delivered what the first two books had promised. There was no great battle between good and evil; some of the characters were brushed aside; and Clara’s character arc seemed to have undergone a reversal. In the end, I feel many of the characters, and us as readers, were cheated. Le sigh.

The Delirium series by Lauren Oliver was another disappointment, almost starting from the ending of the first book. But that last book was such an unexpected failure in my eyes. It was never a favourite series but I like Oliver’s writing and thought the concept original. Nothing went right, really, in the third book.

Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman is book one in her Noughts and Crosses series. It is one of the most emotionally jarring books I have ever read. It is so incredibly heavy and serious one must be prepared to feel deep before venturing into its pages. The ending of this book made me cry not because it was bad, but because it was so real and so unfair that, for a moment, it made me hate life and everything in it. It made me see how the world works and I wept.


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Kim’s Disappointing Endings

Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi takes the cake for series enders that manage to both bore and enrage. I wasn’t a huge fan of the series to begin with, but man, I had hoped for better. I felt so terribly for those who were really invested in the series and felt like they’d been slapped in the face with Adam’s sudden and complete personality reversal. I was always enraged by the mere fact that Warner, Juliette’s captor, tormenter, stalker, and known child torturer, was considered even a potential love interest. Are you kidding me? Ignite Me managed to find an excuse and weasel out of every single one of Warner’s past transgressions. It just read like a creepy missive on how and why abusive behaviors really aren’t so bad and can be easily explained away. He only stalked you because he loved you, Juliette! No. A thousand times no.

Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas. Perhaps this is a strange one to include here because I do think the book itself is very good. The writing is solid and it’s a definite page turner, but the ending left me feeling so, so creeped out. Now, this was probably the actual point, but I hated the way I felt like I had to keep looking over my shoulder hours after I finished it. This is probably a ringing endorsement for those who enjoy that type of book. I am just not one of them. The ending also makes the somewhat sapphic aspects of the novel show in a poor light which never sits well with me. But I can’t talk too much on that. You’d just have to read it and see.

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Wendy’s Disappointing Endings

I’ve been disappointed in more series enders than I have individual books, so here are the ones that have made me wail, “Noooooo!” when I reached the final pages. In a way, this is sort of a compliment since it’s impossible to have feelings this strong unless you’re extremely invested in a series and what works for some won’t work for others. But here’s my list of endings I wish could be rewritten:

The Wolves of Mercy Falls by Maggie Stiefvater is probably the one it hurts most to talk about. I love Sam and Grace’s story so much, and as new characters were introduced and their story was further sidetracked, I got more and more upset. I went into a period of mourning after Forever was released, and I think it’s still the hardest review I’ve ever had to write.

The Shadow Reader by Sandy Williams made my top ten list for 2011 because of seriously swoon-inducing scenes and I loved that was a clear choice made at the end of this book! I expected that the triangle would then resurface a bit through the next two, but the way it was done still felt forced and frustrating to me.

Unearthly series by Cynthia Hand. I loved Unearthly, and I thought Hallowed was pretty perfect because it moved me tremendously and changed my mind in a way I didn’t think was possible. In fact, while I initially thought I’d be fine with whatever choice Clara made, the author did such a good job in changing my mind that I couldn’t get on board with what happened in Boundless. No, no, no. Especially with the magical thing that happens on top of that.


Strange Angels series by Lili St. Crow ended with the non-commital Reckoning. Not making a romantic choice is fine if all the steps feel emotionally true, but they did not in this case. It felt particularly disingenous considering how much of the focus was on the romance throughout the series.


Evernight series by Claudia Gray is pretty polarizing as well. I always liked the twist in the first book, though, as well as the infiltration of ghosts into the vampire world. It was a surprise that this series ended with the somber, heavy Afterlife; it felt like such a downer for something that was so dynamic to begin with, although I did like the spinoff Balthazar that came after it.


I also didn’t care for the Wicked Lovely ender (if that ultimatum had been issued sooner, it would have saved everybody a lot of time) or how the Sweep series devolved. And this is reaching back a bit, but a major one is Little Women! Man, I’m still cranky and sad thinking about all these endings.

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There you have it. A list of the books that left us in shock and in tears. Which books have disappointed you and dashed you expectations to pieces? Let us know below in the comments!

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50 Responses to “Discussion: Disappointing Endings”

  1. Eriele

    I agree with Ignite Me`s ending!

    The most recent book that disappointed me is The 100. It`s just filled with too much romance that left the good plot crashing, and I didn`t find the ending to be a cliffhanger. It`s like, the book finished in the (or not even) middle of a sentence.

  2. Sashana

    I was very disappointed in Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore especially since I enjoyed the other two books in the series. I felt like not a lot happened which is weird since the other two books were filled with actions and unique powers.

  3. J. Oh

    I’m feeling grateful that most of the books you mentioned are ones that I either wasn’t interested in reading, or was interested in reading but ended up deciding not to read, for some reason or another. Perhaps some subconscious bad-ending detector? I hope so, because disappointing endings are so hard for me!

    The first time I read Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell, the ending shocked me and made me really, really sad, especially given how much I had loved Mitchell’s writing for the most part, and the historical context of the Civil War. (I read this in ninth grade, and I think it was the first time I had read a book whose ending I hadn’t liked or at least been able to accept in some way.) It disappointed me so horribly that I actually had to reread it again only a few days after I had finished it, with the ending in mind, so that I would be able to come to terms with it. (Strange strategy, I know–and not one I’ve adopted since. Perhaps only with this one because it was a classic that I otherwise found a lot to like in, despite initially despising Scarlett quite a lot.)

    The ending of Allegiant by Veronica Roth, in the Divergent series, was also really disappointing to me. I understood, I think, some of the themes she was trying to explore, even before I had read her post about it, but for me, that didn’t change the fact that I didn’t find the ending at all satisfying. I felt like I had fallen in love with her characters, endured really difficult conflicts with them, and then ultimately saw them fail to get the reward all their suffering warranted.

    Similarly, the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I thought Mockingjay got really political (or maybe it was just me, as someone with a major concentration in Political Science?), warped characters around in ways I didn’t want, believe, or find justifiable, and robbed me of an ending that felt whole.

    Also, Ann Brashare’s Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series unraveled in a way that I no longer felt I trusted the books to end in a way I would find satisfying, such that I ended up stopping after book 3.

    I didn’t end up reading the next book, because I was confused/disappointed with the ending of Starglass by Phoebe North.

    I actually think there are quite a few, although the first ones I thought of were the ones that stuck with me most, which I have wished I could undo. To move away from disappointing endings, one author who consistently delivers the kind of endings I love is Shannon Hale (I just finished River Secrets and felt so, so pleased). And even Marissa Meyer, who takes her characters through more grueling troubles than I want them to face in the Lunar Chronicles, made up for it splendidly with the ending of Cress, at least in my book (pardon the pun).

  4. Mel@thedailyprophecy

    Unearthly & Delirium: yes. I was very disappointed by both endings. I don’t like it when a story abruptly ends like Delirium. I wasn’t a huge fan of the series to begin with either, but it went downhill so fast.. I was getting tired of the back and forth romance in the Unearthly series. Just make up your mind already! I get so annoyed when I don’t get a satisfying ending.

    Examples of books that did deliver: Ruins, The forever song, Harry Potter.
    Mel@thedailyprophecy recently posted…Early Review 256. Jennifer Donnelly – Deep blue.

  5. Valerie

    I loved hearing all your guys’s gripes! Haven’t read all these series, but man… yeah, some of these still sting. I think one of the things that hurt the most during the Gemma Doyle trilogy is that during the last book I was FRUSTRATED. Someone rang the doorbell while I was reading and I stomped off to get it, in this HORRIBLE mood–and it was all because of the book’s frustration’s. So I was kind of hoping for a happy ending for all my troubles!

    Boundless just stomped on my heart and made me cry only to sort of backtrack and say, “no, just kidding, you can have your heart back here you go it’s trampled a bit but it’s fine see?” I was so confused when the person turned out to be okay that I couldn’t enjoy them being okay at all.

    Allegiant was disappointing for me. A book that (probably) no one will know that had a good ending but a disappointing execution is “A Posse of Princesses” by Sherwood Smith. We were all geared up for a happily-ever-after and then somehow it became a commentary on teenagers jumping into relationships and the characters weren’t allowed to see each other for a few years…? Time jumps like that always make me lose interest. She’s still one of my favorite authors, though.
    Valerie recently posted…Once more unto the breach

  6. megan @ love literature art and reason

    Boundless was a little convenient and by the time I finished Hallowed I was over Tucker.

    I can’t believe Ignite Me was on this list. It is one of my favorite series. I love that Juliette and her perspective changed over the course of the series. I don’t believe Adam or Warner changed much, only Juliette’s perception of their character. And I found that to be clever, not disappointing. Warner wasn’t bad at all, if you really looked. He wasn’t abusive or rude to her ever. I reread shatter me after destroy me in order to kind of back track for perspective and found literally nothing wrong with his actions. I thought the author making me do a 180 was brilliant. I can’t believe it was on this list as a disappointing ending!!!

    I think a lot of endings suck because people don’t want the story to end and has more to do with that and less to do with the actual way it ends. I’m a huge fan of death or open endings, though, so it is rare that an ending bothers me.

    Great article. I think we all discover books with bad endings (mine is life of pi) and are emotional about how bad the ending was!
    megan @ love literature art and reason recently posted…Review–Onyx (Lux #2) by Jennifer Armentrout

  7. Melanie (YA Midnight Reads)

    K.: yes, Boundless was rather disappointing. Not too bad, but I had expected so much more from Hand. oh and Delirium! That ending had me WTF for a good while. Terrible ending, way too open ended.
    Kim: I see what you mean about Dangerous Girls, even though I absolutely loved the ending.
    Wendy: Gray was my gateway author to YA and reading in general, so I do love her books, even though flipping through them now makes me realise how much I’ve changed taste and view on them. Afterlight definitely was disappointing, now you come to mention it.

    Great post, ladies! <33
    Melanie (YA Midnight Reads) recently posted…Midnight Madness Newsletter (49)

  8. Jenny @ Reading the End

    BIG yes on the Libba Bray trilogy. It wasn’t just the thing with Kartik; I thought the ending as a whole was disappointing. I wanted more!

    I also thought the ending of I Capture the Castle was disappointing. I wanted to know more about what happens to poor Stephen. Poor Stephen! He gets such short shrift in that book, and he’s such a dear. He deserves better than Cassandra really.
    Jenny @ Reading the End recently posted…Review: The Lucy Variations, Sara Zarr

  9. Layla A

    Little Women for sure. Jo is so great and can do better and such.

    Harry Potter series – good God, the epilogue. Does everyone need to be paired off in neat couples? I hated having all of those narratives get closed off w/ little to no work. (As well as the implication that what *closes* a story — or provides a happy ending — is who someone gets married to. Bah!)

    I’m going to say that I also disliked the ending to Malinda Lo’s Ash – the novel sets up the expectation that the main character’s actions will have, you know, consequences and stuff, and then there aren’t, and it all just seemed to happen very suddenly.

    And I’m still mad about Kartik becoming a tree. I almost threw the book across the room.
    Layla A recently posted…The Shoal of Time (Micky Knight, #8)

  10. Elisa @ Leopards and Dragons

    I have been upset for ages about this one. An internet acquaintance recommended the Predator Cities/The Hungry City Chronicles series by Philip Reeve – the first book is Mortal Engines. I was suffering from insomnia that night so I got the e-book right away and started reading it.

    The set-up was quite interesting and the characters, especially Hester, were well developed and non-traditional. I was reading along, thinking that I was going to recommend the book to my son – then the ending happened. I don’t want to spoil it, but the ending was do bad that I wanted to launch my e-reader across the room. It made the entire rest of the book wholly irrelevant. If it was a paperback, it would have been launched out the second floor window (just FYI I take very good care of my books and don’t even like breaking spines).

    This was the first and only time I have returned an ebook a couple hours after buying it because I wanted to wipe it off my e-reader forever. There were so many places the story could have gone – instead the author opted for a Mythbusters style ending – BOOM!!! The protagonist centered morality was heavy throughout the book, but was also being explored – perhaps doing this isn’t right – which was one of the things I was liking – then suddenly, to heck with it, our protagonists are the only people who matter! ARGH! I have not been able to read anything else by Reeve since then.
    Elisa @ Leopards and Dragons recently posted…Anne of Green Gables Raffle at Midnight Garden

  11. La Coccinelle

    I just read Unearthly and was totally unimpressed. I went and read spoilers for the next two books. I don’t think I’ll be missing much by not continuing…

    I so rarely finish a trilogy. I get disappointed long before I get to the final book. But I can think of a few that were particularly disappointing: the Wondrous Strange trilogy by Lesley Livingston, the Darkest Powers trilogy by Kelley Armstrong, and The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. The first ended up convoluted yet boring (I couldn’t even tell you what happened in the last book… but I did read it, I swear!); the second was not an ending at all, but just a way to funnel readers into the next trilogy; and the third ended on such a depressing and pointless note that I felt like I’d wasted my time.

    • K.

      I really enjoyed Unearthly until the last book. It was one of my most anticipated series. I haven’t read two of the three you mentioned though I’ve heard unpleasant things about the Darkest trilogy…though to be honest, the covers put me off enough :/

      As for HG, I really really liked the ending. It was a very difficult and very heavy ending but considering the entire book was about war and such, I thought it was a terrible yet realistic and logical ending. I appreciated it, at the least, because I know Collins must have known it would turn many readers off.

    • K.

      I love the Gemma Doyle trilogy. Absolute one of my faves, and I didn’t exactly dislike the ending as a whole…it was just that particular ending for such a loved character of mine — which obviously affects the overall happiness of the MC.

      I liked Mockingjay. It was such a hard read but I thought it was brave of Collins. I don’t believe people who call her stupid or insensitive or whatever they say because of that ending. She stands by it and so do I. I’m sorry it wasn’t the same for you :(

      • Amanda

        I loved Mockingjay! It was probably my favorite in the series. I can understand why it garners so much hate, and I probably would have felt the same way if I read it back when I was a teenager (teenage me was not so keen on nuance and such). To me, it was so complex and messy and captured the true essence of a dystopia without lending itself to some of the typical tropes of the genre (teenage characters overcome all odds save the world, happy endings, overwraught love story, etc).

  12. Jasprit

    I’ve not read a lot of these series that you’ve mentioned, but yes I was disappointed with how the Unearthly series and Shatter Me series ended. I think I was more annoyed with Ignite Me, because of the way Adam’s character completely changed. This has happened to me before with one of Meg Cabot’s series and honestly its completely unnecessary at times :( There have been quite few standalones I’ve been disappointed with I think that’s mainly because the author decides to wrap the story in a neat pretty little bow, and I really do like my endings to be left open at times, with the readers able to make their own assumptions. This was once again another great discussion post ladies! Thanks for sharing! :(
    Jasprit recently posted…Review: Grave Mercy (His Fair Assassin #1) by Robin LaFevers

    • K.

      Hey Jasprit. I don’t think I like open-ended endings actually. I like a solid ending but I don’t like it in a nice pretty bow, either. I like them realistic to the story. I want them to be practical and true, whether it’s bittersweet or not.

  13. Kate

    The one book that was absolutely ruined by the ending was My Sister’s Keeper. I literally swore and threw the book down. I hate endings that make no sense and a bad ending can ruin an entire book for me. I was also disappointed (unpopular opinion time) in the last Harry Potter book, though I didn’t completely hate it, I just felt it was a bit rushed and she tried to put way too many elements into it. I also agree with Wicked Lovely (though I only read the first book). I was really bothered that Aislinn just kind of shrugged her shoulders and said “oh well, let’s just make the best of it” instead of fighting back against the ultimatum she received.
    Kate recently posted…bisexual-books:

    Congratulations to the Top 10 of the 2014…

    • K.

      I haven’t read My Sister’s Keeper, though I did see the movie, but I see you had a really bad reaction to it, haha. I agree with the final book of HP. I love that series and I love ALL the books but I know what you mean. There was a lot going on and I was disappointed at how THIN it was! I’m still not sure if I liked the epilogue. Sometimes, I do. Sometimes, I don’t.

    • Layla A

      UGH YES My Sister’s Keeper! I still get mad thinking about that one!

      It irritates the hell out of me because the entire book is about Anna’s agency + rights to / over her own body but the ending totally diminishes that. (Through the reveal that the entire story is actually scripted (on multiple levels) by Kate, and then that her death gets *used* to orchestrate a cloying and weepy conclusion to the novel.) UGH FOREVER.
      Layla A recently posted…The Shoal of Time (Micky Knight, #8)

      • Kate

        I KNOW! The ending was a gimmick to induce shock value and I found it wholly unsatisfying. I was really glad the movie fixed the ending. I refuse to ever read another Jodi Piccoult book after that travesty.
        Kate recently posted…Still in Florida

  14. Angel (Spare Reads)

    I have seen lots of people saying the same thing about Ignite Me, which is one of the big reasons why I’m still hesitant about starting that series. I’m still super curious about the plot though, because even though the ending is disappointing, the characters sound pretty great in the beginning. So I don’t know, I might try it out :P
    Angel (Spare Reads) recently posted…Review: This Song Will Save Your Life

    • K.

      I feel exactly the same as you, Angel. I’m curious about the series but I’ve read and heard of some bad reviews of the whole series, not just the final book. I guess it won’t hurt to try but the reasons why people hate the book are the same pet peeves I have with others…

  15. Ranee Stemann

    I couldn’t agree more about the Delirium series. The final book made me want to forget the entire series. I also agree about the Evernight series, although it’s been a while so I can’t remember it too clearly. I’m on board with those who mentioned Allegiant. It was such a slow moving novel and it felt contrived from the very beginning. I knew exactly what she was going to do when I opened it up and saw the alternating POV’s when the first two were solely in Tris’s POV.
    Ranee Stemann recently posted…Review of Rebel Belle

    • K.

      The Delirium series was such a let down. I got really annoyed with the whole love triangle thing but I really did start to like Julian and thought that that was where she was going with in terms of two people “saving each other”…but I guess not. I’ve only read the first book in the Divergent series. I already had some issues with it and wasn’t in love with any of the characters so I kind of just let it fall on the wayside.

  16. Miranda

    Wendy, spot on as usual. Forever and Boundless were both such letdowns. Forever in particular – I basically skimmed it, because I just didn’t care at all. Wish I’d seen your review first and had just stopped after Shiver! I am so, so hopeful that Maggie doesn’t let me down with Raven Cycle books 3 and 4…

    • K.

      I’m really interested in the Raven Cycle…I can’t wait to start it. I read Shiver and was vehemently warned against the rest of the series. So on Shiver I stop. Boundless…oh Boundless. That was one of my favourite series going in and the finale was just so different from what I expected and wanted.

  17. Dana @ The Nerdy Journalist

    Allegiant and Ignite Me were my most recent failed finales.
    I loved the first books in both series, but UGH! I honestly can’t believe authors can go from writing the most amazing books ever to writing… I don’t know how to describe those two books.
    The whole JuliettexWarner relationship was contrived and disgusting and UGH!
    And Allegiant… all of Tris’s character development went to waste.
    Dana @ The Nerdy Journalist recently posted…Open Road Summer by Emery Lord

    • K.

      Wow, strong feelings for Allegiant, Dana. I heard from Wendy and Kate that the movie was a huge improvement from the book. I think the series has an interesting concept, its just the execution people aren’t entirely impressed with. But hey, the author is younger than me so I can’t say anything!

  18. Emma

    I was SO disappointed with Alligant. Divergent and Insurgent were great but Alligant!!! Just WHY!!!!! There was no need!!!! I am so messed up by it I can’t even bring myself to write a review of Alligant because the only words I can think to write are why why why!

    ooo this does feel good.

    Emma recently posted…Essence

    • K.

      Haha, Emma. I’m hoping the movies satisfy you better, which I heard is the case. I found the book to be a little too hard to believe at times…and really, just silly. But the movie looks great. Haven’t watched it myself yet but its on my to-do list.

  19. Kate @ Ex Libris

    It’s funny, but I have always, always been disappointed in the ending of Little Women, but since it was one of THE BOOKS of my childhood, I never wanted to say that, but here I go: I am, and will always be, a Jo/Laurie(Teddy) shipper! Forever!!!!!!

    I generally agree with what everyone said above, adding in Allegiant because, as far as I’m concerned, too few people died :-/

    I actually loved the ending of Boundless, but the entire book was pretty weak compared to the rest of the series.
    Kate @ Ex Libris recently posted…Love Letters To The Dead By Ava Dellaira

    • K.

      I had a problem with mostly everything in Boundless. It just didn’t seem to have the dedication the other two books had and it was so disappointing.

      I’ve never read Little Women but I saw the movie and I agree with you about Jo and Laurie. I always thought it was strange (and gross since I saw it as a child) that Jo married such an older man…I mean, I get WHY she did but no.

  20. Pili

    Hmmm, I have to agree with you guys on Boundless… I wasn’t exactly happy how everything was resolved, not after all the conflict introduced in the second book, only to be solved like nothing freaking happened! Grrrr… they could have spared me the pain!
    Pili recently posted…Mini Reviews: Mitosis & The Boy In The Smoke!!

    • K.

      Exactly, Pili! In the end of Hallowed, I felt like Clara was preparing for something big, like a battle but there wasn’t really. I’ve forgotten the specifics but I feel like Boundless was an introduction to the final book. It could’ve been a novella to accompany the series or something but certainly not the final installment of what was a legitimately good series. AY!

  21. Brenda

    The Hunger Games- Mockingjay was such a let down. I felt like Katniss was transformed into this entirely different person and didn’t care for how the love triangle was resolved.

    • K.

      Hey Brenda. I don’t feel like Katniss was transformed too much though I did feel a change in her focus and priorities BUT I think it just happens when ALL that happens to a person — and Katniss experiences a lot. What I couldn’t understand was how so broken she was in comparison to Peeta who lost all members of her family, while she still had her mother and (relatively) Gayle and his family. Then again, Katniss experienced things Peeta didn’t and had other pressures and such. Too much to say!

  22. Carrie-Anne

    The endings of Doctor Zhivago and Tender Is the Night were meaningless dead-ends that didn’t give any real sense of closure or satisfaction, no feeling we’d really reached the end of the story. Each book just kind of ended in the middle of things.

    Parts Seven and Eight of Anna Karenina should’ve been switched for a more natural, satisfying conclusion. Why are we supposed to believe Levin, who spent the entire book as a committed agnostic, suddenly up and finds religious faith out of nowhere? And why not end with the title character’s demise, instead of having that in Part Seven and never speaking of it in Part Eight?

    War and Peace should’ve ended with Part Seven. Part Eight was just painful and boring to read. It had absolutely nothing to do with anything that had happened over the previous thousand-plus pages. I was also really angry that Nikolay married that annoying religious fanatic Mariya instead of his longtime sweetheart Sonya.

    The Haj, by Leon Uris, kind of all fell apart in the last 50 or so pages. All of a sudden, the entire story unraveled, characters started acting really out of character, and everything just went off in a really weird direction. It’s almost as though he thought, or were told by his editor, that it were getting too long, so he just decided to wrap things up asap without bringing the story to its natural, logical conclusion.
    Carrie-Anne recently posted…Surabaya, Indonesia

  23. Marianne @ Boricuan Bookworms

    Thank goodness I realised there were spoilers before reading on. Haha! I still haven’t finished the Shatter Me series, so I’m not sure what to think. I was pretty content with the Unearthly ending, because I was so on board the Tucker ship since the beginning! However I do think that the ending was too “perfect” and everything seemed to click too conveniently. The Delirium series really disappointed me. I loved Delirium, tolerated Pandemonium, but then Requiem made me want to forget about the series all together. I understood why the ending was so open, but it felt like an easy way out.
    Marianne @ Boricuan Bookworms recently posted…Review: Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan

    • K.

      I love that Clara ended up with Tucker too Marianne but I didn’t want it that way. It was almost like an afterthought and there was so much back and forth between herself, Tuck and Christian that it became boring and tedious. Delirium? I hear ya. I don’t think the ending was too open. You see people fighting back and she definitely went back to Alex (though I don’t know why…)

  24. Jessica Cooley

    Why is it that final books are often so horrible? Do author’s choke? Do they want to throw us off our game – be different? Who knows. I guess that’s another blog post. Some series that have made me hostile are:

    Divergent – the final book was so poorly written I wanted to cut it up and make paper birds with it so it could fly away from me forever.

    Hunger Games – I liked the very end of Mockingjay but not the rest of it, poor Katniss took a backseat if felt like

    The Chronicles of Narnia – I know it’s reaching back but it scarred me forever. Susan is kicked out of Narnia forever?! She is booted from heaven forever?! WTF?!

    By the way, I wish I had heard how horrible Delirium ends before I started it…oh well. ^_^
    Jessica Cooley recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday – Females Who Rock

    • K.

      I don;t know Jessica, I just don’t know. It’s like being friends with a person for a period of time and then they do something completely out of character and you think, did I know you at all? WHY?! Anyway, HG, I kind of know what you mean about Katniss. I felt like she was a puppet for a lot of it but I’m glad you felt satisfaction in the ending as well :) I don’t think there’s many of us out there. As for Narnia…I’ve only read the first book :/

  25. Bethzaida (bookittyblog)

    So agree about Forever. The first 200 pages were so boring and I didn’t get enough Grace and Sam. I actually enjoy the secondary characters a lot more than the main couple. But oh well. I loved Shiver and that’s how I’ll remember one of my favorite couples ever.
    Bethzaida (bookittyblog) recently posted…Written in Red by Anne Bishop Review

  26. Danielle Binks

    I agree, this will be cathartic.
    For me, it’s the ending to Jenny Han’s ‘Summer’ series – ‘Well Always Have Summer’. The total character assassination of Jeremiah for, what felt like, the purposes of a neatly-tied up, happily ever after ending for our heroine and her original leading fella. It stills angers me when I think about how much I invested in that series and so looked forward to the third and final book, only to be in a reading-anger from about page 15 onwards.
    Danielle Binks recently posted…Magabala Books and the importance of Indigenous YA literature

    • K.

      Haha, Lory. I’ve been warned against the rest of that series by too many people that I’m convinced.