An Evening with David Levithan, Lucy Christopher, and Rainbow Rowell: Event Recap + Giveaway!

January 30, 2014 2014, event, giveaway, Kim 109

Kim Rainbow

Last Sunday, I weathered the frigid winds and freezing roads to arrive at the lovely and charming Children’s Book World in Haverford, Pennsylvania. All for the love of books, my friends. I was truly beyond thrilled to attend this incredible author event: David Levithan, Lucy Christopher, and Rainbow Rowell all in one room, reading to us from their works.

This is the very first author event I have ever attended (yes, in my life! what??) and it could not have been more fun! It was an absolutely packed house. The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement and I soon understand why.  All three authors were absolute delights. David Levithan was hilarious and had us laughing all night (seriously!). Lucy Christopher was endearingly gracious and lovely. And Rainbow Rowell was so fun, and down to earth, and just plain cool.

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lucy christopherWe began with David Levithan talking about and reading from Two Boys Kissing.

He explained to us the meaning and significance for him of being a gay man between generations: after the beginning of the AIDS epidemic but before today’s internet empowered youth. His reading was emotive, emotional, and left me incredibly moved.

Next up was Lucy Christopher reading from her new book The Killing Woods. She spoke about how the treatment, or lack thereof, for veterans suffering from PTSD, and the stigma they suffer because of this, inspired her to write this story. This is actually a cause I care about deeply so I was pleasantly surprised to hear about this being addressed in YA fiction. Her selected passage was atmospheric and creepy, two things I love in my reading experience.

Finally, we came to Rainbow Rowell. She asked us if we wanted her to read from Eleanor & Park or Landline, her Summer 2014 publication, with Landline receiving a resounding, “Yes!”

She read a really moving scene from early on in the novel: the main character is reflecting on her floundering marriage and the strong emotions she still feels for her husband. By the end of the passage, Rainbow was even teary. I find it so touching when you see how much authors care about their characters.

A reading from Fangirl.

It was then time to line up for book signings. The store was so packed that we were lined up outside and around the store! Here I am waiting with some new friends in below freezing temps. We maintained good cheer, though, as you can see.

Brrr! Waiting in the freezing cold!

Finally, it was my turn in line. I was nervous but Rainbow is so sweet. Right away she commented on how much she liked my coat and I was instantly at ease. I then just had to tell her how much I loved her nail art. She had a matching Landline manicure! Eeee! So cute.

Perfect manicure is perfect.

The very first photo is of Rainbow and me together, of course. The very next morning Eleanor & Park was awarded a Printz Honor! I am so very happy for her!

This event was such a joy to attend. I just cannot wait for the next one!

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Win a Signed Copy of Fangirl!

I have a signed copy of Fangirl to give away! I read it myself just recently and really enjoyed it. You simply must see for yourself how funny, charming, and painfully realistic this book is. Enter, enter!

Just leave a comment below and fill out the Rafflecopter form.

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109 Responses to “An Evening with David Levithan, Lucy Christopher, and Rainbow Rowell: Event Recap + Giveaway!”

  1. Alyssa

    I love Rainbow Rowell’s books & can’t wait for her new one to come out! I would be SO excited to win this! :)

  2. Natasha

    I have never been to a book event before but I hope to get to go someday! They look like so much fun!
    I am excited to read Fangirl because it sounds like an amazing read and I have never read anything by Rainbow Rowell before.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. Lauren Fuchs

    Wow! This is an awesome giveaway! I love Rainbow Rowell and all of her characters though E&P is my favorite. Her characters are so imperfect which is why I love them. They all just seem so real and her writing is so well done. I just love it and wish I got to meet her. I have read Fangirl already and really enjoyed it. I need to start Attachments soon.

    • Kim

      I am so looking forward to E&P. And all the rest of Rainbow’s books, honestly. Having only read Fangirl, I can say that I know what you mean about how real her characters are. I identified with Cath on possibly unhealthy levels!
      Kim recently posted…Alienated: Review Discussion + Giveaway

  4. Nadia

    That sounds SOSOSO awesome! I wish I could have gone :(
    The only author event I have been to so far was a Junot Diaz one. I loved meeting him and getting my books signed, he was super nice! Plus, I got to share the experience with one of my best friends and my lovely godson, who stole the show with Junot tbh. It was adorable. I wish it had been a longer even tho, it was just a signing, no talks or anything. Hopefully in the future!

    And thank you girls for the giveaway!

  5. Annemay

    Ahh, I can’t believe you got to meet David Levithan, Lucy Christopher & Rainbow Rowell in the same room!! I love David Levithan’s books, and have been meaning to read Fangirl and Eleanor and Park for a long time now :)

  6. Fatma Shahin

    wow you guys are honestly the besT! Rainbow rowell<3 and btw your blog is absolutely stunning.

  7. Jools

    I’m seriously bummed I missed this event. I was at ALA earlier that day and live in the area, but I hadn’t heard about it! Thanks for sharing the post so I could live vicariously through it ;) and good luck with the contest! If it was for Elanor & Park I’d enter, but I got a signed Fangirl earlier at ALA (which I can’t wait to read!), so best wishes to all!
    Jools recently posted…Creation Of A Sky Whale

    • Kim

      Ohhh noooo! That’s terrible! I’m sad that you missed it! I got lucky that I saw folks talking about this one on Twitter. Lucky you already having a signed copy of Fangirl. :) I haven’t read E&P yet but everyone just raves about it. Can’t wait!
      Kim recently posted…Dress the Part: Uninvited (plus giveaway!)

      • Jools

        I haven’t read any of them yet, but I’m really looking forward to it. Fangirl hit my radar not too long ago since I read a lot of Fanfiction myself.
        Jools recently posted…Starry Sky Whale

  8. Darith L.

    No, I’ve yet to attend an author event! I’d love to get this book because Rainbow Rowell is incredible! :D

  9. Mary

    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway & congratulations on attending your first author event. I admit I’ve been very lucky in that regard. I grew up in Tennessee, and it wasn’t hard for me to get to cities like Nashville, Atlanta or Lexington for events, and now that I live in Dallas, I have events nearly every week, especially because we have a lot of local authors. I hope you enjoyed yourself and can attend another event soon!
    Mary recently posted…EXCITING NEW BOOK NEWS

  10. Lisa (Fic Talk)

    Seems like you had such a fun time! I wish I could attend more author events. I’ve only ever been to one and it was a local author that our book club was supporting.

    • Kim

      Haha. Oh, Kate. You better get practicing for BEA, champ. (I have a secret fear that BEA will destroy me. I have not the strength for this! Why am I so scared? I don’t knowwwwwww.)

  11. Keertana @ Ivy Book Bindings

    Oh, how exciting, Kim! I have yet to go for an author event though I desperately want to. I love the works of all the authors you got to meet and I can’t wait to see what you think of Landline – I hope it’s as good as Rowell’s previous adult work since I loved Attachments. Lovely recap post, dear! :)
    Keertana @ Ivy Book Bindings recently posted…Mini-Reviews & Giveaway: Between the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea by April Genevieve Tucholke & Amber House by Kelly Moore

  12. Jasprit

    I’m so glad to see that you had so much fun at your first author event Kim! I went to my first author event last year too, I was a nervous wreck the first time and the few times that I went after that too. All the authors that you met sound absolutely lovely! I also appreciate it too when authors show a great attachment to their characters. Thanks for sharing a great post with us! :)
    Jasprit recently posted…Showcase Sunday #45

  13. Kristi Fish

    Ah!! I just adore Rainbow. She is so lovely and her writing is amazing. Also, Fangirl is one of my favorite books. Ever. Anyway, this is so freaking generous of you and oh my gosh you deserve all the confetti and cupcakes because AH!! Anyway, so jealous. I’ve only been able to make it to one author event. Which is like, whoa, uncool.
    Anyhoo, thank you again!!
    XO, Kristi

    • Kim

      Haha, thank you, Kristi. I love cupcakes so I will take them! And confetti. Funfetti cupcakes?! Why not!

      Yeah, Rainbow was the loveliest. And she’s just so cool. I loved how much I connected with her characters in Fangirl. I can certainly see why it’s a favorite of yours. Hope you get to some more author events soon! :)

      • Kristi Fish

        *mails you funfetti cupcakes* And yes, definitely making this the year of author signings.
        Xo, Kristi

  14. Amy

    Thanks for the giveaway! I have yet to read any of Rainbow Rowell’s books but after reading all the raving reviews for her books I’m looking forward to it.

    • Kim

      It’s my pleasure, Amy! Fangirl is the only Rainbow Rowell I’ve read so far, but it was *so* good. You’re definitely in for a treat. I can’t wait to read the rest of her work myself. :)

  15. Tanya

    What an awesome author event! All 3 are so great and to have them all together, doing readings, signing books… swoon! Rainbow Rowell just seemed to be everywhere last year (in a good way) and I’m so excited for Landline! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

    • Kim

      You are welcome, Tanya! It was such a great event. I feel so lucky I was able to attend! Yeah, RR just burst on the scene and we are all the much happier ever since. :)

    • Kim

      Totally epic! :) It was really great to get to see them all. I hope you get the chance one day, Melanie!

  16. Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard

    What an amazing evening for your first author event! You don’t believe in starting small, do you? ;-)

    I’ve been hearing so many wonderful things about Fangirl that I’m really eager to read it. As a HP fan and mom with a daughter who is a hardcore HP fan (and wrote HP fanfic, and is now in college), I think I’ll be able to relate to the book on several levels.

    I’ve been to a couple of author events, and it’s a thrill every time. My first author event was Anne McCaffrey, on tour when The White Dragon went into paperback. I was in awe. 30-odd years later, I still treasure the paperback trilogy she signed for me. The most recent was just a few weeks ago, when I went to an event with Susanna Kearsley, Deanna Raybourn, and Joanna Bourne. They were marvelous together, joking and telling funny stories and at the same time, clearly supportive of each other and recognizing and applauding each other’s talent. It was a real treat (plus I got books signed by all three!)
    Lark @ The Bookwyrm’s Hoard recently posted…ALA Awards for 2014: Newbery, Caldecott, Printz, and more

    • Kim

      Oh yeah, it sounds like you will be hardcore relating to this one. I never wrote fanfic but I was very into the HP fandom all throughout high school. Combine that with being anxiety prone and I really identified with Cath. Painfully so, at times. It’s a sweet book overall, though. I’m sure you’ll really enjoy it. :)

      Yes, I can’t wait to attend more! I love that you still have those treasured paperbacks. :) I’ve never read Anne McCaffrey, but I will! One day! I’m currently making my way (pretty slowly, sadly) through NPR’s top fantasy and sci-fi list (well, just the ones I’m actually interested in). I willlll get to Dragonriders, it’s just going to take awhile yet. I’ve not heard of those other authors but I’m so glad to hear what a great event it was. I will have to check them out. Thanks, Lark!

  17. Lucy

    You sure picked an awesome author event for your first! I’ve only met Rainbow of the three authors, but would love to hand a big stack of books to David Levithan to sign someday :) Rainbow is such a sweetie, isn’t she? I can’t wait to read Landline!

    Thanks for braving the cold and sharing your experience with us, Kim!

    • Kim

      Right? I feel thankful that I really lucked out. And yeah, Rainbow is the actual best. She’s so fun and cute! I also can’t wait to read Landline. I just know it’s going to be amazing. It was totally my pleasure! At this point I’m practically used to the brutal cold. Now it feels balmy when it’s like 28 degrees out!

  18. Angie

    This post made me really excited so I checked my bookstores in the area to see if they are coming here for a book signing and there wasn’t anything. BOO!! I am about to start Fangirl tonight actually. I just finally got it from my library (so popular). I love author signings and wish I had someone to go with. I usually go by myself.
    Angie recently posted…Do teens want to read YA Classics???

    • Kim

      Yeah, I think it was just a bit of happenstance thanks to ALA Midwinter going on nearby. I’m sorry! I’m excited for you to read Fangirl, though! It’s well worth the hype. :)

  19. Rachel

    I love going to author events, Kim! I always feel so starstruck. You had a wonderful lineup and I know that David Levithan’s sense of humor is dry and clever in person. Very entertaining! I would’ve loved to ask Lucy Christopher if she’ll ever re-visit the world of Stolen!

    Great post, Kim. Nice to see you had a great time on your first event. :)
    Rachel recently posted…Review: The Chocolate Temptation by Laura Florand

    • Kim

      Thank you, Rachel. :) He was so, so funny. I wish I had the skill to accurately convey it. It was such a happy, funny, charmed atmosphere all night. I think Lucy Christopher mentioned that returning to the Stolen world is one of her two most asked questions but we didn’t get an answer to that (she was answering the other of her most asked questions) or I’d have news to share with you. Now I wish she’d answered it so I could tell you!

    • Kim

      Oh my god, she is so awesome. And yes! They were so funny together, especially reading from Fangirl. The whole store was just cracking up. It was truly a delight.

    • Kim

      How does one person contain so much awesome? (I feel like I’m starting a Rainbow Rowell fan club right here on this page, ha.) I hope I get the chance to see her again after I’ve read all of her books so I can gush at her more.

    • Kim

      Thank you, Bethzaida! I am sooooo looking forward to Landline too! I just have “that feeling” about it, you know?

  20. Elena

    I have been hearing amazing things about Rainbow in general but especially about Fangirl everywhere! I started going to author singings a couple months ago and it’s so cool to physically meet the authors whose worlds we read about and love. I also really want to read her other books Eleanor and Park, it sounds so sweet and fun! Thanks for having this giveaway! :)
    Elena recently posted…The Prophecy by Erin Albert

    • Kim

      The amazing things you’ve heard are true! I haven’t read E&P yet, but I think it’s also somewhat somber and sad compared to Fangirl. Also sweet and fun, I think, but serious. A much more different book in terms of tone overall. I can’t wait to read it myself.

    • Kim

      It was really exciting! Sometimes you read a book and you’re like, “This book is so good I want to be friends with this author.” Then sometimes you go to see the author at an event and their awesome level is so off the charts you become actively sad that you aren’t their friend. And that is Rainbow.

    • Kim

      Noooooo, she must not be missed! I’m sure she’ll swing back through again soon. She really is so cool. You will just love her.

      Btw, I love Stitch Fix too! :) Even though it’s outrageously priced. It’s just so fun to get a package of surprises every month.

      • bethany

        Yeah, the nice thing about living in LA is that it often ends up on book tour lists. But, West LA and Burbank and Pasadena and Long Beach all do not = LA. Especially on a weekday… doh!

        But yeah, STITCH FIX! Was so enamored with the brand/company/system but I think it’s priced in a way where you HAVE to get referrals/use up that credit. I also still haven’t had super magical experiences where I want to buy everything, so I’ve been ordering less and less. How’s it been for you??
        bethany recently posted…Stitch Fix #4 and #5 {catch-up}

          • bethany

            IIII KNOWWW UGHH and she might READ FROM RUIN & RISING!!!

            That was where my “West LA and Burbank are far away” comment came from, lol.

            If I didn’t have a day job, I’d BE THERE. But the idea of getting out of work in Century City at like 6 and then trying to drive to Burbank is laughable. It’s like… you might as well have done it in San Diego. LOL ugh LA…
            bethany recently posted…Stitch Fix #4 and #5 {catch-up}

        • Kim

          I actually am pretty pleased with most of the boxes that I get. It was sort of rocky in the beginning, but then I did end up getting that one magical box. Then I just requested that stylist for any box I ordered in the future and it’s been wonderful. I feel like it’s simply luck that I found that one gal who just gets me. I think it’s just all sort of random, and can really be hit or miss, but I hope you find that perfect box!

          • bethany

            Oohhhh so THAT’s the secret!! Yeah, I still haven’t found my magic box but part of me is thinking maybe I’m just not an easy person to please when it comes to clothes, especially balancing out what I already have in my wardrobe (which they don’t know, wish they had that feature) vs. what I want/need and am willing to pay for… such a tricky balance.
            bethany recently posted…Stitch Fix #4 and #5 {catch-up}

    • Kim

      Thanks, Sam! It was a pretty great event. I got lucky that ALAMW brought so many great authors into the area at the same time and made this event possible.

  21. Jackie

    I’m reading Fangirl right now. Rainbow’s characters are so genuine. Even though I usually end up caring about the characters I read as though they are real people, there’s still also usually some disconnect. Like even though I think of them as real people, I’m still not sure that they could exist in a world outside the one described in the book’s pages. Fangirl is the first book I’ve read in long time where I don’t feel that disconnect at all. I’m convinced that people just like Cath, Levi, Reagan, and Wren are somewhere out there, and I want to find them so I can be their friend. In fact, I love the book so much, I recently ordered a signed/personalized copy from her local bookstore in Omaha. Authors don’t usually hold events in my state, and it’s hard for me to travel, but I’m hoping I’ll meet Rainbow one day.

    • Kim

      I know exactly what you mean, Jackie. And I agree, there are people just like those characters out there. I really identified with Cath myself. I’ve seen review after review that are like, “I am actually Cath, though.” I think so many of us anxiety prone girls can relate very strongly with her. I spent the majority of high school completely obsessed with this Harry Potter RPG site (I just right now went to see if it still exists. It does. And there’s a huge banner on the front page that says “12 Years of Magic!” and I groaned and said, “Dear god, I’m olllllllld.” out loud.) And when I delved into fanfiction it was actually Harry/Draco slash (ha, I know, right?) so I get Cath. I get her. The beginning of the book felt like a re-play of my actual first semester of college memories in a lot of ways. Poor, darling Cath.

      I love your passion for this book. I think we’re always on the lookout for a book that makes us feel so strongly in our reading journeys. It’s so lovely that you’ve found one. :)

    • Kim

      I agree, David’s reading was so good. Chills.

      Aren’t the Landline nails the cutest? I just loved them.

      I hope you just love Fangirl when you get to it! I am very much looking forward to E&P myself. :)

  22. ashley

    Such a lovely person took that first photo. Well, if she would admit to taking said photo of course. But really, I’m glad we got to hang out twice when I was there and that I could be there for your first book event and help you! Honestly though my snarky soul twin, I’m glad you went. Even though it was freezing. FREEZING
    ashley recently posted…Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge

  23. Ann

    Wow! I’m sooo jealous! I love Rainbow Rowell! I’ve read Attachment and Eleanor & Park and loved both, especially Eleanor & Park. I haven’t read Fangirl yet because I want to have something to look forward to. haha

    • Kim

      You have a treat in store when you finally read it, Ann! It is really good. Brought me right back to my own first year of college. It was like a much sweeter, more romantic version of my own experience. I sure could’ve used a Levi! :p

  24. Samantha Martin

    ahhh Rainbow! Love her and her books. I have yet to attend an author event even though Toronto and Brampton are relatively close to me because I work the night shift :( But it looks like you had a blast!

    • Kim

      Aw boo to that! I hope you can get to one soon. This was so fun I can’t believe I ever shied away.

    • Kim

      Regrettably, I haven’t read anything by him yet, but I do have Every Day on my Kindle. So, soon I hope! Yeah, Fangirl is my first by Rainbow Rowell. I think I’ll be E&P very soon, though! I also have Lucy Christopher’s Stolen on my Kindle. Oh geez. Too much to read. As always!

  25. Wendy Darling

    That photo of you and Rainbow together makes me grin like a jack o’lantern. It looked like the event was a ton of fun, and I’m so glad you had such a good time! See, not scary, not scary at all! It’s awesome that you met Jamie and Ashley and other bloggers, too.

    I’m looking forward to reading LANDLINE. I’m really curious what her adult books are like, and I haven’t had a chance to read ATTACHMENTS yet.

    • Kim

      Aw, you are sweet, Wendy. The photo makes me go, “Gaaahhhhh. I’m such a dorrrrrk!” :p

      Yes, I feel less scared to attend other events now so that is very good. Hooray. Don’t worry. I am a real, functional adult person. Maybe.

      Fangirl is my only RR so far! Although, I’m feeling like a marathon may be coming on. I think Landline is going to be something special. I feel fairly certain that it will make me cry and I’ve been rather in the mood for a crying book lately. We’ll see!

  26. Jamie

    It was so nice meeting you!! I’m glad you came out and I can’t wait to hang out again and actually get time to talk. Most of events are not normally THAT packed but MAN that was a great event! Did I tell you about the Story Crush event in March? LMK if I didn’t!
    Jamie recently posted…Fault Line by Christa Desir | Book Review

    • Kim

      Oh, it was wonderful to meet you, Jamie! I’m so glad I went. I do not know about Story Crush yet but let’s do it! We can actually hang this time, yay! I am so down.

    • Kim

      Haha, right? It was an awesome event. :) And I am reaallllly looking forward to Landline. From the snippet of reading we got I can tell it’s going to be a special, special book.

    • Kim

      “Eeeeek” is right! She was so fun and funny and cool. I hope you get a chance to meet her, Lisa!

  27. Holly

    I’ve been wanting to read Fangirl for the longest time and would love love love to have a signed copy!

  28. Jessica Cooley

    That is so cool! I’m bit jealous – freezing weather and all. I’ve not been to a book event in ages and them. Rainbow is a new author for me, I just started E&P and LOVE IT! I keep crying and wanting to call my first love and kiss my husband and save all the kids I teach. Such a beautiful book!!
    Jessica Cooley recently posted…Waiting on Wednsday 11