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Our readers know all three of us are big fans of the Grisha trilogy here at The Midnight Garden. If you read K’s Siege and Storm review yesterday, you know you’re in for a thrill of a ride when the book is released next month!    

We had the opportunity to sit down with author Leigh Bardugo recently to chat about her novels. Since the books are influenced by Russian culture, we thought it’d be fun to meet up for drinks at a vodka bar here in Los Angeles! 

Here’s a recounting and paraphrased transcript of the highly giggly conversation below. 

~ Wendy and Tonya    

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A Conversation with Leigh Bardugo

Wendy: Peeps, I just want you to know that when Leigh breezed through the doorway, I nearly didn’t recognize her because she did NOT show up in a fur hat with a jeweled walking stick.    

Leigh: It’s funny, because logically, I know you don’t look like a cartoon, but I was still surprised that you don’t actually look like Wendy Darling.  

shadow and bone stag ringWendy: I should have worn a blue dress and curls! Social media avatars can be so deceptive. I did wear my stag ring for you, though.

In between bites of duck pizza, crudites, and Moscow Mules, the three of us talked about Siege and Storm, as well as how Leigh’s life has changed since she became an author.    

Wendy: Where were you when you first got the news that you’d hit the New York Times bestseller list for Shadow and Bone?    

Leigh: I was in Houston for a signing. I’d just gone to get my hair done and it was enormous. My editor called and asked if I was sitting down and I thought, “This is either going to be really good or really bad.” It turned out to be really good and I pretty much broke down crying. So there I was with my giant hair, sitting on a bench at an outdoor mall, in 100 degree heat, freaking out all of the shoppers. My agent called and we cried. Then I rang up my mom and we cried some more.    

Wendy: Aww. I always say it’s like being an Academy Award nominee–the words “New York Times Bestselling Author” will follow you around for life.  

Leigh: I remember flopping down on my bed in the hotel room and feeling completely serene, thinking, “This is all I need.” And then I just had to laugh at myself. Even in that moment I knew it wouldn’t last. All the doubt and anxiety would creep back in soon enough, so I did my best to enjoy it while I could.  

Tonya: It’s unusual for a debut to hit the list. Was your experience writing book two different from book one?  

Leigh: I actually wrote S&S before S&B was released, which was a blessing since I didn’t have any outside opinions to sway me. It was certainly a more intense experience since it was the first time I’d written a book on deadline.    

Wendy: Do you miss your old day job at all? In my former life, I worked with a lot of make-up artists and it’s not always a fun job–you’re always the first to arrive and the last to leave.  

Leigh: Not a bit. laughs The hours are long, and you’re always on someone else’s schedule. I still love product and I still make my friends up for Halloween. It’s almost as if, now that makeup isn’t my job, I can enjoy it again. Oh, and I have occasionally wielded my brushes on my Fierce Reads tourmates. Sometimes I can’t resist.  

Wendy: Lucky ladies!

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During our chat, we enjoyed martinis and appetizers during happy hour. The clientele was interesting to say the least, and at one point a very drunk man pulled up a chair and started chatting us up. (Wendy had no qualms about lying through her teeth and introducing herself as “Eloisa.” 

We were pretty relieved when a hostess stopped by to invite us into the famed VodBox, which is a freezing cold room full of vodka where we all put on big faux fur coats and hats. Each of us tasted three different kinds of vodka before making our way back to the lounge and getting back to business.   

Tonya: You have a very passionate and vocal following on Twitter and Tumblr. What’s your experience been like with your readers?    

Leigh: Just amazing. I don’t understand where all of these talented, awesome people came from, but I’m so grateful for them. Some of the fanart and the graphics and the edits—so insane! And the coolest thing is when I find out that we have fandoms in common and we can all geek out together.  

We talked about a lot of books and pop culture at this point. Tonya and Leigh bonded over Game of Thrones and Kresley Cole, while Wendy offered up a recommendation for a paranormal romance with hot dragon sex. (Okay, so there was a lot vodka.)    

Wendy: Let’s talk about Alina for a minute. I confess I put off reading the first book for awhile because I saw so many raves for the book, but I also had a few friends who thought she wasn’t strong enough. But then I read it and I thought, “What are you talking about?” Not every girl has to start out full of self-confidence or knowing exactly what to do all the time. I love Alina’s character’s story arc, particularly the direction it takes in Siege and Storm. 

Leigh: Why thank you! I think it’s fair to say that Alina has very little agency at the start of the Shadow and Bone. She’s an orphan and a refugee and a member of the peasant class. She’s never had the experience of power and she really wrestles with it. But I wanted to create a heroine who had to struggle to be strong, who had to grow into her power, and yeah, who made bad choices sometimes.   

Tonya: Just like real girls. The male characters get a lot of attention (deservedly so), but the female characters you write are also amazing.    

Wendy: Oh, Genya! I found her so intriguing in S&B but she just broke my heart in S&S.

Leigh: Her character arc is probably my favorite to write. She plays a bigger role in the third book…you’ll have to wait and see.    

Wendy: Ugh, TEASE. I have threatened to wrestle that manuscript away from you, and I haven’t given up on that idea.    

Tonya: I’m getting in your car when you drive over there.

*awkward silence*

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Wendy: Um. Your world-building is so rich and evocative–as you know, I love how much thought went into all those details.    

Leigh: They’re really fun to write. But sometimes I really just want to write a book where my character can go have a peanut butter sandwich.    

Tonya: Haha! That’s hilarious, but I know what you mean.    

Wendy: And you’re a singer too, right? I saw that you and your band used to play around LA a lot.    

Leigh: We aren’t as active as we used to be since we’re all doing different projects, but some of us got together to record a song I wrote for S&S called “Winter Prayer.”    

Wendy: It’s just lovely! I hope it makes it into the film’s soundtrack. Omg, what if it’s covered by Florence Welch for the credits? *flails*  

Leigh: I. Would. Die.    

Wendy: The movie is going to be awesome, especially with all the attention to detail you put into the books. You have a good team behind it with HeyDay Films since they produced Harry Potter–I mean, I’m not always crazy about the idea of book to film adaptations, but I think all the signs point at a fantastic one for yours.  

Tonya: Are you going to be touring for this book?  

Leigh: Yes! You can find a list of the cities I’ll be visiting on my website. If you’re in the LA area, you should definitely come out to the pre-launch party. Free champagne, Wendy, ahemhem. And I’ll be announcing a few more appearances soon.    

Wendy: I don’t know if I can find a Tsarpunk get-up in time, hah. Although I actually do have a fabulous furry hat and embroidered coat.

What can you tell us about Ruin And Rising, which will be out in 2014? Is there a FOURTH attractive man in it? I hope not, because I’m going to appear to be so fickle if I keep switching teams.  

Leigh: Actually… there is a new guy on the scene. I certainly find him attractive, but it’s possible you’ll just think he’s crazy. Beyond that, it’s almost impossible for me to talk about Ruin and Rising without giving away spoilers.    

Wendy: Well, damn. There goes my reputation. Thanks so much for meeting up with us, Leigh! It’s been a pleasure.    

Tonya: We’ll have to meet up again for Ruin and Rising!

Wendy: Only if I get those WendHond scenes.

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About the Author

Leigh Bardugo is the New York Times bestselling author of the Grisha Trilogy, beginning with Shadow and Bone. Connect with her on her website, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and GoodReads.

Siege and Storm, the latest volume in her bestselling Grisha Trilogy, will be available online and in stores on June 4, 2013.    


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Win a Siege and Storm ARC! We hope our readers appreciate the supreme sacrifice we are making by offering up our ARC, especially since Leigh says very few of them were printed.

Update: Thanks to our lovely friend Katie, the winner will also receive an autographed launch party book plate, as well as some cool Grisha pins!

To enter, let us know your favorite thing about the Grisha Trilogy below (or why you’re excited to read the book) and fill out the Rafflecopter form! Open to US and Canadian residents aged 18 and older, or 13 and older with parental permission. Complete rules are on the entry form.

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Our thanks to the gracious Leigh Bardugo for meeting up with us for this interview, as well as to Henry Holt for providing the ARC for this giveaway.   

We’re a site focused on book reviews for adults, but here’s our disclaimer nonetheless: all of us are over 21 and do not encourage the reckless consumption of alcohol. Especially if you’re discussing Sturmhond, because you’ll want to remember all those delicious details.

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170 Responses to “A Conversation with Leigh Bardugo + Siege and Storm Giveaway!”

  1. Unknown

    Just put down S&S and it really didn’t disappoint. A little but in disbelief at how yet another male character falls in love with Alina but then again, she is the Sun Summoner. Loved the twist toward the end but a little apprehensive about her flirting with power and it’s obvious effect on her. Hoping for a NON deus ex machina type ending and crossing my fingers that Leigh will succeed! Also excited to read more of Genya (& David) and a little torn between Mal and his place in her life… reminds me a little bit of Gale in the Hunger Games though they obviously have their differences..

  2. Justine Huang

    My favorite things about the S&S series is the amazing setting that the story takes place in, as well as the concept of the Grisha!

  3. Justine Huang

    My favorite things about the S&S series is the amazing setting that the story takes place in, as well as the concept of the Grisha!

  4. fatma shahin

    I am excited about reading this book in particular because from the reviews I’ve read and the remarks I’ve heard about it, it sounds really, really good. I’ve been wanting to read the first (and now second) books for a while now but haven’t gotten the chance to. I’m really looking forward to finally reading these books this summer. They sound very well constructed in terms of plot and I’d love to enter the world of fantasy again in a book like this. (Plus, the stunning book covers are a definite pro.)

  5. Kritika

    That was one of the most entertaining author interviews I’ve ever read :)
    I just read Shadow and Bone last week, and I loved the Russian-influenced setting and the dark magic. There seem to be a lot of secrets and there’s a lot of manipulation going on, and I can’t wait to find out what’s coming next! My favorite characters are Genya, Mal, and the Darkling (in that order haha). Alina is cool too, but she those other three are so interesting and full of secrets.

  6. Dayna Janzen

    I am very excited about the Grisha trilogy! I have Shadow & Bone on reserve at my local library but my daughter has read it and tells me it is an excellent book!
    Thank you!

  7. Catherine Scully

    I seriously CAN’T WAIT to read this book. I was so disappointed to not make it to BEA and snag a copy, but I’m hoping for a chance to find out what happens next!!!

  8. Catherine Scully

    Honestly I can’t wait to read the new book because the premise was so beautiful and rich. I had to know what happens next!!!!

  9. Rachel

    Shadow and Bone was, no question, one of my favorite books of the year. I read it in one sitting, but wanted to read it in more if only so that I could spend more time in the world, with the characters, and so on. I absolutely can’t wait to get my hands on Siege and Storm!

  10. Kamla L.

    I just finished reading Shadow and Bone a couple days ago and absolutely loved! The world build is amazing and unique. It is described in such rich detail that it’s hard to imagine that the world is not real. The storytelling is done with such grace and ease that I was immediately sucked in and held captive throughout. I love Leigh’s characters, the good ones and the bad, they are all very well written and with depth. All of this just adds to the richness of the plot. I’m hooked and fiending for Siege and Storm!

  11. tcscrib

    Can’t wait to read this next book! I found the characters and the setting completely evocative–somehow Leigh made them exotic and familiar at the same time! Riveting writing!

  12. Heather Martin

    I loved the first one. I wonder if I keep reading because I want Alina to end up with the Darkling. I can’t wait to see what happens next and Leigh is such a fabulous writer. Her book just sucked me in.

  13. Galena

    Oh man, I loved S&B so much! It was my favorite YA summer read last year! I just want Alina and Mal to stay together and be happy, dammit! I can’t wait to see the new locations in S&S.

  14. Sarah Kalaitzidis

    Because I have a first book which I’m going to read soon and I’m going to need number two! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  15. Ginny

    Such a fun interview. And wow, I want to go to a Vodka Bar too! lol I’m looking forward to seeing how the stories and characters evolve.

  16. The Teen Book Guru

    What an amazing experience! That vodka bar sounds super cool, and meeting Leigh there?! That sounds even better. Oh gosh, where do I even begin? What I love the most about the series is how the Darkling isn’t completely villanous. In fact, there are some people who even root for him! I think it’s nice how there’s no black and white when it comes to the good/bad guys. Thank you so much for the giveaway!!! xxxxx

  17. Claire Kim

    I loved Shadow and Bone because of that ending. That. Ending. *flails and dies* It was such a cool way to create tension in a love triangle, other than the standard both-guys-are-hot-and-therefore-eligible. And I LOVED Mal! I’ve always fallen for the childhood best friends. It just gives me such a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. :)

  18. iLuvReadingTooMuch

    I got the chance to read an eGalley of Shadow and Bone and ever since I’ve been DYING to read the sequel! Nearly out though, but can’t wait for Siege and Storm! EEP! Thanks for the amazing giveaway :D


  19. Beth DeRenzis

    I am unbelievably excited for this sequel that is is ridiculous. I absolutely love the Darkling, because I have a huge thing for villains. I’m sure I’m not the only one, though, right?

  20. Angie

    I really love the Russian setting of this series. It makes everything so much more dreamy and fascinating.

  21. Jackie

    The world in the books is just so unique. I can’t wait to see how Alina becomes more her and learns how powerful she truly is. Of course i am hoping for some romance!

  22. Jasmine Stairs

    I expected I’d love the worldbuilding, and I did, but what took me by surprise was how political (in the machiavellian sense) S&B was. Everyone is playing for keeps, or trying to. I loved it. :D

    SO I’m looking forward to seeing more of that, and looking forward to seeing Alina’s character growth as well. Way to wrestle your agency from the hands of others. :D

  23. Jasmine Stairs

    I knew I’d enjoy the worldbuilding, and I did, but what took me by surprise was how POLITICAL S&B was. There are machinations going on all the time, especially behind the scenes, and I loved it. I’m looking forward to seeing more high-stakes games of politics, and seeing Alina grow into herself more.

  24. Stacy Renee

    I am so excited to read this series because I LOVE fantasy and I heard that this is on the darker side and I love anything dark and macabre as well. I’ve heard so many great things about these books so far! The covers are so unique and lovely. :)

  25. wendy-book-scents

    I’m currently reading Shadow and Bone right now and i LOVE it so far. Fantasy is one of my favorite genres and plus, I have heard nothing but amazing things about this series!

  26. Amanda D.

    Ever since I finished Shadow and Bone (in one day:)) I’ve been counting down the days til Siege and Storm! I am so so excited!!

  27. Becca Bee

    Lovely interview! I’m so excited for the release of this book! The world is so rich and the characters are so well-thought out and awesome. <3

  28. A Canadian Girl

    Aah, you’re so lucky to be able to sit and chat with an author, Wendy. *shakes fist at you for living in LA ;)* We need more coming towards the T.O. region!

    I’m looking forward to reading Siege and Storm. I heard there’s a new hot guy – Sturmhund? – and am curious to see how he matches up with my Darkling.

  29. krysfoss

    I love The Darkling! He has to be my favorite int he book :) I cant wait to learn more about him and Mal. Sooo excited!!!

  30. krysfoss

    I love The Darkling! He has to be my favorite int he book :) I cant wait to learn more about him and Mal. Sooo excited!!!

  31. deasuluna

    I love Mal, I can’t wait to get to know him better in Siege and Storm and learn more about the Darkling. After reading Shadow & Bone, last year I started giving the YA Fantasy genre more consideration and have found some great new series that I have thoroughly enjoyed.

  32. Molly Baez

    Great interview ladies! I am incredibly eager to get my hands on this one!! I loved loved Shadow & Bone and after reading numerous raves for the next installment…seriously ladies…Can it be release day yet??

  33. Margo Berendsen

    Now I’m craving a peanut butter sandwich and Russian tea cakes both (but not vodka).

    My favorite character is, well, *blushes* the Darkling. But I really want to learn more about Genya. And for the record, I picked up Shadow and Bone originally because I heard Alina was a cartography. Not a very good one. that made me smile.

  34. emminy

    I’m so excited by the high ratings this one has received, I can’t wait to read it!

  35. Holly V

    I can’t wait for Siege & Storm for a fix of the Darkling! Shadow & Bone is one of my favorite books!

  36. Holly V

    I can’t wait for Siege & Storm for a fix of the Darkling! Shadow & Bone is one of my favorite books!

  37. Holly V

    I can’t wait for Siege & Storm for a fix of the Darkling! Shadow & Bone is one of my favorite books!

  38. Amanda

    Just read the first book a couple of weeks ago and it is still on my mind. Can’t wait to read the second book!

  39. daydreamer11691

    I loved Shadow and Bone, especially with how Bardugo characterized the Darkling. Let’s just say I was pleasantly surprised with the direction she took.

  40. Sara @ Forever 17 Books

    Man, when you hang with an author, you HANG WITH AN AUTHOR! What an awesome, awesome time! I’m embarrassed to say I have yet to read the first book (I do own a copy though) but I hope to maybe this summer.

    And now I’m all curious about the dragon sex book. lol :)

  41. starryeyedjen

    OMG, how jealous am I of you ladies right now?!? I love this post to death, btw. So. Much. Fun. And don’t feel bad, Wendy…I have a feeling I’m going to appear capricious, as well. Though, at least I can say I was never on Team Mal. :P Jen + Sturmhond 4ever…or at least until I meet this new guy. :D And apparently, I need to read this sexy dragon book now. ;0)

  42. Lauren @ Love is not a triangle

    I have no idea if I commented on this or not, but I read it several days ago. Basically this post made me want to be you, or at least visit this awesome vodka bar. Though I don’t really like vodka. Love how witty you all are, and how fun you make your author conversations. Also, I really needed some smutty reading, so I totally indulged in that dragon book and it was FANTASTIC. Perfect palate cleansing, make me smile book. The only bad thing was that weird cover. Dragos looks nothing like that guy. I think I’ve been doing too much commenting today, because it’s making me loopy.

  43. Meg

    I have been psyched to read this book for a while. Just have to finish the third in the Glamour series and then I am cracking it open. I love the cover art as well.

  44. Alicia Batista

    Great giveaway! I just finished the first book last night and was SWEPT AWAY! I was on the edge of my seat DYING FOR MORE! Thanks for this AMAZING Giveaway! :)

  45. Candace

    I’m dying of jealousy! I actually met Leigh not long ago and learned a bit of this stuff then, but still, you got a much longer time to chat with her. And ANOTHER man?! Geez, she’s gonna kill us! I was SO blown away by Siege and Storm (well, both of them) but I thought with The Darkling pushed to the side that maybe things would feel flat. But NO WAY, she some how brought in a character even BETTER that totally stole the show.
    So awesome you got to hang out!

  46. Amanda

    That is so awesome that you ladies got to meet Leigh Bardugo! (Also, awesome idea to meet at a vodka bar lol.) I love learning more about authors whose books I enjoyed, so I really liked reading this interview. I am even more excited to read Siege and Storm now, if that’s even possible.

  47. Annah Schoonover

    I am so excited for Siege & Storm. I won a copy of Shadow and Bone from the publisher and I fell head over heels in love with it! The Darkling is an AMAZING character. Sexy bad boy? Hello! I cannot wait to read what happens next! Leigh you are amazing!!!

  48. Steph

    I have read AMAZING reviews for Shadow & Bone as well as Siege & Storm. I can’t wait to read them both! They sound really fascinating. It would be so cool to hang out with an author like that! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  49. Jasprit

    This post is absolutely hilarious ladies, I’m glad you had so much fun! I’m still torn between the Darkling and Sturmhond, so can’t wait to meet the new guy in the next book. Also Wendy I remember us battling over Sturmhond, but I didn’t know you had claimed him already *cries*

  50. Justine H

    (Possible repost? Blogger’s not my friend today.)

    It’s obviously time to do the pre-sequel release S&B re-read. What a fun interview, girls! I’d read WendHond fanfiction ;)


  51. Justine

    Obviously time to do the pre-sequel release S&B re-read. What a fun interview, girls! :)

  52. Cee L

    I really like the mystery behind the Darkling. Also, Mal and Alina’s relationships.

  53. Pabkins

    You ladies are hilarious…now I must know about the hot dragon sex rec! I’m looking forward to Siege & Storm!

  54. Nerdy Niqabi

    Great story, no love triangle:) the ending was so full of hope,but we all know the Darkling is not going out like no punk! I can not wait!!

  55. Nerdy Niqabi

    Great story without the love triangle.S&B has an ending so full of hope and light- but we who have read it know that the Darkling is not going out like no punk.I can not wait to get my hands on Siege and Storm!!

  56. Nerdy Niqabi

    Great story, no love triangle:) the ending was so full of hope,but we all know the Darkling is not going out like no punk! I can not wait!!

  57. Ashley

    How awesome! This would have been SUCH a fun evening! I’d love to be able to just sit and chat with some of my favorite authors! :)
    I’ve heard just as many good things about this one as have been said the first, so I’m totally excited for it :)

  58. Katja

    My favorite thing about this series is the dark yet beautiful atmosphere Bardugo creates in the story. It’s fascinating to learn about and read, and I love that. :)

  59. Liviania

    I’m excited because I loved S&B . . . and this convo made me super worried about Genya!

  60. Shelver506

    Oh my gosh. This was such a fun interview to read! I can only imagine how much fun it was to DO the interview.

    I’m personally very excited for S&S because I’ve heard amazing things, and I can already tell I’m going to adore this Sturmhond fellow.

  61. Lily

    I have read so many good reviews of this book by now that I am dying to get it!
    Thanks for the interview, very interesting!!

  62. ladyknightanka

    I adored Shadow and Bone, and love Leigh. It would be awesome to read Siege and Storm. I can’t WAIT to meet Sturmhond! And this interview was just adorable.

  63. Chenise Jones

    Based on reviews so far, I’m DYING to read about this Sturmhond character! He sounds like such an interesting person to read about! Definitely looking forward to seeing how he plays into the story!

  64. Reina

    I’m excited to read Siege and Storm because of the Wendy Darling’s review hinting at a scene with a great white dragon and everyone’s fawning over Sturmhond.

  65. Diamond Cronen

    To be honest, I haven’t read S&B yet.. [dnt hit me!] it’s in my A,axon Cart though..so I’ll be getting it this week! I have to read it after hearing so much about it..and this I televiewers was hilarious! I’m a Los Angelite..so I’ll have to join you guys at the pre launch party!

    Dee @ Dee’s Reads

  66. ohdamnbooks

    My favorite thing about Shadow and Bone is the romance. And let’s not forget about the gorgeous cover. :D

  67. Alyssa Susanna

    I can’t wait to read Siege and Storm! I loved the fantasy of this book. The romance is ehh, because I feel like Alina and Mal will be a couple (which is fine). But in that case, leave the Darkling alone! D:

    Anyway. Thank you for the giveaway!

  68. Joyous Reads

    I can only dream of hanging out with my favourite author. Sigh. You ladies, rock. This is why I love stalking…er, visiting your site.

  69. G. Donald Cribbs

    I don’t even know where to begin. Leigh is an amazing person. She always takes time to respond to her followers even though she’s a NYT bestseller. And her books are amaZING! I love, love, LOVED Shadow and Bone. It was exquisite.

    So, when Siege and Storm started posting online and the first five chapters went up, I gobbled them up and am starving for more. I would love a chance to read and review. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

    By the way, I loved the interview and the location. A vodka bar is apropos, don’t you think? Did you get any juicy nuggets from Leigh in a moment of weakness? A slip of the vodka tongue? Hmmm? Whisper it in my ear, please?

  70. Sarah Mendel

    I am so excited for this book. I’ve already read the first five chapters and can’t wait to read the rest. I am looking forward to seeing Alina’s growth as a character and to seeing how her powers change and grow.

  71. Charlene C

    Great interview! I’ve heard so much good stuff about the second book and how so much cool things happen, I just need to know right now! :)

  72. TayteH

    I’m excited for Siege and Storm because I need to know if Alina gets the collar off and if the Darkling dies or not. I hope he does. :D

  73. Gaby Pendragon

    My favorite thing? Mmm I don’t know I think it is such a good written book I love a lot of things, the mythology Leigh has created, the world and the characters, it’s all pretty awesome.

  74. TayteH

    I can’t wait to read this book because I need to know if she gets the collar off or not. And if the Darkling dies. I really hope he does.

  75. Ashley D.

    Thanks for the great interview and giveaway. :D I’d have to say my favorite thing about the series is Alina. I loved being in her head so much and I can’t wait to read the next book!!

  76. Tammy Sparks

    Thank you for your sacrifice, Wendy and Tonya!! I know how hard it is to give your ARCs away, especially when you love the book:) I am still trying to find time to read Shadow & Bone, darn it!! At least I’ll be able to read both books in a row, since S&S is almost out. Thank you!

  77. Tandie Martinez

    Wendy, if that’s you in the pic with Leigh, I still think you look like cartoon Wendy Darling – just slightly older & not wearing Jammie’s!

  78. Rachel

    Vodka and an amazing author?!! You’ve just described a PERFECT night! You ladies seemed like you had so much fun. I love this post! I still need to pick this series up. I have the second book so I just need to pick up the first. :)

  79. Kim (YA Asylum)

    This interview is so fabulous! I just looove the world building in the Grisha Trilogy. Plus, I’ve always had a deep fascination with the Russian culture so the fact that the Grisha series relies heavily on that IS AMAZING!

  80. Sunny Duvall

    I just…I just can’t…I CAN’T EVEN EXPRESS HOW MUCH I ADORED AND ENVIED THIS POST! I’m not even commenting for the giveaway (although I’m definitely entering because I’m DYING to read the 2nd book). This post is just fantastic. Not only did you meet up with her, but your conversation is hilarious and great! I don’t even know where to begin commenting. But may I say that even though I still haven’t read SIEGE AND STORM (I tried my best to get an ARC…), I already can’t wait for RUIN AND RISING because I love Genya and am so excited for her to get more of a character arc.

    Great post, ladies!

  81. Rain Jeys

    That was a really entertaining interview.

    I haven’t started this series yet, but it sounds amazing. I love fantasy, but I prefer a YA setting, and the fact that its more Russian culture than just medieval Europe is really intriguing.

    Leave a thoughtful comment! What’s your favorite thing about the Grisha Trilogy, or why are you excited about reading this book?

  82. Vivien

    I love so many different things. I love the setting and it has a map!! I’m a huge map nerd. Of course I love Darkling, who doesn’t? But I just love how NOT sparkly this series is becoming. I enjoy the darker side of YA!

  83. Kayla Card

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  84. Keertana

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    Also: WendHond? I ship it! ;)

  85. Oh! Paper Pages

    I love this interview! What a great way to interact with a fantastic writer. I love Alina. She is strong and has a beautiful undercurrent of vulnerability as a result of her past. She’s just so tenderly written.

  86. Oh! Paper Pages

    I love this interview! What a great way to interact with a fantastic writer. I love Alina. She is strong and has a beautiful undercurrent of vulnerability as a result of her past. She’s just so tenderly written.

  87. Erin Yarborough

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  89. Unknown

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  90. Aspen Firefly

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  91. Aspen Firefly

    I adore Shadow and Bone it’s one of my favorites. I think if I had to pick a favorite thing about it, it would be the Darkling, but I love everything about the book. I can’t wait to read the next!

  92. Erin

    Great interview! I LOVE Shadow & Bone! My favorite thing about it is probably the setting. . .and the Grisha powers. . .and The Darkling. . .and Mal. . .(okay, so I can’t choose ONE favorite thing) But I do love how different it is from a lot of the other YA high fantasy out there.

  93. erin

    Sounds fantastic! Thanks for the fun post! I’m finally getting caught up (just got book 1) and I’m so excited :)

  94. Rain Maiden

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  95. Sinmotion

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    Anyway, I am super excited about getting back into the world Leigh created. I LOVED Shadow & Bone, and highly anticipating what Siege and Storm has in store for me. I NEED to know what has become of the Darklin. OMG! He is an awesome character! And it looks like there are some new characters to be delighted in reading about.

  96. sinmotion

    Awww, This post was filled with all the adorable girl silliness! I am sorry to have muissed this rendezvous!

    Anyway, I am super excited about getting back into the world Leigh created. I LOVED Shadow & Bone, and highly anticipating what Siege and Storm has in store for me. I NEED to know what has become of the Darklin. OMG! He is an awesome character! And it looks like there are some new characters to be delighted in reading about.

  97. sinmotion

    Awww, This post was filled with all the adorable girl silliness! I am sorry to have muissed this rendezvous!

    Anyway, I am super excited about getting back into the world Leigh created. I LOVED Shadow & Bone, and highly anticipating what Siege and Storm has in store for me. I NEED to know what has become of the Darklin. OMG! He is an awesome character! And it looks like there are some new characters to be delighted in reading about.

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  101. Sonam

    The first few chapters were so beautiful and devastating at the same time. This is already above and beyond the first book (which is saying something because it was one of my favorites of 2012).

  102. Lyric

    Lol, I laughed so hard when dragon sex was mentioned.

    I cannot wait until Siege and Storm is released, because I love the Grisha Trilogy’s world and characters. I adore Mal and Alina’s relationship, Alina’s growth, and the deliciously evil Darkling!

  103. Caitlin

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    Though I really want to see what parts were cut out of the transcript. ;)

  104. dreamsofawalrus

    I hope no one who hasn’t read S&B reads these comments because my favorite thing *drumroll*

    How the Darkling was portrayed, and how that changed. Loved it. LOVED it. First, he was this mysterious guy, powerful, but in a sexy way. In an is-this-where-we’re-going? way. And I was super ready (for Alina) to fall for him, because I felt Mal didn’t appreciate her. So there I was, falling into the trap along with her. It was THE BEST. I felt just as ashamed as she did when she realized she’d been fooled by the Darkling.

    That just doesn’t happen often. Anyone we fall for turns out to be good in the end, even if there’s a misunderstanding now and then. If the character falls for the wrong person, it’s made obvious usually, and I hate it and keep thinking, “Stop it! Trust me, stop it!” The Darkling-deception was beautifully done and I can’t wait for more!

  105. Mallorie

    My favorite part of S&B was the Darkling – it seems impossible not to be drawn to him, even after you know just how dangerous he is. He’s the perfect bad boy. I am so excited to read S&S!

  106. Rhys

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  107. Airship Librarian

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  108. Taylor Knight

    While I haven’t read the first book in the series (Because I can never find it at any book store. They always say they’re sold out.) I fully plan on reading it really soon.
    I think what makes me excited about reading it is that so many people say how much they love it. Normally I don’t let book hype get to me, but with this series, so many people have read it and so many of them really like it. Most reviews I seen are five stars.

  109. Leannessf

    Didn’t see my comment so here goes again!

    I loved the first book, especially the arc of Alina’s character from passive to more active! I can’t wait to see what the Darkling has in store next!


  110. Leannessf

    I loved the first book – I really liked the arc of Alina’s character from being passive to more active at the end! I can’t wait to see what the Darkling has in store next!


  111. Tiffany H

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    I can’t wait to see what happens with Alina/Mal/The Darkling. The dynamic is so great between them all

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    thanks for the awesome ladies!

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    Kristin@Blood,Sweat and Books

  116. sarah corbin

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    The photos were a very nice touch also. The fact that you guys had the interview at a place full of VODKA makes my little vodka loving heart proud, and brings a tear to the eye. :P

    I’d love it if Florence has a hand AT ANYTHING to do with the movie’s soundtrack. She’s just beyond brilliant.

    Great post, ladies!

  118. Nicole Smith

    A friend recommended the first one to me, and I devoured it. I can’t believe I missed it when it first came out! Now I’m looking forward to the second one.

    I think what I like most about the series is the concept of The Fold…a place of dark where the creatures just roam, waiting to snatch you up…I get shivers just writing that.

  119. subtleadieu

    I’m going to have to say my favorite thing overall about the Grisha trilogy is the powers! The fact that they grow stronger the more they use their powers is the coolest thing ever. Second I’d have to say is the atmosphere. That and the fashion, the era-ness? Haha, I don’t know how to describe it! And of course, the darkling. I’m really looking forward to Siege and Storm! I can’t wait to read it!

  120. Kat

    Wow! What a treat to talk with Leigh! You lucky ducks, you.
    Anyway, this book is awesome because it’s so different! One of my favorite things is that the main villain is also a love interest. That is NOT done every day.

  121. readingdate

    Funnest author interview ever! I need to catch up on this series over the summer. It sounds fantastic.
    Love the WendHond ship :)

  122. Erin

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  123. vitajayne

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  124. Erin

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    I love what Leigh said about Alina and it’s so evident. Alina is such a REAL character and has struggles and does make bad choices… she really makes this story better.

    Holy crap, that song is freaking amazing. I could totally see Florence singing that too!

  126. Book Chelle

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    Pictures of the R&R manuscript escapes please. I’d like to see you both in full tsar gear. By the way, have you seen the fan-made Darkling trailer that LB posted yesterday? Gah, must watch again.

    Great post, awesome giveaway. Thank you.

  127. Mary @ BookSwarm

    I LOVED S&B and truly did a flailing happy dance when S&S arrived at my doorstep. The worldbuilding is spectacular, the characters are multi-dimensional and the story is so amazing. Rave-rave-rave (that’s what I feel like when I talk about this series! My friends think I’m nuts. But they just don’t understand the awesome and I feel for them.).

    Wendy, I’m free to team up with you so we can steal her R&R manuscript…I’ve got the black outfit and everything. Call me.

  128. Nadinax

    So, my favorite thing about S&S was the world! Wow, I was so impressed with everything and the details wow! AND I loved the powers too. PLUS the Darkling! I was just so surprised when things turned out the way they were. I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU, WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU. And I’m sooooo excited to read what happens next! Specially with so many 5 stars reviews, whoa.

    Also, what a fun interview! It has to be pretty great getting to talk to an author you like! *.*

  129. Sam

    sometimes I really just want to write a book where my character can go have a peanut butter sandwich.

    Hee! Leigh is adorable. Love this interview, ladies! As you know, I’m a huge fan of these books and I really hope you manage to steal that R&R manuscript, Wendy (so you can share it with me!). Book-to-film adaptations make me feel odd most of the time, but I need S&B to make it onto screen. I’d go crazy for that.

    Thanks for sharing! I’m off to read K’s review now.

  130. Maidenveil

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