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October 3, 2011 5 star books, book trailers, lauren oliver, patrick ness, Wendy 11

If you haven’t already been persuaded by my tearful gushing over Liesl & Po and A Monster Calls, perhaps you will be even more excited after seeing these two incredible book trailers. I haven’t always been a big fan of this marketing tool, but some of the newer ones are finally truer to the spirit of the stories…which is what’s most persuasive and most important to me. Plus they use many of the illustrations from the books, too! Have a look:

Liesl & Po Book Trailer

A Monster Calls Book Trailer

These are two of my favorite books from this year, so I hope many people will find them. And don’t they make you long to see the stories come to life on the big screen, too? They’re both just incredibly moody and beautiful.

11 Responses to “gorgeous book trailers”

  1. amareinfinitum

    Okay, I finally got myself together after finishing A Monster Calls, and then I see the trailer, and the music brought back all those emotions I had during the final pages. *sniffles*

  2. Wendy Darling

    I’m so glad you guys enjoyed these trailers! I’ve literally watched them, um, a half a dozen times.

    The song that’s playing is called “A Train with Wings” and was composed specifically for the book trailer, Sashana. Once you read the book, you’ll hear the many references to things that happen in the story. :)

  3. Sashana

    I think the Liesl & Po trailer is the best book trailer that I have ever seen. Thanks for sharing , Wendy! Do you know the song that was playing in the background?

  4. Mimi Valentine

    Ooh, those look so cool! I usually don’t watch trailers (because I read summaries way faster than I watch a video), but these ones really make me want to pick up those books! :)

    Thanks so much for sharing, Wendy!

  5. Jenny

    I so enjoy book trailers, it’s fun to get a visual feel for the book and see how other people are interpreting the overall feel and characters. Thanks for sharing!