Welcome Kate!

October 1, 2013 2013, Kate, site annoucements, Wendy 84

Hello friends! We’re very pleased to announce we have a new contributing writer joining us at The Midnight Garden

Kate zips through books as fast as I do and shares my love of YA scifi, gruesome crime thrillers, and sexy romances. She’s one of the few people I can text at four in the morning because I need to DISCUSS a book I just finished–and the awesome thing is, she’s often awake to text me back.

After knowing each other for about a year, we recently discovered that we have 90% book compatibility, which is kind of amazing. But at the same time, I’m excited that she’s joining us because she brings a fresh perspective and voice to the blog, and is certainly going to be keeping us on our toes. 

Without further ado, here’s a little more about Kate in her own words. Please help us welcome her to the blog!


Kate is a city girl who grew up in an A-frame house in the middle of backwoods Georgia. 

She cries at sappy romance novels and poetry but is uncomfortable with real-life romantic gestures, weddings, and Valentine’s Day. She doesn’t enjoy chocolate or cake of any kind. She can’t eat before noon, but she loves breakfast foods at every other time of the day. She has five sisters, and two of them are her lifelong best friends. She hates being cold.

She loves dinosaurs because they are real-life dragons, and can (and will—with apologies) recite all the dialogue while watching Jurassic Park. She is terrified of any creature possessing more than four legs, but has absolutely no fear of any animal with a properly non-creepy leg count. She refuses to take a side in the battle between cats and dogs.

She is an actress and a producer, and is married to an exceptionally talented writer. She lives in Los Angeles. She works on political campaigns and with a children’s charity, and has, in the past, been a legal assistant, a manager at a Fortune 500 company, a publicist, and a stylist. She still shops as though it is her job, though she’s glad it isn’t. She would rather read than do almost anything else in the world.  

You can find her online on Twitter and GoodReads


As we head into fall, you’re going to see more exciting developments here at The Midnight Garden. Thanks, as always, for bearing with us as we transition into new ventures!

I’d also like to add a personal thanks to Tonya, who celebrates her first anniversary with us this month, and to the lovely K., who’s been with the blog since the beginning. You all are such phenomenal writers and just the nicest people, and I’m so lucky to share this space with you.

84 Responses to “Welcome Kate!”

  1. Kate Bond

    http://aisforaframe.tumblr.com should give you a good idea of what an a-frame looks like. Ours had 2 bedrooms. 7 of us lived in it.

    Georgia peaches just taste like peaches, frankly. It’s kind of a let-down.

    Our 0% food compatibility would come in handy if we ever had a meal together. We’d Jack Sprat that shit.

    I’m afraid of six-leggers, too, C. Even ladybugs.

    Fucking escalators, man.

    I think the fact that I took a few years off from acting to travel around the country doing whatever jobs I could find has helped me with acting, but you know what would’ve helped MORE would be getting back into it before my mid (late)-twenties. Oh, well. Live/learn/etc.

  2. Christina @ Christina Reads YA

    I’ve been meaning to catch up with TMG and comment on posts as of late but have been bad about that o.O. This will happen. Yep.


    Y’all are the best for the 4 a.m. chats. If I was less behind, I’d take a look at my twitter stream now to see whether you’re both still up too :P. Night owls unite! Also, yes, I remember the gruesome crime thriller one – I think I’d commented on your review, Kate, for a Slaughter novel. Still marinating on that. And also YA sci fi and Uninvited by Sophie Jordan. How perfect, though, to officially join TMG before the These Broken Stars tours kicks off – have you read it yet?

    90% book compatibility IS amazing – I don’t know that I have that with anyone or ever will. YAY I’m excited for TMG too :D. (Again, Wendy, such lovely comments before getting into the post.)

    Kate, you have such pretty pictures. I don’t know what an A frame house means o.o and I also didn’t know you were from Georgia! Yay, maybe one day I’ll know someone from every state. You’re now my Georgia rep! (Are the peaches really that great? I bet you get asked that a lot…)

    “She cries at sappy romance novels and poetry but is uncomfortable with real-life romantic gestures, weddings, and Valentine’s Day.” < -- THIS. Minus the crying. Too rare on my end. “She doesn’t enjoy chocolate or cake of any kind.” < -- WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT. How? Why? Fine. If you're given some, at least you'll share with the rest of us ;P. Hmmm, breakfast food. You’re a non chocolate and cake person but a breakfast lover. I think this means we have 0% food compatibility lol. o.O oh no. Jurassic Park scared the beejeebsus out of me. How weren’t you scared by them?? I can see the real-life dragon bit quite well – that’s why I’d had nightmares as a kid about T-Rex. You are welcome to your JP lines… “She is terrified of any creature possessing more than four legs, but has absolutely no fear of any animal with a properly non-creepy leg count.” < -- I like the clarification between animal and creature. Although I suppose bees and the lot could be considered to have a creepy leg count too. “She refuses to take a side in the battle between cats and dogs.” < -- Every dog I've known has either tried to hump or bite me, so here's another disagreement. Gosh, Kate. Do we not have anything in common besides those escalator and spider fears ;)? (I still remember the escalator thing from FBiB because you are the only other person who shares that fear with me - or who's at least admitted to it.) You are very active. Go you! Does all that experience help when it comes to taking on various acting roles? :D :D Congratulations to Tonya and you too, K and Wendy. Wendy, you are also a phenomenal writer and nice person :). This last note reminds me of a group hug because I’m a sap like that but yay for one of my favorite blogs and some of my favorite bloggers!

    • Kate Bond

      Seriously. If you can’t tell me one line from that movie, it is a good sign we are not meant to be friends (My husband thinks it’s a terrible film. He’s wrong, but he thinks it.).

  3. Amy

    And I meant The Midnight Garden in my last comment lol!! I just came over here from Midnight Reads so I was still thinking of that title haha!!

    • Kate Bond

      Thank you, Amy!

      So you came over after Mel’s blog? That’s funny if so; she’s one of my absolute favorites.

  4. Amy

    HI Kate!! Welcome to Midnight Reads!!! I love this blog and it will be nice to see your input here also!!

  5. Rachel

    Welcome, Kate! I’m a book crier, so a sappy romance could easily induce tears in me, too! I’m not a big sweet fan so cake or chocolate doesn’t shock me. Although, I’m sure I’m in the minority, lol!

    I look forward to seeing your reviews, Kate! :)

    • Kate Bond

      We people who can give or take sweets have to band together, Rachel, lest we be overtaken by the chocolate cake-eating mobs.

  6. Alise (Readers In Wonderland)

    Welcome Kate! Cake is weird because I feel like it can’t decide if it wants to be moist or dry. But chocolate-wow! I can’t let a day go by without chocolate :) Can’t wait to read some of your bookish thoughts!

    • Kate Bond

      RIGHT. And it’s not that I hate all cake (for example, I love peanut butter and jelly cupcakes), but it is disappointing frequently enough to go on my “Do. Not. Want.” shelf.

      Actually, same with chocolate.

  7. Nikki

    Welcome Kate! It’s nice to finally meet another seasoned Jurassic Park aficionado! I look forward to getting to know you better and reading some awesome reviews!

  8. Tanja - Tanychy

    Hey Kate! I’m so happy to see a new review here. Everyone who cries at sappy romance can become my new best friend ;) I cannot wait to see your reviews. :)

    • Kate Bond

      Please feel free to always give me all the compliments. However, I feel the need to tell you that my natural hair hits between my mouth and my chin, so I am wearing clip-in hair extensions in this photo (that’s pretty common among actresses), and also that I am one of those people who look better on camera than in person.

  9. Jasprit

    Welcome to The Midnight Garden Kate! I adore all the ladies here, so look forward to reading your posts! Also crying and reading? That’s totally me too! :)

    • Kate Bond

      I hate when I’m out in public reading when a book makes me cry. And based on when in the month I’m reading (you know, hormonally), I could be crying over absolutely nothing.

      I used the word “when” too many times up there, but I’m too tired to be able to figure out how to fix it.

  10. Sam (Realm of Fiction)

    “She cries at sappy romance novels and poetry but is uncomfortable with real-life romantic gestures”

    ME TOO! It’s strange how that works. :) Welcome to the blog, Kate! And actress and a producer? Wow, you sound super talented.

    I’m looking forward to reading your posts!

    • Kate Bond

      Why are we like this?

      And yeah, I act and produce, but not anything, like, fancy so far. So maybe SUPER talented is pushing it just a smidge.

  11. Pabkins

    Yes Real life dragons!! They are dragons – I swear they’ll discover someday that one or the other of them breathed fire…they must have.

    I don’t like cake much either. yuck…but not eating before Noon? what the heck! Look forward to reading your content!

    • Kate Bond

      I’ve never been able to eat breakfast at breakfast time. My father and his mother are the same way–we regularly eat only meal a day, in the evening. It’s really weird. My sisters all eat like normal humans.

      And there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY at least one dinosaur didn’t breathe fire. Absolutely none.

  12. Karen

    Are you sure we can trust someone who doesn’t like doesn’t enjoy chocolate or cake? lol

    If Wendy vouches for you it must be ok :-)

    Welcome Kate!

    • Kate Bond

      Since childhood I have removed the chocolate from the outside of candy bars before eating them. It’s a messy proposition, but worth it to avoid the vile brown grossness.

    • Kate Bond

      OMG. I just saw your review of Unbreakable. I felt so, so differently from you. I’m going to continue this conversation on your blog…

    • Kate Bond

      There are A LOT of us. And my husband’s name is David. If I ever have children, I’m giving them insane druggy hippie names.

    • Kate Bond

      Thank you for not calling me out on my indifference to what are apparently the world’s two finest foods!

  13. LisaFicTalk

    Welcome Kate! :D *throws confetti*

    You had me for awhile there, but then you LOST ME AT BEING A CAKE AND CHOCOLATE HATER. I CAN’T EVEN…

    So I shall bake you a HUGE CHOCOLATE CAKE! THERE! ;)


    • Kate Bond

      I will take two bites and then say that it’s so deliciously rich a decadent, I don’t need any more! And anyway, I can’t spare the calories!

      (I’ve been navigating the world of chocolate-lovers all my life.)

      The one chocolate thing I really love is home made hot chocolate, with milk and dark chocolate and a little bit of salt…mmmm…

  14. Mary @ BookSwarm

    Welcome, Kate! Now, you’re going to have to prove yourself because anyone who doesn’t like chocolate or cake is a bit dodgy in my eyes. Of course, that does leave more chocolate and cake for the rest of us…

  15. Melanie

    WOAH WAIT A SECOND. You don’t like cake or chocolate?!

    Not okay.
    How am I friends with you?

    :P Nah, love you Kate! I look forward to seeing you here on The Midnight Garden with more of your awesome reviews <33

  16. Andrea @The Bookish Babes

    How exciting! Kate seems like such a great fit for TMG. And it’s so cool to find another lady who’s not into public romantic gestures. I always have a nervous giggle when I see them.

    • Kate Bond

      You know what makes me THE MOST uncomfortable? Videos of people getting engaged. One of my best friends has her proposal up on her Facebook page, and it makes me cringe hardcore.

    • Kate Bond

      Georgia is a great place to be from, I think. It’s romanticized a bit more than the other southern states. My husband is from Texas–yuck.

  17. dreamsofawalrus

    Exciting! Welcome and I look forward to reading your posts! :D But before that:

    “She cries at sappy romance novels and poetry but is uncomfortable with real-life romantic gestures, weddings, and Valentine’s Day.”

    YESSSSSSSS. Thisssssss.

    • Kate Bond

      Right? I always feel like the dude (not to be super heteronormative, but I am straight) is doing the romantic thing because it’s expected of him. Makes me feel yucky.

    • Kate Bond

      I feel guilty about it, because my husband is really into all that stuff, but I just can’t handle it. It feels so disingenuous.

      I didn’t even have a wedding–the two of us eloped, and we sat and had a serious conversation about what we expected out of each other and the marriage, and then we exchanged rings. Just the two of us. Which sounds pretty awful, but it was great for me.

  18. Bonnie R

    *high-five* I hate chocolate and cake too.
    Welcome to the midnight garden! Looking forward to your posts. :)

  19. Heather Roddenberry

    Woo Hoo, Kate:) That’s awesome you are joining Wendy and the rest of the gals at The Midnight Garden. And you are from Georgia! I’m a southern girl–I knew there was a reason I liked you! Unless you are a U of GA football fan. Then we have some problems… ;) Welcome, welcome:))

    • Kate Bond

      U of Ga made me L out L, because that is absolutely not what they call that school. I’m pleased to report, for the sake of our ongoing friendship, that sports rivalries will never be a thing I care about in the slightest. I am EXTREMELY averse to competitiveness.

      Also, my dad lived in Florida while I was growing up (as does my entire immediate family now), so almost every professional or college athletic event I’ve ever gone to was there.

      And I was a cheerleader in high school, so I get SUCH joy out of not having to watch sports now.

      Oh! You’re in Florida! Fun times!