Dress the Part: Uninvited (plus giveaway!)

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dress the part uninvited green

Dress the Part is a monthly feature in which I use my past life as a costume designer and personal stylist to help the ladies of YA express themselves visually. This month I’m gonna take a look at Davy from Sophie Jordan’s Uninvited, a book about a future world in which we have found a way to test for “the kill gene.” Poor Davy’s cozy upper middle class existence is ripped away from her when she tests positive for the gene, and she pretty quickly loses everything she cares about (her future at Juilliard, her boyfriend, her friendships, etc.). More importantly for our purposes here, she has to get a huge fucking neck tattoo.

So Davy gets her neck ink, and a few chapters later she is described as wearing khaki shorts, a bright blue tank top, and tennis shoes. With the ladybug necklace her dad bought her for her thirteenth birthday and her school satchel. She’s walking around dressed like this:



Davy Before


…with a big “I’M GONNA MURDER PEOPLE” tattoo. That’s some shameful nonsense, y’all. She looks like an insane person. Like a female Dexter.

If society knows you’re going to kill someone, people are going to be scared of you. Scared people lash out. They attack. The best way to protect yourself in this position is to dress like you know how to handle yourself, keeping the black to a minimum (black scares people and makes you look like you’re trying too hard), wear sturdy fabrics, and conceal the crap out of a few weapons. You want to look too scary to be worth bullying, but not scary enough to be a real danger.

So on top of your leather pants and jacket (with a lighter-colored tank to knock down the goth factor), I’m giving you a stackable ring that turns into brass knuckles, a purse with huge studs on the bottom, and a necklace that looks like a key but is actually a pocket knife (the earrings aren’t weapons; they’re just cute). You should be able to disable any potential attacker with this arsenal.


Davy After



And here’s what Davy looks like with it all put together (I tried watercolor pencils instead of regular watercolors today, and boy, was that ever a terrible idea. I cannot figure them out. They’re like stupid crayons. Also, Davy says her eyes are too big and she has a weird pointy elf chin. Nailed it.)

I really enjoyed Uninvited (and you can read Wendy’s mini-review here), although it hit several of our Bookish Pet Peeves (terrible text speak, blonde boys with blue eyes, schmience…the words “chafe” and “smirk” were both used four times…), and I was pretty bummed that in a book about genetics causing society to demonize a minority group, all the main characters were white. It just seems like a bit of a missed opportunity.

That said, I thought the love story was fantastic, and Davy holds true to all of Jordan’s best protagonists by being just infinitely forgiving of people who have wronged her. It’s really refreshing to read about a mature teenager who understands that sometimes people make mistakes.


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Thanks to the folks at HarperTeen, we’re giving away one print ARC of Uninvited! All you have to do is fill out the Rafflecopter form and leave a thoughtful comment below telling us why you’re interested in the book! Earn extra entries by tweeting daily, sharing on Facebook, etc.

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Uninvited was released on January 28, 2014. An advance copy was provided by the publisher for this review.


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74 Responses to “Dress the Part: Uninvited (plus giveaway!)”

  1. Samantha Wallace

    All the reviews have been great about this book and I’m excited about reading it. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  2. tiffany

    This book looks really cool. It really sounds interesting.

  3. Kim

    This has been on my t-read list for a while. It is labeled as Minority Report meets the Scarlet Letter on Goodreads, so how could I resist! I would looooove a copy, otherwise I will have to wait until I can buy one!
    Kim recently posted…The Vanishing

  4. Brittany T

    I’ve been excited about this fora while and the. I saw it’s getting some pretty decent reviews. I love the whole your programmed to do this in the future thing. Reminds me of that Tom Cruise movie Minority report (ok only alittle but still) plus the cover with the DNA hair strands. Love awesome covers.

  5. Chenise J.

    I’m fascinated by the book’s idea of a “kill gene”! Can’t wait to see how Sophie Jordan plays with this idea. Sounds like it has a huge amount of potential.

  6. Nereyda @Mostly YA Book Obsessed

    OMG, this post made me way excited! I went to fashion design school and have my associate’s in design and worked as a product development/patternmaker for about 5 years. I love to combine books with fashion and do them with my Book Looks posts. Instead of doing an outfit based on what the character would wear, I base the outfit on the cover.
    Hope you do more of these posts!
    Nereyda @Mostly YA Book Obsessed recently posted…Book Looks (40) + Cover Reveal: The Queen of Zombie Hearts by Gena Showalter!

  7. Natasha

    I am excited to read Uninvited because it sounds like an amazing read and it sounds different than anything I have read before.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. Vanessa

    I was recommended it by a friend… It also seems like a really good book.

  9. Tabitha the Pabkins

    Psst I orignally thought those things in her hair on the cover were ladders. Yeah I know right?

    I recently got a big pack of watercolor pencils for my birthday since I’ve been going nuts with the art lately. They are hard but you know I’m not good at watercolor yet so both those and my watercolor look like crap.

    She definitely has a nice sex appeal going for her with the new look.
    Tabitha the Pabkins recently posted…Wicked Valentine’s Read-a-Thon Starting Line!

    • Kate Bond

      Yeah, I’m actually really good with watercolors, but I usually stretch my own paper and use actual paints. I tried to simplify by using a watercolor BLOCK and the pencils.

      I guess I am just am not a person who can cut corners.

      And I, too thought they were ladders. I was pretty confused about it for a day or two.
      Kate Bond recently posted…The Winner’s Curse: review

  10. Susan T.

    I love those leggings but I wouldn’t have the guts to wear them! With all the genetic testing available today and in the future, you have to wonder how that information will be used. Hopefully we never get to the point that people are shunned because of their genes!

    • Kate Bond

      Well, I think racial minorities and the LGBT community would argue that people already ARE shunned for their genes, but yeah, it would suck to have some genetic test screw up your life at the age of 17. Really, really, it would suck.
      Kate Bond recently posted…The Winner’s Curse: review

  11. K.

    Really cute feature, Kate! Really stretches our breadth of interest and skill. Anyway, I love both outfits. You just reminded me how beautiful the cambridge satchel is. And that little key slash knife necklace would come real handy when I walk alone late. I’m tiny, I could use all the help I can get.

    • Kate Bond

      K, I have actually been debating buying that key knife to have on my keyring just in case. And I wish I had bought one of these satchels a couple of years ago when they were exploding, but I missed it, and now I’m trying to decide if it’s too recognizable as such a specific trend from that time to really be classic.
      Kate Bond recently posted…Alienated: Review Discussion + Giveaway

      • K.

        I know what you mean about the bag. I recently bought a bag that is already very widely worn but I figured, hey, I like it and I want it so YOLO. Actually, I think it would be a great time to buy the satchel as it isn’t seen as everywhere as before — not here anyway, not sure over there…know what I mean?

        • Kate Bond

          Yeah. For a while there everyone had the neon ones, and I was never a huge fan of those, but I LOVE the two-tone.

          Also, my big fancy tote bag is owned by A LOT of people, and it’s kind of a bummer because it was expensive.
          Kate Bond recently posted…The Winner’s Curse: review

    • Kate Bond

      Oh, awesome–I will warn you that the schmience is not GREAT in this, but if you can look past that, it’s a lot of fun.

  12. Neyra

    I like the second outfit way better, though the blue did catch my attention in the first. And love the art! (: I’m looking forward to the book because it sounds different than what I’m reading atm, and that’s exactly what I need to kick my reading rut to the curb! Great post Kate, thanks for sharing!
    Neyra recently posted…Review: Vengeful in Love by Nadia Lee

    • Kate Bond

      Ooh, this is a great book for breaking out of a rut.

      And I agree about the second outfit being better. I was AGHAST when I read what this girl was wearing in the book.

    • Kate Bond

      I can’t even explain why I loved this so much… I was looking through it to read about what, specifically, Davy wore at certain points, and I got dragged into reading whole sections of it again!

  13. Giselle

    Hahah I love this post and that final picture of Davy is epic, and yes a little creepy LOL SHE’S LOOKING INTO MY SOUL!!! Also, a female Dexter! YES! But those earings!! ME WANT! They so do look like weapons! Lol
    Giselle recently posted…Review: Cress by Marissa Meyer

    • Kate Bond

      Don’t they look like weapons? or really pissed-off eyes?

      I had some problems with the execution of this particular painting. I was using watercolor pencils for the first time AND I’d switched what kind of paper I used. No bueno.

      Davy looks cross-eyed, angry, and unintelligent.

  14. Michelle Lee

    I love the synopsis of the story and the cover captured my attention. Thank you so much for this amazing giveaway! :)

    • Kate Bond

      Thanks, Keertana! You’re the best.

      And American Eagle has a whole line of these cardigans with different state school colors. I’m kind of obsessed.

    • Kate Bond

      Davy really grows a lot over the course of this book, and by the end of it she is AWESOME. And I’m pretty obsessed with some of the clothes on this page.

  15. Monique D

    First of all, your site looks gorgeous ! Thanks for the giveaway ! Ever since I heard about Sophie’s book, I’ve wanted to read it. Being given the cold shoulder for something you didn’t do is painful; usually lies are involved. But being ostracized for something you might never do … I just need to read it. And besides, Sophie is such a brilliant writer to begin with: a win-win proposition.

  16. Jools

    I read the review of this book a few days ago and it’s stuck in my mind since then. I was even talking about it with a girl at my local magical bookshop despite neither of us having read it, so it’s definitely on my TBR list.

    Also, that key knife is amazing!
    Jools recently posted…My Little Monster

    • Kate Bond

      The key knife is pretty freaking cool. It’d be nice to have on your key ring when you’re walking across a parking lot late at night.

  17. Wendy Darling

    I like Davy’s new tougher look–and I agree, too much black is going overboard and gives you a Matrix-y vibe. I would probably still keep the ladybug necklace hidden under my clothes, though, that is too freaking cute for words. Also, that ring that functions as brass knuckles could come in handy. Or make me feel all badass while I go about my business in my pampered life.

    I thought this book was so much fun, even though the title isn’t my favorite thing. I can’t wait to read the sequel!

    • Kate Bond

      Agreed. My little sister has tattoo sleeves, and she wears this sweet little rose gold bow necklace that makes it all look so much more badass.

      Also, black in Texas can go so wrong so fast. The goth kids at my high school in Georgia looked stupid because their makeup sweated off and they were so clearly uncomfortable.

      PURPLE brass knuckles, Wendy. Purple.

      YOu know what bothered me about the title was all the callbacks to it. Like, that she was uninvited from school or whatever. I wonder how long it took them to come up with that–it always takes us forever to title David’s stuff.

  18. Anna Fast

    I’m quite excited to check this book out as I recently read Jordan’s contemporary YA Foreplay and really liked it, so I am excited to see what she will do with a more sci-fi/thriller setting.

    • Kate Bond


      Yeah, I like the concept, too. It’s a really great idea metaphorically (I don’t know how well it works once you actually break it down, since it’s kind of just a gene that makes you kill period, and a lot of violent people don’t have it… and maybe that’s something that will be addressed as the series progresses), and it’s just such a good book that who cares.
      Kate Bond recently posted…Sexual Identity in Grasshopper Jungle: guest post + giveaway

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