Sneak Preview: Canadian YA in 2012

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Hi. My name is K. and I’m a Canuck.

So, I’m the Canadian here in the Midnight Garden and I bring with me a selection of Canadian fiction. Some will be titles you might already be waiting for, some you might never have heard of. All I really want to do is spread the word, because, admittedly, there just aren’t as many popular Canadian YA books out there. It’s easy to be overlooked. But I feel like we, the big country, have awesome things to offer, too.

Now, there are quite a few titles I want to present so I should probably hurry up. Let me just preface by saying that these are just some titles I’m excited to read. This is not, in any way, the full scope of Canadian YA…only what my feeble mind is capable of containing.

In order of their release dates, check these babies out!

Darkest Light
by Hiromi Goto
Release Date: January 31, 2012

The sequel to the award-winning Half World. It’s a fantasy about the Three Realms: the Realm of the Flesh, the Realm of the Spirit, and Half World. It’s poetic, gruesome, and vivid. There’s a blurb on the first book from Neil Gaiman. That’s all I need!

40 Things I Want To Tell You
by Alice Kuipers
Release Date: February 10, 2012

About Amy (a.k.a. Bird), a quirky over-achiever whose life is turned upside down when she decides to do away with her rules and agendas. I’ve heard this one deals with some serious life issues and its been getting rave reviews. I have a good feeling about this one. And okay, technically Kuipers is from the UK but she lives in Saskatoon…so, technically technically she’s now one of ours.

by Leah Bobet
Release Date: March 1, 2012

Dystopian. A boy called Matthew and a shape-shifter called Ariel. An underground community of supernatural outcasts called Safe. Evil shadows. Above is where these outsiders were persecuted but where they are now forced to re-assimilate. I am so looking forward to this. I’m particularly intrigued by Ariel — she sounds like a beautiful mess.

The Calling
by Kelley Armstrong
Release Date: April 10, 2012

The second book in the Darkness Rising series. I haven’t read The Gathering, but it’s gotten so much hype and received such impressive reviews that I know I’m going to have to sometime very soon.

by Lesley Livingston
Release Date: August 15, 2012

A new series about Norse mythology. A girl called Mason is rescued from a mysterious storm by a stranger called Fenrys Wolf. Mason discovers that her family has had a long-term alliance with Norse gods…Yeah, I think this will be bad ass.

Rebel Heart
by Moira Young
Release Date: October 30, 2012 (Have mercy!)

The anticipated sequel to Blood Red Road. Now, I started BRR but was forced to put it aside — for now. But I was absolutely blown away. The writing, the concept, the dialogue, the everything was top notch. I can easily turn this little paragraph into a love-fest and I haven’t even finished the book! It’s been described as Hunger Games meets True Grit. I already feel that this will be monumentally epic. But we’ll see.

There you have it, folks. I hope at least a couple of these titles have piqued your curious minds and sneaked their way into your TBR pile…

Until next time,

27 Responses to “Sneak Preview: Canadian YA in 2012”

  1. Rachel

    So funny, I could type exactly what Sam wrote above. I am eagerly awaiting The Calling and Rebel Heart, as well. I loved Blood Red Road and I love the new covers *swoon*! :)

    Glad you’re shedding some light on these Canadian goodies! :)

    • K.

      Me, too, Rachel. Thought I’d add some Canadian pride on here…well, okay, it was Wendy’s idea :) But yes, I loved Blood Red Road. It was astronomically way better than I expected.

  2. Natalia Belikov @ Dazzling Reads

    HOLY COW! this is pure Canadian Love! yay!! =D
    I had enver heard about 40 Things I Want To Tell You!! OMG! WHY!! thnx so muchf for sharing and Im adding this titles asap to my list =D

    Great books you are featuring here!! HOLY LORD! ^__^ YAY! SO excited about all these Canadian titles=D wohooo!!

    • K.

      Haha, your excitement is contagious, even through the screen!! I’m happy you liked the titles. Read them all, read them now!! Canada love!!! Okay, I’m gonna stop :D

  3. A Canadian Girl

    I’m really looking forward to Above and Starling. I haven’t heard of 40 Things I Want to Tell You so it’s nice to learn about a new Canadian author :)

  4. Evie

    This is one fabulous list! I’m so excited for the launch party of Above (which will be held in Toronto soon) and Kelly is coming here for a signing, too! *yay* I love Hiromi Goto and her Half World and Darkest Light. Plus – I had no idea that Alice Kuipers was a Canadian author – awesome! I started reading 40 Things I Want to Tell you and it’s a really enjoyable read! <3

    • K.

      Well, Kuipers is really from the UK but she married a Canadian and is now living here so…I added her :D And I’m so glad you like Hiromi Goto…not many people have heard of her, which is weird because she’s won quite a few awards. I’ve started Half World and its really good.

  5. Sashana

    Thanks for shining a light on these, K. I’ve seen a few of them but I had no idea they were written by Canadian authors (i.e. Moira Young and Kelley Armstrong). 40 Things I Want To Tell You
    by Alice Kuipers and Above by Leah Bobet have piqued my interest, can’t wait to read em’!

    • K.

      I’m so so glad, Sashana! Hope you get your hands on them quick. And yea, I guess I’m glad that I’ve at least shed some light on Can authors :)

  6. Jen

    K. – thanks for these! “Starling” looks to be right up my alley. I confess freely – I’ve about given up on dystopians. With rare exception, they just aren’t my cuppa tea. I will, however, go see “Hunger Games” when it comes out. :-) –“BiblioJen” on Goodreads

  7. Sam

    Rebel Heart and The Calling are two of my most anticipated books! I can’t wait to read them! :) Thanks for sharing, K.

    • K.

      Rebel Heart, for me definitely. I haven’t read the Gathering yet but will soon. Thanks, Sam!

  8. Heidi@Rainy Day Ramblings

    Hi K! Thanks for sharing some great upcoming titles. Above sounds exciting and I am a fan of Kelley Armstrong. The other titles I am headed over to GR to research. Happy Monday :)

    • K.

      Your welcome, Heidi. Above is already released…in Canada, at least. Read it now!

  9. Wendy Darling

    Love this post, K.! Look forward to checking these titles out. I hadn’t heard of a couple of the books, including the Norse mythology one or the one I’m calling “Shapeshifters in Dystopia.” :D

  10. Linda

    I know I’m gonna have to read the one about Norse mythology. Thanks for the great tips!

  11. Tatiana_G

    “40 Things I Want To Tell You” sounds like something I would read. Fingers crossed, it is available in US.

  12. Missie, The Unread Reader

    AWESOME! Looks like a lot of great stuff is coming. I’m loving the sound of 40 Things I Want To Tell You, and the cover for Above is so cool.

    I’ve always been fascinated by Norse mythology so I think I’m looking forward to Starling. Thanks for letting me know to look out for it.

    • K.

      I don’t know much about Norse mythology but I’m excited to read them in Starling :)

  13. Vegan YA Nerds

    Ooh, I love this post on Canadian YA! I don’t know how many of them get published here in Aus but I’d really like to get a hold of 40 Things I Want to Tell you and Above :)

    • K.

      Hey! Well, there are a couple of Aussie titles that don’t come easily round here in Canada either so same problem! Grr!