event recap: Harper Teen Spring Into the Future Signing!

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HarperTeen Spring into the Future Cynthia Hand Veronica Rossi Tahereh MafiOne of my favorite people on GoodReads is my friend ♥ Rachel ♥, whose enthusiasm for YA is positively infectious. I love when she gets excited about a book, so I was really happy when she agreed to do a series of guest posts about the various author events she attends around the Los Angeles area. Without further ado, please welcome the lovely Rachel to The Midnight Garden! ~ Wendy

Rachel’s Night at the HarperTeen Author Event

First of all, I’d like to thank Wendy for inviting me on her blog to share my night!

I was giddy with excitement to attend this event at Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena, because let’s face it: these women you see on the poster are the rock-star equivalent in the YA book world! The event was very crowded and with five authors and so much to tell, it was a little crazy.

eve by anna carey
Anna Carey

Anna Carey, the author of Eve, is local to Southern California. When asked why the dystopian genre is currently so popular, she said that she saw a chart on GoodReads tracking dystopian; there were spikes at the time of the Cold War and then again in 9/11, so she thinks it’s directly tied to what’s going on around us. In her case, she likes to experience fear in a controlled environment in the safety of her own home, and these stories provide this type of thrill. I can totally relate to that! Anna’s book has been optioned by ABC Family to be a TV show.

Cynthia Hand Unearthly Hallowed booksigning
Cynthia Hand

Cynthia Hand was a little cagey. I of course wanted to know about the Christian-Clara-Tucker love triangle, so I asked if she knew who Clara would end up with when she first started writing the Unearthly series. Here’s her answer: “I did.” She said she’s not an outliner, but always had a vague notion where the book was going to end up, and knew what she thought was right. Hmm……food for thought, but I think this answers my question of who Clara ends up with! Last time Cynthia was here on the blog, she also mentioned the possibility of a book about Maggie, Clara’s mother. Cynthia said that she’s not allowed to talk about it further, but she already has the story in mind and her agent loves the idea. Future project? Well it involves a girl who’s good at firing a six-shooter! That was all I could get out of her, crafty woman!! On a sad note, the plans to make Unearthly into a TV series by the CW are back to square one, it did not make it through this past round.

marie lu legend booksigning
Marie Lu

Marie Lu has a spunky and fun personality. She said she lives only a mile away from Vroman’s, so she was excited about being at her local bookstore. I loved that Marie said one of her favorite things about writing is hearing from her readers, getting emails from them, especially from the younger ones because they’re so blunt; they tell you exactly what they liked and what they didn’t. Marie also told us that her book Legend has been optioned for film by CBS films and the screenplay is currently being written. Wow!

tahereh mafi shatter me harper teen harperteen booksigning
Tahereh Mafi

Tahereh Mafi was so friendly, and seemed genuinely excited to be there. I was cracking up several times at her answers to questions. She said she a lot of things influenced her to write Shatter Me. She was a huge fan of Jane Austen’s romances, and that, courtesy of her mother, she’s seen just about every film adaptation, haha! I think her mom and I would get along. She was also fascinated in 7th grade by The Giver, and then due to her four older brothers, she watched a lot of Bruce Lee movies. This explains a lot when you read her novel! Her book has been optioned for film by 20th Century Fox.

Anna Carey, Cynthia Hand, Marie Lu, Tahereh Mafi, Veronia Rossi, Unearthly, Under the Never Sky
A. Carey, C. Hand, M. Lu, T. Mafi, V. Rossi

I thought Veronica Rossi described her novel Under the Never Sky in a very appealing way. She said she didn’t set out to write a YA novel but has always loved coming-of-age stories because it’s a story of firsts. The dystopian/apocalyptic genre lends itself to good storytelling, since it’s a perfect scenario for survival and extremes. Veronica told us that her book has been optioned by Warner Bros. and she hadn’t heard from them in a year, but she just missed their phone call the day of the signing.

Book signings are always so exciting to me. It is absolutely thrilling to have the opportunity to talk to authors whom you admire or have inspired great emotion in you. Apparently I’m not the only one who feels this way, because authors Lauren Kate and Lissa Price were among the audience fan-girling away with the rest of us!

Wow, sounds like that was a fun night! Thanks so much for joining us on the blog today, Rachel. We can’t wait to see what authors you’re going to be meeting next!
If you live in the Chicago, Washington, DC, or New York area, don’t forget that these HarperTeen authors will be stopping by your city in the next few days, too. Catch these rock stars if you can.

37 Responses to “event recap: Harper Teen Spring Into the Future Signing!”

  1. Rachel

    I guess it’s hard to distinguish someone from their photo real life. I’m sure we’ll be bumping into each other around here. I look out for you! :)

  2. Jasprit

    It sounds like you had an amazing time Rachel, I’m with Sam I think I should just move to the States as you get the best events over there! And it seems like a lot of books are getting optioned these days! I’m so excited! :) Btw I would have so been fan-girling away too! :D

    • Rachel

      Jasprit, I wish you and Sam would move out here! We could stalk all these events together! We’d have so much fun. :)

  3. elena

    Aw, I love reading event recaps and this one is so great! People don’t generally go into my area so I like to live vicariously through posts like these, ha. All these authors seem lovely and hearing their stories is so great. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Magan @ Rather be Reading

    I really, really love this post. I <3 hearing what authors have to say abou their books. It's amazing to read them and connect with them in a personal way, but hearing how they've developed their stories or gotten inspiration from is like a whole different treat. Thanks for sharing! :)

    • Rachel

      I completely agree, Magan. Hearing how they developed their stories and where they got their inspiration, really enhances your reading experience! :)

  5. K.

    Wendy jumped ship in the Clara, Tucker, Christian debate :( And if Hand says Clara is going to end up with who’s right…well, it could still go either way.

    Wonderful post, Rachel!

    • Rachel

      I know Kay, it could go either way. At first, I thought, ha! I know exactly who’s she’s going to end up with, if she decided right away, but after thinking on it, there’s several ways Cynthia could interpret as “right” *sigh*

  6. A Canadian Girl

    Lucky you, Rachel, getting to meet five authors all at once! I loved Legend and Under the Never Sky and have all the other books on my wishlist.

  7. Aneeqah

    I so wish that these authors would all come to Texas! I absolutely loved Under the Never Sky, and I would die to meet Veronica Rossi. I also really liked Shatter Me, and Tahereh Mafi seems like such a hilarious person, especially on Twitter. I want to meet her too!! I’ve met Cynthia Hand before, and I thought she was prety awesome. Her story was cool too, she was actually going to be a lawyer, and then dropped out her last year. I thought that was amazing! <3

    Anyways, fabulous post! I’m super jealous that you got to meet all those fantastic authors, Rachel.

    • Rachel

      Thank you Aneeqah. It’s funny you mention Tahereh Mafi on Twitter, because the first thing she said (with a big smile on her face) was “Hi, I think I know a lot of you from Twitter!” I just started following her on there and the few comments I’ve seen are pretty funny.

      I didn’t know Cynthia Hand was going to be a lawyer! Yay for you that you got to meet her! :)

    • Rachel

      JuJu, Tahereh Mafi, is really cute and super entertaining. You can tell she really liked being there with her fans.

      I asked her a kind of spoilery question, while I was in the signing line, and she answered its She seemed flattered to have interest in her book. Such a sweetie!

  8. Mimi Valentine

    First of all, welcome to The Midnight Garden, Rachel! :)

    You’re so lucky that you got to meet all of those amazing authors! I’ve actually never been to an author signing before since I live an hour away from Toronto (where they usually are) and they’re almost always on school nights, which I never understand LOL! But it looks like it was a BLAST — I loved the books from every single book author you met! I’m sad that Unearthly isn’t going to be made into a TV show (*cries a little*) but at least we have this top secret new project to look forward to. I CAN’T WAIT!! x)

    Thanks so much for sharing, Rachel! :) <3 I'm excited to read more of your bookish adventures in the future!

    • Rachel

      Thank you Mimi! I do feel so lucky that so many authors come through here. I often wonder why they put these things on a school/work night, as well.

      I haven’t read Eve or Legend but I’m even more excited to get to, after hearing the authors describe them!

      I really want to see a book with Clara’s mother, Maggie, but Cynthia’s secret project sounds exciting! Sounds like a strong main character, if she’s good with a six-shooter! My kind of girl. ;)

    • Wendy Darling

      Ooo, I think you’d like LEGEND, Rachel. Especially since you live in L.A., it’s always kind of fun to see people writing about this city, even if it’s in a dystopian future. ;)

      So excited that you got a teeny bit of info out of Cynthia about her next project. Sounds like it’s going to be super fun!

  9. readingdate

    This event took place in my city and I totally forgot about it! Awesome recap, Rachel. Thanks for trying to get Cynthia to spill the beans about the love triangle :) She’s the only author I haven’t met on that panel – they are all so nice. Very excited to hear about her future books and potential spin-off. Bummer about the tv series :( You’re right that Veronica Rossi does have a great way of describing Never Sky.
    Looking forward to reading more about your book signing adventures!

    • Rachel

      Thank you readingdate. I had so much fun doing this! I feel privileged that Wendy allowed me to share this with everyone.

      Cynthia laughed when I asked her the question about the love triangle. She said, “I knew we were going to start with this!” I asked the first question.

      Sorry you didn’t make this one. Maybe I’ll see you at another signing. :)

  10. starryeyedjen

    Soooo jealous! These are some of my favorite new authors! Great post…and you’re right, they are rock stars to us readers! :)

    • Rachel

      I’ll never tell!!

      However, I wasn’t going to mention this because it’s a little embarrassing, but I ran into Cynthia Hand before this signing, in the “powder room” and blurted out: “You’re Cynthia Hand!” and she said “Yes!” and she smiled, really friendly, and then I just stared, stupidly!! Like a deer in the headlights!

      Run into a movie star (no big deal) but see an author & I’m a pile of nonsense! :)

    • Wendy Darling

      It’s so funny you say that, Rachel. I don’t get fazed at celebrities at all, but if it’s an author I love I get really giddy. I met Ray Bradbury once and I was pretty much speechless. :)

      Love your powder room story, hah.

    • Rachel

      Ray Bradbury! Wow, I would’ve been speechless too!

      And I am happy to entertain everyone with my humiliations! Btw, I was laughing my head off when I saw your panties comment! So was my husband. :)

  11. Tatiana_G

    It looks like every popular book is optioned for a movie or a TV show these days. I am curious to see what (if anything) comes out of these projects.

    • Wendy Darling

      It really does seem as those these projects are shopped to studios before the ink is even dry, doesn’t it? The interest in YA is definitely growing, but as you say, it’s going to be interesting to see how many of these projects actually come to fruition. It takes forever for these things to get off the ground anyway!

  12. Lexie

    I love that! Although it also makes me even more depressed that I can’t attend one of these. I was going to try for the NYC stop on Sunday, but that’s over two hours away, and my parents just weren’t willing to swing it.

    Still, I love seeing all these recaps so I can live vicariously through everyone who attended the signings. :P I can pretend.

    Also, I think it’s always so cool when authors attend other author’s signings and get as ridiculously excited as the rest of us. It really helps to prove that they’re as much of readers as we are.

    • Rachel

      Aww Lexie, I wish you could go to one of these! I thought it was really cool too, seeing the other authors there, cheering their peers on. :)

  13. Sam

    Sometimes I wish I could jump onto a plane to attend all these awesome events myself! There aren’t nearly as many over here. I’m glad you had so much fun Rachel! I enjoyed reading ALL of those authors’ books so it’s interesting to hear what they have to say. I’m also looking forward to hearing more about Cynthia Hands future project. Thanks for sharing! :)

    • Rachel

      Sam, if you jumped on a plane to come to one of these events, I’d be over the moon to see you!! :)