Shirley Marr’s FURY: U.S. tour!

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One of Aussie YA titles creating a big buzz this year is Shirley Marr’s Fury, which is the twisty mystery of a popular girl who confesses to a murder. Eliza Boans is a girl who’s hiding a lot of secrets, and readers everywhere have been falling in love with her smart, funny narrative.

The book has been near impossible to get at a reasonable price overseas, so the lovely Miss Marr has kindly sent over a touring copy to share with U.S. bloggers!  If you’d like the opportunity to read this coveted title, please sign up here. If you’re a fan of kick-ass heroines or mysteries in general, this is a must-read for any YA fan.
My full review of the novel is linked here.

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Shirley Marr Update

Shirley also recently announced that she’s signed a new 3-book contract with Walker Books, so it’s exciting that we’ll be seeing more books from her soon. Walker, by the way, releases some titles under their wonderful Candlewick Press imprint in the U.S., so fingers crossed that this means that we won’t have to jump through quite so many hoops to get to Shirley’s goodies in the future.

In the meantime, do be sure to sign up for the 2012 Fury tour! I’ve received a lot of advance requests for this and space is limited, so be sure to act quickly if you’re interested. Heartfelt thanks to Shirley for sending us a touring copy, as well as Missie over at The Unread Reader who originally offered this title on her tour to begin with.

14 Responses to “Shirley Marr’s FURY: U.S. tour!”

  1. Heidi

    Hi Wendy..Hope you had a wonderful holiday as well. I have my review written for Fury and Shirley wrote an awesome guest post including her Eplilogue that got axed. I was going to post it this week but I am going to wait until after the holidays when things are settled down and more people are back online. I downloaded Angelfall hope to start it soon. Check out The Bungalow by Sarah Jio Bonnie recommended it to me and it was wonderful.

  2. Wendy Darling

    I’m excited about the new books too, Flann–but you know you’re only saying this because YOU have already had a chance to read Fury! :)

  3. Flannery Anderson

    Yay! That’s so exciting. Well, it is exciting that you are touring the book, that Shirley sent you a copy AND that she signed a 3-book contract. I am most excited about those 3 books, though, I’m not gonna lie.