These Broken Stars Tour Kickoff + giveaway: World-building for the Future

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Welcome to the official kickoff for the These Broken Stars tour! Our readers know we only host tours for books and authors we are crazy about, and I can tell you that in this case we love both the book (here is Kate’s adoring review) and the authors. I met Amie in person when I was in Australia a year ago, where we bonded over our mutual love of YA scifi and other bookish discussions.

Now here’s the thing: I rarely seek out real-life author interactions, particularly before I’ve read the book, because it’s inevitably awkward if I don’t end up liking it. BUT I LOVED IT, you guys. Lilac is that girl you wish you could travel with, because she’s independent and interesting and could fix your spaceship if it’s hit by an asteroid. (Well, maybe not an asteroid, but you know.) And TARVER. Tarver is one of the dreamiest boys to materialize this year, and on my island where the pretty YA boys roam, he’s giving Sturmhond a good run for his money. If you haven’t read These Broken Stars yet, you are in for such a treat next month, because it’s not a typical scifi thriller at all–it’s smart and action-packed, but the mood is also thoughtful and nuanced in a way you rarely see in YA scifi. I loved it, and I hope you will, too.

We are so pleased that Amie and Meg are sharing fantastic posts with us about their creative process for the book over the next couple of weeks, and you’ll be able to win ARCs and swag, too! Don’t miss every stop of the tour–if we weren’t hosting it, we wouldn’t be missing them, either.

~ Wendy

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Class and Culture: World-building for the Future 

by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner

The future won’t look and feel just like today, only with added jetpacks. (Although we seriously hope there will be jetpacks.) Just as society has changed in the last hundred years or so, we’ll keep on changing over time, and writing a book in the future means thinking about how.

For us, world-building is one of the absolute fundamentals of writing good science fiction. It’s a chance to explore all the fascinating places society could go, and if you cheat or go too light, your reader will end up missing out on all that fun.

World-building for the Starbound trilogy involved research into physics, lessons in terraforming and space travel, survivalist websites and a whole lot of stuff that absolutely, positively has us on government watchlists. One of the parts we really enjoyed, though, was thinking about the people themselves—their attitudes, beliefs and values. In particular, we thought about gender, culture and class.

We decided that a few hundred years into the future, gender wouldn’t play a part in the value of an individual—aspirational thinking, perhaps, but science fiction is all about dreaming big, right? For all the times Tarver thinks poorly of Lilac—that she’s annoying, helpless or a total pain in the butt, he never once attributes this to her gender. It just doesn’t enter his thinking. It’s her sheltered, upper-class upbringing that he considers the culprit. Indeed, in book two of the series you’ll meet a female soldier who’s easily the most kickass character for miles in any direction.

We decided that as gender differences faded away, though, class differences would rise. With new planets being terraformed and settled all the time, we felt there’d be a hint of the Wild West about a lot of the border worlds, with folks staking claims and building communities, creating a huge difference between the ultra-rich on established worlds, the settlers on colonial planets, and the poor, sometimes called terratrash, who’d give anything for the chance at a plot of land to call their own. We felt their different situations would heighten class differences, with the experiences of the various groups so utterly different that they barely know how to relate to each other.

And finally, we thought a lot about culture as well. We don’t believe culture will simply disappear into one giant melting pot in the future. Different cultures and traditions have lasted for centuries and longer here on Earth. Amie wrote her thesis on Irish emigration at college, and one of the things that highlighted was that folks definitely bring their culture with them when they migrate. From Lilac’s father, who still affects the title ‘Monsieur’, to multicultural curse words, to the Irish-influenced settlers you’ll meet in book two, cultures have changed and adapted in the future, but never died out.

So, that’s just a little glimpse into how we tackled some of our world-building, in terms of gender, class and culture. It’s the tip of the iceberg, but we hope it offered a peek into the kind of work that goes into building a world before the story begins!

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Win Amazing These Broken Stars Prizes!

Thanks to our friends at Disney-Hyperion and our lovely authors, we have the following prizes to give away:

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JointHeadshotAbout the Authors

Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner are longtime friends and sometime flatmates who have traveled the world (but not yet the galaxy), covering every continent between them. They are sure outer space is only a matter of time. Meagan, who is also the author of the Skylark trilogy, currently lives in Asheville, NC, while Amie lives in Melbourne, Australia. Although they currently live apart, they are united by their love of space opera, road trips, and second breakfasts.

Visit the These Broken Stars website for the latest news on the series and follow the authors on Twitter at @AmieKaufman and @MeaganSpooner. You may also sign up for their newsletter as well! These Broken Stars will be available in North America on December 10, 2013.


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Tour Schedule

Visit each stop for more exclusive These Broken Stars content and additional chances to earn prizes!

Monday, 11/11     The Midnight Garden
World-Building for the Future

TBSFinalCoverTuesday, 11/12     Love is Not a Triangle
Author Interview

Wednesday, 11/13  The Perpetual Page-Turner
Using Technology to Write with a Partner

Thursday, 11/14     Good Books and Good Wine
Audiobook Sample + Narrator Interview

Friday, 11/15          The Starry-Eyed Revue
Character Interview with Tarver

Monday, 11/18       Cuddlebuggery                      

Author Interview

Monday, 11/18      Review Stops:

Ramblings of a Daydreamer, Ex-Libris Kate, Step Into Fiction, Curling Up with a Good Book, Books and Other Happy Ever Afters, Musings of a YA Reader,

Tuesday, 11/19       Books With Bite
Amie & Meg’s Favorite Things

Wednesday, 11/20  Xpresso Reads
Establishing Characters with Role-Playing

Thursday, 11/21     Great Imaginations
Co-Authoring Books

Friday, 11/22          Nawanda Files
Lilac’s Gorgeous Dress: A Look at These Broken Stars’ Cover Art

Monday 11/25        Promo stops (fun facts about the book!)

The Flyleaf ReviewYA Romantics, WhatchYA Reading?, Scott Reads It!, My Friends are Fiction, Books and Whimsy, Michelle and Leslie’s Book Picks, Forever 17 Books, Another Novel Read, In Bed with Books, Falling for YAForever Literary, Effortlessly Reading

Visit each stop of the tour for more opportunities to win amazing TBS prizes.

Australian Tour

Australian friends, be on the lookout for an Aussie These Broken Stars tour soon, too! Our friends at Allen and Unwin will hosting it, and I know they’ll have wonderful things in store at each stop.


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Images appear courtesy of the authors. Our thanks to Amie and Meg for sharing their visions of our possible future, as well as to all the lovely bloggers who are participating in the tour! Review copies and prizes are furnished by the publisher.

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234 Responses to “These Broken Stars Tour Kickoff + giveaway: World-building for the Future”

  1. Laura

    You had me at poly-lingual cursing (he he)! I know my budding engineer will love this one! It sounds like you have done an amazing job really thinking through all the changes that will take place, views on race and gender, and the continued existence of culture. I can’t wait to read this to him!

  2. Marie Landry

    That was fascinating. I never would have thought of all the research that would go into creating a future world…it’s easy to assume that because it’s sci-fi/futuristic, you could just make stuff up, so it makes me appreciate the book even more knowing the research that went into it. Also, I’m even more excited for book 2 now after reading about the Irish-influenced settlers! :-)
    Marie Landry recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Can’t Wait to Read This Winter

  3. Elizabeth

    Oh my gosh! I mean I guess I shouldn’t be surprised you have so many comments as I think everyone is SUPER excited about this book (I don’t think I’ve seen a single bad review for it yet)! But I would take one look at that number of comments and be like…nope. Nu-uh. And proceed to close my browser hahaha
    Elizabeth recently posted…The Color Master – Aimee Bender

  4. Belinda

    Ugh I’m so excited for this book really I’m not sure how you could go wrong with outer space and Titanic-esque storyline.

  5. Larissa

    I honestly can’t express my need for this book! haha the cover is so gorgeous, the summary so intriguing and I’ve read so many great reviews praising it(:

  6. Jamie

    These Broken Stars came in yesterday at the bookstore where I work! It’s so pretty… and now high on my to-read list! Excited!

  7. Aleydis Haubrich

    The cover and title completely take me away! It seems to have everything I love… sci-fi, romance and atmosphere!

  8. Brittanie

    How could you not want to read a book with a cover that awesome!!

  9. Lizzy

    I’m so excited for this giveaway. I didn’t realise while reading the book that there were two authors. Wow. I wonder which one wrote Tarver and which one wrote Lilac. Either way, I’ll definitely be looking for more books by these authors to read. Definitely recommend! Unpredictable sci-fi!
    Lizzy recently posted…It’s almost like goodbye, but not

  10. grace franks

    I have been waiting anxiously for this book for about a year now. I saw this book on Goodreads and immediately fell in love with it. I am so glad it is almost out.

  11. Jasmine Baggenstos

    I love hearing how much thought was put into the culture in the story. I really look forward to getting a chance to read it :]

  12. Anastasia @ Here There Be Books

    Huzzah! I’m excited to read TBS mainly because I’ve heard amaizng things about the relationship between the two leads. I’m not a fan of insta-love– I like my romantic heroes to work for it!– so I’m super excited that TBS doesn’t go the (what seems to be more) typical “omg we met five seconds ago and i totally love you” route.
    Anastasia @ Here There Be Books recently posted…REVIEW: Artichoke Tales by Megan Kelso

  13. Jessica R

    Oh my goodness I can’t wait to read this one! I’ve been excited for a while because it just sounds so epic and fantastic, but after hearing how much thought these ladies really put into their world-building, I absolutely MUST see how it turned out! Sounds like you picked an excellent book to feature and share with us :)
    Jessica R recently posted…Review: Splintered by A.G. Howard

  14. Barbara Elness

    These Broken Stars sounds like such a wonderful story and I’m eager to read it as well as the rest of the series.

  15. Lisamarie

    I fell in love with the cover of this book when I first saw it on one of my favorite blogs a few months ago, it’s just gorgeous! The story sounds very exciting being “marooned” in space, building a new life, danger & a love story to boot! I love hearing about the research Meg & Amie have put into writing this trilogy.

  16. Alexis H.

    I’ve been dying to read These Broken Stars for a while now. The cover is what first intrigued me because its just so gorgeous! All the colors and the font and the girl with her red hair and gorgeous dress and the swoon worthy guy, too! The cover is beautiful. I also would like to read it because I’ve heard nothing but good things about it so far and I am really excited to read it.
    Alexis H. recently posted…Book Review: Angelfall by Susan Ee

  17. Kasie Hoover

    I’ve been geared up to read this for quite some time. The more reviews I read the more impatient I get, lol. People either love it or hate it. I didn’t realize that the book was so in depth into the setting but I’m incredibly pleased to hear it. There’s nothing worse than a sci-fi novel with no background. I’m just dying to read this book at this point.
    Kasie Hoover recently posted…Review: The Vampire Next Door by Charity Santiago

  18. Jessi @ Novel Heartbeat

    This is very cool! I absolutely loved the book, and I never thought about the gender and society differences because it was so well done that I didn’t question it. And come to think of it, Tarver really doesn’t attribute Lilac’s weakness to being female. I never thought of it like that either. The world in this book was one of my favorite parts! Can’t wait for book 2 :)

  19. Devon Kotch

    I’ve been excited about this book ever since I first heard of it. I’m a huge fan of the sci-fi/fantasy genre, and the ideas in the book sound fresh (to me)! I am so excited to get my hands on it.

  20. Mary

    I actually just finished TBS, and I loved it. But I am most definitely interested in doing a reread with the audiobook. I’ll have to make sure my library buys a copy!
    Mary recently posted…Cover Love 6: An update

  21. Shanan, The Book Addict

    I am most intrigued because I saw Jen @ YARomantics review. She is someone whose opinion on books I value and she gave me some insight that make me think I may like it.

  22. Mckenzie Templeton

    I am so excited for this novel for many reasons. One, I have heard SUCH great reviews of this novel and spit seems like everyone around me is reading it! Two, look at the cover! It’s absolutely gorgeous! I want to read this soooo bad. :)

  23. Christy

    This book was definitely good. There were times that I wasn’t sure I cared for where it was going, but then -BAM- it was like ‘no …. really?’. lol. Nice twists and good at not being so transparent. I know a couple of younger readers who will absolutely love this, so I’m glad it’ll be out before Christmas.
    Christy recently posted…Crash Into You by Katie McGarry

  24. Kel

    A little less “thoughtful comment” and a little more excited nerd, but I can’t wait to see this butt kicking female soldier they’re talking about in book two. You can never get enough of that in sci-fi. :)

  25. Aoife Madden

    I fell in love with this book when I saw the cover!! Can’t wait to read it!

  26. Taylor K.

    I’m really excited for this one!
    The cover is so insanely beautiful.
    But the whole space concept is pretty cool.

  27. Jesse @ Pretty In Fiction

    I’ve heard some really good things about this one from some of the bloggers I follow and can’t wait to read it. Basically a survival/romance story in space is EXACTLY the kind of book I go for. I really hope I love it as much as everyone else seems to!

  28. Cindy C.

    The first thing that caught my attention about this book was the awesome cover, but when I began reading the synopsis that’s what won me over. I love science fiction stories, especially on the YA genre, and this one seems to be a great one. Also, I love the detail about “La Roux” and redhead people; I come from redhead family, even though I don’t have it naturally :'(. I’m eager to read this story. :)

  29. Isis E.

    I would love to win an annotated version of this book for many reasons, first and foremost because it certainly seems to be an excellent read! To have an annotated version with notes from the author and editor, both giving detailed insight into the process behind creating a winning book sounds simply dreamy – not too mention educational! While the story isn’t the most creative conceptually from what I have heard, it does sound as though the authors took the mold, broke it, and rebuilt it into something all their own & with great success!

  30. Jaime Lester

    I can’t wait to read this one! The cover is stunning. The premise sounds good. I don’t read a ton of sci-fi, but after some of the amazing reviews, I think I have tO!

  31. charlee alsup

    I really want to read this book! i have heard so many great thing about it.

  32. Darith L.

    Wow, it sounds like a really great sci-fi novel than the book cover suggests. I will be looking forward to this one. :D

  33. Morgan Faufaw

    I have been wanting to read this book, it looks truly amazing! It has been on my to read list on Goodreads for awhile. Thank you for the amazing giveaway!!!

  34. Ann S

    The cover got me at first but when I read what it was about I was so excited. The plot, the characters, it sounds so good. I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  35. Sallie Mazzur

    Ever since I read Across the Universe by Beth Revis, I’ve become enamored by science fiction novels in space. And I got super excited when I saw this book on a blog and how it reminds me a little of the Fifth Element movie, with the space opera setting. I’ve been looking forward to this release since before I can remember, and while I want it to be amazing, I haven’t put it up on pedestal yet, so that’s good! Thanks for doing this giveaway, and for sharing the background info from the authors!
    Sallie Mazzur recently posted…Long time no see!

  36. Candice J

    Love the Wild West space idea, very Firefly-esque! It’s a great parallel for space travel. It’s great too see more scifi books coming out. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  37. Lisa R

    I absolutely loved Meagan’s book Skylark and definitely would love to read a book by these two ladies! It sounds amazing!! Thanks so much for the giveaway :D

  38. Kirsten!

    I’m a huge fan of sci-fi, and the worldbuilding here sounds really well thought-out (especially the de-emphasis of gender). Definitely picking this one up :D

  39. Cass Steenblok

    These Broken Stars sounds really interesting. I’ve been wanting to get more into Science Fiction and this sounds like a great book to do it.

  40. Kelly

    I’ve always been intrigued by outer space. Something about it just draws me in so of course I love reading books about it. These Broken Stars has such a wonderful story-line that I’m dying to get my hands on and read! Plus I’m a sucker for romance, especially when it’s between two people from different backgrounds. This is definitely on my must-read-now list! It would be pretty awesome to win a copy!
    Kelly recently posted…Waiting on Wednesday: Love Letters to the Dead by Ava Dellaira

  41. Christine

    I love sci-fi YA, and with action and romance (already in love with Tarver!), this sounds like a must-read! :D

  42. Heidi

    I love books set in space and anyone who likes space operas and second breakfasts are alright in my opinion. They certainly can’t write a bad book! Can’t wait to read it!

  43. Raquel Romero

    First off, the cover is AMAZING!!! The floating green dress? Love it! Second, the synopsis sounds great! I don’t read a lot of space novels, but this one definitely piqued my interest!

  44. Kristie M

    This book sounds amazing. I’m excited about it cause i have never read a book that took place in space and on different planets.I would also like to add that the cover is beautiful :)

  45. Amber hsu

    I love the whole idea of this book, and recently I’ve been starting to try out new scifi books, so this book seems like the kind ofbook I’m looking for… I also love how you’ve found a way to incorporate our modern day societies into the future and space…

  46. Aza Saku

    I think the cover of this book is lovely. I cant wait to read it. I find the whole surviving in not only outer space but a whole different planet interesting to see what kind of alien like creature there will b if there are any.

  47. Christine @ The Bookish Daydreamer

    Originally, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read this book. But after all the raving reviews I’ve seen lately and all the fun guest posts, I know now that I need this book. I love that Lilac is still feminine but will still kick your ass when she needs to. The world sounds intriguing and I absolutely love that cover. Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy of this, since I obviously dropped the ball when I didn’t request it on NetGalley!
    Christine @ The Bookish Daydreamer recently posted…Review: Pawn

  48. Brigitte Herron

    I know it’s frowned upon to judge a book by it’s cover but I didn’t even need to read the story. I knew I would love it at first sight by that cover.

  49. Sarah M

    Want to read this. Smart lead girl with some skills some would deem more manly. It sounds great! The actual people of age for YA books could use more role models that break the mold :)

  50. Skye K.

    Took me a bit to find here XD saw on another blog stop that needed to come here. Had to goggle blog name :D I find the cover the most interesting I love the colors and the flow to it!!

  51. Katiria Rodriguez

    I am really excited and I’ve been dying too get my hands for this book because I never read a book about in space before and about two totally strangers stuck in a planet it looks and sounds awesome! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  52. Traci

    I’ve been dying to read this one for a while! The cover is stunning & is one of my faves of this year. The synopsis sounds excellent, too!

    TY for the giveaway!

  53. Laura M

    I really want to read this book, because it’s sort of a deviation from what I usually read, and since I already know that these women are already great authors, I know in my gut I’ll love this book and its unique setting.

  54. Mer

    Wow! I love in depth worldbuilding, and it’s obvious a lot of thought went into this one. I’m really looking forward to reading about a future free of sexism.

  55. Jenny

    I absolutely LOVE sic-fi books, so I’m super excited for These Broken Stars. And that cover! Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  56. Molli

    I so loved this one. *dreamy sigh* I didn’t notice the gender thing as much but looking back I can absolutely see what the authors mean. And I thought the class differences were sad and fascinating. I LOVED the old West feeling to the border places, definitely put me in mind of FIREFLY and some other things. I’m selfishly hoping we see more of that in future books.

    GREAT post from Kaufman and Spooner. Thanks so much to you ladies for hosting this tour. Also, I’ve not been here for awhile so I have to say again, BEAUTIFUL layout.
    Molli recently posted…Review: Poison Princess by Kresley Cole

  57. Kamla L.

    Sounds like a fascinating setting for an amazing series. Doing the research must of been all kinds of fun. I have been looking forward to the release ever since the cover reveal and have been being teased with all the buzz and early reviews since then. Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway.

  58. Danielle D

    Love this cover and cannot wait to pick up a finished copy of this book! I read an advance e-reader copy of it and have just been waiting for the time when the reviews come out to talk about how fun and awesome this book is!

  59. Kelley (Another Novel Read)

    Loved this guest post! The terraforming was definitely one of the things that caught my attention while reading These Broken Stars. I find that so fascinating, and I love that this book explained and explored this topic a bit more than what I’ve read in other books. I also like the “aspirational thinking” in regards to gender equality. It’s funny because I didn’t even notice this in the book, and I think that’s a GOOD thing. I’m so excited for book two, and I can’t wait to read about these Irish inspired settlers mentioned. :O
    Kelley (Another Novel Read) recently posted…Let’s Play Guessing Games with Sci-Fi Books!

  60. Kristen@My Friends Are Fiction

    I have actually read These Broken Stars already and absolutely loved every word. It is one of my favorites this year (and just in general). I think that Amie and Meagan did an amazing job of utilizing science fiction as well as a creepy edge to their story. I can’t wait to see what they put out next in the series. Thank you for the amazing post :-)
    Kristen@My Friends Are Fiction recently posted…Review of World After by Susan Ee

  61. Jennifer K

    I am looking forward to reading this book because it sounds interesting. Also the cover is really pretty. Thanks.

  62. becca fowler

    i have been anticipating this release all year! science fiction is my fav! plus i have heard such amazing things about it! cannot wait!!!! thanks!!

  63. Ann

    Ever since I saw the cover I was immediately drawn to it! Then I saw all these great reviews! Now I can’t wait to read it! ;)

  64. Sarah K

    Since the moment I saw the cover and read the book blurb I placed it on my to read shelf. After I read a number of reviews for it, I now cannot wait to read it:)

  65. Carl

    The synopsis sounds great and all of the excitement about this book has become contagious. I’d like to win a copy to get a piece of the excitement for myself.

  66. Courtney Crossley

    I am SO excited to read this. It’s gotten really positive reviews and I love a good sci-fi! I feel like there are lots of sci-fi books that fall short of their potential, but this one seems like it will not disappoint.

  67. Sophia Rose

    Thanks for the fascinating background on the book. I look forward to reading it and the others in the trilogy.

  68. Robin Christofaro

    The book sounds great. The authors seem great. And Tarver seems the best of all (Sorry authors)…can’t wait to read it!

  69. Bonnie Hilligoss

    I’ve wanted to read this book ever since the beautiful cover first drew me in. It has all the different aspects that I love to read about. Thank you for the chance to win a copy!!

  70. Lauren @ Love is not a triangle

    I am so very thankful to have been part of this tour!!! It was so much fun to participate. You guys are the best, but these authors and this book are also magnificent. I LOVE this discussion on the future, and how much thought Amie and Meg put into their world. Both the technology of terraforming etc. as well as socially. The way that class vs gender plays a roll is really interesting. And I LOVED seeing Lilac blow away Tarver’s prejudices during their journey together. I cannot WAIT for book 2 to meet this badass soldier.
    Lauren @ Love is not a triangle recently posted…World After by Susan Ee

  71. Danielle

    Oh my gosh! I have been so so excited about this book for so long since I saw it on goodreads a long time ago! Thank you so much for this giveaway!!!! I just can’t wait to get a copy or win one lol :D

  72. Stephanie Moore

    I love this cover and I love YA SciFi so this seems like a must read!

  73. Jenni

    Gah! I am definitely kicking myself for not joining this awesome tour because the reviews for the book have been outstanding so far. I’ll be reading it in the next week or so here and I can’t wait! Good luck with the tour guys!
    Jenni recently posted…Scorch Review

  74. Meg


    Ok, now that that’s out of my system, moving on. I am super excited for this book, I’ve already reordered a copy. I saw it described somewhere as ‘something something Firefly something’ and bought it like the well-trained Pavlovian dog I am. (I was also encouraged by the rampaging enthusiasm sweeping the blogoshpere.)

    I agree with their stance on the importance of world-building and like the way they’ve been thinking about it. Can’t wait to read!

  75. Anne

    Never seen a book tour like this, very creative! The book sounds great and inventive!

  76. Danielle

    Wonderful post! Science fiction world building can be so hit or miss, so I love hearing about the actual “science” part of the genre being researched! Meagan’s Skylark series is one of my favorites, so it’s doing my heart good to see the good reviews for this series, too.

  77. Brenna from Esther's Ever After

    I feel like I’ve been waiting for such a long time to read this one! I’m basically a sucker for any kind of sci fi book and especially ones that are very adventure-focused, because that’s something I love to read about.

    This is a really great blog tour – so well put together with such great posts!

    Brenna from Esther’s Ever After
    Brenna from Esther’s Ever After recently posted…Review: How to Love

  78. Becky

    Really interesting to read about the collaboration, haven’t seen an article like this before.

  79. Rachel

    Oh, your new blow site looks gorgeous, ladies! It’s so bright and cheery. Congrats on the move to WordPress.

    I love the sound of this story, I have a copy and can’t wait to dig it. I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about it. It’s wonderful you’ve organized a tour. :)

  80. Leandra

    These Broken Stars definitely has one of the prettiest covers I’ve seen in 2013 so far. I plan up grabbing it up come December!

  81. Ellen M @ The Canon

    I’m excited to read this book because of the essay the authors’ have written here! I like the idea of the gender stereotypes falling by the wayside, but it would be impossible to ignore the class barriers that would rise in its place. It’s an interesting perspective, and I can’t wait to read it!

  82. Dara

    I’m so excited to read this. I haven’t read a true YA sci-fi in a while and this one looks fabulous. Plus, co-authored books fascinate me.

  83. Suzanne

    I think the cover sold me on this one, but then seeing reviews by reviewers whose opinions often coincide with mine has pushed me over the top on being really excited to read this.
    Suzanne recently posted…Project: Library

  84. Becky Arnold

    This book has one of the most beautiful covers I have ever seen and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!!

  85. Franny J.

    I love the idea of future settlements being reminiscent of the Wild West. Sci-Fi plus Wild West? Bring it!

  86. Trina

    I can’t wait to read this! I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time. And that cover!

  87. Kimmy

    I enjoy science fiction, and I’m always looking for new YA sci-fi to read. This sounds great and has a gorgeous cover – how can I resist picking this up??
    Kimmy recently posted…Waiting On Wednesday

  88. Jen @ Pop! Goes The Reader

    I’ve been excited to read These Broken Stars ever since I first saw the cover and read the synopsis, and my anticipation has only increased with every subsequent blog post about it! I adore the Science Fiction genre, but I think what intrigues me most about this novel is the fact that many bloggers have emphasized that it’s a character study first and foremost. Character development has always been of the utmost importance to me, and I love what I’ve heard of both Lilac and Tarver thus far. I cannot wait until this novel is released!
    Jen @ Pop! Goes The Reader recently posted…Hiatus: See You In December!

  89. Tanja

    I’m starting this one today and I’m supper excited. It sounds like a great story. Also I love the guest post. The world-building is probably the most important aspect when we talk about futuristic novels. Great post, Wendy :)
    Tanja recently posted…Waiting on Wednesday (#69)

  90. Stacie C

    I have heard so many great things about this book and the cover is just to die for!!! I can’t wait to read it. Thank you for the giveaway!

  91. kaitlin sivley

    I am so excited to read These Broken Stars, because it sounds very interesting, and I haven’t read any good sci-fi lately. Also, I’d love to see how the co-authors voices are in the book.

  92. Natasha

    I am excited to read These Broken Stars because it sounds amazing and I have heard wonderful things about it!

  93. Miranda

    I have been waiting for this book for what seems like forever. I hope that it lives up to my expectations – something tells me it will (maybe all of the AMAZING reviews).

  94. Giselle

    YEAH! I’m reading this book now – I have like 40-50 pages left and I can’t wait to get back to it it’s so good! They definitely wins at world building!! And I agree with you – comment above. It’s sci-fi technically but I found it’s more of a survival story than anything else with a great mystery that gets you to not want to stop reading to find out just the the eff is going on!
    Giselle recently posted…Review: Racing Savannah by Miranda Kenneally

  95. Angie

    I love a good scifi romance. That said, I was completely put off by the cover. Just another couple flying in space. Sigh. But the very positive reviews have me excited once more. Looking forward to reading it.
    Angie recently posted…One & Only Blog Tour + Giveaway!

  96. Rebecca

    This book has been on my to-read list for a while now, and this post and review have made me even more excited for it! It seems like the authors really put a lot of thought into the world-building, and it sounds fascinating. Can’t wait!

  97. Ashley D.

    I’ve had this book on my TBR list for MONTHS. I was definitely intrigued by the synopsis on Goodreads, but my friend tells me this was one of her favorite reads from this year (she was lucky enough to read it early). It also helps that I’ve heard nothing but great things about it. That’s why I’m so excited for this book!

  98. Dreams

    I am super excited for this book. Hearing that you guys loved it makes it jump up my TBR lists. I might just have to buy this one instead of borrowing from the library.
    Dreams recently posted…Review – Othermoon

  99. Josiphine

    I love world building! It’s the thing most likely to make me pick up/put down a book. I’m really glad that that’s a priority here. And I was already so desperate for this….

  100. Stephanie

    I’ve been waiting for this book for so long and with only a month left to go, I’m soooo excited! I’ve only heard good reviews and I love the fact it was written by two writers!

  101. Pili

    I have been so damned excited for this books since the moment I first stumbled upon it’s gorgeous gorgeous cover and the sinopsis, quite a few months ago! I’ve been trying to get my hands on an ARC like mad but have been unlucky, so I’ll just have to wait till my preordered HC lands in my house!

    Every fantastic review about this book makes me happier, more excited and more impatient, but this blog tour with the many guest post from the authors is gonna be a joy to follow even if I can’t enter the giveaway!
    Pili recently posted…ARC Review of The Iron Traitor by Julie Kagawa!

  102. Cee

    I am sooo excited about this book. The cover is so frickin’ gorgeous, which makes me a bit nervous if it’s really good (because pretty covers have misled me before), but the synopsis makes me extremely hopeful and it’s in space!

    I love what Amie and Meagan said about world-building. It’s absolutely necessary in order for the reader to get a clear picture of the future that the two authors are seeing. I find what they said to be extremely helpful to those, like me, who are writing a book set in the future but have no idea how to ‘world-build.’

  103. Jennifer

    All the positive buzz is making me so excited for this book!

    (I’ve tried to post this comment a couple of times and keep getting internal server errors…hope this doesn’t show up several times in a row.)

  104. Lacy

    I love science fiction, and always want to support more female voices in the genre. This looks really good.

  105. Kim

    Ugh, I want to read this sooo badly! Physics? Space travel? Survivalist? It just gets better and better. Oh right, and there’s a book boyfriend? Just get on my favorites list already, These Broken Stars!

    I want to be part of a society where value isn’t based on gender. I like this world. I want to go to there. I just want can’t wait to read and see it all for myself.

    P.S. I LOVE the redesign! Congrats, ladies. It’s whimsical and magical and just really, really lovely :)

  106. Candace

    I’m reading a book right now that takes place in the future (not REAL far in the future, but still enough to need the world building). And it’s really made me think about it a lot lately. Good world building is always good, but I need it to always be stuff I can wrap my head around. I’m really looking forward to reading this!
    Candace recently posted…Blog Tour & Giveaway: Review of Rook by Monica MacDonald

  107. Diamond Nazaneen

    Omg I love your new header and look! Congrats it’s gorgeous :D

    Honestly this book first caught my eye because of it’s gorgeous and splendiferous cover! I mean, ah-may-zing! And I love the idea that it’s in space. But there’s a real romance aspect as well. Plus, on top of all that, tons of my book blogging friends have gone gaga over it and told me I just have to read it!! Haha :P
    Diamond Nazaneen recently posted…Guest Post: Are you a Cover Junkie or a Blurb Freak?

  108. Denise B

    I really enjoy sci-fi and I have heard so many great things about this book, which looks facinatin,it would be fantastic to win a copy.

  109. Sam @ Realm of Fiction

    This is one of my next reads and I definitely can’t wait to get around to it! It sounds like the world-building was given a lot of thought here, so I’m looking forward to experiencing that aspect for myself. I especially like the comments about culture, as that sounds quite logical to me too. Great post! Thanks so much for sharing. :)
    Sam @ Realm of Fiction recently posted…Review: The Falconer by Elizabeth May

  110. Kate Bond

    You can really tell they thought through all these things, and it made for such a richly textured world. The class stuff, in particular, was handled beautifully. And it’s no nice to finally see a futuristic world where treatment of women has progressed in a GOOD way.

  111. Becca

    This one has been on my To Read list for a while, so I’m excited that it’s coming out! (And that it looks like there’ll be an audiobook version, I’m a big fan of listening to stuff in the car).

    • Wendy Darling

      I hear the audiobook is amazing! It’s read by 3 different people, which can be really great when it’s done well. The tour stop this Wednesday will have a sample of the audiobook, along with an interview with the guy who voices Tarver. BE STILL MY HEART.

      If you do listen to the audiobook while driving, just be careful…you may have to pull over for swoon breaks.

  112. Dizneeee (Lisa A.)

    I admit, the cover itself is enough to make me want to read it. Seriously! It’s gorgeous!

    The world building, the research, and thought process that the ladies did will be great, I’m sure! The details that they talked about in the interview make it sound like it’s a very organized, thought out book. I love books that are very detail oriented.
    Dizneeee (Lisa A.) recently posted…Rook: Review (w/ Giveaway)

    • Wendy Darling

      I know, isn’t the cover gorgeous? That really is the word to use, I mean–the stars, the colors, her freaking ballgown, it’s all just too much.

      It is a very well-conceived, well thought-out book. Strong structure and attention to detail can make a huge difference between a book that’s merely good vs. a book that’s great.

  113. Amie

    Before I even knew what the story is about, I already added this book to my TBR because of the beautiful cover. Then when I read the blurb, I was like OMG I need this book now.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

    • Wendy Darling

      *whispers* Sometimes I do the same thing, Amie. I can’t help it, I fall in love with books in advance because of their coves sometimes, even though I know better! But in this case there is no cover fraud–the contents are just as good, and really, even better than, the artwork.

      Good luck with your entry!

  114. Jess @ Such A Novel Idea

    I can NOT stop talking about this book! It is my favorite of 2013 and one of my top ten favorites ever!

    One reason I loved the book was how wonderful the world-building was. I’m not a visual person, but I “saw” this entire book in my head. It was written with such vivid detail and really drew me in because of that.

    I would be beyond the moon (hehe) to win an annotated copy of it.
    Jess @ Such A Novel Idea recently posted…Where the Stars Still Shine — Book Review

    • Wendy Darling

      SAME HERE. I have been dying to talk about this book for ages, and I’m so happy it’s going to be out in the world soon so people can read it!

      I know what you mean about “seeing” the book. I am the opposite of you in that I am sort of a visual person, and I too could picture what was happening so clearly. I can’t wait to see what they’ve done to that ARC as well, I tried to get them to send a photo but they weren’t having the surprise spoiled for the winner!

    • Wendy Darling

      I hope you love it, Kristie! I am really happy to see that most other bloggers are loving it, too. And this is one case where the cover art actually does match the contents–Lilac wears a gorgeous green ballgown just like that, and we have an upcoming tour post that talks about the cover shoot.

  115. Andrea @ Bookish

    This book just sounds beyond amazing. I loved the world building and I love how much thought and detail they really put into it. I always find it obvious when authors construct their world from bottom up or if they just “make it work” as they go. All the reviews I have read praise the book, ut even before those rave reviews I knew I had to get my hands on this book.
    Andrea @ Bookish recently posted…Dance of the Red Death by Bethany Griffin (Review)

    • Wendy Darling

      As much as I enjoy techno-thrillers and the types of books that you’d enjoy like you would an action movie, this book really stands out in YA scifi. It’s so well-written and thought-out, and you can tell they asked themselves a lot of questions about this world and then answered them for us in the story.

  116. Cynthia R

    Fascinated by the concept of class and culture being fractured. What would that mean for society? So many interesting questions! And I love, love love futuristic reads.

    • Wendy Darling

      I think they’re going to delve into this idea even more in the future books, Cynthia–I am SO excited for that. I love futuristic books, too!

  117. Audrey

    Sci-fi is not generally my thing, but reading about how much emphasis the authors placed on class, gender, and culture in their world-building has made me super-psyched to read this book!

    • Kate Bond

      I adore science fiction, and while I think this is very good sci-fi, I also believe you’re right in that it will really appeal to people outside the genre because it’s just a story about people. The love story works so, so well.

    • Wendy Darling

      I just had a conversation with Mel at Midnight Reads about this topic, Audrey. The book has a mood that’s more unusual for YA scifi (thoughtful, not fast-paced or overly techy), so it think it will appeal to readers who might not normally like a lot of the slicker stuff. A large portion of the book is quite survivalist, actually, and of course the characters and romance are just beautifully developed. I’m glad you’re going to give it a chance!

      • Audrey

        Hi! Just wanted to comment back and say that I LOVED These Broken Stars. This is why you’re my favorite book blogger, Wendy–I can always tell from your review whether I’ll like something or not, and I discover wonderful books from your recommendations. Thank you for all you do!

  1. Ex Libris

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