freebie alert: Bright Young Things

August 25, 2011 anna godbersen, freebie alert, historical, Wendy 7

If you’ve been tempted by Anna Godbersen’s Bright Young Things, you don’t have to wait any longer. For a limited time, it’s free for Kindle as a pre-order with bonus material, including a look at her upcoming sequel and fashion tips on how to achieve the perfect flapper look.

I’ve been interested in trying out this author because of her popular Luxe series, which are apparently very soapy but fun historical YA novels…and this is a great way to get a feel for the author’s style.

Download Bright Young Things for Kindle for free while the offer lasts!

7 Responses to “freebie alert: Bright Young Things”

  1. KM

    I adore Anna Godbersen’s books!!!! They’re very escapist in nature, in that she does an incredible job of immersing you into the setting. I found The Luxe series less gossipy/catty and more sweeping, epic romance (though that might not make them any more realistic or less campy…). BRIGHT YOUNG THINGS is really great, too! It reminded me a lot of THE GREAT GATSBY. :)

  2. Wendy Darling

    Oh good, I’m glad you figured that out, Dawn! That was going to be my suggestion. :) Also, if you have Calibre (a free book management program), you can easily convert mobi to epub format as needed.

    Thanks for the info on your giveaway, Lea! Sounds like fun.

  3. Lea

    Just saw this post and I had to stop on by to say: I am OBSESSED with Anna Godbersen lol. I absolutely loved every one of The Luxe books (yes, they’re gossipy, but in a good way ;) and I’m co-hosting an event right now to celebrate the release of the BYT second book called Beautiful Days— if you’re interested, please feel free to stop by and check it out, there’s an event button at the top of my page and there’s a giveaway Hop you can enter too! :D

    Lea @ LC’s Adventures in Libraryland