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spark elemental brigid kemmerer giveaway

Spark (Elemental #2)
by Brigid Kemmerer

CASE # 0197

SUBJECT:         Brigid Kemmerer, Author

HYPOTHESIS:   Subject writes highly addictive books that are a serious impediment to normal sleep patterns.

Exhibit A:       Storm
Exhibit B:       Spark

STATUS:  Considered a serious risk to all reasonable conduct.

This paper is an emergency presentation to provide anecdotal evidence that the young adult author Brigid Kemmerer is a menace to society. Through her Elemental series, which follows a group of dangerously attractive brothers with the power to harness the forces of nature, she has irresponsibly spread rampant mass hysteria in a thinly disguised attempt to take over the paranormal romance genre.

TEST READERS HAVE REPORTED: irregular breathing, flushed cheeks, and most alarmingly, a tendency to dissolve into incoherent giggles while reading the novels. Left unchecked, the subject will continue to be a detriment to all reasonable behavior as readers seem physically incapable of putting down her books.

Furthermore, after careful examination of her latest novel Spark, the following conclusions have been drawn.*

Theory #1: Brigid Kemmerer may be a gleeful pyromaniac. 
Of all the natural earth elements, fire is perhaps the hardest to control and the most thoroughly destructive. Gabriel Merrick has been able to transform this incredibly powerful element all his life–but problem is, right now he’s having trouble controlling it. And in his desire to prove himself, he takes on dangerous risks that alienate those he cares about the most. The author’s descriptions of the magic harnessed and the gorgeous yet frightening sight of fire flaring out of control are incredibly evocative, and will likely satisfy those who felt let down by a similarly themed but disappointing Struck. Given how convincingly the fire element is described in this book, it’s entirely possible that the author’s deadly accuracy comes from personal experience with playing with this fascinating and unknowable force.

Theory #2: Brigid Kemmerer is surrounded by gorgeous, playful men who know how to kiss a girl senseless.  It’s hard to write a male who is cocky, sarcastic, and a nice guy underneath it all, but Gabriel is a completely believable teenage guy who mouths off without thinking, but who is also capable of decency and tenderness. Both he and Layne, the troubled girl who tutors him, are layered, interesting characters whose relationship develops naturally. All the hot and heavy makeout scenes and underlying emotional growth in this book are likely the result of months and months of hedonistic indulgence as the author “researched” her book.

Theory #3: Brigid Kemmerer stole the prized guidebook on How to Write a Fun Paranormal Romance. This highly coveted manual outlines how to introduce fascinating powers,  nuanced characters, snappy, amusing dialogue, and highly entertaining plots. What’s especially interesting about Spark is that Kemmerer mixes up some of the usual paranormal checkpoints so that the main character is denied his power and the romantic interest is unaware of his abilities for most of the book, so that the swoon-worthy romance and the brotherly relationships are what really carry this story through. The fact that the subject was able to write a fun and fluffy book that isn’t shallow provides nearly irrevocable proof that the author has confiscated the very few copies of the guidebook that exist.

*Please note that these theories are yet unproven, but the testimony from countless readers is overwhelming authentication.

CONCLUSION: Subject must be captured at all costs and detained until the remaining Elemental books are finished, so test readers may go through the series quickly as quickly as possible. It is absolutely vital that their exposure is limited to a short period of time. Failure to contain Kemmerer’s growing popularity will result in untold damage to readers’ health, work habits, and relationships as their rampant enthusiasm for her books will continue to override all common sense.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars Extremely Dangerous

This review also appears on GoodReads. An advance copy was provided by the publisher.

Win an Autographed Copy of Spark by Brigid Kemmerer! VOLUNTEER TO TEST THIS DANGEROUS CONTRABAND:

Brigid Kemmerer has offered to prove that her books are not detrimental to your health. She will send a copy of Spark with an inscribed message to one of our readers anywhere in the world. (And no, you don’t necessarily have to have read the first book before reading this one.)

If you’re interested in volunteering despite all of our attempts to convince you how much reading these books will affect your well-being, all you have to do is fill out the Rafflecopter form with contact details along with a comment below.

But don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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134 Responses to “Spark (Elemental #2): review & giveaway”

  1. ~Jennifer~

    This was a really creative and clever review! I’m jealous I didn’t write it, lol. ;) I’ve been hearing so many rave reviews of this series, I’ve been wanting to check it out for myself and see what the fuss is about. I’m looking forward to reading books I’m physically incapable of putting down! :D

  2. Dani Marie

    I read this series over summer vacation and very much enjoyed it. There is something about the mythology behind the book that I really love. I’m very excited about the next book in the series and would love a chance to read it!

  3. Ari (Reading After Midnight)

    Well this was original and fun! How did I missed it? Hehee!
    I love this series too and I love Gabriel so much – it’s good to have a series focused on many characters and not one – it feels fresh and it’s really entertaining :)

  4. Nicole T

    Books involving the supernatural, and fantasy/fiction aspect always capture me in. Especially the ability to control the elements always grabs my attention. I have always loved the elements, I don’t know what it is about them that I love so much. When I found out that these books were based on that, I knew I HAD to read it. It’s a book that just can’t NOT be read, you know? If some people may not like it, I for sure still want to give it a go! :)

  5. Vegan YA Nerds

    Ha! I absolutely love the format of your review, Wendy! I think I am safe from the threat as I liked but didn’t love Storm, but I am keen to read Spark!

  6. Steph

    I haven’t read any books in this series yet, but they are definitely on my TBR list! They sound so different from everything else out there – boys who can manipulate the elements?! Awesome! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  7. AshleyElizabeth

    I’be only read elemental, and have started storm and already I can tell I am going to fall in LOVE with this series! It has everything I like; action, romance, comedy. How could you pass this up?!

  8. javalotta

    Wow! You sure know how to sell this series and I’m buying! Lol! I can’t wait to read it. It’s been highly recommended. Thanks for the fun post and giveaway.:)

  9. Kajol Gupta

    Amazing review!
    I quite liked Storm but not to the point that I’d gush about it like I usually do with my favorites. I saw the potential the series held though, and so was quite put off that there’d be no more Chris and Becca as the central point of the next book since they’d just ended with such a happy note. That being that, I kept delaying picking up Spark, because I was unsure how it’d turn out..
    Your review has just made me mad about getting my hands on a copy and just start reading- which is what I’m going to do as soon as I finish writing this comment! :P

  10. Kajol Gupta

    I totally loved this review! I’ve been hesitant in picking this up for some time now- because I when I read Storm, I rated it to be mediocre but couldn’t fail to see the potential it displayed. I’d hoped to get into the series, but since each book was to be a different story, I felt skittish regarding how they might turn out and just couldn’t face the fact that there’d be no more of Becca And Chris.
    Your review has me feeling mad to get my hands on this book now, though!
    Great work, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! :)

  11. elspethallison

    To be completely honest… having seen these books around I haven’t been particularly interested in reading them, but this review has DEFINITELY changed my mind.

  12. elspethallison

    To be completely honest… having seen these books around I haven’t been particularly interested in reading them, but this review has DEFINITELY changed my mind.

  13. Rachel

    This review had me totally cracking up! I can’t wait to read this! I’m totally entering in this giveaway because I only have the Netgalley of this. Thanks lovely! :)

  14. dreamsofawalrus

    I’m about to buy Storm from the Kindle store because I saw this review on Goodreads and just couldn’t believe all these things are possible BUT I trust you as a reviewer. It’s been a long time since I read a paranormal romance that didn’t feel like a rewrite of Twilight.

    • dreamsofawalrus

      Okay, well, I didn’t quite mean to stay up until 3 last night finishing Storm, but hey, plans change. I felt like a teenager again… it was the strangest thing. Thanks for reviewing them!

  15. Adrianna

    I haven’t read the 1st book as of yet but so many of my friends have read it and raved about it that I simply must get my hands on it.

  16. Sandra

    Have Storm on hand now and can’t wait to dig in. Thoughtful and substantive reviews aside (though greatly appreciated) …. this series has *4* hot brothers *and* they can control the weather?? … really?! And plot plus great writing?? This is likely not coherent, let alone intelligent, but… yeah…I’m excited.

  17. Sabina

    Great review!

    I can’t wait to read Spark. I couldn’t put Storm down – I stayed up half the night to finish it.

  18. Lis

    I haven’t read this series yet. But I have the first book and I’m waiting to read it asap!

  19. Tammy Sparks

    Your review was so much fun! I haven’t read the series yet, but I keep seeing these books everywhere. Here’s hoping for a win this time!

  20. Christina

    I haven’t read these yet, but I fully intend to! I just won a copy of book one. MUST READ. *eyes review pile*

    Also, this review is hysterical, as I’m sure you’ve been told roughly eight million times at this point. :) Some of my favorite reads are the 4 stars. They may not have the literary merit of 5 stars, but DAMN are they fun.

  21. Tracy Harrison

    In order to help rapidly spread the contagious force of the Elementals I gladly offer my self as Test subject! Please consider me as I have many regular readers I must ‘protect’. One has already succumbed to Merrick disease and must now get regular doses to maintain happiness!

  22. Ren

    Love your review Wendy!. You explain why you think this book is awesome. And come’ on, who will not interested to read after see that yummilicious cover? ;)

  23. ZaraAlexis

    According to your hypothesis, this book is highly addictive. And other than that, I’m a series kinda girl! I’ll always be pleased to add a new, great book to my reading collection!


  24. Sana

    Wow, I love the unique way this review has been written. I am dying to read the Elemental series! Also, your conclusions has definitely made me restless here.


    I sped through Storm when I was supposed to be studying for a test :P which goes to show how riveting it is. I also loved seeing snippets of Michael and Hunter in the novellas. Gabriel was a very intriguing character in Spark and I’m excited that he gets his time in the spotlight in Spark. :)

    P.S. Not sure where you got the inspiration for the review format here, but I love it! :D


    I sped through Storm while I was supposed to be studying for a test :P and I loved the short snippets of seeing Michael and Hunter in the novellas as well. Gabriel was a very intriguing character in Storm and I’m glad to see that he gets his time in the spotlight in Spark. :)

    P.S. Not sure where you got the inspiration for your review format here, but I love it!

  27. Lili

    The Merrick brothers are so freaking awesome! They’re all so deep and amazing and hot haha. I liked Gabriel’s story the most because he evolved so much. His character in Storm hints at nothing that is going on underneath that we see in Spark. It’s amazing!

  28. A Canadian Girl

    I’m a bit wary of starting this series because it’s so hyped but if you’re love it too, Wendy, I may have to give this series a try.

    I love the way you’ve written this review. It’s so fun and creative!

  29. Shelver506

    I’ve heard so much about the first book, and every time I hear more, another piece of me dies from impatience. I’ve GOT to find a copy!

  30. Carla

    I really like the characters in this series. They are all great but I have to confess I have a soft spot for Michael. :)

    Thanks for the review!

  31. SeekingPlumb I’m swooning already, & I’ve only read your review!!! I MUST get my hands on this series!!!!

    Thank you for the opportunity to possibly win a copy!! Can’t wait!!!

    • Karen

      I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of this series before this week. Now I’m seeing it EVERYWHERE! lol
      It looks like a lot of fun.

  32. Sam

    Extremely dangerous indeed! I love this post, Wendy. ;) These particular symptoms I get just thinking about the Elemental books -> irregular breathing, flushed cheeks, and most alarmingly, a tendency to dissolve into incoherent giggles while reading the novels.

    I’m definitely looking forward to the next book! :D

  33. Sarah (saz101)

    I just laughed so hard I think birds in the surrounding trees took flight in fright and alarm.

    “Theory #1: Brigid Kemmerer may be a gleeful pyromaniac.”

    THIS. I can just imagine the look on Brigid’s face when she read this!

    And I have a theory 4 for you, stolen from Brodie: Brigid is actually a teenage boy herself :P

    You win at the reviews. But you already knew that, didn’t you? ;D

  34. Lina Gomez

    Your review is to awesome!!! I want to red this NOW!!!
    Thank you for making me laugh out loud – at work – (yes, I seek a pick on Goodreads @ work once every few hours a day)

  35. write4ursoul

    All of those symptoms are totally accurate! I got all kinds of strange looks while giggling over my nook. I have to say, I’ve read both Storm and Spark (as well as the little short stories Elemental and Fearless), and I really believe that Spark is my favorite, at least so far. I just love Gabriel’s character, I think it’s the bad-boy with a core of gooey sweetness that’s to blame. I am officially a fangirl!

  36. Bookluvrs Haven

    ‘Left unchecked, the subject will continue to be a detriment to all reasonable behavior as readers seem physically incapable of putting down her books.’

    SOLD!!! I wanna, wanna, wanna, wanna, wanna read this!!!


  37. Lee723

    I’d have to say that I not only love the series because of the elemental powers that each brother has but also because of their brotherly-dynamic. They are in no way the ideal perfect family, but they are as perfect in their own way. They lost their parents and Michael becomes pseudo-mom/dad to the boys, which is sad but so admirable and sweet. Although I’m pretty sure Michael wouldn’t like it if you called him sweet to his face. haha.

  38. Eunice

    Well, this is a brilliant and very convincing review, Wendy. I’m sure a lot would love to test this “dangerous contraband” after reading your review. Haha! Brigid Kemmerer is indeed an outstanding author. I absolutely love her writing and of course, the Merrick Brothers. We need to thank him for bringing this amazing and oh-so-hot brothers in the YA world! :D

  39. Nina

    I need a book about brothers! Something like the TV show supernatural is always fun and entertaining! ;)

  40. rabbitsfortea

    Loving this new style of review <3

    Good luck to everyone who entered the giveaway!
    Decided to give up my chance since I’ve already read this book like the day it got released. Brigid Kemmerer has created a really fun paranormal series with Elementals and I simply CANNOT wait for the third book.

    Yes, I thought I LOVED Gabriel, but really, my heart belongs to Hunter (or maybe Michael…)

  41. rabbitsfortea

    I love this review, such an interesting and different way to write a book review!

    Also, good luck to everyone who entered the contest!
    I shall give up my chance for this considering I’ve already read the book. Simply can’t wait for the third to come out. I need my HUNTER.

  42. starryeyedjen

    Best. Review. Ever. Seriously, I wanted to read this series before, but now? I HAVE to read these books. I’ve got the prequel story, I think, but I must read them all now. :) You totally sold me with Theories 1 & 2. :D

  43. Veronika

    I absolutely love the series! I read the first book already and it was amazing! And all Merrick boys are incredibly hot!

  44. andrea b

    I was so excited to read this book and it didn’t disappoint! I also enjoyed the review format, but that thing that resonated most to me is that I think that I tend to dislike most cocky-guy characters, but Gabriel is definitely the exception… I just know that he’s a nice guy and that’s what makes him so awesome!

    Worst thing? Having to wait until next year for Spirit *sobs*

  45. Irina Gromova

    I really enjoy this series. Even though sometimes I get tired of all that teen angst, I understand that’s it realistic behavior, and the writing itself truly makes you want to read more.
    Her books are very hard to put down.

  46. Valia Lind

    I adore the way you review!!! I LOVED LOVED Storm and CANNOT wait to get my hands on Spark!!! Its an addiction really :-)

  47. Lynn K.

    Awesome review format, haha. For a second I thought there would be math equations too. :P

    Why do I want to read it?? Because the main character is GABRIEL! I really liked him in Storm so I was looking forward to his book. ;)

  48. April

    Your review is awesome, Wendy!

    I was already going to start this series because of the premise and the promise of so many uberhot guys but your review has sealed the deal.

  49. Jenni

    This review had me laughing so much! I loved Storm and can’t wait to read Spark- reading your thoughts on it have just made me want to read it even more.

  50. Ning

    I’ve heard so many great things about this book! I love any books w/ families and siblings, plus the paranormal element just makes it so awesome. I also got Storm but have yet to read it.

  51. Judith-Pamela Ayimma

    I ordered my copy of Storm some days ago because I HAD to have a series about a band of dashing brothers with *gasp* superpowers! It kind of blew my mind. And I’ve heard incredible things about this series, your review being one of them; I have come to the conclusion that I must have this book ^_^

  52. Precious

    First of all, thank you for the wonderful review! :) The subheadings really are a nice touch to the review. So…why I want to read Spark. Actually, I’m just about to read the first book. I love books themed with elements. And when I found out that my closest blogging friends are going gaga over this? And that we have the same book tastes? I went a little crazy. I have to admit that their enthusiasm, along with your review, finally made me decide that I want this and I need this series in my life!

  53. Lark

    I love the way you’ve structured this review, Wendy — and it certainly “sparked” my interest! I’ll have to add these to my (growing) TBR list — somewhere near the top.

  54. Yahong Chi

    I have heard SO many amazing things about this series… but my library has yet to purchase any copies! I’m seriously going out of my mind trying to get my hands on a copy of this book. So glad you liked it too, Wendy!

  55. Yahong Chi

    I have heard SO many amazing things for this… yet my library has yet to purchase any copies! I’m seriously going out of my mind trying to get my hands on a copy. So glad you liked it too, Wendy!

  56. Jennifer @ The Bawdy Book Blog

    I’ve been stalking The Elementalists facebook page for awhile….they reshare a lot of my stuff, and that got me interested in the books….and then I started hearing about the books. NOW I MUST READ THEM. I WILL VOLUNTEER AS A TEST SUBJECT.

  57. Anatea Oroz

    I know this book sounds extremly dangerours, but I’m willing to take a risk. These symptoms are just what I’m looking for!

    Awesome review, it is hilarious! You just made the series even more interesting to me!

    • Wendy Darling

      Oops, sorry about that–I think the question from the last giveaway was still up there! But no worries at all, you’re entered for the giveaway. :) Love plays a role in this book, too.

  58. Jehphg

    Well i didn’t even new about the existence of this book before i read this awesome review. here i am hoping that the book is as awesomely well written as this review. I really want to read it now!

  59. makix3

    I’m excited to read this book because Storm was incredible! I loved it so much! Can’t wait to read Spark!! :))
    Thank you for the giveaway!

    Marijana Sitar

  60. Jehphg

    Well your review was awesomely compelling. I had no idea this book even existed, but after reading this review there’s no way i could ignore it’s existence any longer. I feel like i’m losing something by not reading it so i will give it a try.

    • Wendy Darling

      Well, thank you! I think it’s a super fun series. I’m glad I’ve convinced you to give it a go; hope you enjoy when you get around to reading them.

  61. dragongirl

    Hehe, I laughed so hard during this review. I haven’t read any of these books yet, but I’ve heard tons and tons of great things about them and I’m absolutely dying to read them. They sound like exactly the kind of thing I’d love.

    • Wendy Darling

      THEN I HAVE DONE MY JOB. ;) Yay! Hurry up and read them–they’re perfect for those occasions when you want something more light-hearted.

  62. Rachel @ Unforgettable Books

    Wendy! You are hilarious!!!! i definately feel most of the symptoms while reading spark. its amazing how layered and awesome Gabriel is and Brigid’s amazingness at writing about fire. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious review!!!!! ^^

    • Wendy Darling

      Hah, I’m glad you liked the review! I loved Gabriel, too. And there’s probably something to my theory that she’s a pyro lover. ;)

  63. melannie (:

    I really want to try this series, I see the awesome covers everywhere! (and love the fact that they’re coming out so fast!)

    • Wendy Darling

      YES! Thank heaven they are out with six months (ish) in between, I think we’d have to make good on that plan to capture Brigid if it was a full year like all the other series.

  64. sarabara081 @ Forever 17 Books

    Oh! I didn’t know you didn’t need to read the first book before this one! I probably will but it is still good to know! I’ve seen so much buzz about these books and I can’t wait to read them! :)

    • Wendy Darling

      Yeah, I don’t really think it’s necessary to read the first one before this one. I mean, it’s better if you CAN, but there is some recap of previous events and I feel as thought this book really does stand on its own.

      I hope you like it as much as I do, Sarabara!

  65. x) Ruty

    OMG! The symtoms make me feel afraid of falling in love again :) It sounds like an
    interesting reading.:)

  66. athousand-lives

    You’re review had me buzzing with excitement, and I was buzzed enough before. Can’t wait to get my hands on this, giveaway or otherwise. :)

    • Wendy Darling

      *Buzz buzz buzz* That’s me, working you up into even more of a frenzy! These are totally worth owning, I need to get myself a paperback version of the first book, too.

    • Wendy Darling

      You have no idea how hot these guys are, Julie. I’d heard about them before I read the books, but I’m a little skeptical about more shallow male characters and romances. I’m happy to report, however, that THESE boys are just my type of crush. ;) Hope you get a chance to read this series soon!

  67. Vivien

    I loved this review. You just had me rolling. But no seriously….I need to experience these symptoms myself before I can just properly. ;)