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Alright, can we all just gather round, we’re about to have a very serious conversation.

Leading men of YA have made us laugh, cry, swoon, drool, hate the utter unfairness of reality. Some of us like bad boys, some good boys, some a healthy mix of both. Some of us like them damaged, some like them adorably innocent. Many of them out there are cliches. They smile from the corner of their lips because they don’t know how to smile properly. But sometimes, some of them are done just right.

This year’s Literary Swoon is Favorite Fictional Crushes. We are here today to thoroughly discuss the shiz out of this topic. Yesterday’s post featured some of our favorite authors and their crushes. Today, it is our turn. So sit back and relax. And most definitely enjoy.

~ K.


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K.’s Fictional Crushes

K Swoon Jonah Griggs from Jellicoe Road
Kartik from the Gemma Doyle Trilogy
Mal from The Grisha series
Ed from Graffiti Moon
Tom from The Piper’s Son
Jericho Barrons from the Fever series

I don’t know necessarily if I have a type — even in real life I can be a bit contradictory — but I know one thing: I like a man with passion behind him. All these guys have something driving him in whatever journey he’s in. There’s a weight on his shoulders, a burden, but it’s the way he handles it that impresses me. The way he carries his worries and shoulders on through life. It’s noble and admirable and sexy as hell.

Jonah, Ed, and Tom all carry shame in their being yet they still find strength to summon laughter and playfulness from themselves. Sometimes it’s a defense mechanism, true, but each of them (however deep it goes, Tom) still carry hope, too. Mal and Kartik have a sense of destiny about them. This feeling of purpose. No matter how tragic it may be, they believe in honor and duty…sometimes painfully so. And each of them are a true and worthy match for our heroines. Hallelujah! They compliment and encourage. They protect but they don’t pamper. They are not men to lean on but men to stand beside.

And Jericho? Well, I’m no prude.


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Kate’s Fictional Crushes

Kate Swoon 2014I read over 200 romance novels a year, so this was a tough list for me to make. I love SO MANY boys from books, but my top literary crushes tend to be what I call Effortless Alpha Males. People naturally turn to these boys for leadership, but they seem to exist outside society, following their own rules. They have a lot of acquaintances, but few close friends. They are not afraid to pursue their ladies of choice for years if necessary, and they are fiercely loyal.

Connor Cobalt from Kiss the Sky / the Addicted series by Krista and Becca Ritchie

I’m so glad Connor and Rose got their own book, because they are my favorite characters in this fantastic NA series. Connor is a gorgeous genius–he may be on the autism spectrum–who runs his family’s multimillion dollar corporation in New York while attending Wharton Business School in Pennsylvania. He’s really experienced sexually, but he pursues Rose for several years and then dates her for a while without pressuring her about sex/losing her virginity. And once she does it is super duper HOT. Connor is honest and blunt to the point of rudeness, and he has a great sense of humor. He functions brilliantly under stress. I love him.

Joscelin from Kushiel’s Dart / Phedre’s Trilogy by Jacqueline Carey

Joscelin is a member of an ancient order of knights who are also priests, so he has taken a vow of chastity. Which works out great until he falls in love with the world’s most famous courtesan. Joscelin is strong, smart, loyal, and really devout in his faith, even after he breaks his vows. Hector from the Fire and Thorns trilogy feels like he’s based on Joscelin.

Rhett Butler from Gone with the Wind

This is a bit of a “The first cut is the deepest” choice. I read Gone with the Wind for the first time when I was nine years old, and I was OBSESSED WITH Rhett. His ability to see through Scarlet’s pretenses and really understand her and love her for who she is as a flawed, strong-willed woman is really appealing. His ability to read people makes him a successful, canny businessman, as well. He and Connor, my top pick here, are pretty similar characters in a lot of ways.

Runners up:

Nahadoth from The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N.K. Jemisin
Adam from Where She Went by Gayle Forman
Dracos from Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison

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Kim’s Fictional Crushes
kim swoon
I had a surprisingly difficult time with this list, I have to say. It, perhaps oddly, felt super personal to share these. I’m also pretty behind on recent YA books. Do let me know which boys I absolutely cannot miss out on. :)

My heart will always have a special place for kind, compassionate, and sweet Peeta Mellark. I am (only somewhat) ashamed to admit that my chosen ship is often the only thing that is “make or break” for me in a story. Peeta was just so sweet and HG was my first foray back into the YA world. That first real heart clench I’d felt in such a long time.

Now here’s someone much more my actual type: Raffe. Mysterious, bad ass, secretly kind and caring. Oh, and hot.  Raffe’s carefully built reserve, in combination with the tiny cracks throughout the book and its breakdown in the climax of Angelfall, absolutely cemented him into my “Favorite Boys” pantheon. With Raffe being largely absent, World After was a little disappointing to me. What can I say? I am not a complex person.

Finally, we have the true king of my heart, Chaol Westfall, from the Throne of Glass series. Initially the silent and stoic type, it’s such a joy to watch Chaol’s guarded demeanor slowly fade away as the series progresses. Strong, honorable, loyal to a fault, kind, and just plain good. He brings Celaena chocolate cake in the middle of the night to cheer her up. He is perfect.

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Wendy’s Fictional Crushes

Wendy Swoon 2014You know all about my island where all the pretty fictional YA boys roam freely like ponies, right? If you’re very nice, I might invite you to come and play with them. They like to have company.

I have a rather embarrassing number of fictional crushes, but some of my absolute favorites include the ones from the following series:

Archer Cross from the Hex Hall
Sam Roth from the Wolves of Mercy Falls
Gilbert Blythe from Anne of Green Gables
Tarver Mendelson from Starbound
Tod from Soul Screamers
Raffe from Angelfall
Christian Prescott from Unearthly
Dimitri Belikov and Adrian Ivashkov from Vampire Academy
Sturmhond from Grisha
Will Herondale from Infernal Devices

If you look over my list, I most definitely have a type. My favorite YA boys are the ones who are quick-witted and adventurous, who charm with careless humor while hiding secrets as well: Will, Sturmhond, Adrian, Archer all fall into this category. I also have a thing for strong alpha males, which manifests most of the time when I’m reading romance novels or adult urban fantasy, but also shows up a little bit now and again in the form of someone like Raffe. And Sam has my heart because he’s so romantic and poetic and pained.

But no matter what their surface appeal, underneath each and every male character I love, there’s an honorable and dependable soul who cares deeply about the people around him, and who would do anything for his girl, short of compromising his principles. (Well, we have yet to see what’s going on with Sturmhond. But I feel he has possibilities. SO MANY POSSIBILITIES.) Gilbert and Christian and Tod and Tarver and Dimitri all help their love interests grow considerably into the women they want to be, and to me, that’s a huge part of a healthy, lasting relationship. So the traits I admire about fictional males aren’t all that different from the things I love about guys in real life: intelligence, humor, loyalty, and bone-deep kindness and decency.

And hey, it never hurts if these qualities come with a swooningly romantic nature or soul-stealing kisses, either.

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Now, I’m sure you’ve all just added a few more titles into your TBR list, haven’t you? We know we have! Please, for the sake of all that is sexy, comment below and tell us who your fictional crushes are (because we know you have more than one!) and let us all expand our collection of cute guys! That sounded wrong.

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prone to crushes on boys in books

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95 Responses to “Literary Swoon: Our Fictional Crushes!”

  1. Alyssa

    Do you know….I haven’t read most of these books that list your favorite crushes?! I mean, literally I have maybe read 2. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME. *adds them all to the TBR* I HAVE read Shadow and Bone (have not yet read Siege and Storm) and THE DARKLING 4EVAH…but I hear there is a privateer who I will love shortly ;)

    Thanks for the new recommendations!
    Alyssa recently posted…On the Same Page: Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor

  2. Irene

    Thanks for making this post! Now I’ve got a whole list of new books to check out.

  3. Meg Cook

    I totally agree with: Sam Roth from the Wolves of Mercy Falls, Jonah from Jellicoe Road and of course, Peeta from THG, oh Peeta. You are most certainly my type.

    I would say that growing up it was all about Char from Ella Enchanted. He and Mr. Darcy were my standards for love from age 10 and on.
    Meg Cook recently posted…John Green, Gateway Author

  4. Carina Olsen

    JONAH!!! I love The Jellicoe Road. I need to re-read it again. <3 It's simply beautiful. AND MAL!!! Yesss. Thank you for loving Mal. <3 I need more people to love Mal, hih :) And ohh. PEETA. It breaks my heart the way Katniss treated him. I was happy with the ending, but I hated how she never seemed to love him. SOB. I will not re-read those books. I will not. Though it has been years.. hmm. AND WILL! Will Herondale. Sigh. He is simply the best. <3 Though his ending breaks my heart as well. Grrr. But he's so awesome. Sigh. There is so many of those books that I have not read yet. But hopefully soon :D Anyway. Thank you all so much for sharing this awesome post :D I loved reading it all. <3
    Carina Olsen recently posted…Waiting on Wednesday #123

  5. Courtney J. Hall

    Gilbert Blythe was my first literary crush and the yardstick against whom all real-life boyfriends were subsequently measured. When I found the one who came the closest, I married him.

    More recent literary crushes have been Jace Wayland and Four from the “Divergent” series. It takes a lot for me to fall for a fictional guy, which is why my list isn’t longer, but those two grabbed me from their very first appearance on the page. Especially Four. Yum.

  6. Lauren @ Love is not a triangle

    I don’t even know how to comment on this because I’m swooning so hard from all of these crushes. Basically I AGREE. Wendy, thanks for including Christian. That boy still has my heart. I’LL TAKE HIM CLARA. K, I agree 100% with your boy choices. Kate, Hector is one of my forever favorite guys. I love Adam too. Kim, Peeta and Raffe would make my list too. LOVE this.
    Lauren @ Love is not a triangle recently posted…The Winner’s Curse Blog Tour + Giveaway Interview with author Marie Rutkoski

  7. Jaime

    Archer!! Raffe!!! Sturmhond!! *sigh* I love so many on these lists! I have to admit I haven’t yet read Anne of Green Gables, BUT I have just ordered it because I’ve been told that I need to experience the swoons of Gilbert. LOL

    Great lists from everyone!!

    Jaime recently posted…REVIEW: The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski

  8. Alyssa

    I just read On the Jellicoe Road last weekend, & I love Jonah.
    I know its totally cliche, but Mr. Darcy is pretty awesome too!
    Alyssa recently posted…I Love

  9. Lyn Kaye

    WENDY! You listed Christian! YAH YAH YAH! I LOVED him so much! And now I want to cry because I found another Christian lover!

    I love that Raffe ended up on this list twice! He is just a literary hunk of MAN!

    Kate, I haven’t read any of those books. :( But I do love movie Rhett.

    K, same goes for you – I haven’t read any of those books. ACK!
    Lyn Kaye recently posted…Bekka’s 3rd Blogoversary!

  10. Melanie (YA Midnight Reads)

    I think my fictional crushes are quite alike Wendy’s.

    – Nico DiAngelo (Percy Jackson series) also Percy but he’s Annabeth’s and she’d kick my ass
    – Christian (Unearthly)
    – Bradan (On the Fence)
    – Archer (Hex Hall)
    – Tarver (These Broken Stars)
    – Chaol (Throne of Glass)

    I can’t think of any other major ones right now but yes, there they are! <33
    Melanie (YA Midnight Reads) recently posted…Midnight Madness Newsletter (40)

    • K.

      When I look at the Percy Jaconson series I just find it way too young for me to even get into it. But everyone seems to going on about it. I’ve never heard of On the Fence. I tried reading Hex Hall but I actually got sidetracked and had to return it to the library, haha! And the last two books are definitely on my TBR list so hopefully I get around to it soon. Seems like great picks, though.

  11. Layla A

    Many of these I don’t know, but JOSCELIN from the Kushiel books. YES.

    And for me, also Phedre and Sidonie. Jacqueline Carey’s characters are the greatest.
    Layla A recently posted…Ash

    • K.

      Hmm..I’ve heard of Carey but never even tried reading her stuff. Those are quite odd names, though. I’ll have a look on Goodreads. I’m always down to meet new sexy imaginary guys.

      • Layla A

        There are lots of attractive imaginary boyfriends in Carey’s books, Joscelin among them!

        I really, really love her speculative fiction-y stuff – e.g., Santa Olivia and its sequel, Saints Astray. It’s about: werewolves! genetic experimentation! dystopia! immigration! and girls falling in love!! I loved it.
        Layla A recently posted…Blood Promise (Vampire Academy, #4)

  12. Rachel

    Tom from Piper’s Son, Jericho Barrons from the Fever series, Dimitri & Adrian from VA, and Ed from Graffiti Moon are all favorites of mine, too! But seriously, I just have WAY too many book boyfriends (shhh, don’t tell my husband, lol!) that it would be impossible to list them all. I have several new heart throbs to add to my list from The Amour et Chocolat series by Laura Florand. *sigh* Great post and picks, ladies! :)
    Rachel recently posted…Review & Giveaway: The Chocolate Kiss (Amour et Chocolat #2) by Laura Florand

    • K.

      Oh, Rachel, that would’ve been such a great title: Book Boyfriends! And don’t worry, this list is just our ABSOLUTE MUST PICK OR DIE TOP LIST because there are waaaay more of them. Way more.

  13. Summer/Sunny

    I always seem to agree with all of ya’ll’s picks, especially when it comes to fictional males ;) Chaol, Adam, Gil…*swoon* And then I know for others, I need to catch up on my reading asap because they sound amazing. Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day!
    Summer/Sunny recently posted…The Dos and Don’ts of YA Romance

  14. Elizabeth

    Oh my gosh! I was so surprised when I saw Joscelin mentioned on this list!! He’s definitely one of my favourite book crushes because…well..he’s amazing! Also that series (at least the Phédre ones, I’m not sold on the Imriel books, although maybe the last one will change my mind) is probably my favourite thing I discovered last year (other than Throne of Glass. Chaol <333)
    Elizabeth recently posted…Echo Prophecy (Echo Trilogy #1) – Lindsey Fairleigh

  15. Marianne @ Boricuan Bookworms

    I just finished World After, and that just solidified my love for Raffe! Other than Raffe, I’ve got to say I’m in love with Tucker from the Unearthly series (Christian gets on my nerves sometimes), Adam from the If I Stay series, Tarver from the Starbound series (SWOON), Peeta Mellark, and maybe any guy from the Pushing the Limits series? Haha.
    Marianne @ Boricuan Bookworms recently posted…Fashion by the Book: An Introduction!

    • K.

      I just bought Angelfall after how many years of people raving about it? I’m so excited but now scared…what if I don’t like it? And Tucker WOULD be on my list. He’s probably the next guy I would’ve added. And the only reason I have anything against Christian is because he’s a GOOD match for Clara and IS a threat. But my heart belongs to Tuck, just like Clara says :)

      As for this Peeta business — I find him way too good to be true. He’s too sweet. Too perfect. Gale all the way. Which is why I hated how he was treated at the end of Mockingjay. Good book otherwise though.

  16. Heather@The Flyleaf Review

    My fictional crushes you ask, why sure! I’d love to add to ya’ll’s illustrious list!

    Joe Fontaine- The Sky is Everywhere–he tops every book boy list I ever draw up. PERFECTION.
    Willem- Just One Day and Just One Year
    Dimitri- The VA series
    WARNER- Shatter Me series
    Sean- The Scorpio Races
    Cole St. Clair- The Wolves of Mercy Falls
    Alex Fuentes- Perfect Chemistry
    Marcus Flutie- Jessica Darling series
    Hector- Fire and Thorn series
    Etienne- Anna and the French Kiss

    I don’t think I have a type–these guys are all pretty different! Some are alpha males, some are musically gifted, some have hot accents, some are bad boys. I kinda like them all. I guess I like them a little complicated–none of these guys are perfect–all of them have some baggage they carry:)

    This was such a fun post to read–and yes–definitely adding some of your hot boy rec’s to my TBR :)
    Heather@The Flyleaf Review recently posted…Happy Valentine’s Day :)

    • K.

      Haha, Heather, I found it hard to choose because there are so many different kinds of guys that are crush worthy! Anyway, I hear a lot of good things about this Hector guy. Hmm… will check him out.

  17. Melliane

    Oh yes, Jecelin, Sam and Jericho, I love them all! It’s a great choice! For the others I couldn’t tell much because I haven’t read the books but I should to discover them!
    Melliane recently posted…Stacking the Shelves #81

    • K.

      I know right, Melliane? So many books I’ve never read or heard of were mentioned. That’s why I love these posts, its a great way to recommend new books to people. Otherwise, we’d just be annoying if we kept telling people what to read ;)

  18. Emily

    CHRISTIAN!! Oh I love that boy so much :( I can’t believe that Clara wouldn’t choose him!! WHY? D: My heart still cannot get over it :'( But I love Raffe to bits too, and Sturmhond too! I definitely love the boys with snark and humor in them :) Thanks for sharing, all of you! :D And Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day!! <33
    Emily recently posted…And We Stay by Jenny Hubbard

    • K.

      Because she loves Tucker!!! I wasn’t so happy with Hand’s third book. It was definitely a bit of a let down. I also didn’t like how Christian was treated in the end. Happy Belated Valentines Day to you too, Emily!

    • K.

      Maybe I should’ve written MEN OF THE GRISHA SERIES because I picked Mal but of course The Darkling has an irresistible intrigue about him. So I get it. But still…he’s evil. Did people forget that? Haha!

  19. Nomes

    I am definitely a huge fan of Jonah Griggs, Tom, and Ed (3 Aussie boys <3)

    And YAY for some love for Christian. I love him so much from the Unearthly series — he is definitely my type 100%

    I have also love Gil forever

    Not on this post? Rafa from Paula Weston's series is seriously amazing. I always love Jaclyn Moriarty's boys. They are always cheeky and sweet and real and sexy

    • K.

      I didn’t realise so many of my men are Aussies, haha! I haven’t read the rest of Paula Weston’s series but I’m already nursing a budding crush on Rafa. Let’s see what will come of it after the second book comes out here in North America.

  20. Jessica Cooley

    Ah! Swoon! These are such great picks! I don’t know all of them but after a bit of research they are all pretty wonderful. Wendy’s choices are my favorites though. We share two: Dimitri and Gil! I’ve loved Gil for longer than I can remember. I’ve been thinking about my list…it’s sooo difficult. This list inspired me to create my own list but it’s still in progress. This is the very rough start of it –
    Gilbert – Anne of Green Gables
    Laurie – Little Women
    Dimitri – Vampire Academy
    Charles – Mercy Thompson World
    Bran – Mercy Thompson World

    The rest are in progress. Very inspiring list ladies! You’ve got my wheels turning!
    Jessica Cooley recently posted…Eleanor & Park: Book Review

    • K.

      Okay, so I’ve never read Little Women but I did see the movie and I had a crush on Laurie too! Never read Mercy Thompson World but now thank you for the rec :)And YES, my list is definitely still in progress haha!

    • K.

      Happy Valentines Day Kimba! And who doesn’t love a guy who cares and protects? That’s all we really want in the end, no?

    • K.

      Ooo Levi! I thought he was quite mysterious…I just couldn’t read him sometimes just like Cath. I thought maybe he WAS just flirting with her but had no real intention of being with her and that’s a big NO NO. He turned out okay in the end, though ;) Massive Crush right there. I loved that book by the way. I haven’t read the other two but they’re also on my TBR list. Gosh, I have so many to get through after this post.

  21. Lindsey

    Oh my goodness, you guys, just reading your posts gives me the swoons!

    First of all, Rhett Butler, YES. Why didn’t Scarlet realize the hunk of manly man right in front of her? Ashley was such a wimp and I hated how he teased Scarlet and all the while Rhett was in the shadows loving Scarlet and all her faults. (THAT ENDING THOUGH!)

    Will Herondale happens to hold my heart captive at the moment. I love a guy who reads and appreciates the language of sarcasm and if he happens to be tall, dark and handsome than the deals done. I’m sold.

    Sturmhold, no explanation necessary. ;)

    Great post, ladies! :)
    Lindsey recently posted…Bookish News: Young Adult Novels and Swearing

    • K.

      Who can resist Will? The only reason I didn’t include him is because I haven’t finished that series. But when I do, I’m sure he’d make it on my list ;)

    • K.

      Anne of Green Gables role playing? That’s brilliant! They should have that for other books!

  22. Jenna

    I’m going to add some lavender flavor here with my list. ;)

    Gemma Doyle – first of all, those long coppery curls are irresistible. Also, this girl’s quick wit captured my heart immediately. Plus, she’s magic!

    Jane Fairfax – I love her mysteriousness. I love her intelligence and her classy way of avoiding a topic she doesn’t want to talk about. I love her love of the Post Office.

    Katsa – swoon, swoon, and extra swoon.

    • K.

      I love Gemma!! I thought she was a very relatable character. She’s admirable but without being righteous. She’s flawed and she has petty thought but she grows so much throughout the book!

      I don’t know Jane but will check that one out. And Katsa is definitely one impressive girl.

      Have you read the Fever series because the protagonist there is one of the best I’ve ever read. Ever.

      • Jenna

        I just love Gemma’s cleverness with a hint of sarcasm. The same can be said for all of my choices, actually – I love a feisty girl with a sharp tongue. ;)

        Jane Fairfax is from Jane Austen’s “Emma.” (Why did she name a character after herself? We’ve spent many discussions on this in English class.)

        No, I haven’t read the Fever series. I just looked it up. I’ve had some bad luck with urban fantasy, but if you recommend it, I’ll check it out. I see the series is available on audio, and I tend to get to audio books a lot quicker. I’ll add it to the list. :)

  23. Jasprit

    Oh ladies I LOVE this post, because there’s nothing more I enjoy more than discussing my fictional crushes with someone, my sister doesn’t read very many books, maybe one a year if even that, so lately I’ve been book pushing onto my best friend and the best chats we get to have are when we can fangirl over fictional crushes and lay claim to them (of course they should all belong to me, as I was the first person to introduce my best friend to them in the first place!). I don’t think I have a typical type either, they just need to be someone who can make me laugh when I’m feeling down or swoon with their sweet lines. I have to agree that Raffe and Barrons would definitely make it to my swoon list, along with Rafa from Paula Weston’s series, Alex from Sarah Alderson’s Lila series and of course Michael Moskowitz! Thank you for another brilliant post, I can’t wait to go and add all the books you’ve mentioned to my tbr now! :)
    Jasprit recently posted…Review & Giveaway: The Chocolate Kiss (Amour et Chocolat #2) by Laura Florand

    • K.

      That’t what we’re here for, Jasprit! Not many people in my life read either and definitely they wouldn’t discuss or gush over books the way I totally would so I know how you feel. And I see you don’t have a type, either. For me, its just someone how can make me laugh and help me be the person I want to be in the end and I think my list of crushes reflects that. Barrons on one hand, I agree, is too dominating, a know-it-all (although he can claim that as he is thousands of years old) and even abusive but. But. GAH!

      Rafa is a working progress for me. We’ll see if he’s crush worthy after I read the second installment. Never heard of the Lila series, I don’t think. But I’m gonna check out your other guys.

  24. Lucy

    Love your list, Wendy! It is hard to narrow down the book crushes :) Awesome that you included Christian – I’m a big fan too. (And Tucker’s also great of course! ) And Will, Adrian and Dimitri <3 <3 <3

    Adam, Peeta and Chaol would also make my list. So many swoony book book friends!

    Happy Valentine's Day, Team Midnight Garden!
    Lucy recently posted…The Movie Date: The Wolf of Wall Street

    • K.

      AW, thanks your Lucy. Happy V Day to you too. And thanks for adding that Tucker is great even though you ship Chrsitian :) As a Tucker fan, I appreciate.

  25. Keertana @ Ivy Book Bindings

    K, you and I share ALL the same literary crushes! ;) Thanks to Jonah, I desperately want a future boyfriend to pull over on the middle of the road and kiss me. Kartik was one of the first swoons I had and – gosh! – I still feel butterflies in my stomach thinking of him. Mal is another absolute sweetheart of mine (which is why Wendy can have Sturmhond!) and Jericho Barrons. Do I even need to explain why I love him?

    Kate, I’m a HUGE Rhett Butler fan myself! I love his ability to call Scarlet out on her faults, but still love her for them. Gone With the Wind just about broke me by the end, but I adore Rhett and Clark Gable’s portrayal of his character on screen is fifty shades MORE of swoon! *faints* Adam, your runner-run, is another favorite of mine because, again, of his ability to love Mia while seeing her for all her faults. For giving her that distance when she needed it and respecting her enough for that, even when that distance practically broke him. LOVE the conclusion of their love story in Where She Went!<3

    Kim, Raffe is utterly delectable but I have to agree that my heart melts with Peeta every time. I find his honor, courage, and hope during a time of such despair admirable and while an optimist like Peeta could never love a pessimist like me (at least one who doesn't wield a bow and arrow!) a girl can dream, right?

    Wendy, Sam just breaks my heart EVERY TIME. I love the combination of hope and bitterness, faith and wariness, compassion and introvertedness that lies within him. For me, he's one of those characters that just managed to become more and more complex with every installment, which I loved. Adrian, too, is another favorite of mine. Gosh, that snark! *dies*

    For my own literary crushes, I would have to say that Brigan from Kristin Cashore's FIRE tops the list, purely because of his ability to understand Fire without a word being said but also letting her come into her own and giving her the space she needs. It's such a beautiful, balanced relationship with plenty of swoon and his gray eyes win me over no matter how many times I re-read. I'm also a HUGE fan of Juliet Marillier's love interests, all which are flawed but heroic too. I find I crush on every one of her male protagonists from her Sevenwaters Series, actually. ;)

    Wonderful post, ladies, and thanks for sharing with us! :D
    Keertana @ Ivy Book Bindings recently posted…Romance Mini-Reviews: Bitter Spirits & Just One Night

    • K.

      You’re my new best friend, Keertana ;) I’m so glad you also mentioned Kartik because he’s never mentioned. Ever, except in Gemma Doyle reviews. I loved him. That trilogy was also one of my YA firsts so he has a special place in my heart. I think his arc could’ve been better and the ending just KILLED me but he’s one to respect. I love Sturmhond but I don’t think I’ll ever ship away from Mal.

      I will check out your choices since you and I are kindred spirits! I can’t wait!!

  26. Sam @ Realm of Fiction

    JONAH GRIGGS. He definitely makes the list for me. And K, I’m so happy to see your Mal love, as I don’t feel like he gets enough! Chaol, Gilbert Blythe, Raffe and Will Herondale are all some of my favourites too. I have to admit, a lot of these fictional crushes are largely responsible for my love of the books. :) Great picks, ladies. And happy Valentine’s Day!
    Sam @ Realm of Fiction recently posted…Review: Secret by Brigid Kemmerer

    • K.

      Sam, WHY DON’T PEOPLE LOVE MAL?! I ask you! I get why people love The Darkling. I have a crush on him, too, but Mal is like perfect. Okay, I’m literally turning into like a valley girl fangirl here as I like type this when I think about how like romantic and hot he is. In Siege and Storm, I did have moments when he confused me but I’m sure it’ll all get sorted out in the third book. I need a whole post discussion just for Mal…because, like, really. Yum.

  27. Larissa

    This post is perfect for Valentine’s day haha. I enjoyed reading about your picks for the most swoon worthy men YA has to offer, and also what sort of group/type they seem to fall under. I feel like a lot of my favorite fictional crushes do tend to also fall in a certain group also. Alike Wendy, I’m quite a fan of those witty and humorous male leads. You mentioned a lot of my YA crushes: Archer, Raffe, Chaol, Will, Tarver and Rhett. All of the aforementioned have a space in my heart and I love reading about them. Romantic leads can just take a book to a whole new level. If they’re well done that is.

    My list would also include Etienne St.Clair, Ash, Puck, Percy, Peter Pan (really, any retelling featuring him usually gets me to feel all of the feels), Tucker and Lucas. There’s probably a lot more that I’ve forgotten to add here haha.

    Loved reading this post, I find it interesting to read about what others find attractive in males apparently. Lol.
    Larissa recently posted…Review: Grim (by Multiple Authors)

    • K.

      Yay for Tucker! I love wit and humour. In real life I think that’s what gets me. Etienne was oookay. I actually like Cricket way better. I’m also not a huge fan of the Kagawa’s but I like Puck. He’s hilarious although not very much a romantic character for me. He has moments though, oh boy, does he!

      And where is this Lucas from?

        • K.

          Oh, I read Easy. Yeah I remember liking Lucas. And I’ve heard of Minders but haven’t read it. Actually, a long time ago I read a book by Jaffe — Bad Girl.

  28. NocturnalReader

    I’m swooning over these guys you listed too. Well, especially Dimitri and Adrian. Raffe is also cool. I read Angelfall and World After last month.
    NocturnalReader recently posted…Gravity

  29. Nadia

    Mine are: Sam Roth ♥ ♥, Will Herondale and Christian Ozera. And I feel like I’m missing someone else who’s important idk.

    Apparently I like my men tortured but sensible ? Woops.

    • K.

      I love Will and really liked Christian as well for some reason. Yes, tortured but with sense. Balances it out, haha!

  30. Liz

    DISCLAIMER: I reserve the right to change this list as often as I want:

    James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser from Outlander
    Curran Lennart from the Kate Daniels series
    Raffe from Angelfall
    Gareth from Vampire Empire series
    Adam Hauptman from the Mercy Thompson series
    Malachi Sokol from Guards of the Shadowlands
    and I’m going with The Darkling all.the.way – I like my boys DARK..very DARK ;D

    Happy Valentine’s Day!!

    • K.

      Ah! Jamie! He’s a good choice ;) I just bought Angelfall so I can’t wait to meet this Raffe character everyone is going on about. And too bad, you’re not a Mal fan. Actually, that’s good. More for me!

      I haven’t read your other choice but that just means they’re getting added on my TBR list.

    • Kate Bond

      Jamie is a good one–the sexy times in Outlander tend to feel more awkward and smelly than sexy to me, though, so I can’t ever love him as much as I’d want to.

      YES Curran. Jesus, Curran. SO, so sexy.

      Also YES Raffe.

      I don’t love Adam Hauptman as much, though.

      And I agree with you about Mal. Sturmhond and Darkling all the way. Mal is a slut-shaming little weasel.

  31. Rashika

    (more unorganized thoughts)

    YAY FOR ED. Ed was a wonderful male specimen (don’t I sound all professional?), someone you cannot help but fall in love with. Tom on the other hand failed to capture my heart the way Jimmy had. It’s weird how in both Saving Francesca and The Piper’s Son the guys I had crushes on were not romantic interests (or the main ones anyway). Will was amazing but Jimmy captured my heart in Saving Francesca and in The Piper’s Son, I developed a major crush on Sam. Jonah Griggs however. Oh dear god that boy makes me sigh. And Barrons. Ah Barrons. Wonderful Barrons. Swoony Barrons. Lets not talk more about Barrons (I want to be able to sound somewhat coherent when I write out the rest of my thoughts :P)

    I read the first book in the Addicted to You series and I have to say, Connor is BRILLIANT but not someone I want to see as a love interest :/ I probably would have fallen in love with him had he not become romantically involved (I don’t make sense to myself.. so I apologize if you have no idea how the hell that works, I don’t either :P)

    If shipping wars ever got serious, Kim and I would be on opposite sides :P I was head over heels in love with Gale and… sometimes my ships can also either make or break a book. I am sure you can guess how that worked out for me with Mockingjay :P :P Chaol never intrigued me. I did not care for him when I read Throne of Glass. That isn’t to say I thought Dorian was swoon worthy, he wasn’t, but I preferred him to Chaol, and found him adorable. Honestly, if Sam were alive, everything would have been better :P Raffe, however was a gorgeous male and I am so afraid to pick up World After because I don’t want to have to suffer through withdrawals from not getting enough of Raffe. In fact my copy is still in it’s original packing. :P

    I see a couple of my literary crushes on Wendy’s list! Archer was .. oh dear. I just wish I’d never read the series so I could read it all over again and swoon over Archer. I could re-read it, but it’s NOT THE SAME. Oh Archer. He was adorable. Sam broke my heart though. I didn’t even continue reading the series because I had heard about the open ending in Forever. I decided to live under a rock where Sam and Grace get a happy ending because I’d break down if I didn’t know for sure that those two got the happy ending they so badly deserve. Sam is so DIFFERENT from all those other tortured boys out there and he needed a happy ending. And if anyone says otherwise I am just going to ignore them. I loved Adrian but damn if Dimitri didn’t own my heart. :P Dimitri is, simply put, perfect. He is badass, someone you can count on, not possessive, loyal, quiet (which is a plus for me being a quiet human being myself), and very unique. Adrian was so fun to read about but is one of those males I like better without having to imagine them in a relationship which is one of the reasons why I never read the spin off.

    Rashika recently posted…Letters to our Valentines

    • K.

      Yes! An Ed fan! I loved Jimmy, too, but he was just so brief! I think with Tom, people want to give up on him but gawd he’s so cute I keep giving him chances. For some reason, I’m not as huge a fan of Will’s. But maybe I just need to read the book again. It’s been years.

    • Nadia

      “And I’d love to have a one night stand with The Darkling. My version of F*ck, Marry, Kill right there. Hahahaha.”

      Yup, I’m right there with you hahahahahaa.

    • K.

      Aw, Kara WHY?! The most I can say about Mal is that he’s just in the way if you ship Alina with Sturmhond or the Darkling but he’s not a bad or lousy guy…??

      • Kara @ Great Imaginations

        Because he doesn’t accept Alina for who she is and resents what she is trying to do and her destiny. He prefers her the way she was and he is controlling and jerky, in my opinion. I just don’t think he is the right choice for her. He’s always going to try to bring her down to his level. :(
        Kara @ Great Imaginations recently posted…Bekka’s 3rd Blogoversary!

  32. Mary @ BookSwarm

    Jericho Barrons, Dragos and Tarver Mendelson…mmmmm. So many hot men, so little time. Most excellent — and diverse — choices. I have to add Han Solo in there, ladies. Sure, he started out in a movie but he’s now in plenty of books so I’m calling it.
    Mary @ BookSwarm recently posted…COVER REVEAL: FERAL by Holly Schindler

  33. Lisa Farhana

    I see some of my crushes are already listed: Jonah Griggs (Jellicoe Road), Tom Mackee (The Piper’s Son), Raffe (Angelfall), Adam (Where She Went), and Connor Cobalt (Kiss the Sky *fans self*)

    and I’m adding more:

    THE RAVEN BOYS (yep, all four of them: Gansey, Ronan, Adam, Noah) – All of them are so adorable and attractive in their own way

    Josh Bennett (Sea of Tranquility) – he’s so sweet and caring, and that dude’s good with his hands (yes I’m going there)


    • K.

      I can’t wait to read Raven Boys. I have a copy from Wendy so I’m glad I have ready copy to read anytime. I like Josh as well, he just didn’t leave as hard an impression as the other boys. And I just bough Angelfall! I can’t wait to see what Raffe has to offer!

  34. Andrea @ Bookish

    Alright. So I’m fighting Kate for Rhett Butler, and Wendy for Sturmhond and Will Herondale. Bring it ladies!

    Some of your picks are safe until I finally get around to reading the series. Chaol Westfall and Tod, for instance. Looks like Wendy and I have similar tastes, but at least we’re safe when it comes to Unearthly and I’d take Tucker over Christian :)
    Andrea @ Bookish recently posted…Blog Tour: Fates by Lanie Bross (Review, Guest Post & Giveaway)

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